Undercounter Dishwasher
Undercounter Dishwasher
17¹⁄₂" (44.5 cm) min.
18" (45.7 cm) max.
22" (59 cm)*
Electrical Requirements: 120-volt, 60-Hz, AC-only,
15-or 20-amp fused electrical supply. Copper wire
only. A time- delay fuse or circuit breaker and separate
circuit is recommended.
If direct wiring dishwasher: Use flexible, armored or
nonmetallic, sheathed copper
wire with grounding wire that
meets the wiring requirements
for your home and local codes and ordinances.
Use a UL Listed or CSA Approved strain relief.
If connecting dishwasher with a power supply cord:
Use Power Supply Cord Kit
(Part Number 4317824)
marked for use with dishwashers. Follow the kit
instructions for installing the power supply cord.
Power supply cord must plug into a grounded
3 prong, outlet, located in the cabinet next to
the dishwasher opening. Outlet must meet all
local codes and ordinances.
Water Supply Requirements: A hot water line with
20 to 120 psi (138 to 862 kPa) water pressure. Water
temperature must be 120°F (49°C) at dishwasher. Use
³⁄₈" OD copper tubing with compression fitting or
flexible braided water supply line (Part Number
4396897RP) (¹⁄₂" minimum plastic tubing is not
recommended). Use a 90° elbow with ³⁄₄" hose
connection with rubber washer. Do not solder within
6" (15.2 cm) of the water inlet valve.
Drain Requirements:
■ Use the new drain hose supplied with your
dishwasher. If this is not long enough, use a new
drain hose with a maximum length of 10 ft (3.05 m)
that meets all current AHAM/IAPMO test standards,
is resistant to heat and detergent. Use ⁵⁄₈" (1.58cm)
or ⁷⁄₈" (2.2cm) inside diameter hose and a coupler to
connect the 2 hose ends. Secure the connection
with 2 clamps.
■ Connect drain hose to waste tee or disposer inlet
above drain trap in house plumbing and 32" (81.3cm)
minimum above the floor. It is recommendedthat the
drain hose either be looped up and securely fastened
to the underside of the counter or be connected to an
air gap.
(82.5 cm) min.
35" (88.9 cm)
18" (45.7 cm)
* To front of door frame
34" to 35"
(86.4 cm to
88.9 cm)*
All surfaces must be free
from intrusions.
(61 cm)
(10.2 cm)
(15.2 cm)
■ Use
an air gap if the drain hose is connected to house
plumbing lower than 18" (45.7 cm) above floor.
17⁵⁄₈" (44.8 cm) min.
18" (45.7 cm) max.
air gap
* Underside of countertop to floor
Cut holes in shaded area of cabinet walls or floor for plumbing and electrical service.
NOTE: ADA installation, 32¹⁄₂" (82.5 cm) beneath 34" (86.4 cm) high countertops may be accomplished by adjusting
the toekick and leveling legs.
■ Use ¹⁄₂"
minimum I.D. drain line fittings.
■ Do not connect drain lines from other devices
to the dishwasher drain hose.
Because Whirlpool Corporation policy includes a continuous commitment to improve
our products, we reserve the right to change materials and specifications without notice.
Dimensions are for planning purposes only. For complete details, see Installation
Instructions packed with product. Specifications subject to change without notice.
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