New Holland Bidirectional™ Tractor 105 PTO hp

New Holland Bidirectional™ Tractor 105 PTO hp
New Holland
Bidirectional™ Tractor
105 PTO hp
You’re looking at the world’s
most versatile tractor
The productivity of the TV6070 Bidirectional™ tractor is limited only by
your imagination.
Without question, the
New Holland TV6070 Bidirectional™
tractor is the most productive and
versatile 105-PTO horsepower tractor you can buy. The Bidirectional
lets you mount and power implements on either end to get the best
combination of visibility, traction and
weight balance. You can push and
pull implements to finish one job in
half the time. The unique
Turnabout™ console allows the seat,
steering wheel, dashboard and controls to pivot 210 degrees as a unit,
so you can face your work. No matter which direction you travel, you
get an infinite selection of speeds
thanks to the hydrostatic drive
system. You’re as productive going
cab-end forward as you are going
engine-end forward.
Better maneuverability
The Bidirectional is unique in its
class in yet another way. It articulates
up to 45 degrees so you turn sharper
and more accurately for reduced crop
damage at the end of the rows and
better maneuverability with a loader
in tight places. You get best-in-class
turning at all track settings. The
TV6070 wheelbase is also longer than
conventional tractors for a better ride
and more operator comfort.
Superior traction
There’s more. The Bidirectional
keeps you working when other
tractors can’t. Four equal-size
tires and full-time four-wheel
drive give the TV6070 superior traction in wet, icy or
muddy conditions.
Slippage is minimized,
resulting in more effective horsepower use
and less tire wear.
Differential lock provides more pull
in tough spots
A differential lock on the cab-end
axle locks both wheels together to
pull through rough spots. Optional
engine-end differential lock provides
traction at all four wheels. Both are
electro-hydraulically controlled with
rocker switches on the right-hand
Double your PTO productivity
You can equip your Bidirectional
tractor with two PTOs for unlimited
flexibility when doing PTO work. A
two-speed 540 and 1000 rpm PTO
shaft is standard at the cab end. A
two-speed 540 and 1000 rpm shaft is
a factory- or dealer-installed option at
the engine end.
Choose your tire package
The TV6070 can be factoryequipped with seven different bias
or radial tire packages. Among the
options are non-directional tires. With
these tires, the lugs are always facing
forward, so they perform equally
well, no matter what direction you’re
driving. The tread pattern has a high
center contact area for excellent ride
and handling. Multiple interlocking
lugs provide increased traction edges.
Read on and learn more about the
versatility of the TV6070. Then imagine the many jobs the Bidirectional
can handle to improve your productivity. Your New Holland dealer is
eager to show you the Bidirectional
in person. It’s a test drive you won’t
This tractor is far from ordinary.
It’s a versatile Tool Carrier.
Unique features make the Bidirectional™ more productive.
The New Holland Bidirectional is definitely not your
typical tractor. It does everything you expect of a
tractor … and much, much more. Here’s a closer look at
some of the features that make the Bidirectional tractor
Note: some photos show prior Bidirectional tractor models.
You get double-duty with the Bidirectional™ tractor. A PTO, three-point hitch, and drawbar at each
end let you push and pull implements at the same
time, doubling your productivity.
True four-wheel drive with four equal-size tires provides superior traction in wet, icy or muddy conditions.
Articulated steering lets you make sharp turns and
maneuver in tight areas a typical tractor can’t. If
one end of the tractor fits, the other end will, too.
All-day comfort and control
Outstanding visibility and easy-to-reach controls make work a pleasure.
The work environment in the
Bidirectional™ tractor is like no other.
New Holland engineered unique
features into this roomy control center
for your comfort and convenience.
impressed by the view facing the “cab
end.” While operating a loader, hay
header, or other implement, your
view is exceptional. No other tractor
can match it.
An outstanding view in any direction
When you step into the
Bidirectional cab, you can’t help
noticing all the glass—61 square feet
to be exact. Visibility is excellent no
matter which direction you face.
There’s no stretching or straining to
see your work. You’ll be especially
Turnabout™ console provides the
ultimate in control
The Bidirectional tractor’s
Turnabout™ console rotates to let
you face the direction that’s best for
the job. Just move the seat toward
the steering wheel and lift the console rotation lever. The entire opera-
tor area—air ride seat, steering
wheel, instruments and controls—
rotates 210 degrees. All hand controls are within natural, easy reach,
and remain that way regardless of
which direction you’re facing.
Whether the console is facing the
cab end or the engine end, it can be
offset 15 degrees as a single unit for
added comfort when looking back.
And, since the cab has two doors,
you can enter or exit the cab from
either side, depending on the position of the Turnabout console.
Monitor your status at a glance
The TV6070 features sophisticated
instrumentation to keep you
informed at a glance. The state-ofthe art electronic instrument cluster
(EIC) is standard equipment and is
easy to use and adapt to your applications. The control pad at the lower
right allows you to select which
functions to view on the central electronic monitor—engine rpm, ground
speed, PTO speed, battery voltage or
service intervals. The electronic monitor also displays fuel level, coolant
temperature, transmission range and
the position of the three-point
hitch(es). The transmission range
indicator is in the lower left corner of
the EIC. Using the control pad, you
may also view engine hours, trip
hours, service intervals, elapsed time
and selected PTO speed. All the
information you need is at your fingertips. A warning light bar around
the top of the dashboard includes
indicators for all critical functions.
For added protection, an automatic
shut-down function stops the tractor
if a critical malfunction occurs.
Excellent visibility from the cab - you can see
straight down to the task at hand.
Too hot or cold? The overhead heat and air conditioning controls are easy to reach.
Turn night into day
If you put in hours after dark, the
four work lights on the cab end and
four work lights on the engine end
provide excellent visibility. For even
more visibility, add the high-intensity discharge (HID) work lights.
Wipers on both windshields help
you see what you’re doing in all
weather conditions.
Responsive power and
smooth direction changes
Outstanding power with less fuel and lower emissions.
You encounter tough conditions
every day, and the TV6070 tractor
engine is up to the challenge. The
turbocharged, six-cylinder engine
provides dependable, quiet power
day in and day out. When terrain,
soil or crop conditions get really
tough, this engine responds with
ample torque reserve.
Reliable design
This time-proven engine features a
durable, computer-designed, parentbore cylinder block for extended life.
The contoured block design features
a contoured outer surface for
increased structural strength. Air-toair intercooling improves performance. A reversing engine cooling fan
option keeps the grill screen clear of
dust or chaff.
Fuel-efficient and B100 approved
The 411-cubic-inch engine features
a mechanically governed rotary fuel
injection pump and two valves per
cylinder that provide simple yet
responsive control. Not only does the
TV6070 engine meet strict EPA Tier III
emission requirements, it’s also
approved for use with biodiesel
blends up to B100 (must meet ASTM
6751 Standards) to reduce emissions
and oil imports.
The perfect speed in either direction
As you’ve probably figured out by
now, “forward” and “reverse” are
irrelevant concepts when you work
with a Bidirectional™ tractor. Case in
point: the unique TV6070 drive train.
This electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system efficiently transfers
power to the ground and gives you
equal and unlimited variation of
speed in either direction.
Select from eight ranges
The hydrostatic drive system has
eight ranges that you select by pressing the “bump” switch on the righthand console. Range shifting can be
done on the go, allowing you to react
quickly to changing working conditions. If you encounter a steep hill or
heavy resistance, the transmission
automatically downshifts to pull you
through, then returns to your selected
range when conditions return to
Infinitely variable clutch
Direction and speed are controlled
by one handy control. Push it for-
ward and you move forward. The
further you push, the faster you go.
Pull it back and the tractor slows
gradually and shifts into neutral,
then reverse. No clutch needed. It’s
the best shuttle shifting you’ll find,
which makes the TV6070 ideal for
loader work.
Built-in braking action
The hydrostatic system provides
Range 1
0 to 6.7 mph
Range 2
0 to 7.7 mph
Range 3
0 to 8.3 mph
Range 4
0 to 9.1 mph
Range 5
0 to 10.3 mph
Range 6
0 to 11.6 mph
Range 7
0 to 16.2 mph
Range 8
0 to 19.5 mph
dynamic braking through the drivetrain. Simply pull the forward-neutral-reverse control slowly toward the
neutral position to smoothly stop the
tractor. The tractor foot brake may be
used as required for additional stopping power. Pressing the foot pedal
on either end of the cab activates a
hydraulically-actuated wet disc
brake system.
Ideal creeper transmission
For applications requiring extremely
slow speeds, the TV6070 provides
infinite slow speed offerings superior
to those offered by competitive brand
creeper transmissions.
Provides ample power for light draft work and is excellent for
loader work.
Ideal for most PTO work. Infinite hydrostatic speeds allow
ground speed to be perfectly matched to changing crop conditions.
Transport range. Hydrostatic drive allows travel speeds to be
easily adjusted for changing road conditions.
One control lets you change speed and direction.
No need to clutch or search for the right gear.
More hydraulic performance
Ample flow provides instant response at every turn.
When it comes to hydraulic power,
the TV6070 gives you more … more
flow, more remotes and more value.
The specially designed closed-center,
load-sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system supplies 29.5 gallons per minute
(gpm) for fast implement response.
Optional second system
A second independent auxiliary
hydraulic system with 35 gpm can be
added for continuous flow applications requiring a combination of high
flow and high pressure. Standard incab electronic flow control changes
the speed of the implement on the go.
Up to five remotes
Three CCLS remote valves are
standard at the cab end, with two
additional remotes available at the
engine end for a total of five factoryinstalled remotes. In-cab flow-control
knobs are standard equipment for the
cab-end circuits. Color coding (green,
tan and blue) of the flow controls, the
engagement levers on the right-hand
console and the couplers make it easy
to keep track of hydraulic operations.
The green and tan circuits are linked
to foot pedal controls for applications
such as the front-end loader. A foot
pedal is optional for the blue circuit.
Up to 8700-lb. lift capacity
The TV6070 handles large implements … and more of them. The standard Category II three-point hitch at
the cab end of the tractor has a lift
capacity of 6,560 pounds. The addition of a second auxiliary lift cylinder
increases the lift capacity to 8700
pounds. Standard flexible link ends
make implement hookup fast and
easy. Telescoping stabilizers control
the sway of the lower links while
working, and during transport. For
more versatility, add a second threepoint hitch to the engine-end. This
three-point hitch can lift up to 4,000
pounds. A position display on the
electronic instrument cluster shows
you the positions of both hitches.
Flow control for all three cab-end remotes is provided
inside the cab for your convenience.
Hassle-free maintenance
Flip-up hood provides complete access to the engine.
Servicing your Bidirectional™
tractor is a hassle-free experience.
You can check or add engine oil without raising the hood and without the
interference of a loader. For complete
access to the engine, the hood lifts up
and out of the way…no tools needed
and no bulky side panels to remove.
Just pull the release cable and lift the
handle. With the hood fully raised,
you can easily reach all components
of the engine and cooling system.
Filters are easy to check and replace.
Sight gauges for hydraulic oil and
clear reservoirs for coolant and brake
fluid make level checks especially easy.
Coolant level is easy to check.
The high-capacity 55-gallon (total capacity) fuel tanks are located in front of the cab steps and can be
reached conveniently from the ground and filled from either side.
The engine air filter is accessible from ground
level. Easy, spin-off wing nuts make cleaning or
replacement a breeze.
The oil dipstick and fill port can be reached without lifting the hood.
Pull this lever and the entire hood flips up for
complete engine access.
The Bidirectional
loader tractor
is the ultimate
Two loaders are available to match your requirements.
The Bidirectional™ tractor is ideal
for loader work. Think about it…the
TV6070 provides infinite speeds, better turning and easier shuttling than
any other tractor. And, the loader is
attached to the cab end of the tractor,
so you enjoy a number of advantages
over conventional tractors. You get a
more direct view to the bucket cutting
edge because the tractor hood isn’t in
the way. The loader frame is wider,
providing more strength and stability.
Hydraulic hoses are shorter and fit
better since they don’t have to be
routed around the length of the tractor. Another plus: the loader doesn’t
interfere with regular maintenance of
the tractor. There’s no reason to raise
it, reach through it or reach over it to
perform daily maintenance or provide periodic maintenance, because it
is mounted on the cab end.
Two choices
You can select from two loader
models for the TV6070 Bidirectional
tractor. Choose the 84LB loader for
the highest reach. With a maximum
lift height over 13 feet, it’s easy to
position bales and pallets precisely.
For maximum maneuverability,
choose the high-performance 82LB loader. It
provides a shorter
overall length with increased lift
capacity to make it easy to maneuver
with loads inside pens and corrals or
through gates and doorways. The
Quick-Attach loader design allows
you to quickly attach or remove
either loader model, and
quickly move to
other jobs as
Rated PTO power, HP (kw)
105 (78)
Hydraulic Systems
Standard system-type
Fuel Injection
Rated speed, RPM
29.5 (111)
Bosch mechanical pump, direct injection
Pressure compensator, PSI (Bar)
3,000 (207)
155 (116)
Remote valves-standard cab end
Idle speed, RPM
Displacement, cu. in. (L)
6 / 411 (6 / 6.7)
Turbocharged/air-air intercooled
Air cleaner
Dual element dry with aspirated spin tube precleaner
Cold start aids
Grid heater/coolant block heater
Bio diesel compatibility
CCLS with piston pump
Total flow @ 2200 engine RPM, GPM (LPM)
6-cylinder parent bore diesel
Bare engine power, HP (kw)
Up to 100%
In-cab flow controls
Valve actuation
Hand levers, foot pedals
Remote valves-optional engine end
Valve actuation
Hand levers
Optional auxiliary hydraulics
1/2" ISO, 2 for each valve
CCLS with piston pump; electronic flow control
Maximum flow
@ 2200 engine RPM, GPM (LPM)
12v negative ground
Two group 31 low maintenance
Cold start rating, each, CCA
Alternator, amps
4350 (300)
3-Point Hitches
Multi-range closed-loop hydrostatic
35 (133)
Pressure compensator, PSI (Bar)
3/4" ISO, with 1/2" case drain
Category II, flex link ends and sway links
Electronic position control, auto and manual modes
Variable displacement, mechanical operator control
Standard cab end
Lift capacity @ 24" behind links, lbs. (kg)
6,500 (2950)
Electronically controlled 8-range
variable displacement
Optional cab end
Lift capacity @ 24" behind links, lbs. (kg)
8,700 (3950)
Optional engine end
Lift capacity @ 24" behind links, lbs. (kg)
4,000 (1800)
Ground speeds in ranges, MPH (KPH)
0 to 6.7 (10.8)
0 to 7.7 (12.4)
0 to 8.3 (13.4)
0 to 9.1 (14.6)
0 to 10.3 (16.6)
0 to 11.6 (18.7)
0 to 16.2 (26.0)
0 to 19.5 (31.4)
Dynamic braking by moving lever
to neutral position
Axles and Brakes
Axle type
HD flange with inboard planetary reduction
Articulation angle
Curb clearance circle ft. in. (m)
Tinted safety glass, area, ft2 (m2)
Climate control
Turnabout™ console
Wet disc in cab-end axle, hydraulic actuation
Total brake area, in.2 (cm2)
507 (3271)
Parking brake
Cable actuation of service brakes
PTO Systems
Mechanical 540/1000 RPM
Interchangeable 1 3/8" diameter
61 (5.67)
Pressurizer, heater/defroster, air conditioning
Air suspension, 7 comfort adjustments
Brake type
Differential lock, engine end
32' 10" (10.0)
Differential lock, cab end
Oscillation, degrees
Hydrostatic power
45 degrees maximum
210 degree rotation to face either driving direction
3-position adjustable, swinging
Cab end
Engine end
Refill Capacities
Fuel tanks, gal. (L)
55 (208)
Engine oil, gal. (L)
5 (19)
Engine coolant, gal. (L)
7.25 (27)
cab end
Hydraulic system/rear axle, gal. (L)
13.5 (51)
engine end
Front axle, gal. (L)
6.5 (25)
Wheelbase, in. (mm)
118.1 (3000)
Length over tires, in. (mm)
183.9 (4670)
Overall length, in. (mm)
214.2 (5440)
Exhaust stack height, in. (mm)
125.6 (3190)
Hood height, in. (mm)
81.1 (2060)
Cab height, in. (mm)
123.2 (3130)
Width over tires, in. (mm)
99.6 (2530)
Clearance to drawbar pin, in. (mm)
14.3 (362)
Clearance to drawbar hanger, in. (mm)
14.8 (376)
Maximum lift height to Pivot Pin, in. (mm)
143.8 (3652)
157.8 (4008)
Maximum lift height under level bucket, in. (mm)
135.4 (3439)
148.8 (3780)
Clearance with bucket dumped, 45 degree, in. (mm)
110.3 (2802)
123.8 (3144)
Reach (from tire), max lift height,
bucket 45 degree, in. (mm)
41.7 (1059)
61.7 (1567)
Maximum dump angle
Reach with bucket on ground, in. (mm)
90 (2285)
122 (3105)
Maximum rollback angle
Digging depth, in. (mm)
3.2 (81.2)
4.2 (106.6)
Maximum bucket height (standard bucket), in. (mm)
176.1 (4470)
190.1 (4830)
Rollback angle at full height
Lift capactiy to max height at pivot, lbs.
Lift capactiy to max height 31.5 in. ahead of pivot, lbs.
Bucket rollback force at ground 31.5 in. ahead of pivot, lbs.
E 45°
*Values assuming GoodYear Versa Torque 480/85R34 tires and 1.5 cu.yd. bucket
Value, Service and Solutions
When you place your confidence in
New Holland agricultural equipment,
you also get the finest support. Your
local New Holland dealer stands behind
you at every step with the equipment,
parts, service, and financial services you
and your operation need.
Become part of the family. You’ll
find the perfect combination of equipment at your New Holland dealer,
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forage equipment, harvesting, crop
production and material handling
equipment. We’re one big productive
family. Ask your New Holland dealer
about becoming part of the family and
receive special FAMILY VALUE$ discounts.
Quality parts and service. Turn to
your New Holland dealer after the sale
for expert, factory-trained service and
genuine New Holland-branded parts to
keep you working productively season
after season.
Financing solutions. Your New Holland
dealer can tell you about smart ways
to turn your financial challenges into
opportunities with a portfolio of innovative financial services available through
CNH Capital, including customized
financing, leasing, insurance, and the
purchasing convenience of a Commercial
Revolving Account.
For reliable equipment, parts and
service – or just honest advice on farming
and finance – turn to New Holland and
your trusted New Holland dealer.
Visit our Web site at
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