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A Dynasty 350 700 SS:Sell Sheet.qxd
A Dynasty 350 700 SS:Sell Sheet
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More Power, Better Performance, and More Efficient TIG Welds
Dynasty 350 and 700
AC/DC TIG Welding Power Source
Superior Arc Control – More Power!
Improved arc performance — highest quality achievable TIG welds
Increased output 5–350 amps with the NEW Dynasty 350
(50 amps more than previous model) and 5–700 amps output
with the Dynasty 700
■ Improved duty cycle — 300 and 600 amps at 60%
■ Increased power efficiency by 9%
■ Convenient input power with Auto-Line™ technology
■ TIGRunner package available with new cooling system designed
for ultra reliability with extra cooling capacity
Achieve the Highest Quality TIG welds
The new Dynasty 350 now matches the superior arc quality
of the Dynasty 700. It has the addition of four waveforms
from which to choose for easier aluminum welding and
Independent AC Amperage Controls that allow the EN and
EP amperage values to be set independently. This allows
for a pointed tungsten providing more precision, deeper
penetration, and faster travel speeds. The weld performance
of the Dynasty 350 and 700 are unbeatable by any other
TIG machine, especially for aluminum applications.
More Power for Welding Thicker Materials
With 50 more amps of power on the Dynasty 350, the new
machine can weld up to 3/4 in thick aluminum. The extra
power also means your customer’s will weld faster — no more
waiting around to establish a puddle — just start welding.
Weld More Efficiently
The unique Dynasty 350 and 700 will increase your customer’s
production. The additional amperage allows the operator to
start welding right away because the puddle is immediately
established and with a 60% duty cycle at 300 and 600 amps,
respectively (compared to 15% on the previous Dynasty 300)
means your customer’s can weld longer. A 9% improvement in
power efficiency saves money and can provide a positive ROI.
Auto-Line Flexibility
The Dynasty 350 and 700 come standard with Miller’s
convenient Auto-Line technology, which allows the machines
to be connected to any primary input voltage anywhere in
the world while using half the power of a conventional
transformer machine.
TIGRunner™ Package
The TIGRunner packages feature a fully assembled system that
includes a cart with ample storage, the Dynasty and a new 3.5
gallon cooling system that is powered via the main power
switch of the Dynasty. The coolant system also features a large
fill cap that is easy to fill, external filter to stop foreign objects
from clogging the torch, coolant hoses designed for high
temperature applications, and check valves that stay closed if
the torch is not connected, to prevent accidental spills. See
ordering information for models that include torch kits.
The Dynasty 350 and 700 are the right choice for:
Precision Metal Fabrication
Heavy Fabrication
Pipe and Tube Fabrication
Aluminum Ship Repair
Anodized Aluminum Fabrication
Whether you need ultimate TIG welding performance for aluminum and stainless steel, power
to weld thicker metals, a significant increase in production efficiency, or all of the above, the
Dynasty 350 and 700 from Miller provide you the optimal choice. The significant decrease in
operation costs provides an excellent ROI for any customer.
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A Dynasty 350 700 SS:Sell Sheet
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Dynasty 350 and 700
AC/DC TIG Welding Power Source
Is weld quality essential for your business?
Solution: The innovative Dynasty 350 and 700 provide the highest achievable TIG
welds in the world. When you get one chance to make a weld, you can count on
the Dynasty 350 and 700 to start immediately and provide the ultimate arc control.
“We work mainly on aluminum with low
amperage, around 15–20 amps, and at our
company, weld quality is essential. We need
the weld to be right the first time — we can’t
go back. With the new Dynasty 350 we get
excellent arc starts and have seen a much
more stable arc with significantly less arc
wandering than our previous TIG
— David Pierce,
Weld Specialist at Honeywell
Do you need to increase your welding productivity?
Solution: The Dynasty 350 and 700 can decrease your production time because
you can start welding immediately — no more waiting for the weld puddle to
establish. Also, an increased duty cycle means you can weld longer with less breaks.
These benefits can mean significant profits for your bottom line. And, with more
power, you can take on bigger jobs while still maintaining your production efficiency.
Would you like to decrease your weld operating costs?
Solution: The Dynasty 350 and 700 will improve your power efficiency by 9%.
Annually, this will provide significant cost savings. The additional wave shaping
capabilities provide for easier aluminum welding and independent amperage
controls provide for more precise and faster welds — which means no more
re-work and a huge reduction in costs.
Dynasty® 350 Key Comparisons
Dynasty 350
Thermal Arc
ArcMaster 300
Precision TIG 375 AC/DC
Magic Wave
Heliarc 352
3/4 in
1/2 in
3/8 in
3/8 in
Classified as
Four choices:
Triangular Wave, Soft Squarewave
Sinewave, Soft
and Advanced
Amp. Control
3/8 in
The Power of Blue® Payoff
The advanced control technology of the Dynasty 350
provides better utilization of the welding output allowing
thicknesses up to 3/4 inch and greater to be welded with
the Dynasty 350 along with lower power consumption.
Classified as
Three choices:
Classified as
Soft Squarewave Triangular Wave, Soft Squarewave
Sinewave, and
Triangular Wave: Quick puddle formation, reduced heat input,
best for thin Aluminum; Sinewave: for customers that prefer
a traditional arc that is soft and quiet; Soft Squarewave: soft
arc with maximum puddle control and good wetting action;
Advanced Squarewave: provides additional penetration
over soft square and better oxide removal characteristics.
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Deeper penetration and faster travel speeds can be achieved
when utilizing the independent amperage control feature.
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Auto-Line allows for any input voltage hookup (208 –
575 V) 50/60 Hz, single or three phase with no manual
linking, providing convenience in any job setting. Ideal
solution for dirty or unreliable power.
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Automatically calculates the length of postflow time based
on amperage setting. Saves gas and improves weld quality.
For more detailed product information and package numbers, see literature #AD/5.0.
Power Source
Dynasty 350
Dynasty 350 TIGRunner
Dynasty 350 TIGRunner w/Torch
Stock No.
#907 204
#907 204-01-1
#951 062
Basic Model (Auto-Line, 208– 575 V)
TIGRunner Package (Auto-Line, 208– 575 V)
TIGRunner w/Torch Kit (Auto-Line 208-575 V)
Dynasty 700
Dynasty 700 TIGRunner
Dynasty 700 TIGRunner w/Torch
#907 101
#907 101-01-1
#951 064
Basic Model (Auto-Line, 208– 575 V)
TIGRunner Package (Auto-Line, 208– 575 V)
TIGRunner w/Torch Kit (Auto-Line 208-5757V)
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