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imagine a smart inkjet fax that's
loaded with unique features
The SF-360 series brings modern-day convenience right to
your desk with functions that only Samsung innovation
provides. This smart fax saves time with the “My Favorites”
feature that allows you to store frequently used documents
and send them anytime you need to without the originals.
And the “skew free” document feeder keeps the paper
straight every time, saving you time and frustration.
Samsung Inkjet Fax SF-360 / SF-361P / SF-365TP
Inkjet Fax
imagine an inkjet fax equipped with advanced
and convenient functions that only Samsung
technology can provide
Presenting a smart inkjet fax that is equipped with all the innovative Samsung
features that you've been waiting for. The SF-360 series can keep pace with your
busy schedule and actually save you time throughout the day. Features like My
Favorites allow you to save frequently used documents in your fax, so you can
send a fax without the original document. You won't believe how much time and
frustration the “skew free” document feeder will save you, giving you perfectly
straight output every time.
1. Paper Support 2. Document Tray 3. Paper Guide 4. Dust Cover 5. Document Guide
6. AC Power Socket 7. USB Connector (SF-361P/SF-365TP) 8. Handset
9. Connect extension phone or TAM here, if applicable. (SF-360/SF-361P)
Control Panel
From SF-365TP model
5 6
1. Displays the current status and
prompts during an operation.
2. Answer (SF-365TP only)
3. Mic (SF-365TP only)
4. Play/Record (SF-365TP only)
5. Cartridge Change 6. My Favorites
7. Rcv. mode / Darkness
8. Phone Book 9. Redial / Pause
10. Speaker Phone (or On Hook Dial)
11. Menu 12. Scroll 13. OK
8 9 10 13 1512 16 14 14. Back 15. Stop/Clear 16. Start Fax
imagine a smart fax that actually
saves you effort
Fax even without an original
My Favorites feature stores documents so you can
fax directly
Use My Favorites feature, only provided with Samsung fax machines, to
store documents that you use frequently. Save up to 20 pages of
documents in memory with an ID name, and then just press the My
Favorites button when you want to send a fax directly without needing
the original paper document. Life can be so simple with My Favorites.
My Favorites
Select the document from
pages stored in memory
Perfect hassle-free faxing
every time
The paper is guaranteed to stay straight every time
Now you don't have to worry about paper twisting. Samsung's skew
free document feeder keeps the paper perfectly straight so it will feed in
straight and print out neat every time.
Document Skew Free Feeder
Send them without
original pages
Skewed paper input
Stay connected with SMS
Send, receive and print short messages
The SMS feature lets you communicate quickly and easily with the touch
of a few buttons! Short messages (SMS) can be received from mobile
phones and computers. Received SMS messages can be read or
printed and up to 30 messages can even be saved. Get connected.
Short Message Send/Receive/Print
Protect yourself from
unnecessary fax calls
Identify the fax number and block unwanted junk faxes
The Samsung SF-360 series features Caller ID and Junk mail functions
to guarantee that your privacy is respected. The Caller ID function
displays the name or number of the caller, leaving you the option of
responding or letting the call go to your answering machine. The Junk
Fax function scans your incoming faxes for unwanted solicitations and
adverts. Eliminate unnecessary faxes and save time and paper.
Caller ID
SMS Receive
Straight paper feed
Junk Fax Barrier
SMS Print
SMS Send
* Available in limited countries
* Available in limited countries
* Available in limited countries
imagine powerful features that make
faxing easy
Advanced features in a
personal fax machine
Time saving features and advanced technology let you
get more work done
1.25/2 MB memory
The Samsung SF-360/361P offers a very generous 1.25 MB onboard
memory which can hold 100 fax pages. Only SF-365TP model has
2 MB memory with a capacity of 150 pages. No more missed faxes
or missing the last few pages because of memory. Now, that's a
smart personal fax machine!
100 ea Speed Dial
The SF-360 series comes equipped with a Speed Dial feature that lets
you store up to 100 numbers for instant dialing. Now you won't spend
time looking up fax numbers or copying them from the fax cover
sheet. Just store them in Speed Dial and one button starts the fax.
30 min. Answering Machine
The SF-365TP features a 30 minute answering machine so that you
won't miss any phone call. This feature-rich fax machine features the
best of phones and answering machines all wrapped up in a small,
personal fax machine.
Key features for SF-360/361P/365TP
• 14.4 Kbps fax modem
• Unique features
- My favorites (Store document & Fax directly)
- Skew Free paper feeding
• Short Message Send/Receive/Print
• Caller ID & Junk Fax Barrier
• 100 ea Speed Dial
• Personal Inkjet Fax + Copier
• Enhanced Functionality
- 1.25 MB Memory (100 pages)
• Personal Inkjet Fax + Copier + Printer
• Enhanced Functionality
- 1.25 MB Memory (100 pages)
• 4 ppm mono print speed
• Personal Inkjet Fax + Copier + TAM + Printer
• Enhanced Functionality
- 2 MB Memory (150 pages)
- 30 min. Answering Machine
• 4 ppm mono print speed
Samsung Inkjet Fax SF-360 series
Smart Inkjet Fax on my desk
Modem Speed
Transmission Speed*
1 Touch Dial
Speed Dial
Battery Backup
Speed (Mono)**
Zoom Range
Multi Copy
Speed (Mono)**
Resolution (Optical)
Gray Scale
Paper Handling
Input Capacity and Types
Output Capacity and Types
Media Size
Media Type
ADF Capacity
Size (W x D x H)
Weight (net)
OS Compatibility
Input Voltage
14.4 Kbps
Approx. 6 seconds per page
1.25 MB (Approx. 100 pages)
10 Locations
100 Locations included in 1 Touch dial
2.0 MB (Approx. 150 pages)
Max 30 minutes
Up to 600 x 300 dpi effective output
Up to 3 cpm in A4
50~150 %
1~50 Pages
Up to 600 x 600 dpi effective output
Up to 4 ppm in A4
Up to 200 x 200 dpi
64 Levels
50-sheet Tray
50-sheet Tray
A4 (210 x 297 mm / 8.2" x 11.7"), Letter (216 x 279 mm / 8.5" x 11.0"), Legal (216 x 355 mm / 8.5" x 14.0")
Plain Paper only
10 sheets (Skew Free)
Fax, Copier, Phone
Fax, Copier, Phone, Printer, TAM
Fax, Copier, Phone, Printer
364 x 254 x 137 mm (14.4" x 10" x 5.4")
3.0 kg (6.62 lbs)
1 line x 16 characters
Compatible with USB2.0
Win98 / 98SE / ME / 2K / XP
USA 110V, Europe 220V
Please visit www.samsungprinter.com to download the latest software version.
* Standard chart for Transmission Speed : CCITT No 1. By Standard mode.
** Print / Copy speed will be affected by Operating System used, computing performance, application software, connecting method, media type, media size and job complexity.
Supplies & Options
750 pages @ 4% coverage and Ink save mode
(starter : 265 pages)
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March 2005
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