1hp Dust Collector Instructions

1hp Dust Collector Instructions
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1hp Dust Collector Instructions
Assembly & Instructions
Remove the dust collector from its packaging and place it on a sturdy
and level surface. Plug the unit cordsets into grounded electrical outlets.
Never remove or alter the original plugs supplied with the power cords.
The dust collector power switch is on the front right-hand side of the unit.
Please Note: The dust collector and polishing motor each have their own
individual on/off switches.
The two access doors on the dust collector must always be in place when
the unit is in use. The bottom door should be removed only when the unit
is turned off and the shakedown procedure (described later) is complete.
Lift and turn the support latches at the four corners to remove the door.
The dust collector is supplied with four suction ports, two on each side. The
unit achieves maximum efficiency when two polishing stations are being
used. The two additional ports should be gated if not in use—suction
is reduced if more than two ports are open. Orange plastic covers are
included and should be used to cover ports that are not in use.
• Keep all fastening hardware,
including spindles, tight to ensure
that the unit is in safe working
• Always unplug unit from
electrical outlet when servicing.
• Never operate unit without access
door securely in place.
• Keep all loose clothing, hair or
dangling objects away from
shafts and buffing wheels.
Principles of Operation
Air is drawn into the dust collector through inlets on either side of the machine. Contaminated air passes through the 24
ultra-weave cotton sateen filter bags in the lower compartment. Larger particles are deflected down into the collecting
pan beneath the filter bags. Filtered air is then released through the discharge grill and out the acoustic exhaust silencer.
Equipment Maintenance
The dust collector is equipped with a double-shielded, permanently lubricated ball-bearing motor that requires no
Filter Maintenance
Maintenance is required to extend the life and efficiency of the filtration system.
1. Shakedown—Polishing dust accumulates on the outside surface of the filter bags in the lower compartment. Shake
down the filter bags daily to dislodge the dust onto the collecting pan located below the bags. Depressing the foot
pedal on the lower right side of the cabinet about six times is enough to shake down the bags sufficiently.
Important: The dust collector doors must be kept securely in place to keep dust from escaping into the environment.
2. Collecting Pan—The dust in the collecting pan should be removed for disposal or storage once a week.
Important: The unit must be turned off before opening the bottom access door to remove the collecting pan.
3. Schedule—It is difficult to pre-determine a specific maintenance schedule for filter bags. The rate of filter and pan
loading will vary for each user. Filter bags should be changed at least every 12 months, and more often if necessary.
Use the correct replacement filter to ensure the safe and efficient use of this machine.
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