1402 - 3-Wire Motor Wiring Diagram

1402 - 3-Wire Motor Wiring Diagram
Installation Notes:
* The control switch is mounted in a standard depth
single gang all weather box.
* Motor connections are made in an all-weather
box mounted as high as possible in the cover box.
* The control switch must be mounted in a
location where 100% of the pool surface is visible.
* The HOT (black) wire from the power supply
connects to the L1 terminal on the switch.
* The NEUTRAL (white) wire from the power
supply connects to the indicator light and also
passes through to be connected at the motor conduit white wire.
* The remaining wire on the indicator light connects
to a directional terminal on the switch (A1 or A2).
* The Red and Blue wires from the motor connect to
the directional terminals on the switch.
(A1 and A2) The red and blue wires may be
switched with each other to change the motor direction.
* The motor requires 8 amps and all wiring from the
power supply to the motor must be sized accordingly.
* Use a 15amp GFCI breaker at the panel.
Troubleshooting Tips:
* If the indicator light does not come on in either
switch position, check the power supply for 110v.
* If the indicator light comes on in one direction but
not the other, the problem is probably a connection
either at the switch or in the junction box in the
cover box.
* If the indicator light comes on in both directions
but the motor does not run at all, check the neutral
wire and it’s connections.
* Disconnect wires from the switch and test for
continuity, you should have continuity between L1
and A1 when you toggle the switch in one direction
and between L1 and A2 in the other direction. (Do
not attempt to run this test with wires connected to
the switch, you will get false readings.)
* Using a test cord, disconnect wires in the all
weather box and connect the neutral wire to the
white motor wire and connect the hot wire to the
red motor wire. The motor should run. Then switch
the hot wire over to the blue motor wire. The motor
should run in the other direction.
If the motor runs in both directions using this
method, the trouble is in the components or wiring
leading up to that point in the system. If the motor
still does not run properly, youmay need to investigate the capacitor inside the control box mounted
on top of the motor.
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