CSS7235Y/12 Philips E5 Wireless Surround on Demand Speakers

CSS7235Y/12 Philips E5 Wireless Surround on Demand Speakers
Philips Fidelio
E5 Wireless Surround on
Demand Speakers
4.1 CH wireless surround sound
Bluetooth® aptX ,AAC and NFC
2 HDMI In & HDMI out ARC
Wood and leather
Powerful cinematic surround sound
with detachable speakers
Philips Fidelio E5 speakers bring real surround sound to home cinema with wireless
detachable rear speakers and subwoofer. Audiophile-grade drivers deliver balanced
dynamic sound. Premium finishes complement any stylish home décor.
Richer sound for watching TV and movies
• Surround on Demand - detachable wireless surround speakers
• Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II surround sound
• Premium soft dome tweeters for Crystal Clear Sound
Connect and enjoy all your entertainment
• Bluetooth® (aptX® and AAC) for wireless music streaming
• Connect to HDMI x 2 for great picture and sound quality
• One-Touch with NFC-enabled smartphones for Bluetooth pairing
• HDMI ARC to access all the sound from your TV
Designed to enhance your living space
• Minimalistic chic design to suit a modern decor
• Wireless subwoofer for clutter free placement
• Luxurious cloth perfectly defined for best sound performance
E5 Wireless Surround on Demand Speakers
4.1 CH wireless surround sound Bluetooth® aptX ,AAC and NFC, 2 HDMI In & HDMI out ARC, Wood and
Premium soft dome tweeters
NFC technology
Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II
With Philips' Crystal Clear Sound, you will
now be able to discern and appreciate every
sound detail, the way it's meant to be heard
and as the artist or director intended! Crystal
Clear Sound reproduces the sound source whether it's an action movie, a musical or a live
performance - faithfully, precisely and without
any distortion. Philips home theaters with
Crystal Clear Sound keep audio processing to
a minimum, preserving the purity of the
original audio content. The result is greater
sonic accuracy delivered to your ears.
Pair Bluetooth devices easily with one-touch
NFC (Near Field Communications)
technology. Just tap the NFC enabled
smartphone or tablet on the NFC area of a
speaker to turn the speaker on, start
Bluetooth pairing, and begin streaming music.
A built-in Dolby Digital decoder eliminates the
need for an external decoder by processing all
six channels of audio information to provide a
surround sound experience and an
astoundingly natural sense of ambience and
dynamic realism. Dolby Pro Logic II provides
five channels of surround processing from any
stereo source.
HDMI x 2
Surround on Demand
Bluetooth® (aptX® and AAC)
Enjoy larger-than-life 3D playback and crystalclear 5.1 or 7.1 audio by simply plugging our
player's audio HDMI x 2 output to the
connection in your non-3D AV receiver.
Bluetooth® (aptX® and AAC) for wireless
music steaming
Submerge your listening senses in superb
surround sound whenever you want it. Simply
detach the wireless surround speakers from
the left and right main speaker units and place
them at the rear of the room to get
multichannel surround sound experience with
your games and movies. When the action is
over, reattach the speakers for music and TV
shows. Using proprietary wireless audio
technology with surround speakers that
operate on a unique frequency, there is no
network interference. The result is a
completely wireless surround system with
lossless audio quality for music and movies.
E5 Wireless Surround on Demand Speakers
4.1 CH wireless surround sound Bluetooth® aptX ,AAC and NFC, 2 HDMI In & HDMI out ARC, Wood and
• Sound Enhancement: Surround on demand, Night
Mode, Treble and Bass Control, DoubleBass
• Sound System: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS Digital
• Subwoofer output power: 90
• Total Power RMS @ 30% THD: 210 W
• Satellite speaker output power: 120
• Drivers per Surround speaker: 1 x 2.5" Full range
• Subwoofer driver: 1 x 6.5" woofer
• Subwoofer freq range: 20-150 (-3dB) Hz
• Subwoofer impedance: 4 ohm
• Subwoofer type: Wireless subwoofer, Bass reflex
• Drivers per Satellite speaker: 1 x 1" Soft dome
tweeter, 1 x 3" Full range woofer
• Satellite speaker freq range: 150-20K (-3dB) Hz
• Satellite speaker impedance: 8 ohm
• Loudspeaker types: 2 x Satellite speakers
• System: 2.1/4.1 system
• Rear Connections: Digital coaxial in, Digital optical
in, HDMI 1.4 output (ARC), HDMI IN 1, HDMI IN
2, Audio in 3.5 mm jack
• Wireless connections: Bluetooth APT-X and AAC
• Packaging: 80% recycled corrugated board, Soya
based ink
• Main Unit (W x H x D): 160X400X160 (with
detachable speakers) mm
• Main Unit Weight: 4 kg
• Subwoofer (W x H x D): 220X 440X 220 mm
• Subwoofer Weight: 5.4 kg
• Weight incl. Packaging: 16 kg
• Included accessories: 2 x AAA Batteries, Power
cord, Remote Control, Safety & Legal Leaflet,
Trademarks Sheet, User Manual, World Wide
Warranty leaflet
Outer Carton
EAN: 87 12581 69989 5
Gross weight: 15.4 kg
Outer carton (L x W x H): 66.4 x 27.8 x 52.4 cm
Nett weight: 11.93 kg
Number of consumer packagings: 1
Tare weight: 3.47 kg
Packaging dimensions
• EasyLink (HDMI-CEC): Audio Return Channel,
Automatic audio input mapping, One touch
standby, Remote Control-Passthrough
• HDMI Features: Audio Return Channel (ARC),
Content Type
• Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
66.4 x 52.4 x 27.8 cm
• EAN: 87 12581 69989 5
• Gross weight: 15.4 kg
• Nett weight: 11.93 kg
• Number of products included: 1
• Packaging type: Carton
• Tare weight: 3.47 kg
• Type of shelf placement: Laying
Product dimensions
• Power supply: 110-240V, 50Hz
• Standby power consumption: <0.5 W
• Product dimensions (W x H x D):
54.2 x 44 x 22 cm
• Weight: 5.637 kg
Issue date 2015-03-26
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EAN: 87 12581 69989 5
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