NEST Intelligent Thermostat

NEST Intelligent Thermostat


Intelligent Thermostat

Normal Thermostat

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Setting (manually entered)

Time (entered manually)

Heat/Cool/Off Switch (entered manually)

Fan Auto/On manual switch

Some thermostats allow for a schedule to be entered manually




Nest Senses and Learns

NEST is Always Connected

NEST Thermostat Looks Great

NEST Keeps Getting Better

Heat/Cool Range Schedule

When you set a Range


• One can program both heating and cooling temperatures for any given set-point.

• Range Schedules can't be learned, only programed.

• When using a

Range Schedule,

Learning Mode will be paused

Nest Range Setting on My Thermostat

Heats when temperature is below 68 degrees

Cools when temperature is above 78 degrees

Currently house temperature is 69 degrees

NEST Auto Away

What is Auto-Away?

Nest uses its activity sensors to detect when a person’s nearby or when you’re using Nest.


Nest doesn’t notice you for a while, it can start Auto-Away.

It’ll turn down your system until your home reaches a minimum or maximum temperature.

You choose those temps when you set up your Nest.

So, if your minimum Auto-Away temp is 50° and it starts getting colder, Nest will maintain the house at 50° till you get home.

Nest will turn on Auto-Away a couple hours after you left.

On the other hand, if you generally spend the day working in your room, Nest will learn and give you more time before it turns on Auto-Away.

Pictures of Nest in Homes

NEST Phone App Screens

Control Your Thermostat from you Phone

Nest Corporation

Founder / CEO

Tony Fadell


Tony led the team that created the first 18 generations of the Apple iPod and the first three generations of the Apple iPhone.

Nest Location

900 Hansen Way, Palo

Alto, CA 94304

NEST Saves Energy

Auto Away

Turns heating or air conditioning off when you are away


Airwave technology takes advantage of the fact that your air conditioner’s compressor stays cold for 5-10 minutes after its been turned off

Nest Leaf

When adjusting the temperature shows energy saving settings


Learns to adjust temperature at night

Nest Internet Links

Home Page


Installation Video


Setting up Nest Video


Learning Features


My NEST Thermostat

My NEST Thermostat (cont.)

NEST Energy Report for May



Comparison of 1 month only

Comparison May 2011 to May 2012

Energy Similar Home Comparison

Temperature Comparison

Avg. Outdoor Temp.

May 2011 58°

May 2012 62°

4 degrees warmer

My Home Gas Energy Costs from


May 2011 $60

May 2012 $28

Savings $32

Electricity Usage and Net Savings

May 2011

Total energy -248 kWh

Credit $55.68

May 2012

Total Energy

–212 kWh

Credit $47.87

(Note: Using solar panels so electricity is a credit in May)

Electricity Cost Increase $7.81

Gas Savings - $32.00

Electricity Cost $ 7.81

Net Savings $24.19

NEST Benefit Cost vs Savings

Nest price about $270-$300

Available on the Internet via Search or E-Bay

Now available at Lowes Hardware and

Energy Savings

Estimate average $10-15/month for 9 months = $90-$135/year

Payback after 2-3 years

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