FiOS TV USER GUIDE - Frontier Communications

FiOS TV USER GUIDE - Frontier Communications
FiOS Residential User Guide
Welcome to FiOS.®
This is going to be exciting.
And easy.
In this handy guide, you’ll find everything you need. Simple, step-bystep directions. Handy tips and hints. Answers to Frequently Asked
Questions. Plus, a number of video demonstrations and tools we’ve
created for you on your TV.
We even made the guide easy to navigate with color-coded sections
to ensure you quickly find just the ones you need.
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FiOS® Internet
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FiOS® Equipment
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FiOS Digital Voice
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All You Need to Know About
FiOS Service
FiOS Remote. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Your Remote = Digital Video Recorder. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Frontier’s DVR Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Here’s How to Record Live TV. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
All About Video On Demand (VOD). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Frequently Asked Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
FiOS Internet
Home Network Connections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 7
Support. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Frequently Asked Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
FiOS Equipment
FiOS Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 1
Battery Backup (BBU) Audible Alarms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 1
FiOS Router. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
BBU Indicator Signals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
FiOS Digital Voice
FiOS Digital Voice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Feature Access Summary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 7
Voicemail Telephone Menu Maps. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Calling Features—Telephone Star Codes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
FiOS remote—
everything you need to do it all.
This is FiOS TV. It’s so easy, all you have to do is “Press the button.”
These are the buttons and what they do.
Info displays description
of show you are watching
STB activates
set-top box
Options provides
service options
OK selects item
highlighted in blue
Power turns
devices on
or off
the TV
Menu shows the
Main Menu
Favorites displays
your favorite
channel listings
CH +/- changes
channels or moves up/
down through menu
screens and TV listings
Exit closes any on-screen On Demand
display and returns you
provides access
to regular viewing
to Video On
Widgets provides
instant access to
local weather, traffic
updates and more
FiOS TV returns
to live TV
Last returns to last
selected channel;
press again to return
to current channel
Skip Forward jumps
forward in recorded TV
Fast Forward fast-forwards
media and also advances to
next day’s TV listings
Records to DVR
Stops media
Plays or Pauses current
DVD, VOD or DVR media
DVR launches DVR menu
Rewinds media and also
jumps back to previous
day’s TV listings
Size changes
display aspect
A/V selects video
source for some TV,
DVD, VCR or home
theater systems
(CC) switches between
closed-caption options
Skip Back activates
instant replay
Pay Per View
The latest hit shows and events, such as concerts and wrestling
matches, are yours at the push of a button with your FiOS remote.
To see what’s playing and to order, press the Menu button on your
remote and:
• Select Pay-Per-View.
• Highlight a title in Upcoming Shows.
• Press OK.
• Follow the instructions to purchase.
If you’ve pre-purchased a presentation, you can easily set a reminder
so you don’t miss a minute of it. Just go to the Main Menu and:
• Select the event through Search or with the
• Select Set Reminder on the event information screen.
FiOS TV Global Search
What was the comedy with the two mismatched roommates? Or the
name of the guy who played Igor? Find that movie, show, favorite
actor, play or presentation in seconds. Simply use either the on-screen
keypad, scroll wheel or cell phone pad. Type in a keyword (or just
initials, if that’s all you know). Our Global Search will tear through TV
DVR listings, HD VOD and Pay Per View* and give you results by:
• Category (movies, children, sports, music).
• Keyword (program title, actor, topic).
• Content type (TV listings, PPV, DVR, HDTV and VOD).
*Your search may find programming to which you are not subscribed.
Favorite Channels
You can easily create and use a list of your Favorite Channels:
• Select Menu on your remote.
• Select Settings from the Main Menu.
• Select System, then Favorite Channels.
• Highlight them using the
• Press OK to add or remove channels.
To access your favorite channels, press the
button. Scroll using the
buttons and click OK after highlighting the channel
you want to watch.
Set Flip by Favorites to only scroll through the channels you set in your
Favorites folder.
To access Flip by Favorites:
• Go to Settings > Favorites > Flip by Favorites.
• Select which Favorites folder you would like to use.
After this, you will only be able to scroll through channels in that
particular Favorites folder.
Message Center
The Message Center keeps you informed about important information
that affects your TV service such as upcoming changes, new features
and channel information. If there are messages in the Message
Center, the Message Waiting icon will be flashing. To access your
messages, press the Menu button on the remote control, select
Messages and then OK/Select. Here you can save messages, go back
and review or simply delete them.
Parental Controls
Want to make sure your kids watch only the programming you want
them to? No problem. Creating a PIN (Personal Identification Number)
will help you block their access to channels, ratings, programs and
things you’ve recorded, as well as their ability to purchase. Putting it in
place takes just a few minutes.
Using Your FiOS TV Remote to Learn About Parental Controls:
• Press Menu.
• Select Help.
• Select Help Videos.
• Scroll across to Settings folder.
• Select the Parental Controls Video.
To create your PIN:
• Press Menu.
• Scroll down to Settings on the Main Menu.
• Select Parental Controls.
lease note: You will need to create a PIN on each set-top box that
you would like to have Parental Controls on.
• Y
ou can set up two separate PINs, one to block
programming, the other to block purchases for VOD,
PPV, packages or premiums.
• Y
ou can temporarily disable the blocks by using the
On/Off quick setting. Your settings will be saved.
• Y
ou can record shows/movies on your DVR set-top box
using a PIN, but you’ll need the PIN to play them back.
These handy little windows can give you up-to-the-minute information in
your area—weather, community events and more. Setting them up is easy:
button on your remote to launch the Main Menu.
• Press the
• Enter your Zip Code using the remote’s buttons.
• Press OK.
• Choose the Widgets you want the first time you use them.
• Press
button or
button to turn the Widgets on or off.
Audible Navigation on FiOS Quantum TV
To enable Audible Navigation on FiOS Quantum from the remote:
• Select Menu button.
• Press up arrow to select Settings.
• Press right arrow three time to select System.
• Press down arrow twice to select Accessibility.
• Press right arrow to select Audible Navigation.
• Press down arrow to select On.
• Press OK button to save.
• Press Exit button.
• To turn audible navigation off, follow same steps above.
Your Remote = Digital Video Recorder
Skip Back
Skip Forward
Fast Forward
Frontier’s DVR Service
Digital Recording service for one to ten* rooms
Frontier offers a DVR service that can provide recording capability for
1 to 10 rooms with the capability of recording 2 to 12 shows at a time.
Frontier’s Multi-Room DVR service with 500GB of storage can record
2 shows at one time and view on up to 6 additional TVs.
Frontier’s Multi-Room service lets you view what you’ve recorded in
multiple rooms.
With the Multi-Room DVR, you can:
• W
atch what you’ve recorded on up to 2 additional set-top boxes at
the same time.
• Watch the same program in up to 3 different rooms.
• Watch different live programs in 3 different rooms.
• T
wo set-top boxes at most can access recorded content from the
DVR at the same time. An error message will flash after 2 tries.
• Remote set-top boxes cannot pause or rewind live TV.
Step up to one of Frontier’s FiOS Quantum DVR Services
and Advanced Interactive Media Guide
Frontier’s FiOS Quantum TV Enhanced DVR service or FiOS Quantum
TV Premium DVR service act as a video services gateway, providing
connectivity to the recording and playback capabilities for all the other
TVs connected to the home network.
• Record up to 12 shows at once.
• Enjoy more than 300 hours of HD storage capacity.
• Pause, play and rewind live TV on up to 10 screens.
Frontier’s FiOS Quantum TV Enhanced DVR service with 1 Terabyte of
storage can record up to 6 shows at one time on up to 5 TVs.
Frontier’s Premium DVR service with 2 Terabytes of storage can
record up to 12 shows at one time on up to 10 TVs.
With Frontier Enhanced and Premium DVR services, you can:
• Pause, play, rewind and playback live TV on any connected TV.
• Have more than 300 hours of HD recording capacity.*
*More than 300 hours of HD recording capacity, up to 12 simultaneous recordings; homes with more
than 5 TVs require additional equipment.
Accessing What You’ve Recorded
It’s easy to spread the fun and entertainment around. After you’ve
recorded on your Multi-Room DVR, simply:
• Choose DVR from the Menu.
• Select a program using the arrow keys.
• Press OK.
You’ll be able to use your normal DVR playback controls (Pause,
Rewind, Fast Forward) on your remote. When you’re done watching
a recorded program, just press the
Multi-Room DVR Parental Controls
Parental Controls for remote set-top boxes only manage live TV
viewing. Parental Controls for watching recorded programs on remote
set-top boxes are set up on the DVR by creating a PIN. A PIN must be
set up for each set-top box.
Good to Remember
• P
rogram recordings cannot be set from remote set-top boxes, only
from the DVR.
• Y
ou cannot delete content from the DVR while another set-top box
is accessing that content.
Quick Tip #1
How to reboot your router.
• Press power button or unplug the power cord to your router.
• Plug it back into the electrical outlet and wait 30 seconds.
• A
lways reboot your router first since it might be all that is
required to correct the problem.
Quick Tip #2
How to reboot your set-top box.
• Just unplug the power cord from the wall outlet for
30 seconds and plug it back in.
• If you still have the problem, disconnect the power
cord from your router and wait a few minutes before
reconnecting it.
Quick Tip #3
Where do I go for on-screen TV help?
• For on-screen help, look at the TV Help Videos—just press
Menu on the remote and scroll down to Help. Also check
out Channel 131 to see what’s new!
Here’s How to Record Live TV
Recording TV Shows
To record a show that’s currently playing:
• Press the REC button on the remote.
To schedule recording of an upcoming show or series:
• Press Menu on your remote.
• Go to TV listings or use Search to find the show.
• Use the
to record.
buttons to highlight the show you want
• Press REC and a green check will appear next to the show.
• Press REC a second time to record a series.
• Press REC a third time to cancel a scheduled recording.
Series Manager
This smart feature ensures that all the shows are recorded, even if the
show’s time slot or length is changed by the broadcaster. The folder
with a red dot on your screen tells you the Series Manager has been
scheduled. It will enable you to:
• Record only first-run episodes.
• Add extra time before and after a show.
• Permanently save a show.
• Rank the series you want to record.
Recording Pay-Per-View Programs
This is an option available on some Pay-Per-View programs.
Just press REC when the Pay-Per-View program begins. If you’d prefer
to automatically record future Pay-Per-View shows, choose the
Purchase and Record option when you select a show. Then, enjoy it
any time you’d like.
• Y
our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) recording hours are
dependent on the model and definition of programming.
• P
rograms recorded in Hi-Def can only be played back
on High-Definition DVRs or High-Definition Set-Top Boxes.
Reviewing Scheduled Recordings
Simply press the DVR button on your remote or select DVR from the
Main Menu. You’ll see the list of shows you’ve scheduled to be
recorded under View Schedule. If you’ve scheduled to record a series,
choose Series Manager to view listing. As a helpful reminder, you’ll
also see how much recording time you have left.
Canceling Scheduled Recordings
It’s easy to undo what you’ve done. Just:
• Select View Schedule from the DVR menu.
• Highlight the program you want to cancel.
• Press OK.
• Then press Cancel.
Playing a Recorded Show
Here’s all you have to do:
• Select Recorded Programs from the DVR menu.
• Highlight the program you want to watch.
• Press OK.
• Then press Play.
Deleting a Recorded Show
To delete, select Recorded Programs from the DVR menu. Highlight
the program you want to delete and select Remove.
Once the recording space is full, the DVR will automatically delete the
oldest shows to make room for new recordings. If there’s a show you
want to be sure isn’t deleted, select Recorded Programs from the DVR
menu, highlight a program you want to save, then select Protect.
Controlling Live TV
With FiOS TV, you can control live TV in some cool new ways:
• Pause the current channel viewed.
• Switch to another channel.
• Go back to the previous channel.
• Resume viewing the program that was previously paused.
You can continuously switch between two channels, pausing, fastforwarding and rewinding on both channels. FiOS TV lets you control
live TV in the ways described below.
Pausing or Resuming Live TV
Press the
the show.
button once to freeze the action. Press Play to resume
Rewinding Live TV
Press the
button to go back to any part of a show already stored.
Then press Play and resume watching the show. While you’re doing this,
you won’t miss a thing because the DVR will continue to store the show.
Fast-Forwarding Live TV
Press the
button to skip past a previously viewed portion of a live
TV show. Then press Play to resume watching.
Watching in Slow Motion
Want to see all the detail of that car chase crash? Or catch something
you missed in the background? Press
to see the
action in slow-motion, frame by frame.
Instant Replay
Why should the sports broadcasters have all the fun? With FiOS TV,
you can do your own instant replay. Press the
button to view the
previous 10 seconds of a show you’re watching live or have recorded.
Resume Watching Live TV
If you’re watching a live program delayed by pausing or rewinding live
TV, press the FiOS
TV button and you’ll jump forward to the point in the
show currently being broadcast.
Status Bar
Whenever you pause, fast-forward or rewind a live or recorded
program, this helpful feature appears. It shows you how much of
a current show is stored in memory, what point of the show you’re
watching now and how far behind the live broadcast you are.
Frontier TV Mobile
rontierTV: Control your DVR—don’t let it control you. To install FrontierTV
on your smartphone or tablet, go to the Apple App Store or the Google
Play Store and download at no charge.
ith the FrontierTV app, you can set your DVR from the office, the
street or anywhere else you have Internet access or a mobile device.
Browse TV listings, record shows, search On Demand—all for free
with your DVR service.
All About Video On Demand (VOD)
Customers will be able to choose from a vast library of thousands of a la carte
features and again be in complete control of their TV viewing experience with
the convenience of selecting any available program, any time they want.
As with subscription options, they will also have the ability and flexibility to
pause, resume play, fast forward and rewind as many times as they like within
a 24-hour period.
There are several categories of VOD available including:
• Free
• Premium
• Transactional
• HD
Free On Demand
Free On Demand allows customers to choose from thousands of titles and
programs, including sports, home and leisure, music, pop culture and more
with our FiOS TV library.
Frontier’s selection of free on-demand programs and films crosses many
genres and touches all age groups and interests, including one of the largest
selections of children’s programming in the industry.
Free On Demand channels include Disney, Discovery, ESPN, Home & Garden,
MTV and many others. Available content is controlled by the network
providing the content and not Frontier.
Premium VOD
When you subscribe to FiOS TV Premium with options like HBO, Cinemax or
the Movie Package, you automatically have access to many past and present
episodes of original programming and shows. Not to mention, the hottest
movie releases—any time you want.
The Premium or Subscription On Demand options provide for even greater
value and flexibility for subscribers, at no additional cost beyond the monthly
package rate.
Transactional VOD
Transactional on Demand provides for even more exciting a la carte features,
including Movies, Events and Adult Entertainment, for a minimal one-time fee.
With Movies On Demand, you can find the hottest blockbuster movies, in
addition to old favorites, at the press of a button, for a fraction of the cost of
a movie ticket. Hundreds of titles are available every month, including studio
movies from Sony, Fox, Universal, Paramount, MGM, DreamWorks, Artisan,
New Line, Disney and WB.
With Event VOD, programming varies every month, offering access to special
concerts or sporting events at a designated cost. Rates will vary and are
accessible through the IMG.
Adult VOD offers adult programming and is available from several content
providers. The content varies monthly and each selection has a designated cost.
Rates vary and are accessible through the IMG. Mature content can be
blocked if desired.
Please note that all rates quoted are subject to change.
FiOS TV now brings together the best of both worlds by joining two exciting
entertainment options—High Definition and Video On Demand.
With FiOS TV, customers have the ability to get many of their favorite titles,
offered with crystal-clear picture and sound quality that is unparalleled.
Frequently Asked Questions
There is no display on my TV. What can I do?
• C
heck to make sure your TV and set-top box are powered on. Make
sure your TV has proper input settings (e.g., HDMI 1, Video 1 or
channel 3 or 4).
• Y
our installation technician determined the proper input or channel
your TV should be tuned to when the service was installed; if those
settings were changed, they must be restored.
• A
fter you have verified you are on the correct input settings on your
TV, check the cable from your STB to your TV—make sure it’s plugged
in correctly and that it’s securely fastened.
• Make sure that your batteries are charged.
I am seeing a blue screen. How can I remedy this?
Change your DVD or VCR’s channel to 3 or 4. If changing the DVD or
VCR’s channel did not change your TV screen, make sure the TV is not
in Video mode. Try one of the following to correct:
• Press the Input button.
• Scroll through the options and select TV.
• Press the Video button to change your TV’s mode from Video to TV.
• Or press the Menu button and locate the mode for Audio/Video
setup and select the TV option.
• Make sure that your remote control batteries are charged.
My remote is not working. What may be causing this?
Your remote needs a clear visual path to the sensor on the home
entertainment equipment you are trying to operate. Make sure:
• There are no obstacles between you and the remote.
• You are trying to use the remote from within 25 feet of the device.
• Y
ou are pointing the device directly at the sensor on your
entertainment device.
• That your remote control batteries are charged.
What if I can’t power on and off from my TV and set-top box using the
remote after I have programmed it?
It may be because either your TV or set-top box isn’t receiving the
infrared signal from the remote.
How can I program the
button to turn on both the TV and STB?
Your remote has separate power buttons for the TV and STB. You
can program the key to turn on/off both your TV and STB at the same
1. Turn both your TV and STB on.
2. Press and hold the OK and
buttons together, then release both.
• The RED LED will blink twice and then stay on.
3. Press 9 – 7 – 7.
• The RED LED will blink twice and remain on.
4. Press
• The RED LED will blink three times and then turn off.
5. Test that the
button now turns on the TV and STB at the same
6. If you want to reset the remote so that the
button controls only
the STB, follow the same steps as above but press OK in Step 4.
What if the Power button on the remote doesn’t always turn my TV on
and off?
Try the following steps:
• Make sure the TV and set-top box are near each other.
• Make sure nothing is blocking the front of either device.
• If your TV is plugged into the power outlet on the back of the set-top
box, try plugging your TV directly into a wall outlet.
• Press the
button to control the TV alone.
Control TV Volume through STB
If the volume control keys don’t work with your TV, you can program
the remote so that the STB will control the volume.
1. P
ress and hold the
and OK buttons together, then release
• The RED LED will blink twice and then stay on.
2. Press 9 – 5 – 5.
3. The RED LED light will blink twice and remain on.
4. Press
5. The RED LED will blink three times and then turn off.
6. If you want to change it back again so that volume buttons control
the TV, follow the same steps as above but press
in Step 5.
Key Fix
If your remote control is programmed for your TV, but the ,
keys do not work correctly, then you can try using the Key Fix
feature to fix the buttons.
1. Press and hold the
and OK buttons simultaneously.
• The RED LED will blink twice and then stay on.
2. Press and hold the key that does not work correctly. The remote
control will try a new code every second.
3. Once the TV responds correctly, release the button.
4. Press OK to save the current settings and finish programming your
remote control.
Reset the Remote Control Original Settings
1. Press and hold the
and OK buttons together, and release.
2. The RED LED will blink twice and then stay on.
3. Press 9 – 0 – 0.
4. The RED LED will blink three times and then turn off to indicate
original settings are restored.
5. CAUTION, all previous programming in the remote control will be
lost if you follow this procedure.
What if I see the message “Press MENU to watch FiOS TV?”
• This means that your TV is on and your STB is off.
• Y
ou can either power off the TV individually or press MENU on the
remote to turn the STB back on.
• When MENU is pressed, if the set-top box does not turn on, press
STB on the remote, then press MENU.
I don’t see any Guide information or I’m unable to access
Video On Demand. What should I do?
• Make sure your router is powered on.
• If your router is on and you still don’t see the Guide, try rebooting
your router. See Quick Tip #1 on Page 9.
Help! Just press Menu on the remote and scroll down to Help for
further assistance with any features of the remote.
Welcome to FiOS Internet
Home Network Connections
As part of your FiOS service, you received a router. Your router lets
you create a home network, so that multiple devices can be online
at the same time. This can be done on either a wired or a wireless
connection. Before connecting any device, confirm your router is
plugged in, powered on and all cables are firmly connected.
Adding a device to a wireless network:
Connect your device using your Wi-Fi Settings. On a computer,
this can be typically found with a stacking bar icon in the lower
right corner of your screen
that will take you to the Network
and Sharing Center. On a wireless phone or tablet, this
is usually found under Settings > Wi-Fi.
2. Select your wireless network. The name of your wireless network
is the five-digit ESSID located on the back or side of your router.
3. Enter your password. Your password (unless you have changed
it to something else) is your WPA2 KEY or WEP KEY, also located
on your router.
4. On a computer, you will see connected next to the stacking bars
and on a wireless phone, your 3G or LTE symbol will change
to a Wi-Fi symbol
to indicate you are connected to your
wireless network.
Adding an additional computer to a wired network:
Connect one end of an Ethernet cable (an Ethernet cable looks
similar to a regular phone jack, but is slightly larger) to the back
of your computer and the other end to the Yellow port on the
back of your router (tip—make sure it’s in the Yellow port).
2. Once connected, wait 60 seconds—now you’re ready to open up
your Internet connection.
Need Help?
You can always find help by visiting
Quick Tip #1
How to reboot your router.
• Unplug the power cord to your router.
• P
lug it back into the electrical outlet and wait
30 seconds.
• A
lways reboot your router first since it might be all
that is required to correct the problem.
Quick Tip #2
How to factory reset your router.
If rebooting your router did not fix the issues, you can
try a factory reset.
Note: Any settings you may have changed to the router will be lost.
• H
old down the Reset button on the back of the
router for approximately three to five seconds.
• You will see the lights on the router flicker.
• O
nce the lights come back to normal, try to access
the Internet as you usually would.
Frequently Asked Questions
My computer occasionally loses its connection to the Internet.
How can I fix it?
• C
heck the coaxial or Ethernet connections between your computer
and router.
• Check the connections between your router and wall jack.
• Make sure your router power cord is properly plugged in.
• D
isconnect your power cord, wait a few minutes, then plug
it in again.
• If you have a wireless connection, make sure there is no interference
(2.4 GHz phones, microwaves, fluorescent lights) between your
computer and router.
• Try moving your computer closer to the router for a stronger signal.
• If none of this restores your connection, please contact our help desk.
I forgot my Frontier Online username and password.
What should I do?
For your protection, Frontier requires that you contact us directly for
assistance in obtaining this information so we may verify your identity.
Please call 1.877.462.0488 so we may assist you.
My service seems slow. What can I do?
• C
lear your temporary Internet files by clearing the cache on your
browser. Here’s how to do it for Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Select Tools.
2. Select Internet Options, Delete Files, click OK in
the Delete Files box.
3. Click OK to close the Internet Options window.
• R
eboot your computer. You can do this by unplugging its power cord
for a few minutes and then plugging it in again.
• M
ake sure your anti-virus software is running and that it has the
most recent updates.
How can I optimize my wireless home network?
Does your Wi-Fi ever seem slow? Your router uses radio waves
called Wi-Fi to connect your devices to the Internet and there are a
number of factors that can impact performance including age of your
computer or device, the number of devices connected, the distance
from your router and household items that may cause interference.
Here are some tips that may help.
• P
lace your wireless router at least 10 feet from other items that use
radio waves such as cordless phones, baby monitors, refrigerators
and microwaves to avoid potential interference.
• P
lace the wireless router as high as possible and to the center of
your home.
• K
eep the wireless router away from any large metal objects, as
these will hinder its range.
• T
urn off or disconnect devices from your Wi-Fi network that are not
in use.
• J
ust like cell phones and TVs, routers have improved over time. If
you have had your current router for longer than three years, you
may want to consider upgrading to a newer router. Newer routers
are better with overcoming interference than older ones.
• If you are experiencing dead spots or limited range, you may want
to consider adding a wireless bridge or extender to create a larger,
stronger network.
• Contact us to discuss router and extender options.
Welcome to FiOS Equipment
FiOS Equipment
Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
Think of this as a kind of electronic translator. FiOS sends signals over
our state-of-the-art network using laser-generated pulses of light.
The ONT, installed either outside or inside your home, converts those
pulses into electric signals.
ONT Power Supply Unit (OPSU)
This unit connects the ONT directly to a grounded electrical outlet in
your home or garage. The OPSU’s green indicator light tells you it’s
receiving power. Make sure it’s plugged in at all times and that the
green light is on. The ONT requires very little power to operate. In fact,
it’s as little as what it would take to operate a couple of night lights.
Battery Backup Unit (BBU)
In case the OPSU is accidentally unplugged, or there’s a commercial
power failure, the BBU is here to help. Depending on the type of ONT
installed, your ONT may have an internal Sealed Lead Acid battery or
an external optional PowerReserve battery backup device. It will give
you power for voice service (not Internet or TV) for up to eight hours
(or approximately 20-hour battery backup time if the PowerReserve
is used). It’s installed in a location in your home or garage where you
can easily monitor it. Its audible alarms and indicator lights tell you
whether your service is being powered by your home’s electricity or
the battery.
Good to remember:
• W
hen your BBU needs to be replaced, you can purchase a battery
at most major electronic outlets and home-improvement stores or
by calling Frontier.
Note: If you have the Frontier supplied Sealed Lead Acid battery, it is designed specifically for
use with the FiOS Network. Use of a battery other than a 12-Volt 7.2 Ah SLA Sealed Lead Acid
battery is not recommended since other battery types may impact the performance of your FiOS
services. Frontier is not responsible for damages that result from use of an improper battery.
• B
atteries need to be disposed of properly. Visit
or call the EPA at for instructions.
Battery Backup (BBU) Audible Alarms
If there’s a problem with your BBU, an alarm will sound for two
seconds and will be silent for 58 seconds. This will be repeated until
you press the Alarm Silence button. Once you do, be sure to check the
lights on the BBU to find the issue. On the next page are two of the
most common reasons for the alarm to sound—and how you’ll know:
Low Battery—the alarm is silenced after electrical power returns, or
when the battery is fully discharged or removed from the BBU.
Replace Battery—the alarm is silenced when the battery is removed.
FiOS Router
This unit enables more than one device in your home to be online at
the same time. It’s been designed specifically to work with the FiOS
network. Using routers not supplied by Frontier may impact the
performance of your FiOS services.
Your router comes with diagnostic software that can help you
troubleshoot and correct problems with your FiOS service.
BBU Indicator Signals
These are the sights and sounds you should know.
System Status:
Green—normal operation
Blinking Green—system fault
Alarm Silence:
Press to silence audible alarm
Battery Power:
Red—ONT is operating off battery
power; no AC power available
Blinking Red—low battery power
Battery Emergency Use:
Press once to reboot ONT and
get up to one hour of battery life
for phone calls—all remaining
battery life will be used
Replace Battery:
Red—battery needs to be replaced
Auxiliary Power:
Green—auxiliary power available
Red—auxiliary power not available
Optional PowerReserve
BBU available in select areas
FiOS Digital Voice
Advanced Calling Features and Voicemail
Your new FiOS Digital Voice service comes with many easy-to-use
features that can be managed by phone, via the Internet, from your
mobile device or from your FiOS TV. You can turn on features like
Call Forwarding and Do Not Disturb, set up voicemail notification
by email or text message, listen to your voicemail messages and
review call logs. You can sign up with the Nomorobo service to block
unwanted, robocalls. It’s free at
To get started, review the following information to get an idea of all the
new and exciting features of your FiOS Digital Voice service. Detailed
information about FiOS Digital Voice is in the Digital User Guide at Set up your voicemail, then check out your FiOS Digital
Voice Web Portal at from any Internet connection.
Log in using your Frontier Online Username and Password. If you don’t
have a Frontier Online logon, you’ll be able to create a new one.
Important 911 Information
As a reminder, your FiOS Digital Voice requires electrical power to
function. In the event of a power outage, you will not be able to make or
receive calls, including calls to 911, unless you have a functioning backup
battery or an alternative means, such as a cellphone. In the case of an
electrical outage, the optional Battery Backup Unit (BBU) will power your
basic FiOS Digital Voice services, including 911 dialing, for a minimum of
eight hours if a fully-charged battery is inserted in the unit. In the welcome
kit provided by the technician during installation, you will find stickers with
this information. We strongly recommend you apply them to your phones
so all users are aware of this possible limitation.
Out-of-Service Backup Phone Number
FiOS Digital Voice allows you to choose a number where your calls can
be forwarded in the case of an outage (e.g., a network-wide outage
in your area or you’ve lost power and do not have battery backup).
Once service has been restored, the forwarding will automatically be
stopped. Backup numbers can be set up using your FiOS Digital Voice
Web Portal under Account Settings.
FiOS Digital Voice Features Management
You can manage your features anywhere, anytime! Experience a
whole new level of control over your voice communications from your
computer, FiOS TV or mobile device.
• T
o turn on Do Not Disturb while you watch Video on Demand on
FiOS, use your set-top box remote control.
• T
o share the voicemail, you can forward a message as an email
• T
urn on/off Call Forwarding or Simultaneous Ring using your
smartphone or tablet.
From the Web
You can access your Web Portal from any computer with a broadband
Internet connection that meets the following system requirements:
• Internet Explorer 11 (or higher), or a recent version of the Chrome,
Firefox or Safari browsers.
Go to Log in with your Frontier online username
and password. If you have not yet established a username and
password or have forgotten it, simply click on the appropriate link to
get started.
Once you have logged in, you can access and control your Call Log,
Voicemail, Calling Features and more:
• V
iew the Call Log (Call Back using your FiOS Digital Voice line,
Block, Delete).
• V
iew Voicemail Inbox (Play messages, Call Back using your FiOS
Digital Voice line, Block, Delete).
• Call Forwarding (Turn On/Off and change settings).
• Do Not Disturb (Turn On/Off and change settings).
• Simultaneous Ring (Turn On/Off and change settings).
• Call Block (Turn On/Off and change settings).
• Search for Businesses using Frontier Pages.
FiOS Digital Voice Web Portal Summary Page
From Your FiOS TV
To access your FiOS Digital Voice account on your FiOS TV:
From the Main Menu, go to FiOS Digital Voice.
2. You’re ready to access your Call Logs, Voicemail and some
Calling Features using your set-top box remote control.
• Enable Caller ID on your TV.
• V
iew the Call Log (Call Back using your FiOS Digital Voice
line, Block, Delete).
• V
iew Voicemail Inbox (Play messages, Call Back using your
FiOS Digital Voice line, Block, Delete).
• Call Forwarding (Turn On/Off and change settings).
• Simultaneous Ring (Turn On/Off and change settings).
• Do Not Disturb (Turn On/Off and change settings).
• Incoming Call Block (Turn On/Off and change settings).
From Your Smartphone or Tablet
If you have an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, you can download
the MyFrontier app through your app store. With the app, you can
access the following features:
• V
iew the Call Log (Call/Text Back using your mobile service carrier,
Block, Delete).
• V
iew Voicemail Inbox (Play messages, Call/Text Back using your
mobile service carrier, Block, Delete).
• Call Forwarding (Turn On/Off and change settings).
• Do Not Disturb (Turn On/Off and change settings).
• Simultaneous Ring (Turn On/Off and change settings).
• Incoming Call Block (Turn On/Off and change settings).
Feature Access Summary
Portal Devices
TV SetTop Box
Calling Features
Call Forwarding
Call Logs
Call Notification
Call Return/Call Back
Call Trace
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Caller ID Block
Do Not Disturb
Incoming Call Block/
Anonymous Call Rejection
International Call Block
International Calling Rates
Locate Me
Simultaneous Ring
Speed Dial
Text Back
Three-way Calling
Virtual Telephone Numbers
with Distinctive Ring
Voicemail Features
Caller Invitation
Envelope Information (time stamp
before each message)
Language Options (English/Spanish,
Gender, Quick/Full Prompts)
Notification Options (MWI, Special
Delivery, Email, SMS Text, Pager)
Retrieve Messages
Ring Count
Send Messages
Set Up Main and Individual Mailboxes
Sort Order of Messages
Voicemail Screening
Other Service Features
FrontierPages Business Search
Time Zone
Wake Up Call/Reminder Message
*Uses your mobile service carrier for outgoing calls and text messages.
Voicemail Telephone Menu Maps
Listen to Message
Send Message to
Another Subscriber
Wake Up and
Reminder Messages
Message Play
(During Playback)
Post Record
Reminder and Wake Up
Play Again
Save (n/a for expired
Mark Private
Future Delivery
Return Receipt
Mark Urgent
Hear Message
Rewind Five Seconds
Wake Up
Rewind to the
77 Beginning of Message
Fast Forward Five
Fast Forward to End
99 of Message
Exit Messaging
Next Message
Post Playback
(Function) Menu
Wake Up Menu
Schedule Weekday
Wake Up Call
Schedule Weekend
Wake Up Call
Review Wake Up Call
Previous Menu
Reminder Message Menu
Schedule One-Time
Schedule Daily
Schedule Weekday
Play Again
Reply to Sender
Schedule Weekend
Forward Message
Schedule Reminder
of Specific Day
Date, Time and Sender
Mark as New
Review Reminder
Return Call
Renew (Expired
Message Only)
Previous Menu
Exit Messaging
Replay Menu
If Last Message Played:
Save Deleted
Main Menu
Voicemail Telephone Menu Maps
Direct Sub-Mailbox
Personal Options
(On All Menus)
Access Another
Mailbox (Not Voiced)
Login to
Login to
Personal Options
Group Lists
Personal Profile
1 Name Recording
2 Busy Greeting
2 Language
3 Options
1 Passcode
Group Lists
3 Personal Greeting
4 Absence Greeting
5 Caller Invitation
1 Create
2 Change
3 Delete
Previous Menu
1 Create
2 Delete
Language Select
2 Delivery
3 Email
4 (SMS)
5 Pager
1 English
1 Personal Greeting
1 Envelope
2 Spanish
System Greeting
2 “Name”
2 Autoplay
Personal Greeting
System Greeting
3 “Number”
System Greeting
4 “W/O Number or
Previous Menu
3 Sort Order
Hear Caller’s
4 Number
Calling Features—Telephone Star Codes
FiOS Digital Voice Feature
Anonymous Call Reject—Activate
Telephone Access Code
*7 7
Anonymous Call Reject—Disable
Call Forwarding—Activate
Call Forwarding—Disable
Call Return
Call Trace
Call Waiting—Activate
Call Waiting—Disable
Call Waiting—Disable per Call Activate
Do Not Disturb—Activate
Do Not Disturb—Disable
Outgoing Caller ID—Allow Per Call Activate
Outgoing Caller ID Block—Activate
*3 1
Outgoing Caller ID Block—Disable
Outgoing Caller ID—Block Per Call Activate
Speed Dial 100 program—to use, dial # +
two-digit speed dial code
Contact Information
FiOS Repair/Support 1.877.600.1511
Customer Service/Billing 1.800.921.8101
Frontier Secure Support 1.888.620.3663
Go to to access
the following information:
• Account and Billing
• Using Your Email
• Calling Features
• Troubleshooting
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