Condair 2549337 C Outdoor Temp Sensor Installation Manual

Condair 2549337 C Outdoor Temp Sensor Installation Manual
Outdoor Temperature Sensor Installation Instructions
This sensor can be mounted directly onto the fresh air intake of the ventilation duct. The humidity controller reads the outdoor
temperature and reduces the humidity control setpoint during cold weather operation to prevent condensation on windows and
building structures.
For use with the following Nortec Digital Humidity Controllers:
Part #
0-10V Digital Wall Humidistat
On/Off Digital Wall Humidistat
0-10V Digital Duct Humidistat pkg.
On/Off Digital Duct Humidistat pkg.
Nortec Digital Wall ON/OFF Humidistat pkg.
Nortec Digital Duct ON/OFF Humidistat pkg.
Installation Instructions
1. Locate the temperature sensor near the fresh air intake. This will ensure accurate representation of the outdoor air
2. Open the housing by removing the 4 screws securing the housing together.
3. Push the probe through the center hole and tighten the 2 mounting screws.
4. Drill a 3/8” (8mm) hole in the duct and insert the probe into the air stream.
5. Secure the sensor to the duct using 2 sheet-metal screws.
6. Connect the signal wires to the sensor terminal strip. Connect the plug from the temperature probe to the PCB board.
7. Close the cover and secure using the 4 screws removed in step 2.
Technical Specification
Sensing Probe
Housing Materials
Thermistor Type
Ambient Temperature
Mounting Plate
Sensor Probe
10 k NTC, Curve 24
-40 to 212 F (-40 to 100C)
+ 0.2 K at 77F (25°C)
-40 to 158 F (-40 to 70C)
< 95% RH
Fire proof ABS plastic
Fire proof ABS plastic
Stainless Steel
All Dimensions in mm (in.)
Figure 1: Dimensions
2549337-C| 22 July 2014
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