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e-mail notification
Let the printer e-mail you when it has a problem.
A Brother “How-TO” Document
The e-mail notification feature of Brother printers allows the printer to send an e-mail message
to up to two individual users or groups of user. This ensures instant notification of printer
errors as they occur.
Please note:
The e-mail notification feature is not available on all Brother printers. To establish if your
Brother printer supports the e-mail notification capability use a web browser to connect to the
embedded web server within the printer, select the ‘Network Configuration’ option and enter
the print server password. If the Network Configuration page lists the ‘Configure Notification’
option, your Brother printer supports the e-mail notification feature.
Last edited: 17 January 2001
e-mail notification – An Overview
The e-mail notification feature is designed to compliment Brother’s software management
capabilities. It can be used to instantly notify users, or groups of users about printer problems
as they occur.
Configuring e-mail notification
To enable the e-mail notification capability you must firstly know:
The IP address of your mail server.
The e-mail account name that the printer will use.
The e-mail addresses of the people that will receive the error messages
When you have that information, use a Web browser or the BRAdmin Professional software to
configure the network parameters.
Using a Web Browser
Connect to the printer using a standard web browser and select the ‘Network Configuration’
option, enter the print server password (refer to the print server user guide if you are not sure
about the password). You will then see the main Network configuration page:
Figure 1 Mail Print Server Configuration
Select the “Configuration Notification” option.
e-mail Notification
Brother International Europe
Enter the IP address of the SMTP server and also the e-mail account name that the printer will
Figure 2 Configuring the SMTP options
Please note that you do not have to assign any POP3 information as the POP3 protocol is
designed for pulling e-mail messages from a server, as you are only sending messages to the
server, only configure SMTP parameters. The POP3 option is for Brother’s proprietary Internet
Printing capability that uses both the POP3 and SMTP protocols to allow print jobs to be sent
over the Internet. Please note that Brother also supports the IPP protocol for Internet printing
which does not use the POP3 or SMTP protocol.
Once the SMTP server address is configured, enter the printer e-mail address and click the
‘Submit’ button to return to the ‘Configure Notification’ screen.
You must also enter the e-mail address or addresses of those users that will receive an error
message from the printer if it goes into an error state. For example, if you wish that the
network administrator only receives critical printers error, it is possible to assign that type of
‘critical error’ we refer to it as a ‘service error’ to a particular person.
In the screenshot below, the user: ‘[email protected]’ will receive an e-mail for
general problems such as Paper Empty, Toner Empty, Paper Jam etc.. However the
administrator ‘[email protected]’ will receive only critical error messages.
e-mail Notification
Brother International Europe
Figure 3 Configuring the Printer Administrator e-mail addresses
Once this information is entered correctly, the printer is configured to send e-mail messages to
the nominated e-mail addresses as and when the printer goes into an error state.
Testing e-mail notification
To test this capability, open the printer front cover, if everything is working well, the printer will
send an e-mail message to the people you nominated. Check the ‘In-box’ of your PC to check
this has happened, if everything working well you will see a mail message from the printer. As
soon as you close the cover of the printer, you will see another message informing you that
the printer is operational, if you do not receive a second e-mail message, this indicates that
there is still a problem with the printer.
Using the BRAdmin Professional software
If you do not wish to use a web browser to configure these parameters, you can also use
Brother’s BRAdmin Professional software to make the same configuration.
To configure these settings start the BRAdmin Professional software and double click the
Brother printer you wish to configure.
Enter the print server password (refer to your print server user guide if you are unsure about
the password).
Select the ‘POP3/SMTP’ tab and enter the IP address of your SMTP server. Also enter the
printer e-mail account name. Click the ‘Notification’ tab and enter the e-mail address of the
person/persons who will receive the actual e-mail from the printer.
Click OK to complete the configuration and refer to the ‘Testing e-mail notification’ section in
this document.
e-mail Notification
Brother International Europe
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