MMATS Professional Audio D700.4 Owner's Guide

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MMATS Professional Audio D700.4 Owner's Guide | Manualzz





Speaker & Remote Terminals Power/Fault LEDs

RCA Inputs Lowpass Filter


4 AWG Power Terminals



RMS Power at 13.8V

700W into 4 ohms with less than 1% THD+N

S/N Ratio: -92db A-Wtd

Frequency Response: <10 to 225Hz

Lowpass Filter: Variable 24db, 70 to 200Hz

Idle Current: 1A

Dimensions (LxWxH): 10” x 9.25” x 2.25”


Owner’s Guide

MMATS Professional Audio

867 West 13 th Court

Riviera Beach, Fl. 33404



Ultra- Efficient Class D Audio Output Stage

Proven Contest Winning Power

Dual Regulated Pulse-Width-Modulated Power Supply

High Capacity Heat Sink

Adjustable 24db Low Pass Filter

1% Surface Mount Components

Computer Optimized Transformer

Large Geometry Power MOSFETs

Overload and Thermal Protection





This Amplifier is optimized to run into 4 ohm loads

This can be configured many ways:

2 eight ohm woofers @ 350Wrms each

1 four ohm woofer @ 700Wrms each





Positive Power Terminal - This is the power feed from the positive

(+) terminal of the car’s battery. Use 4 gauge cable and good quality terminals when routing this connection. Tighten the connections well to prevent power loss due bad contact. Route the power cable away from the RCA and speaker cables

Ground Terminal - For optimum performance, an 4 gauge cable and good quality connectors should attach the this terminal to the battery’s negative (-) terminal.

Remote Terminal - The amplifier will turn on when 12 volts is applied to this terminal. This 12 volt signal is usually taken from the

Power Antenna or Remote wire coming from the source unit.

Speaker Terminals – Two pairs of (+) and (-) terminals are provided for ease of connecting multiple woofers. It does not matter which (+) or (-) you use as they are connected together internally. Running too low of a speaker impedance will cause the amplifier to go into a fault condition.

Lowpass Filter – Linkwitz/Riley 24db slope. This control sets the

6db down point of your amplifier. Higher frequencies beyond this setting are not heard from your speakers.

Gain – Allows input levels between 150mV and 2.5 volts for full output.

Inputs – Two RCA jacks are provided. Their signals are added together inside the amplifier and the bass information is extracted.

Since they are summed together, it does not matter which one is

‘Left’ or ‘Right’.


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Key Features

  • 700W RMS power into 4 ohms
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio of -92db A-Wtd
  • Adjustable 24db lowpass filter (70-200Hz)
  • Overload and thermal protection
  • Compact size and efficient heat dissipation

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the maximum power output of the MMATS Professional Audio D700.4?
The MMATS Professional Audio D700.4 has a maximum power output of 700W RMS into 4 ohms.
What is the frequency response of the MMATS Professional Audio D700.4?
The MMATS Professional Audio D700.4 has a frequency response of 10 to 225Hz.
What type of lowpass filter does the MMATS Professional Audio D700.4 have?
The MMATS Professional Audio D700.4 has an adjustable 24db Linkwitz/Riley lowpass filter.
Does the MMATS Professional Audio D700.4 have overload and thermal protection?
Yes, the MMATS Professional Audio D700.4 has overload and thermal protection.