Fog Machine Instructions Chauvet Hurricane 1300

Fog Machine Instructions Chauvet Hurricane 1300
Fog Machine Instructions
Chauvet Hurricane 1300
Getting Started: Place the fog machine on a sturdy level surface out of the way,
and keep all fabrics and heat sensitive items at least two feet from the machine.
Keep the area in front of the nozzle clear of obstructions. Plug in the power cord
to a grounded outlet, and plug the remote control into the manual controller
input in the back of the machine. Fill the fluid reservoir with at least one pint of
fog fluid, and make sure the intake hose for the pump is fully submerged as you
close the reservoir.
Creating Fog: Turn the power switch to the ON position, and make certain the
light illuminating the fluid tank lights up to indicate the machine is receiving
power. The machine will take around 2-5 minutes to warm up before it will
begin producing fog. Once small amounts of fog start drifting out of the nozzle
at the front of the machine, it is ready for use. You can use the controller to set
regular intervals for bursts of fog, or you can press and hold the manual button
periodically to achieve your desired effect. Keep an eye on the fluid level
indicator light, and refill the machine promptly when the fluid gets low. Running
the pump with no fluid in the machine can damage the fog machine.
Cleanup and Return: Turn off the machine before unplugging it from the power
source. Empty the fluid reservoir before returning packing it into its container.
Make sure all cords and cables are returned with the machine, and return any
unopened bottles of fog fluid to the store.
Caution: Vapor from this fluid may be irritating to some persons with allergic sensitivities. Do
not expose at close range or high concentration to known asthmatics. Use in a well ventilated
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