3 Grade Reading Response Homework: Literary Reading Choice Board

3 Grade Reading Response Homework: Literary Reading Choice Board
3rd Grade Reading Response Homework: Literary Reading Choice Board
At the end of each week you are encouraged to complete any two reading responses for your
reading response homework. Feel free to record your responses on notebook paper or even on
the computer! Please turn in your responses every Friday! 
A True Character
Would the main
character in the
story be a friend
of yours? Why
or why not?
Support your
thinking with text
evidence from
the story!
Get the Gist
Who or what is the
story mostly
about? What is the
most important
thing about the
who or what?
Please develop a
main idea sentence
in 10 words or less,
answering these two
Rename the
What is
possible title
for your
story? What
events in the
story support
the new title
you have
chosen for the
Point of View
Sketch an
accurate portrayal
of your character-“selfie.” Below the
sketch, write a
paragraph from
the character’s
point of view.
Include their
thoughts, feelings
and actions about
events happening
in the story.
Please Help!
What advice do
you have to help
the main
who are facing a
Please be
detailed in your
response about
the steps they
need to take in
solving the
problem and
Book Review
Create a book
review of your
book. What parts
of your story make
it entertaining for
readers to read?
Please support your
with intriguing text
evidence to convince
the audience to
read the book.
Context Clues
Identify 4 new
words from
tonight’s reading.
Use words around
the word to
determine the
meaning of the
word. Write the
word, meaning, a
sentence using the
word and a visual
representation of
the word.
Write a summary
from what you have
read so far. Remember
to only include
setting, main
character, problem
(or possible problem)
and solution (or
how characters
attempt to solve the
Life Lesson
What possible main
life lesson does the
author teach us in
this story from the
problems the
character faced or
is facing? Why is
this life lesson
important for
reaching success?
In Other Words
Create your own
idea for a
If you could rewrite
a part of the story,
what part would it
be? What would
your part say? Why
do you feel that
your changes are
important to the
Authors help us to
make pictures in
our minds while
we are reading.
Describe a part
from the book
when you
visualized what
was happening.
What words did
the author use to
help you see,
hear, taste, feel,
or smell.
Was this manual useful for you? yes no
Thank you for your participation!

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