A Syncro 200 SS.qxd

A Syncro 200 SS.qxd
The Power to Weld More!
Syncrowave 200
AC/DC TIG/Stick Power Source
Syncrowave Technology
The standard in TIG welding for fabrication
and hobbyist applications.
Weld a broad variety of material thicknesses with a wide amperage range.
Improve weld bead appearance with the refined control of the built-in pulser.
■ Achieve better weld results on aluminum with AC Balance Control.
■ Reduce setup time with automatically controlled variables and single-knob
■ Operate power tools and accessories with a 115V front panel receptacle.
■ Increase process capabilities with a complete accessory kit for both TIG
and Stick welding.
Superior Welding Capabilities
The amperage range of 5–200 amps provides the ability to
weld thin sheet metal and the extra amperage capacity to
weld thicker material — up to 1/4" aluminum with AC TIG.
Weld longer with the highest rated output and duty cycle
in its class!
Professional Bead Appearance and Results
The standard, built-in pulser is easy to set with single-knob
adjustment. Pulsing can decrease heat input on thin
materials for added puddle control while reducing burnthrough and the warping effects of distortion. The pulser
can also be used to coordinate filler addition to the weld —
for a more uniform bead appearance.
Better Results on Aluminum
AC Balance Control can be adjusted to improve the weld
appearance on aluminum — fine-tuning arc cleaning
action and extending tungsten electrode life.
Complete Accessory Kit Included
Worth over $300, the Syncrowave 200 comes complete
with the required accessories for TIG and Stick welding —
including the highest quality accessories in its class, like
a premium Weldcraft TIG torch and Smith Regulator/
Flowmeter (100% brass construction).
Simplified Setup and Operation
Key process variables are controlled automatically by the
power source for optimum performance in each process.
Digital parameter presets enhance repeatability and
accuracy for more consistent results.
Plug-in Power Tools and Accessories
The innovative Syncrowave 200 is the only power source in
its class to bring a new level of convenience with its 115V
front panel receptacle — which is perfect for operating
grinders, water-coolers and other power tools.
The power, features and control make the Syncrowave 200 from Miller the most capable
welder and best choice in its class. No other machine provides this level of quality and
reliability in a simple, easy-to-use package at an affordable price.
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Syncrowave 200
The Syncrowave 200 is the right choice for:
AC/DC TIG/Stick Power Source
Light Fabrication
Light manufacturing
Motorsports and
Automotive Repair
Maintenance and Repair
Is it possible to weld steel, stainless, chromoly and aluminum with one
power source and standard accessories?
Solution: Yes, it’s possible using Miller’s Syncrowave 200 package and argon
shielding gas. With an amperage range of 5 – 200 amps, it’s the only power
source in its class to offer excellent low-end arc performance combined with
the amperage capacity to weld 1/4" aluminum.
“The Syncrowave 200 has a good range
and we could go as thick as 1/4 in. on
aluminum for spoilers, or down to 30
thousandths on air cleaner boxes.”
— Dan Jones, Fabricator
Hendrick Motorsports
Can a beginner or novice TIG welder setup and operate the machine with
professional results?
Solution: Yes, the Syncrowave 200 provides single-knob control for parameter
adjustment while other key process variables are automatically tied to the
welding process and polarity for optimum performance and consistent results.
The Syncrowave 200 combines simplicity with an industrial-quality arc in a
complete package.
Will pulsed TIG welding improve weld quality or appearance?
Solution: Yes, the Syncrowave 200’s standard, built-in pulser is easy to set and
adjust for extra puddle control by reducing heat input. Minimize burn through
on thin materials, reduce distortion or coordinate filler addition to the puddle
for a more consistent weld bead.
Syncrowave® 200 Key Comparisons
Syncrowave 200
Lincoln Precision
TIG 225
Rated Output
150A/26V @ 40%
150A/26V @ 30%
Welding Range
5 – 200 Amps
5 – 230 Amps
Digital Pulse Control
Uses digital parameter presets for accurate and
repeatable adjustment.
115V Front Panel Receptacle
(Auxiliary Power)
Use the 115V receptacle (15A) to operate
grinders, coolers or other power tools.
Syncro-Start Technology
Allows the arc start to be adjusted based on
material thickness and electrode diameter.
Auto Postflow
Automatically adjusts postflow time based on
welding amperage for optimum shielding, with
no adjustment required.
Premium Accessories
for TIG and Stick
Includes a premium Weldcraft TIG Torch with
flexible braided power cable and Smith Flowmeter/
Regulator with 100% brass construction.
The Power of Blue® Payoff
Welds up to 1/4" aluminum and provides
the highest duty cycle and rated output in
its class.
For more detailed product information and package numbers, see literature #AD/4.4.
Stock No.
#907 308
#907 308-01-1
Basic Model (208 – 230V)
TIGRunner (208 – 230V)
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