4 Grade Curriculum Night th

4 Grade Curriculum Night th
4th Grade
Curriculum Night
Ms. Kemp Math/ Science
Mrs. Sprowls Language Arts/SS
Mrs. Conti Self-Contained
Mrs. Durrett Math/ Science
Ms. Livingston Language Arts/ SS
Ms. McDonald Math/ Science
Ms. Barnett Language Arts/ SS
7: 15: Bus Arrival- Students should wait quietly until doors
open at 7:20
7:20: Doors Open to all students. Students should report
directly to classrooms.
7:45: Late Bell- Tardy slips necessary after 7:45 at front office.
Parent will need to walk student in to office.
We begin each day promptly at 7:50. Please help your child have a
smooth start to the day by helping him/her arrive early enough to use the
restroom and take care of any morning business prior to 7:45.
If your child is going home a different way than usual, please
notify the OFFICE by 2:00 pm. Do NOT email or call the
teacher as he/she does not have access to email and phone
messages throughout the day.
Ride Change Note should include:
• date
• first and last name
• new mode of transportation
• parent signature
And should be provided to teacher at the beginning of the day.
7:25-7:45 Morning Work, announcements,
lunch count
8:45-9:40 Specials
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:00 Recess/RR break
2:10-2:35 Encore
2:40-2:45 Pack-up/ dismissal
Work and Study Habits
1.Listens attentively
2.Completes assignments on time
3.Follows directions
4.Uses time appropriately
5.Works carefully and neatly
6.Uses legible penmanship
7.Works well independently and in groups
Personal Behavior
1.Uses self-control
2.Talks at appropriate times
3.Obeys school rules
4.Respects others and
5.Works/plays well with others
6.Accepts responsibility
Student/ Behavior Expectations
• The number of “marks” you receive over a six-
week period determines your conduct grade.
• If you break one of the major rules, it will be
documented in your planner and on a behavior
sheet in the class notebook.
• Parents should initial the planner each night.
• For each conduct area, students are given this
many chances:
Please feel free to help your child with their homework. We do not
take grades on it, but rather use it to review or reinforce skills.
Language Arts
20 Minutes Each Night of Reading
We send homework on Mondays, due on Thursdays.
15-20 Minutes of Math Facts
More Homework will be sent home as the year progresses!
Homework is due by the date given by the teacher. If student does not have
their homework, their planner will be signed and they will lose a mark on
personal responsibility
Home Access Center
• Online Grade book- you can check grades 24/7
• receive e-mails and alerts
(Check with the office for user name)
Family App
Parent Conferences
During Oct. 5-15
We will use Signup Genius to have you
sign up online for an appointment.
Look for that email in the
next few weeks.
Our curriculum is ORIGO Stepping Stones.
Students work within their workbooks and in their
Science Inquiry and PBLs
The Inquiry Learning model takes advantage of students’ natural curiosity.
It requires well-developed questioning skills.
It helps students to develop strategies and processes for collecting and
evaluating information.
Students are given topics and then allowed to explore.
“Night of No Limits” will be in the Spring!
Language Arts
Social Studies
for Reading and Writing
State Assessments STAAR
workshop model (opening, work period, closing)
DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment)
BOY, MOY, EOY looking for independent reading
level (“Just Right” level)
Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency
Extending Vocabulary
Social Studies
The following Social Studies
Concepts are incorporated into
the reading workshop via
children’s literature, textbook
use, and additional resources:
•Texas History
•Map Skills Work
Thank you!
• We are so thankful to partner with you to
give your child a successful school year!
• Thank you for coming!
• Please make sure you signed in
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