QC5170/00 Philips do it yourself hair clipper

QC5170/00 Philips do it yourself hair clipper
do it yourself hair clipper
Cut your own hair
180° rotating cutting element
Even in hard-to-reach spots
Introducing the first-ever hair clipper designed specifically for self haircuts, thanks to the
180° Pivoting Head and the form-fit design. You can easily reach the hardest areas.
Cutting your own hair has never been so easy!
Best performance that feels great
• Contour-following comb for speed and comfort
• Self-sharpening stainless steel blades for precise results
Provides maximum ease of use
• Easy grip for total control
• 180° pivoting clipper head for maximum reach in all areas
Create the look you want
• 10 secured length settings up to 21 mm
• Precision detail trimmer to create and maintain your lines
Provides optimal power
• Extra powerful battery for easily cutting all hair types
Do it yourself hair clipper
180° rotating cutting element
Contour-following comb
Extra powerful
10 secured length settings
The contour-following comb adjusts to every
curve to give fast and comfortable results.
The extra powerful battery provides superior
performance to cut even the thickest hair
Select and locks your desired length within a
versatile range of possible lengths.
Easy grip
180° pivoting clipper head
Precision detail trimmer
The product is designed for an easy grip that
gives you total control and makes the product
easy to handle
Create any style you want with precision.
Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
Self-sharpening stainless steel blades ensure a
precise and even result every time.
The 180° pivoting head enables you to
comfortably reach even the back of your head
for a perfectly even cut
Do it yourself hair clipper
180° rotating cutting element
Cutting system
Cutter width: 41 mm
Number of length settings: 10
Range of length settings: up to 21 mm
Precision (size of steps): by 2 mm
Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
Comb type: Contour following
Ease of use
• Running time: 60 minutes
• Usage: Corded/cordless
• Finishing: Chromed body
• Shape: Ergonomic
• Maintenance free - No Oil need
• Cleaning brush
• Precision trimmer
Power system
• Battery type: NiMH
• Charging time: 8 hours
• 2-year worldwide guarantee
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