Thermocycler Flyer The big one

Thermocycler Flyer The big one
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Thermocycler Basic & Thermocycler Gradient
Line voltage:
85 V to 265 V without switching, 50 to 60 Hz
Maximum 350 W, standby 25 W
Idle 38 dBA, typical run 44 dBA,
maximum run 48 dBA
Heated lid:
Electrically moving, temperature and pressure
Programmable from 30 to 120 Newton
Length = 444 mm
Width = 251 mm
Height: lid closed = 201 mm, lid open = 347 mm
11.5 kg
TFT illuminated colour display ¼ VGA,
5.7“ diagonal, 320 x 240 = 76800 pixel
Numeric silicone keys
Virtual keys on the touch screen depending
on the context
English, German
680 5-step-programs, or at least 3000 steps
The last 16 program runs can be displayed any
67065 Ludwigshafen (Germany)
Individual for groups, persons, folders and
E-Mail: [email protected] ·
Thermoblock 48, 96, 384 and Triple Block
- 5.0 °C to 99.9 °C
± 0.25 °C at 55 °C, ± 0.40 °C at 95 °C
Control accuracy:
± 0.01 °C
Ramp rate:
0.001 °C/s to 5.0 °C/s
BIORON Diagnostics GmbH
Rheingoenheimer-Str. 36
Ordering information
Order number
Thermocycler basic 96 s
Thermocycler gradient 96 s
Thermoblock 48 s
Thermoblock 96 s
Temperature ± 9.99 °C
Time ± 99.99 seconds
Thermoblock 384 s
Triple Block
Thermoblock 48 (48-wells, 0.5 ml single tubes)
Thermoblock 96 (96-wells, 0.2 ml single tubes,
stripes & microtiterplates) and Thermoblock
384 (384-wells, microtiterplates), electroformed
gold plated silver, gradient capable (40 °C,
± 20 °C between the narrow sides of the block)
heating rate: 4.2 °C/s, cooling rate: 3.6 °C/s
Triple Block, 3 x 21 wells, anodised aluminium,
3 passive lids, separately controllable, 0.2 ml
single tubes, not gradient capable,
heating rate: 2.5 °C/s, cooling rate: 2.2 °C/s
3 different PCR processes at the same time
in one device!
Tel.: +49 621 545900-70 · Fax.: +49 621 545900-68
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Hightech Thermocycler
Triple Block 3 x 21
TFT Touchscreen
· Material: anodised aluminium
· Thermal conductivity: 237 W/mK
The Thermocycler features a truly intuitive user
· Heating rate: 2.5 °C/s · Cooling rate: 2.2 °C/s
interface with a coloured touchscreen, a nice de-
· 3 independent PCR-runs
sign and solid construction. All that comes with a
The Thermocycler has a TFT display with a touchscreen featuring alphanumeric and function keys.
Familiar buttons and icons enable an intuitive use.
The interface „speaks“ English and German.
· 3 x 21 wells for 0.2 ml caps
unique block changing system, giving full flexibility for present and future applications. A choice
· Minimum volume of reaction: 10 µl
of three gold plated silver blocks was designed
· Protection against condensation by
3 Passive Lids
for high speed, yet low energy consumption and
good temperature uniformity. These are comple-
320* 240 Pixel, 5.7“diagonal
Graphic monitoring allows tracking of the PCR
process for single and Triple Blocks. The Triple Block
system is displayed with the TFT touchscreen separated in three parts.
· Separate and parallel monitoring
of all blocks
mented by the Triple Block, which lets you run
three independent processes on one machine.
TFT 1/4 VGA illuminated colour display
Languages: English and German
Context-sensitive help function
Alpha-keyboard on touchscreen
Graphic monitoring of PCR process
in vices
Sustainability and good value were prime con-
in o
siderations. The peltier elements were tested to
600,000 cycles without any failures, giving at
least 20 years of lifetime even under the harshest
conditions. The silver blocks are electroformed for
lowest heat capacity and best heat conductance.
This allows high speed with a maximum power of
only 350 Watts. The average during a typical run
is less than 150 Watts. The result is good performance with low energy consumption, low carbon dioxide footprint, less heat in the lab and, last
but not least, less noise from the cooling fans.
Start Window Triple Block 3 x 21
Precision is further enhanced by a 6-zone tem-
Gradient-PCR Thermoblock 96
perature regulation that corrects for any differences between the 6 peltier elements. Each
block has its own processor with a continuously
self-calibrating temperature measuring circuitry.
Indefinite cooling at 4 °C is of course possible, the
blocks even go down to -5 °C.
Although the user interface is quite self-explanatory, a context sensitive online help function fur-
Thermoblock 48
ther assists you, making the manual a rarely used
Programs can be copied between two thermocyclers via a cable, making it easy to keep several
of them „in line“.
Of course there is an automatic restart after a
failure of the power line. The program will continue with the last denaturation step to prevent
With the unique quick block changing
system, a block change takes one hand
and ten seconds.
All thermoblocks have their own processor with 6 separately controlled peltier
elements for extraordinary temperature
uniformity at high heating and cooling
false annealing.
The temperature measuring system is entirely in the block and continuously selfcalibrating, ensuring precise and identical operation of a block in any machine.
Thermoblock 96
Thermoblock 384
Material: Electroformed gold plated silver
Thermal conductivity: 429 W/mK
Heating rate 4.2 °C/s · Cooling rate 3.6 °C/s
The heated lid is controlled by an electric motor.
Pressure and temperature are fully programmable.
48 well block
96 well block
384 well block
8 zone gradient
12 zone gradient
24 zone gradient
0.5 ml tubes
0.2 ml tubes
Gradient capable: 40 °C, ± 20 °C from the left to the right
96 Well microtiterplates
384 Well microtiterplates
Minimum reaction volumina
20 µl
10 µl
Automatic Lid
3 µl
Power 200 W
It quickly reaches its uniform temperature through
high power.
Heating rate > 1 °C/s
During a programmed or manual pause the lid
comes up to give access to the probes for hotstartprocedures. The temperature and force of the lid
can be preselected for each program.
Preheating can be deactivated
Lid can be deactivated
Pressure 30 N to 120 N
Hotstart-procedures possible
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