First Day Of School Procedures 8:35 Tardy Bell for Advisory 8:35-8:45 Attendance

First Day Of School Procedures 8:35 Tardy Bell for Advisory 8:35-8:45 Attendance
First Day Of School Procedures
8:20 Please begin to head to Advisory
8:35 Tardy Bell for Advisory
8:35-8:45 Attendance (teacher please refer to the instructions placed in your
box, when finished, please place on whiteboard)
8:45 Advisory Announcement from Principal Childress
8:50-9:10 Pass out YELLOW student schedules & Take Attendance
- Double check that you have seven classes and a lunch (period 3-6). If
o Don’t have a lunch
o Have duplicate classes
o Have a free period
…Please tell me and I will inform an administrator when they come by to
pick up attendance
…You will be sent to see Mrs. Roadman or Mrs. Hammon in the West
Office to receive a new yellow schedule
- Please use your YELLOW schedules for the first two weeks of school
o White is not Right!
o If you lose your yellow schedule, please go to the counseling office
to print up another one.
- No schedule changes will be made the first day of school
o If you wish to make a schedule change request, please do so through
the counseling website
9:10 Administrator will come by to pick up extra Schedules & Attendance
- Teacher make sure to alphabetize schedules and place on whiteboard
- Follow attendance procedures and place on whiteboard
9:11-9:35 Discuss The Following Procedures:
1) Tardy Rules:
a. Three warnings (all classes combined)
b. ECO (after school detention)
c. Saturday School
2) Dress Code: will be enforced starting the second day.
3) Cell Phone/IPOD Policy: If these devices become a class disruptance,
they will be sent to the office where you can pick them up from your
alpha administrator, no charge this year.
4) Parking Passes:
a. Sold during lunch periods Thurs/Fri the first week of school (8/28
& 8/29)
b. You will need to provide:
i. $20
ii. Proof of Insurance
iii. Driver’s License
iv. Make/Model/Year/Color/License Plate
5) Yearbook:
a. Pictures will be taken on Friday, 8/29, for grades 9-11
b. Yearbooks can be purchased at
c. IDs will be delivered Tuesday, 9/2, and will be enforced immediately
6) Buses:
a. Make sure you know what bus you will take after school and where it
will be parked (along the south end of the building)
b. Teacher should have more info on this subject matter
7) Today’s Schedule:
8:35-9:35 Advisory
9:41-10:08 First Period
10:14-10:41 Second Period
10:47-11:15 Third Period
11:21-12:09 Fourth Period
12:15-1:03 Fifth Period
1:09-1:57 Sixth Period
2:03-2:51 Seventh Period
2:57-3:45 Eighth Period
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