Samsung SGH-D730 E530 E560 E880 service

Samsung SGH-D730 E530 E560 E880 service
GSM-Support ul. Bitschana 2/38, 31-420 Kraków, Poland
mobile +48 608107455, NIP PL9451852164 REGON: 120203925
Samsung SGH-D730 E530 E560 E880 service unlocking cable
This cable can be used to service your mobile phone - remove simlock, phone code, upload firmware and perform all other
service steps.
Supported phone models:
Samsung SGH-A501, D730, E530, E560, E880, I320, X810, Z310, Z320, ZV50, ZX10, ZX20
Technical parameters:
- Connected to RS-232 (COM port)
- Plug DB9 ("small" COM - 9pin)
- Wire lenght: 1.2 m
- Professional high quality connectors
- Remove SIMLOCK
- FLASH phone (change firmware)
- Read user, security code
(software needed)
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