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Heating Pad Manual - Dr. Clark Research Association
Instruction Manual &
Warranty Information
WeLcoMe, pLeaSe Read fiRSt
WARNiNG: Please use with Caution, do not use over sensitive skin, open
wounds or areas of poor circulation. Not intended for use with children or
This manual is suitable for all Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad sizes
15” x 19”
3 Prong, type-B
21” x 30”
3 Prong, type-B
24” x 70”
3 Prong, type-B
Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad Manual
• Helps give temporary relief from minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness.
• Helps give temporary relief from joint pain associated with arthritis.
• Helps give temporary relief from muscle spasms.
• Helps give temporary relief from minor sprains and strains
• Helps give temporary relief from minor muscular back pain.
• Helps give temporary increase of local circulation where applied.
• Helps your muscles relax.
• Custom travel bag
• Digital controller with auto shut off
• Extra long power cord
• Premium jade stones
• The pad is flexible and can wrap around a body part
• This pad does not emit dangerous electromagnetic radiation
Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad Manual
Contents of your Package
Your Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad contains the following components:
1.The complete package is contained inside the travel bag
2.The Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad itself
3.A Digital Controller
4.A Power Converter
5.A Power Cord
Digital Controller
Power Converter
Power Cord
The Dr. Clark
Far Infrared
Heating Pad
Preparation: Please, open the bag and lay out all of the components, checking to make sure that
all of the parts are accounted for. Step 1: Please, connect the Digital Controller to the pad with the 4 pin connector (the smaller of
the two). You will need to insert and screw on finger tight.
Step 2: Please, screw the wire that comes from the pad itself into the Power Converter. The piece
is a 5 pin connector (the larger of the two) that you will need to insert and screw on finger tight.
Step 3: Please, plug in the appropriate end of the Power Cord into the Power Converter.
Step 4: You are now ready to plug the Power Cord into the wall outlet.
You have now completed the assembly for the Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad. Please refer to
the controller and usage instructions for complete details for using the pad safely and correctly.
Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad Manual
The digital controller
allows you to turn the unit
“on” or “off,” simply by
pressing the on/off button.
Once you turn on the unit it
will default to two blinking
bars. This is considered a
low temperature setting.
Heat Decrease
Heat Increase
If you do not adjust the
timer the unit will count up
8 hours and shut itself off.
Timer Decrease
Timer Increase
When you see the two
dots between the hours
and minutes blinking, that
indicates the unit is either
counting up or counting
down the time.
The digital controller allows you to adjust the heat to a temperature that you are comfortable
with. Simply press the (heat +) button to increase the temperature or press the (heat-) button
to lower the temperature.
Important Note:
These pads work a little differently than your standard coil heating pad. It will take a few
minutes for the Far Infrared energy in the stones to build up and for the pad to heat up. The
pads work through what is called conduction, meaning the stones need to be in contact with
some medium and the more pressure on them the faster and hotter they will get.
Getting the pad ready to use:
Once the pad is plugged in and turned on, increase the power to 50% then fold the pad onto
itself. Once folded, place a light object (heat tolerant) on top of the folded pad for added
pressure. Please allow 5 to 10 minutes for the Jade stones to heat up. Once you are ready to
use please adjust the temperature to your tolerance. Timer:
The digital controller allows you to set the timer automatically to shut off. By pressing the
(timer +) or (timer -) buttons you can adjust the time by 15 minute increments. The timer can
be set for as long as 8 hours at a time. Once the timer counts itself all the way down, it will
automatically shut off.
Note: Please unplug the unit from the wall or power source when not in use.
Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad Manual
Usage Instructions
• Before each use, make sure that all connections are tight and snug.
• Before each use, plug the pad into the wall outlet; the use of a surge protector is
• Before each use, make sure that all of the functions of the digital controller are working
How to prepare the Pad for use:
It is suggested that you get in a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.
It is suggested that you place a small towel (folded in half) as a protective layer between you
and the stones. There is no loss of effectiveness if the heat has to travel through the protective
layer or even through your clothing.
In other words, the stones do not need to be touching your skin to be effective. For safety
reasons, the stones should not be touching your skin.
How hot to set the Pad:
Depending on the thickness of the protective layers, you will need to adjust the temperature
to your tolerance level. The temperature should never be set hotter than you can comfortably
tolerate it. Where to place the Pad:
The pad should be positioned directly over the affected area. You may either lie on the
pad, wrap the pad around the effected body part or lay the pad on your body or body part.
Remember to use the protective layer as padding and protection for both you and the pad to
keep it clean.
Which side of the Pad should be up?:
When using this pad please have the jade stones facing your body.
How to use the Pad for your condition:
There is no specific protocol for any individual using a heating pad for a specific condition.
That said, everyone responds differently to different modalities and it is suggested that you
limit the use of the pad to 20 minutes per session of continuous use for the first several weeks
to see how you tolerate the heat.
Once you have become comfortable with the use of the pad, you can begin to use it for longer
durations of continuous use. Please note that the longer the duration, the lower the heat needs
to be. Learning to adjust the heat to your tolerance will be a key to achieving optimal results. 6
Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad Manual
Cleaning Maintenance Storage and Service
Before washing or storing your heating pad
1.Ensure power cord is disconnected from the power source.
2.Disconnect all power cords from the unit itself.
3.Follow all cleaning, care and maintenance instructions.
• Do not submerge controller, converter or pad in water.
• Do not dry clean any part of the heating pad.
• Do not use bleach or detergent as cleaning agents.
• Do not use a wringer.
• Do not put in Microwave.
• Do not put in washing machine or dryer.
• Do not Iron.
• Do not use mothballs or repellent sprays of any kind.
• Do not put any of the power cords into water.
• Do not use unless the pad is completely dry.
• Do not attempt to clean each individual jade stone
Acceptable cleaning method
• We suggest that you wipe clean the pad before initial use.
• We suggest that you wipe clean before and after each use.
• We suggest that you use gentle non abrasive soap, with a slightly moist hand towel.
• Let the heating pad dry completely before using.
Safe performance or routine maintenance
• We suggest that you routinely inspect the heating pad both before and after each use.
• You will be looking for any signs of abnormal or excess wear and tear on the power cords
or on the surface of the heating pad itself. Specifically, for the power cords, you should be
looking for cracking, blistering, fraying or exposed wires.
Safe and Proper Storage
To store your heating pad, completely clean the unit, let it completely dry and then return the
heating pad back to the supplied storage bag in which it came. Store the heating pad in a cool
and dry place away from any risk of damage while the pad is not in use.
Only transport the heating pad inside of the storage bag provided. Do not let the pad get wet
or exposed to any moisture.
• Do not hang the heating pad by any of the power cords.
• Do not bend or put any additional weight on the heating pad.
• Do not allow any power cords to be pinched.
Do not attempt to service the heating pad yourself. If any service is need, please contact Dr.
Clark Research Association.
Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad Manual
Wa rn i n g
FDA Statement
This is a Class II medical device according to the US FDA guidelines. Please read the manual
carefully before use and observe the safety precautions to reduce the risk of injury.
Risk of electrical shock do not open
This is a general warning sign that indicates that the user
of the heating pad should carefully read the manual to
know of any potential dangers involved.
For indoor use only
Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad Manual
Wa rn i n g
• Do not use while sleeping or unconscious.
• Do not use on an infant.
• DO NOT USE if you are Pregnant or think you may be Pregnant.
• DO NOT USE OVER any Malignancy.
• Anyone with diabetes, poor blood circulation or with disabilities should consult their physician before use. Please see FAQ (When should the Heating Pad NOT be used?)
• Place pad directly where heat is desired. Note that burns can occur
regardless of control setting. Check skin under pad frequently to avoid burning and blistering.
• Do not use in any oxygen enriched environment or near equipment which stores or emits oxygen.
• Do not fold pad and apply weight (do not fold sharply).
• Do not use pins, nails, screws, or any other metallic means to fasten this pad in place.
• Never pull the pad by the power supply cord or use the cord as a handle.
• Carefully examine inner cover before each use. Discard the pad if inner covering shows any signs of deterioration such as blistering or cracking.
• Use this pad only on a 110-120 volt ac circuit. Unplug when not in use.
• North America: use 110-v plug outlet. For car use, use a universal car adapter.
• Europe and other countries: use 110/220-v plug outlet. For car use, use a universal car adapter.
• Do not use this pad with liniments, salves or ointments that contain heatproducing ingredients. Skin burns could result.
• Use wherever hot applications are desirable for personal comfort, and whenever recommended by your physician for the relief of pain.
• Keep your pad in its carrying case or in a dry, cool place. Do not hang pad by the power cord.
• Do not use this pad in the presence of flammable mixtures
• If you have any health concerns do not hesitate to consult your doctor before using this
• All servicing of this heating pad must be performed by authorized Dr. Clark personnel only.
• Never leave the appliance unattended under any circumstance.
• Never use this product directly on swollen or inflamed areas of skin.
• Do not use this product if you suffer from a physical ailment that would limit or impair your
ability to operate the controls.
• This unit should not be used by children without adult supervision.
Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad Manual
QUESTION: When should the Heating Pad NOT be used?
The list below contains known conditions when the heating pad should not be used or only
be used under the supervision of a physician. This list is not exhaustive. If you suffer from any
serious condition that might be affected by the use of the product, please consult with your
physician before using the heating pad.
• Do not use directly over open wounds.
• Do not use directly over acute injuries.
• Do not use directly over face or genitals.
• Do not use if you are insensitive to heat, including paraplegic and quadriplegic or have
poor blood circulation that affects your ability to feel heat or cold sensations.
• Do not use if you are immobile or incapacitated or not able to remove the heating pad
from your body.
• Do not use this product with infants or children under the age of 6. Children under the
age of 14 should always use the pad under adult supervision.
• In the case of pregnancy, diabetes, hemophilia, malignancy or other serious conditions,
consult with your physician before applying the heating pad.
• If you carry implants, see the advice below.
Question: Can the Heating Pad be used if you are a carrier of implants?
Implants may absorb infrared energy at different rates than the various bodily tissues, and
there is a chance that metal implants can absorb far more heat than the surrounding tissues
and cause burns; or the heat energy might be able to weaken, warp, distort, affect, damage
and even destroy the implant. Since this has not been studied for the many different materials
that are used for implants, we advise against using the heating pad unless approved and
supervised by a competent physician.
Warning: even if you do get medical clearance from your physician to use the heating pad,
these two guidelines must always be followed.
• Do not use directly over medical implants or metal implants;
• Do not use directly over implanted silicon or silicon prostheses.
Questions: Can the Dr. Clark Far Infrared heating Pad treat medical conditions?
The Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad is an FDA class II medical device. It is indicated for the
temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain
associated with arthritis; the temporary relief of muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains,
and minor muscular back pain; the relaxation of muscles; and the temporary increase of local
circulation where applied.
If you have a medical condition of any kind and you think you can benefit from the Dr.
Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad, please consult with your physician. If you are given medical
clearance to use the Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad, you will be doing so under your
physicians suggestion and supervision.
Question: When should I feel results?
Many people experience immediate relief from tension and remedial pain, while others require
several days of regular use to begin to feel the benefits. The results vary and will depend upon
Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad Manual
your underlying conditions and how often you use your Heating Pad. To get the quickest results
and greatest benefits, only use your Heating Pad according to the directions and use it as often
as possible.
Question: Is the Heating Pad flexible? Can it be wrapped around a body part?
Yes. The format of the pad is totally flexible and made to mold to an area of discomfort for
ultimate heating benefit and pain relief.
Question: How long does the relief last?
Everyone responds differently. In general, for each hour of use the effective therapy should last
up to an additional hour.
Question: Which side of the pad goes toward the skin?
The Jade stones go toward the body.
Question: Can I use it through my clothes or a layer of padding?
Yes, in fact it is advised that you use a protective layer between you and the pad. There is no
decrease in effectiveness with the use of a protective layer.
Question: How long can I use the pad?
You can use the pad as often and for as long as you like. Many customers like to use it to help
them relax and sooth aches and pains throughout their day, while others like to use the pad
to help expedite the healing process of an injury. The more you use it the more relaxed and
revitalized you will feel. Please follow the usage instructions for the first several weeks of use.
Question: Is there a specific place or way to use the Heating Pad?
Not really, but it is suggested that you set the pad up in a comfortable place (like your couch or
bed) where you can relax and benefit the most from using the product. The pad can be applied
to any area of the body, the closer to the affected area the better.
Question: What is the best temperature for me and my condition?
Everybody is different and responds differently to heat therapy. Use common sense while in
the first few weeks of use with this product. Start slow in terms of temperature and time
of use.
A suggestion would be to start with one third of the available heat range for 20 minutes and
observe the way your body responds to the therapy, and then adjust accordingly. Remember
this form of therapy causes your body to detoxify, meaning that depending on the level of
toxicity you might feel dizzy or nauseous. A remedy for this feeling is to drink water to help
expel the toxins.
Question: What is EMF?
EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. It is an energy field that is emitted from any wire that
has current running through it. While this heating pad, when in operation, has current running
through its wires, every effort has been made in the design, development and construction to
reduce and minimize any EMF exposure.
Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad Manual
(Valid in USA Only)
Dr. Clark Research Association guarantees the quality of this product (material and workmanship)
for a period of two years from purchase with the exceptions listed below.
If you believe your device is defective, please contact customer service of the company you
purchased the device from. Customer service can help you determine whether the unit is
defective, and whether it needs to be repaired or replaced or whether a part can be exchanged.
Under warranty, a device will usually be replaced or repaired, or a defective part will be replaced.
In exceptional cases the manufacturer or retailer may suggest a refund, in which case the
warranty is also considered fulfilled.
The warranty does NOT cover any damage from inappropriate use – such as exposure to
water, strong magnetic or electric fields, or mechanical stress which goes beyond what can be
considered normal for the intended use. Warranty is also ruled out if the unit is connected to any
other parts not recommended by the manufacturer, or if the unit has been opened or changes
made to it or any of its parts. If you experience any problems with your unit, please do NOT try
and repair it yourself. Call customer service.
The warranty SPECIFICALLY DOES NOT COVER damage from attaching it to higher voltage than
the US grid voltage of 110-120V. If you operate this unit in an area with 230V grid voltage or any
voltage deviating from the US grid voltage, you must use an appropriate transformer.
The warranty covers the unit itself and does not cover any consequential damage.
If the unit needs to be repaired or replaced, you will be advised of the address to ship the unit
to. The unit will be sent back to you free of charge, but the warranty does not cover your postal
costs to send the unit back.
Dr. Clark Research Association’s 30 Day
Dear Customer,
We invite you to take a full 30 days to try out this product. Rest assured that if you
do not get the relief from your pain that you desire by using your pad for only a
few minutes a day, then you can take advantage of our completely unconditional
30 day guarantee.
If, for any reason, you believe that expensive, painful and dangerous surgeries and
chiropractic machines are better than your new heating pad, simply send it back
for a refund of the purchase price.
Thank you for trying the Dr. Clark Far Infrared Heating Pad!
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