Convert VHS to DVD - Elmhurst Public Library

Convert VHS to DVD - Elmhurst Public Library
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1. Find your old family movies on VHS. Try to make an educated guess as to how many minutes of content
they hold.
2. Buy some DVD-Rs. When you are shopping for DVD-Rs pay special attention to how many minutes of
recording time the DVD-R can hold. For example, it might say “120min.”
3. Set aside some time to come to the Library to do your conversion. The machine works in “real time”. 1
hour of video will take 1 hour to convert.
4. Insert the VHS and DVD-R into the machine.
5. Hit Play. Make sure the VHS is playing OK. Use the tracking buttons to smooth things out.
6. Rewind your VHS before the next step.
7. Hit the [DUBBING] button located behind the front panel. (You do not have to press Play.)
8. Grab a book and a cup of coffee and wait!
9. When your video is done, press [ / ] on the VCR, then wait until the disc reads 100%.
10. You can put content from more than one VHS onto the same DVD. Just go back to step #4.
11. When you are completely done use the DVD remote to Finalize:
Click [SETUP] on the remote
Select {DVD Menu} on the screen
Select {Finalize} on the screen
12. To eject your VHS Press [ / ] on the VCR.
We are here to help, just ask!
• Toshiba DVR620 complete owner’s manual:
A self-authored VHS tape that has not
been published commercially may be
converted into any other format, such
as DVD, in single or multiple copies.
Reproducing / converting a commercial
movie is an infringement of copyright.
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