Kindergarten Newsletter- October 16 , 2015 th

Kindergarten Newsletter- October 16 , 2015 th
Kindergarten NewsletterOctober 16th, 2015
Grade Level Information
Thursday, October 22nd - Speed to Read Turn 1
Reading Logs due and collected by the teacher. Be
sure you have recorded your books!
Friday, October 23rd – Fall Carnival 5:30 -7:00 p.m.
Hope to see you there!
Language Arts
Things you can do at home to reinforce what we are
learning at school:
o Practice identifying the letters we are
studying (I, L, O, T, A, D, C, E, F, G, J, Q, U, S,
B, P).
o Brainstorm words that begin with each of the
above letters.
o Find specific letters on the pages of your
child’s favorite book(s).
 Please have your child wear tennis shoes every day.
They are required for PE and Music classes and are
much safer on the playground.
 Please have a change of clothes available in your child’s
backpack in case of accidents.
 As the weather gets cooler and children begin wearing
jackets to school please be sure to label all outer wear
with their name.
Sight Words:
Week of 10/12
We will understand that light is energy.
We will make predictions about light and
We will learn ways to protect ourselves from the
We will use spectroscope glasses to view light!
During Writer’s Workshop we will focus on the
o Listening for and writing the sounds we
hear in words
o Using the word wall as a tool during
o Giving constructive feedback and asking
questions about a piece of writing
Letters we will study next week:
 Bb and Pp
Science – Light & Energy
During Reader’s Workshop we will focus on the
o Using punctuation to help us read with
o Thinking about what we are reading to
aid in comprehension
Read with your child at least 10 minutes each
Ask your child questions about a book after
reading. What was your favorite part?, What
happened at the beginning (middle, end) of the
Week of 10/19
Look for sight words in books as you are
reading each night.
Social Studies:
We will discuss and name a variety of
community helpers.
We will practice putting numbers in the correct order.
We will practice recognizing quantities by sight (ex: dots on dice).
We will solve story problems.
Practice writing the numerals 0-15 at home.
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