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P1 High Fidelity Audiophile
In-Ear Headphones
Thank you for choosing the MEE audio Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity In-Ear Headphones.
The Pinnacle P1 is a high-impedance in-ear headphone designed for audiophiles and music
professionals and tuned to deliver the highest levels of resolution and refinement.
While a headphone amplifier is not required to enjoy the Pinnacle P1, the audio hardware in some
phones, tablets, and computers is not designed with high-impedance headphones in mind and using
a dedicated audio source or amplifier instead can make the difference between a great listening
experience and an outstanding one.
The superb sound quality and resolution of high-end headphones such as the Pinnacle P1 are
also more pronounced when listening to recordings in CD (or better) quality. To experience the full
potential of the P1, we recommend avoiding music that has undergone excessive dynamic range
compression or been digitally compressed into low-bitrate formats.
We hope you enjoy the Pinnacle P1 and wish you happy listening!
Package Contents
Pinnacle P1 audiophile in-ear headphones
High-fidelity silver-plated stereo audio cable
Headset cable with microphone and remote
Comply T-200 memory foam eartips (3 pairs)
Silicone eartips (6 pairs)
¼” (6.3mm) stereo adapter
Premium carrying case
Shirt clip
User manual
Configuring for Your Ears
An airtight seal between the earpieces and your ear canals is required for your Pinnacle P1 earphones to deliver the level of sound
quality they are engineered for. Multiple sets of eartips are included to ensure you get the best fit. We recommend trying each of the
included eartips to find the size that provides the best comfort and sound for your ears. Because ear canals are not always symmetrical, you may need to use different-size ear tips in each ear.
The correct eartip for your ear will:
• Fit inside your ear canal without discomfort
• Seal with your ear canal and reduce outside noise when inserted
• Provide the best bass response and overall sound quality
Install eartips as shown. Make sure eartips are mounted securely before use.
Memory Foam Eartips
The Pinnacle P1 comes with Comply™ Memory Foam eartips in three sizes. Memory foam eartips are designed to provide a more
comfortable fit by using body heat to conform to the shape of the ear canal. Install Comply™ eartips as shown on previous page.
Inserting the complytm Premium Memory Foam Eartip
1. Roll the tip into
a thin, round
2. Pull back and
up on the ear to
open the canal.
Gently insert the
entire tip into
the ear.
Changing the complytm Premium Memory Foam Eartips
Remove old Comply™ foam tip by grasping the entire tip, including the plastic inner core, at the back of
the tip (close to the earpiece). Firmly pull the tip off the earphone nozzle, rotating slightly or pulling at an
angle if necessary to overcome friction.
Clean earphone nozzle of any debris. Securely install the new Comply™ Premium Earphone Tip onto clean, dry nozzle. Recommended replacement is after 3 months of regular use. For replacement tips, visit The Comply™ eartip size included with the Pinnacle P1 is the T-200.
3. Hold the tip in
place until it
Attaching the Earpieces
The Pinnacle P1 includes two detachable, interchangeable cables:
Silver-plated 99.99% pure copper stereo audio cable ensures the richest detail retrieval and maximum performance with high-end
audio systems.
2. Headset cable
The headset cable incorporates a microphone and remote button for phone calls and media control with compatible phones and
tablets (see MICROPHONE & REMOTE USE section on p. 8 for more info).
Before using the earphones, select your desired cable and attach the earpieces. Make sure to attach the cable connector marked “R”
to the earpiece you will use in your right ear and the connector marked “L” to the earpiece you will use in your left ear – see SELECTING A WEAR STYLE on the next page for more info.
To attach, push connector in until it fits securely.
To detach, firmly grasp the earpiece and
cable connector and pull apart.
Selecting a Wear Style
The unique ergonomics and detachable cables of the Pinnacle P1 are designed so that the earphones can be worn either in the
conventional “cable down” style or using a “cable up” musician fit, which can be more secure and reduces cable noise (microphonics).
Cable down
Selecting a Wear Style (CONTINUED)
Adjust earpiece until it fits flush in the ear and the eartip seals in the ear canal. Repeat for other side.
Cable up
Cable up and
behind back*
*Note: the
microphone may
not work properly
when using the
headset cable in
this configuration.
Cable Management
Slide the cable cinch up to fix the earphones in
place for the most secure fit
Use the shirt clip to control cable movement
Microphone & Remote Use
The headset cable included with the Pinnacle P1 features an inline microphone and remote that can be used during phone calls and
to control media playback.
Basic Remote Operation
for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® and Android™ phones:
Answer incoming phone call
Press the remote button
End phone call
Press the remote button
Play media*
Press the remote button
Pause media
Press the remote button
Skip to next track**
Double-press the remote button
Restart the track/previous track**
Triple-press the remote button
Activate SIRI/Voice control/
Voice dialing**
Press and hold the remote button
*You may need to open the media player application for initial playback to start.
**Not all media players support this functionality.
remote button
Care and Storage
Do not remove from ears or headphone jack by pulling on the cable.
Always store in the included protective carrying case when not in use. Do not store in direct sunlight, near heating devices, or in
humid places.
Do not expose to liquids. If the earphones come in contact with liquids, quickly wipe away. If submersed in water, do not use until
completely dried. Note: liquid submersion voids the warranty.
If necessary, clean the earphones with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab. Swab only the outside of the
earphone. Eartips can be removed and rinsed under running water or in hydrogen peroxide. Allow earphones and eartips to dry
completely before resuming use.
Replacement parts and accessories are available online at
Using headphones at high to moderate volumes for extended periods of time will result in permanent hearing damage. Do not use
while driving a car, cycling, operating machinery, or performing other activities that require hearing surrounding sounds.
It is advised to turn the volume on your device all the way down before connecting your headphones, then gradually increase the
volume until you reach a comfortable listening level.
Contact [email protected] or visit for troubleshooting information and solutions to common issues.
MEE earphones purchased from authorized retailers are covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.
Visit for warranty information.
See the Pinnacle P1 product page at for product specifications
MEE audio and its logo are registered trademarks of S2E, Inc. All rights reserved.
iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® are a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
Android™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
© 2014 Hearing Components. Comply is a trademark of Hearing Components.
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