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While a card is in Shadows
Cards that are in Shadows are not considered to be “in play,” nor
are they considered to be “in hand.” They are considered to be “in
Cards remain facedown while they are in Shadows. A player can look at
any card he or she controls, at any time, while it is in Shadows. Players
cannot look at an opponent’s cards that are in Shadows.
Bringing a card out of Shadows
“Shadows” is a new feature that has been added to the A Game of
Thrones Living Card Game with the King’s Landing Chapter Pack series.
This explains how the Shadows mechanic functions, and should be
treated as an addition to the rulebook in the A Game of Thrones Core Set.
Shadows Cards
At the beginning of the any phase, a card that is in Shadows can come
out of Shadows and into play at the discretion of the player controlling
the card. Each player has the option of bringing one card out of his or
her Shadows area each phase. When a card is brought out of Shadows
in this manner, the non-Shadows portion of its gold cost (the number
printed after the “s” in the card’s cost), as well as any applicable gold
penalties, is paid, or the card cannot come out of Shadows.
When more than one player want to bring a card out of Shadows at the
beginning of a phase, the players do so one at a time, starting with the
first player and proceeding clockwise. This happens before any other
“beginning of the phase” effects occur. Each player has one chance to
bring a card out of Shadows each phase. If this opportunity is passed,
it is lost until the beginning of the next phase. Each card that comes out
of Shadows is treated as a separate action, and must be fully resolved
(including all responses) before the next card is brought out of Shadows.
Character, location, and attachment cards that come out of Shadows
come out standing. Attachment cards attach to another card when they
come out of Shadows – if there are no eligible cards to attach to, the
attachment card is discarded.
There are two distinguishing characteristics on a card that can be
played in Shadows.
• Any card that can be played in Shadows has a Shadows Crest (|).
In game terms, Shadows cards are referred to as “cards with the |
• The gold cost of any card that can be played in Shadows is preceded
with the letter “s.” This shows there is a cost to play the card into
Shadows, and a second cost to bring the card out of Shadows.
The Shadows mechanic can be found on characters, locations, attachments, and events.
Playing a card into Shadows
Any player can play | cards into Shadows by paying two gold during
his or her marshalling phase. This is considered a player action. Playing any card into Shadows costs two gold, and there is no out of house
gold penalty. The cost to play cards into Shadows can be reduced, but
only by effects that specifically reduce the cost of playing a card into
After an event card comes out of Shadows, it is treated in the same
manner as a non-Shadows event card played from a player’s hand. |
event cards may only be played by marshalling the cards into Shadows.
Unique cards and Shadows
Unique cards can be marshalled into Shadows (by paying the two gold
cost), even if that card’s owner already has a copy of that unique card in
play or in his or her dead pile.
A unique card cannot be brought out of Shadows if another copy of
that card is in its owner’s dead pile. If another copy of a unique card
that you own and control is in play, you still may bring the card out of
Shadows by paying its cost. However, the card immediately attaches
to its copy as a duplicate. If you own—but do not control—an in-play
copy of a unique card you have in Shadows, you cannot bring that card
out of Shadows unless you regain control of the card. If you have taken
control of another player’s copy of a unique card you have in Shadows,
you cannot bring that card out of Shadows.
Any card that is marshalled in Shadows should be played facedown,
and in an area that is notably distinct from the rest of the play area. (See
the adjacent diagram.)
| cards can also be placed into Shadows during setup, by spending 2
gold from the initial 5 gold allocated for setup.
If a card is moved into Shadows by a card effect, it should also be
placed facedown in its controller’s Shadows area.
Cards without the | crest and the Shadows cost cannot be marshalled or
moved into Shadows.
| cards must first be marshalled into Shadows, and then brought into
play from Shadows at the appropriate time. | cards cannot be marshalled directly into play.
If the value of a | card’s “printed cost” must be determined (because
of another card effect), the value is determined by adding the cost of
playing the card into Shadows (two gold) to the cost of bringing the
card out of Shadows (as shown on the card).
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