C E  M
Be on time to class.
Remember to bring notebook paper and something
to write with, as well as your English III folder,
with you to class each day.
We will follow the Ryan policy on tardiness. After
the first tardy, you will receive:
 a warning from me to be on time,
 after the next tardy, I’ll call your parents,
 after the third tardy, I’ll refer you to the
assistant principal, which will lead to a
Thursday night detention.
So please save yourself and me some aggravation,
and be on time to class.
Class begins with a warm-up, which will be
displayed on the screen. When you get to class,
come in and get out either your independent
reading or a piece of paper for ready writing, and
get started.
**This means you need to be in your seat,
working, when the bell rings. **
For the first six weeks of school we will use an
assigned seating system so I can learn all your
names. After I have learned your names, we will
explore our options on where you sit each day.
Show respect and courtesy to me, your teacher, and
to your fellow classmates at all times.
Please be quiet when I am talking; when a fellow
classmate is speaking during class discussions,
silence is also expected. Any other behavior besides
listening is rude. When working with a partner or
in small groups, a more relaxed approach is fine.
Cell phones need to be put away. Please do not text
while we are working in class, or make/take phone
calls. We will have a two minute technology break
half way through class, so you will have the chance
to check your phone then.
When turning in assignments, you need to:
 Write your name, the date, and block number
in the upper right corner of your paper.
Example heading:
Ben Franklin
August 25, 2015 or 8/25/15
 Place the assignment in my tray.
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make
up any assignments and reading you have missed.
Please speak to me about missing work as soon as
possible after your return. Falling behind in
assigned work creates unnecessary hardships for
your (and me).
Since I do not have my own classroom this year, we
need to leave the room we use as we found it. This
means we need to be sure that the furniture is in
place and that the trash has been picked up. In
addition, please do not spray perfume or other
products while in the classroom.
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