Comcast Xfinity X1 Remote Control

Comcast Xfinity X1 Remote Control
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Xfinity Remote Control Instruction Sheet
Turning your TV On & OFF:
There are two ways to turn your equipment on and off:
1. Press the “ALL POWER” button.
In a perfect world this turns on the TV and the cable
box. However, in many cases only one device will
actually turn on. If you press it again the cable box
might turn on and the TV turns off. This is why I do
not recommend this method.
2. Preferred Method: Leave the cable box on all of the
time and turn the TV On and Off using the “TV POWER”
Other Buttons:
Play/Pause: Play or pause live TV, XFINITY On Demand or DVR content.
FF: Fast for war d XFINITY On Demand or DVR content.
Rew: Rewind XFINITY On Demand or DVR content.
Exit: Exit on-screen guides; stop and exit XFINITY On Demand and DVR content.
When replaying moments from a live TV program, press Exit to return to the "Live"
Microphone: Activates voice contr ol.
Record (r ed dot): Recor ds the cur r ent pr ogr am.
Replay: With DVR ser vice, replay jumps back 15 seconds within a pr ogr am.
Xfinity: Displays the main menu of the guide, pr oviding access to all guide
features, including DVR and XFINITY On Demand.
A: Pr ess the A button to view the Help menu.
B: Use the B button to display scaled video in the bottom r ight-hand corner
when the full guide is displayed.
C: Pr ess the C button to launch the Spor ts app and see scor es, even while
watching TV.
D: Use the D button to delete a single DVR recor ding or multiple r ecor dings
within a folder.
Playing connected devices like an AppleTV or DVD Player:
Use the “TV INPUT” button to toggle through the TV’s inputs.
Press the “INPUT” button and a list of your TV’s inputs
should appear on the TV. Pressing the “INPUT” button
multiple times should toggle through the inputs.
Stop pressing the “INPUT” button once the proper input is
highlighted. Your TV should change to this input is a few seconds.
Use the remote control associated with your AppleTV or DVD
Player to control it.
AppleTV Input:
DVD Input:
Turning things OFF:
Press the “TV POWER” button to turn the TV off. Leave the cable box on. An
AppleTV should automatically go into the standby mode in about an hour. For a DVD Player, press the power
button on it’s remote control.
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