User`s Product Manual

User`s Product Manual
User’s Product Manual
LifeCore LC-R99 Rower
Congratulations on your purchase of the R99 Rower. This product has been designed and
manufactured to meet the needs and requirements of domestic and light commercial use.
By Choosing your R99 Rower, you have made a wise decision that will improve the health of you
and your family. Being fit and healthy will improve your energy level and your quality of life.
Cardiovascular training is vital for all ages and the R99 provides a more effective workout, producing
better results, and will encourage you to reach your fitness goals and maintain the body you have
always wanted.
In order to make your experience with LifeCore the best it can be, please review the enclosed user’s
manual prior to assembly and first use. Be sure to keep the instructions for reference and/or
We also offer a complete line of fitness equipment; please take a moment to review our other
excellent products at Should you have any questions, please contact us.
Your feedback and ideas about your experience with LifeCore are also very important to us. Write to
us at:
LifeCore Fitness Inc.
2575 Pioneer Ave. Suite 101
Vista, CA 92081
We wish you lots of success and fun while training!
Purchaser’s Reference Information
Serial Number is located on the frame
Please send in the attached warranty card and a copy of the original receipt or register online
at within (10) days of purchase to register your product with
LifeCore Fitness.
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Table of Contents
Purchaser’s Reference Information ………………………………………………………………….
Table of Contents………………………………………………………………………………………
Safety instructions and Warnings…………………………………………………………………….
Assembly Instructions.…………………………………………………………………………………
Getting Started …………………………………………………………………………………………
Setting Up Your Rower ……………………………………………………………………………….
Correct Rowing Guide ………………………………………………………………………………...
Console Operation Instructions ………………………………………………………………………
Calculating Target Heart Rate ……………………………………………………………………….
Care and Maintenance ……………………………………………………………………………….
Warranty Card………………………………………………………………………………………….
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Safety Instructions & Warnings
The R99 Rower is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all domestic and international
safety standards. However, certain precautions need to be followed when operating any exercise
General safety instructions:
1. It is important to consult your physician before any exercise program.
2. Pregnant women should consult with their physician before beginning any exercise program.
He/she can help determine the exercise program that is the most appropriate for your age and
physical condition.
3. If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pains or other abnormal symptoms during exercise,
stop the exercise session immediately. Consult your physician before continuing your exercise.
4. Keep your hands and feet away from all moving parts.
5. Keep children away from the equipment. Hands and feet may get caught in the pedals or other
moving parts, which could result in serious injury.
6. Always wear proper clothing and shoes when exercising. Drink plenty of fluids when exercising.
7. Always stretch and warm up before starting any exercise program.
8. Never operate this unit if it is damaged or broken. Contact your authorized dealer for service.
9. Place your equipment on a solid, level surface when in use.
10. Place your unit in an area with enough clearance to operate the equipment.
11. Make sure all components are fastened securely at all times.
Product safety instructions:
1. Start your exercise program gradually. Row only for a few minutes the first day to let your body
adjust to the new exercise.
2. Slowly increase your exercise time and intensity over the first two weeks. Do not row at full
power until you are comfortable with the technique. If you increase your intensity too rapidly, or
fail to warm up properly or use poor technique, you can increase the risk of injury.
3. Use of this machine with worn or weakened parts, may result in injury to the user. We strongly
suggest replacing it immediately. Use only the accessory attachments recommended by the
4. Do not let handle fly into plastic cover. Place handle in its holder before letting go. Pull straight
back with both hands. Never twist strap or pull from side to side. Do not row with one hand only.
Abuse of the strap can result in injury.
5. Keep clothing free of seat rollers. Keep children and fingers away from seat rollers.
6. Place your feet on the footpads properly before rowing.
7. Perform proper maintenance as recommended in this manual.
8. Save this manual for future reference.
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Assembly Instruction
Step 1:
Clear a big enough working space before
unpacking your R99 Rower.
Step 4:
Extract the Rear Bracket (009)
Step 2:
Open the carton as shown in the diagram
Note: To protect the Rower while assembling,
we suggest keeping the protective packing
material until it is assembled completely.
Step 5:
a) Reverse the Aluminum Beam Extrusion
(001) back to the front.
b) Slide the Seat (119) as shown in the
Step 3:
b) Reverse the Aluminum Beam Extrusion
(001) and place in the carton lid as shown in
the diagram below.
c) Remove 4 bolts (300) and 4 washers (401)
and 2 bolts (302) with the Tool provided.
Step 6:
a) Slide in the Rear Bracket (009)
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Step 7:
a) Reverse the Aluminum Beam Extrusion
(001) to the rear.
b) Assemble the Leg and Stabilizer (007) and
the Aluminum Beam Extrusion (001) with 4
bolts (300) and 4 washers (401).
c) Secure the Rear Bracket (009) with 2 bolts
Step 8:
a) Remove the Safety Strap Holder and
b) Tilt forward the Main Frame (002) as shown
in the diagram below.
c) Assemble the Stabilizer Tube-Front (005)
with 2 bolts (305) and 2 washers (405).
Step 9:
Assemble the Stabilizer Tube-Middle (006) and
Main Frame (002) with 2 bolts (304) and 4
washers (405), 2 nuts (205).
Step 10:
a) Slide the Foot Pedal Bar (012) through Main
Frame (002) as shown in the diagram below.
b) Assemble the Left and Right Foot Pedal
(108) and Foot Pedal Bar (012) with 2 nuts
(202) and 2 washers (401).
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Step 11:
a) Remove 6 bolts (300) and 6 washers (401).
b) Assemble the Aluminum Beam Extrusion
(001) with the same 6 bolts and washers,
then tighten firmly.
c) Press the pop pins on the sides to connect
the computer arm cables to the computer.
Step 12:
Connect the AC adapter (715) into the main
power socket.
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Getting Started
Folding and Unfolding the Rower
Your Rower can be folded and unfolded in a matter of seconds. It is very important you understand
the operation of the Clamp Knob – Lock Pin for folding and unfolding your Rower.
Clamp Knob – Lock Pin
The Clamp Knob-Lock Pin is located under the monorail at the front of the Rower.
Rotate the knob until it is free enough to pull down to release the monorail. The lock pin will
automatically engage when the monorail is in the horizontal (ready to use) or folded position. You
will hear a “click” when the lock pin engages. Always tighten the clamp knob firmly before use, when
folded or before transportation.
Unfolding for Use
If the Clamp Knob is not tight when you start to use your Rower, the front of the Rower will lift a little.
The lock pin will also prevent the Rower from accidently folding. When the clamp knob has been
firmly tightened, you can start your workout.
Folding the Rower
Important Note: Before starting the folding procedure, roll the seat forward to the Front Seat Stop.
Loosen the clamp knob and pull the knob down to release the lock pin. Slowly lift the monorail to the
fully folded position. You will hear the lock pin engage. For safety reasons, remember to tighten the
clamp knob. You should also fold the monitor down to avoid the chance of damage.
1) With the Rower in the flat position, rotate the Clamp Knob counter-clockwise five to seven turns.
2) While hold the Aluminum Beam, pull the Clamp Knob down releasing the safety lock and
allowing the Aluminum Beam to be rotated up.
3) With the Rower in the folded position, rotate the Clamp Knob clockwise and tighten firmly.
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Transportation and Storage
Your Rower has transportation wheels located at the front. This enables you to easily move the
Rower from room to room.
Dot not attempt to transport the Rower without the Clamp Knob firmly tightened.
From the folded position, grasp the Rear Leg of the Rower and tilt the machine until the wheels are
engaged with the floor. The correct angle for transportation is 45°.
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Setting Up Your Rower
Getting on Safely
1) Straddle the Aluminum Beam.
2) Correctly position the Seat beneath you.
3) Sit down taking care that the Seat has not moved.
Computer Angle Adjustment
The Computer and Computer Arm are designed to rotate and pivot giving you full adjustment to
almost any height and angle.
1) Hold the Computer with both hands as shown in below diagram. Rotate and pivot the Computer
to the desired height and angle.
Note: For safety reasons, while exercising avoid the Drive Strap from touching the Computer.
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Air Vent Adjustment
The Rower flywheel fan generates an air flow that can be directed with the adjustable air vent.
1) Rotate The Air Vent Control Knob to adjust the air flow direction.
2) To stop all air flow, rotate the Air Vent Control Knob fully down.
Handle Bar Holder
When you have finished your workout remember to store the Handle Bar into the Handle Bar Holder
as shown in the diagrams below.
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Foot Strap Release
Releasing the Foot Strap is made easy with the quick release tab.
1) Lift the Foot Strap Buckle Release Tab with your thumb as shown in the diagram below.
Correct Rowing Guide
Pulling the Body to the Handle
At the finish, the user, instead of pulling the handle to the body; pulls themselves forward to the
At the finish the user leans back slightly, holds the legs down and draws the handle to the body
using the upper body as a firm platform.
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Flying Elbows
The user’s elbows are sticking out from the body at the finish and the handle is at chest level.
Draw the handle to the body. The wrists are flat and the elbows pass close to the body. Elbows
extend behind the body as the handle is drawn to the waist.
Locking the Knees
At the end of the stroke, the user locks the knees making the legs straight.
Always keep the legs slightly bend in the fully extended position. Do not lock the knees.
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Console Operation Instructions
Please read the console operation instruction thoroughly and get familiar with the console layout.
Practice using this console before you start in order to get a better understanding of the functions.
Below is the console layout and detailed operation instructions.
This product is powered by (4) “C” batteries or an AC adapter (included); make sure it is properly
plugged-in and console is powered-up. The dot matrix profile display will show: ML; that means it is
in English (vs. Metric) setting.
Program category
selecting window
Dot matrix
profile window
Data display
Data display
Big data
Function keys
Dot matrix profile window: Displays program profile during program setting and executing.
The program profile will change according to which program is selected. It will switch to display your
pace vs. PC Boat’s during race program.
For resistance profile display: There are 16 columns of LCD representing 16 segments of time; each
segment time = total program time divided by 16 columns. During exercising, a column of LCD will
blink to indicate the time segment you are currently in and show your workout progress.
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There are also 8 rows of LCD representing 16 levels of resistance. Each row represents 2 levels of
resistance. There is also level display on the left & right sides of dot matrix profile window to display
the resistance level. The appropriated row of LCD will light up when you adjust the resistance level.
Data display windows: There are 6 data display windows displaying Time & Time/500M,
Distance, SPM, Strokes/Total Strokes, Watt/Calories and Heart Rate. During program setting, the
appropriated data window will blink to indicate which data you are setting currently. Rotate the
SELECT Dial to adjust the value and ENTER key to confirm the value.
Time display: It represents the remaining program time.
Time/500M display: It represents the total time to row 500M distance with your speed.
SPM display: It represents strokes per minute.
Distance display: It represents the total distance.
Strokes display: It represents your total rowing strokes at current program.
Total strokes: It represents your total rowing strokes since the beginning. It accumulates
continuously throughout the battery life even if you reset the console. It will only reset to 0, after you
change the battery.
Watt display: It represents your workout effort in figures.
Calories display: It represents the calorie count during your workout.
Heart Rate display: It represents your current heart rate. It can preset during program setup as a
target goal. The heart rate monitor will only work with wireless transmission system.
1) During data displaying, time window will display Time & Time/500M each for few seconds;
switch back & forth. Same as Strokes/Total Strokes and Watt/Calories display.
2) Time, distance, strokes and calories can also be set as goal during program. Setting a
number besides 0 in those slots will count the number down. If it’s set at 0, it will count up.
3) A+ represents the average value when it shows in the dot matrix profile window. If the
program is paused or ended, each data display will display the current value or its average
Big data window: All of above data will be displayed in this window also in a bigger format.
It displays one at a time for few seconds before switch to the next one.
Program category selecting window: During program category selection, all program
categories will light up and flash. Rotate the SELECT Dial to change the selection and ENTER key
to confirm the category selection. There are 6 program categories: Manual, Programs, Watts, My
Program, H.R.C and Race.
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Note: Display sleep mode: If no key is pressed, no RPM or pulse is detected for 4 minutes while
power is ON, the console will shut down and enter “power save mode” to save power. To resume,
simply press a key or pedal again.
KEYS: There are 5 function keys for program operation.
START/STOP key: Pressing the START/STOP key once will execute the programs and all
data will start counting. Pressing the START/STOP key one more time will enter program pause
mode and all data will stop counting. To exit pause mode, simply press START/STOP one more time
to resume program.
RESET key: If you are in the middle of a program, you will have to pause the program first
before you can reset the console. Pressing the RESET key once will reset the program back to
program setup function. You can change the program setting and start the same program again.
Pressing the RESET key again in the program setting mode, it will reset console back to program
selecting mode.
Pressing and holding the RESET key for a couple of seconds will reset the console back to the
beginning of the setting sequence: user profile selecting.
ENTER key: Press ENTER key to confirm the program setting, selection or data entry.
SELECT dial: Rotate the SELECT Dial to go to the next user profile setting; next program
selection; adjusting data entry during program setting or level adjusting during program execution.
RECOVERY key: This is a function designed to see how much time it takes for the heart to
recover after a workout and therefore recommends a fitness level. The program will take 60 seconds
to figure out your fitness level and present a fitness score.
Press RECOVERY key after a workout, the time display will start counting down from 60 seconds
and pulse display will display your current heart rate. Do not press any key or row during the 60
second period. After 60 seconds, the dot matrix display will show your fitness score. Below is a chart
for the fitness level vs. score.
Fitness Level
Below average
Note: In order for this function to work, the pulse reading has to be active thru out the testing period.
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User profile: Before picking a program to start; it’s recommended to set up your user profile
first. It will ensure workout data calculation is more accurate and future workouts are more
convenient. There are 4 user spaces for saving user profiles: U1 – U4; user information will be
saved permanently unless user changes it. U0 is for a guest user which means no user profile will be
saved into U0; it will return to default value after reset.
During user profile setting, each indicator graphic will light up to show which setting is selected and
dot matrix window will display its value. Press ENTER key to confirm selection/value or rotate the
SELECT Dial to change the selection/value. for gender selection; AGE for age entry; H.t for
height entry and W.t for weight entry
Below are the step by step instructions for setting up the user profile:
Step 1: Select User Number: Power up the console or press & hold RESET key for a couple of
seconds, the console will enter user profile selection mode. In user profile selection mode (dot matrix
window shows U1, etc.), rotate the SELECT Dial to pick a desired user number (U1-U4) and press
ENTER to confirm.
Step 2: Select User Gender: Male or female symbol will light up for selection.
Step 3: Set up User Age: Default 25 years old or last entered age will appear on the dot matrix
window. The range of age is 10 – 99 years.
Step 4: Set up User Height (H.t): Default 60 inches or last entered height will appear on the dot
matrix window. The range of height is 40 – 80 inches.
Step 5: Set up User Weight (W.t): Default 100 lbs or last entered weight will appear on the dot matrix
window. The range of weight is 40 – 350 lbs.
After weight is set up, the user profile set up is now completed and user information will be saved
into selected user number permanently. To change the user information, simply go through the set
up process and enter a different number.
Note: If you enter a program under User profile 1-4; the previous program setup will be remembered
and recalled for your convenience. You can simply accept the same program setup by pressing
ENTER or change it with SELECT Dial.
Program category select: After user profile is set up, it’s time to pick a program category that you
would like to workout on. There are 6 categories of programs: Manual, Programs, Watts, My
Program, H.R.C & Race.
After user profile is set up, the program category names will all light up and flash at the same time.
Rotate the SELECT Dial to select a desired program category and ENTER to confirm. To go back to
the program category selection mode, simply press RESET key once; the console will reset back to
selection mode.
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Note: After program is selected, you can press START/STOP anytime to jump start the program with
preset value. The console will use default values or previous entered value to start the program.
Manual program: When the SELECT Dial is rotated during category selection mode and
Manual indicator is lit & flashing; press the ENTER key to enter Manual program.
After you enter Manual program, the next step is setting up resistance level. Dot matrix profile will
light up the 1st row and Level display will flash with L1; rotate the SELECT Dial to adjust the level
from 1 to 16 and ENTER to confirm. You can also adjust the resistance anytime during program
After level entry, time window will flash with 00:00 or last entered time for adjustment. After time
entry, the Manual program set up is now completed; press START/STOP to begin this program.
Note: Manual program can also work as a goal training program for Distance; Strokes; Calories &
Pulse. (Pulse goal will work just like Target HR program). For the goal program set up; please make
sure you only enter the value for the desired goal and enter 0 for other values. For example, enter
2.0 miles for Distance value and 0 for others; this will start the program as Distance goal program.
The time will start counting up and the timer will stop when you reach the 2.0 mile goal.
Please keep in mind, if you enter multiple values during set up, it will work as a multiple goals
program and whenever a goal is reached, the timer will stop.
Programs (Preset profile programs): When the SELECT Dial is rotated during category
selection mode and Programs category name is lit & flashing; press the ENTER key to enter preset
profile program selection. Rotate the SELECT dial to scroll through 12 preset programs; big data
window will display program number P1-P12 and dot matrix profile display will display its preset
profile. Press ENTER to confirm the profile.
Below is the program profile detail:
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After you selected a desired profile; the next step is selecting a profile difficulty level. The dot matrix
profile window will display the profile and big data window will light up appropriated level; rotate the
SELECT Dial to adjust the level and ENTER to confirm.
After level entry, time window will flash with 0:00 or last entered time for adjustment. After time entry,
the program set up is now completed; press START/STOP to begin this program.
WATTS program (constant power program): Watt (power) is determined by speed &
resistance. This program is designed to let you set up your watt goal. The console will automatically
adjust the resistance level according to your speed to maintain your watt goal.
When the SELECT Dial is rotated during category selection mode, WATTS program name will light
up & flash. Pressing the ENTER key will let you enter WATT program.
If you press the ENTER key to select the WATTS program; the next step will be to set up your watt
goal. The Watt/Calories window will flash 100 or last entered value; rotate the SELECT Dial to adjust
Page | 18
the value and ENTER to confirm. The range of watt is 10 – 350 and can only be adjusted in decimals
of 5.
After watt entry, time window will flash with 0:00 or last entered time for adjustment. After time entry,
the program set up is now completed; press START/STOP to begin this program.
My Program: This program is designed for users to build the program profile segment by
segment before exercising.
When the SELECT Dial is rotated during category selection mode and My Program name is lit &
flashing; pressing the ENTER key will let you enter the User setting program.
Pressing ENTER key to select My Program; the next step will allow you to set up the program profile.
The 1st segment LCD on the dot matrix window will start blinking and waiting for an entry. Rotate the
SELECT Dial to adjust the level. Press the ENTER key to confirm and go to next segment and so on.
Press the START/STOP key at anytime to start the program. The remaining segments will start with
resistance level 1.
H.R.C. program: H.R.C. programs are based off of user profile information. Heart rate
control programs are designed to keep you training at your chosen heart rate level. Console will
adjust the resistance level automatically to ensure the target heart rate is achieved and maintained
during the entire program.
Note: A heart rate monitoring device must be used for the program to work. It is also important to
consult your physician before performing any Heart Rate based training program.
H.R.C. program window: During H.R.C. program selection, each indicator graphic will light up to
show which H.R.C. program is selected. Press ENTER key to confirm the program selection or
rotate the SELECT Dial to change the selection. There are 4 H.R.C. programs: T.H.R, 90%, 75% &
There is also a heart symbol () inside this window which blinks every time it picks up a heart rate
signal from the heart rate device.
When the SELECT Dial is rotated during category selection mode and H.R.C. program category
name is lit & flashing; press the ENTER key to enter H.R.C. programs. Rotate the SELECT Dial to
scroll through 4 H.R.C. programs. An associated program indicator graphic will light up to show the
selected heart rate program. Press ENTER to confirm the program.
T.H.R: Target heart rate program:
Press the ENTER key to select T.H.R program, then set up your heart rate goal. The Pulse window
will blink with the pulse value; rotate the SELECT Dial to adjust the value and ENTER to confirm.
The range of pulse is 30 – 240.
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After pulse entry, time window will flash with 0:00 or last entered time for adjustment. After time entry,
the program set up is now completed. Press START/STOP to begin this program.
90%; 75% & 55% max heart rate program:
These programs will calculate your target heart rate with your entered age & the percentage
automatically based on user profile; refer to Calculating Target Heart Rate for details. When the
program indicator is lit; its calculated heart rate will be displayed on the Pulse window.
If you press the ENTER key to select one of these 3 programs; the next step is setting up program
time. After time entry, the program set up is now completed. Press START/STOP to begin this
Note: During program execution, if your actual heart rate exceeds target heart rate for awhile; for
safety reasons, the console will beep and stop the timer.
Race program: When the SELECT Dial is rotated during program category selection and
Race indicator is lit & flashing; press the ENTER key to enter Race program.
Once you enter Race program, you will be asked to select the PC Boat speed first. The default
setting is 5 SPM; rotate the SELECT Dial to change the setting and ENTER to accept the setting.
PC Boat Speed List
After selecting the PC Boat speed, you then are asked to pick a distance for the race from 0.1mile –
99.9mile. After distance entry, the Race program set up is now completed; press START/STOP to
begin this program.
Dot matrix display during program: The user and PC Boat progress will be displayed on this window.
The program will stop when one of you has reached the target distance; PC WIN or USER WIN will
be displayed.
Please note: you can adjust the resistance level by rotating the SELECT Dial anytime of this
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Calculating Target Heart Rate
Your target heart rate, the intensity needed to improve cardiovascular fitness, depends primarily on
your age and not your state of fitness. It is calculated as a percentage of your maximum heart rate,
estimated as 220 minus your age. It is most effective to train at your target heart rate between 60%
and 85% of your maximum heart rate; referred to as “Training Zone”. In order to get the most
accurate reading, it is recommended to enter your age before your workout.
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Care and Maintenance
Your Rower is made of the highest quality materials. It is important that you take care of your Rower
on a regular basis.
1. Your Rower is for indoor use only and should not be used or stored in damp areas. Wipe all
perspiration from your Rower after each use.
2. The Rower should be dusted and cleaned on a regular basis to stop the build-up of dust. Use an
alcohol-based cleaner on a clean cloth on a regular basis. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, as
this will damage the surface.
3. To ensure that the seat runs smoothly; the roller track of the monorail and the rollers need
special cleaning with oil based furniture polish.
4. Regularly check tightness of nuts, bolts and pin, etc.
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Warranty Card
LC-R99 Rower
This Limited Warranty applies in the United States to products manufactured or distributed by
LifeCore Fitness, Inc. under the LifeCore brand name. The warranty period for the original purchaser
is (lifetime) on the frame against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and
conditions (excluding expendable parts such as paint & finish). Home 2 years parts, 90-days labor
warranty against manufacturer defects. This warranty does not cover wear and tear items such as,
but not limited to, transportation wheels, foot pedals, rubber grips, plastic end caps, scratched parts,
broken covers, and cosmetic damage. Wear items pertain to components that might need to be
replaced due to normal wear and tear as a result of normal usage. Labor warranty does not cover
improper installation, alterations and/or modifications, misuse, abuse, accident, improper
maintenance, noises such as: squeaks, clunks, thumps from a result of poor or lack thereof
preventive maintenance. LifeCore warrants that the product you have purchased for personal, family
household use from LifeCore, or from an authorized LifeCore reseller, is free from defects in
materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. In order to validate the
warranty this product must have been registered through LifeCore Fitness Inc., and/or a copy of the
proof of purchase, and serial number must be presented at time of service. If these items are not
presented at the time of requesting parts or service LifeCore Fitness Inc. will not cover any warranty
set forth. During the warranty period LifeCore will at no additional charge, repair or replace (at
LifeCore option) the part or product if it becomes defective, malfunctions, or otherwise fails to
conform with this Limited Warranty under normal personal use as determined by a LifeCore
technician. Any labor cost above the amount allocated by LifeCore is the responsibility of the original
purchaser. If a product is shipped, delivered or transported to an area that is not a LifeCore Fitness
Inc’s distribution area or is out of a serviceable area, it is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to find
service and pay for any fees associated with servicing of a product out of LifeCore Fitness
distribution or serviceable area. To obtain warranty service, you must contact the original place of
purchase. In repairing the product, LifeCore may replace defective parts, or at the option of
LifeCore, serviceable used parts that are equivalent to the new parts in performance. All exchanged
parts and products replaced under this warranty will become the property of LifeCore. LifeCore
reserves the right to change manufacturers of any parts to cover any existing warranty. Any parts
determined to be defective must be returned to LifeCore to obtain warranty service. You must
prepay any shipping charges, export taxes, custom duties and taxes, or any other charges
associated with transportation of the parts or product. In addition, you are responsible for insuring
any parts or product shipped or returned. You assume the risk of loss during shipment. Any
evidence of alteration, erasing or forgery of proof-of-purchase documents will be cause to void this
Limited Warranty. This warranty does not extend to any product not purchased from LifeCore or from
an authorized LifeCore reseller. This Limited Warranty does not extend to any product that has been
damaged or rendered defective; (a) as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse; (b) by the use of parts
not manufactured or sold by LifeCore; (c) by modification of the Product or normal wear and tear; (d)
operation on incorrect power supplies; or (e) as a result of service by anyone other than LifeCore, or
an authorized LifeCore service provider. Product on which the serial number has been defaced or
removed is not eligible for warranty service. Should any Product be submitted for warranty service
be found ineligible, an estimate of repair cost will be furnished and the repair will be made if
requested by you upon receipt of payment or acceptable arrangements for payment.
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WARRANTY CARD TO: LIFECORE FITNESS, INC, 2575 Pioneer Ave. Suite 101. Vista, CA 92081.
Phone (760)599-4555, Fax (760) 946-7602 or register online at, Customer
Service: 888-815-5559
LC-R99 Rower
Please Attach a Copy of the Original Receipt
Full Name:
City: ______________________State: ________ Zip Code: ________________________
Daytime Phone No.:_______________ Cell Phone No.:___________________________
Dealer Purchased from: ____________________________________________________
Model: LC-R99 Rower
Date Of Purchase: _________________________________
Serial No._____________________________________
Environment Placed:
Light Commercial
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Customer Service
Toll Free (888) 815-5559
Mon-Friday 7:30 - 5:30 PT
[email protected]
Lifecore Fitness Inc.
2575 Pioneer Ave. Suite 101
Vista, CA 92081
Visit our website for assembly videos:
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