Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) - 2008.3.046 Marketing Flash August 2009

Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) - 2008.3.046 Marketing Flash August 2009
Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) - 2008.3.046
Marketing Flash
August 2009
New Features Available with this Release
Zone Migration
Zone migration is an expansion of the NSE’s “re-login after migration” capability, which currently allows
the system to force a subscriber to log in again if the subscriber moves from one port location to
another. Zone migration significantly expands this capability via the following means:
It allows the creation of multiple zones, which are then constituted by groupings of multiple port
locations. These groupings can be made up of any combination of desired ports (port values
do not have to be sequential in order to be grouped within a given zone).
The re-login requirement can then be configured so that subscribers can move from one port
to another within a zone without being required to re-login. However, when moving between
ports in different zones, the re-login requirement is enforced.
It is also possible to configure a zone so that migration between ports within the zone requires
the user to re-login.
In addition, the re-login after migration function was previously limited to RADIUS and PMS
users. This capability has now been extended to other subscriber login types.
The full Zone Migration capability is supported when the feature is included with the user license.
However, if Zone Migration is not enabled in the license, basic port-to-port re-login after migration is still
Enhancements with this Release
Group Account and Subscriber Profile Enhancements
Several changes have been made to improve group account administration.
Group accounts can now be configured with a maximum user value, which limits the number of
subscribers that can be logged in through the account at any given time.
Group accounts can now be added via XML using the GROUP_ADD command.
The overall layout and behavior of the WMI Subscriber Profile page has been modified to better
reflect the configuration status of different account types, and to better support the Group Account
o The method of identifying an account as "group" has been modified. Instead of simply
selecting a checkbox on the Subscriber page, group accounts now constitute a separate
account “type” (along with Subscriber and Device). The Group Account checkbox has been
removed from the bottom of the page, and replaced with a ‘Group Account’ button in the profile
selection at the top.
o A ‘Maximum Users per Group’ field has been added to allow setting the group user limit.
For any account type that is selected (Subscriber, Device, or Group Account), fields that are
not pertinent to that type will not be displayed.
Additional Enhancements
NSE boot-up time has been significantly reduced.
Support has been added for the proxied user http "keepalive" implementation now used in the
latest versions of Mozilla Firefox. This corrects a situation in which pages in Firefox were being
displayed as "not found" when they would display properly in Internet Explorer.
Implementation Recommendations
The following table relates the appropriate current NSE release build numbers to gateway.
AG 2100
AG 3000
AG 3100
AG 5000
AG 5500
Contact Information
Technical Support:
Nomadix, Inc
1100 Business Center Circle
Suite 100
Newbury Park, CA 91320
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