Einbauanleitung iX300

Einbauanleitung iX300
Installation Manual
Hard Disk Expansion :
Data Back-up
Upload new Hard Disk Operating system
Open i40M Module
Installing the i40M Hoat Adapter board.
Installing the 140M Hard Disk
Testing and formatting the Hard Disk.
©2002 musitronics GmbH
Version 6.7.2003
The installation of this hardware for the KORG i40M Music Modul
must be referred to an authorized technical personal.
We will not be liable for any damages arising out of improper installation.
Contents of the EXK-IHD Kit:
- i40M Hard Disk host adapter board with ribbon cable.
- Hard disk with athensive tape.
- Floppy disk containing the new Hard Disk operating system of the i40M.
- Miscellaneous installation material (screws, distant holder etc.)
1. General
The room in which the components are installed must be clean and dry. Note that there are delicate
electronic components inside the i40M which could be damaged by electrostatic discharge. For this
reason you should avoid touching the components' contacts. The only tool required for installation is a
Philips screwdriver.
2. Data Back-up
Before you begin with the installation use the "SAVE ALL DATA" function of the "DISK" menu to make
a back-up copy of all the i40M data to floppy disk.
3. Upload new Hard Disk operating system
Put the iS40/iS50 HD operating system Floppy Disk into the Floppy Disk Drive. While pressing the
REC/WRITE and the EXIT/NO key switch the iS40/iS50 keyboard ON. The keyboard automatically
start to upload the new operating system. Operation will takes few minutes. When the procedure is
completed switch the keyboard OFF.
4. Opening the I40M Music Module
Switch off the instrument and disconnect all connecting cables, especially the power cord of the
keyboard. Turn the module upside down and pull out all screws market with an arrow.
Turn the module again and put the whole plastic front section with the display and knops off.
5. Installing the i40M Host Adapter Board
Mount the hard disk host adapter board on the place between the power supply and the small vocal
harmony board (KLM-987).
The big board PC-Board in the middle is the mainboard of i40M. Search the 14pin connector CN4, it
is located at the side that belongs to the floppy disk drive. Put out the 14 Pin Cable that goes to the
display and put it inside of the free 14 pin connector in the hard disk host adapter board. Insert the 14
Pin cable that is connected in the hard disk board in the 14 pin connector CN 4 of the mainbaord that
is free now.
Put out the power connector of the floppy disk drive (3 lines, black, black red) and put it into the white
4 pin connector of the hard disk board. Connect the 4 pin cable (yellow, black, black ,red), that is
solderd on the hard disk board, into the floppy power connector of the floppy drive. Attach the 44pin
flat cable of the hard drive to the host adapter board. The place of pin one is marked with a red point.
Pin one of the flat cable is also red.
6. Installing the i40M Hard Disk
Attach the 44pin flat cable of the hard drive to the host adapter board. The place of pin one is marked
with a red point. Pin one of the flat cable is also red. Mount the hard disk drive itself on the top of the
floppy disk drive with the adhensive tape.
See picture:
Reassemble the i40M Module
7. Testing and formatting the Hard Disk
If a empty display appears after switching the keyboard on, please check the 14 pin blue and the
14 pin brown cable leading to the Host Adapter Board.
If the Floppy Disk Drive does not work after installation, check the red-black-black-yellow power
cable leading from the Host Adapter Board to the Floppy Disk Drive.
If the message "HARDDISK: ERR" occours, please switch the instrument off and check the
installation. This message means that the media does not work because the operating System
has no detected the Hard Disk. Check the 40 pin ribbon cable connection of the Hard Disk.
If the partition to be formatted contains data, the message "DISK: CONTAINS XY FILES" will
appear on the display. Check the data of this hard disk partition and decide whether you want to
delete it or not.
Format operation: press the DISK key and use the CURSOR > key to select the UTILITY page,
press YES, select FORMAT option and press YES again. While pressing DISK (or Trk.Select) key
select the desired partition (C,D,E,F,G,....) using UP/DOWN (or the dial in iS40) keys, then press
the YES/ENTER to confirm format operation.
Generally All partitions are formatted when the Hard Disk Drive Kit left our company.
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