Battery Operated Quartz Clocks

Battery Operated Quartz Clocks
Battery Operated
Quartz Clocks
quartz clocks
For you,
the Tradition
begins now.
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Battery Operated Quartz Clocks
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Set Time .................................................... 2
The Sligh story began more than a century ago when
Charles R. Sligh began building furniture in a small
Grand Rapids factory with a handful of workers and
a belief in quality.
Select Chimes ........................................... 2
In the years that followed, Sligh became known for their
fine craftsmanship and untiring attention to detail. These
things became tradition at Sligh.
Chimes History ......................................... 4
Volume Control ......................................... 3
Night Off Control ...................................... 3
Care of Clock ............................................. 5
Warranty ................................................ 6,7
Sligh Clocks are the result of the skills of four generations
of master craftsmen creating the finest clock cabinetry
combined with the time-honored skills of the master
clock movement makers from the Black Forest region
of Germany.
A Sligh Clock is a marvelous timepiece that is much
more than just a keeper of time. It is something special
that will become part of the owner’s home and reflect the
character of the owner’s family.
And, with care, it will endure and bring enjoyment and the
pride of ownership to future generations.
For you, the tradition begins now.
Setting Up Your Clock
Fig. 1
6. Volume Adjustment
For Battery Operated Quartz
1. Unpack
Remove contents from master carton:
Fig. 3
Time & Pendulum Clock
Pendulum - Select models only, usually
fastened to side of carton, sometimes fastened
to inside of clock cabinet
7. Night Off or Night Volume Control
Clock - Remove protective plastic bag.
2. Access Clock Mechanism
Time Set
There are several possible mechanism
access options (Fig. 1):
Pendulum Hanger
Back Access - Hinged, sliding, or turn button
Front Access - Swing open face of clock
3. Insert Batteries (Not Included)
Dual Chime Movement Clocks - Insert two
alkaline “C” batteries. Place bottom of battery
in slot, push down and in on top of battery.
To remove, pull out on top of battery. (Fig. 2)
Time Only Movement Clocks - Time only
quartz movements require a “AA” battery.
Insert the battery and set the hands on the
correct time by using the knob on the back
of the movement. (Fig. 3 or Fig. 4)
Time, Chime & Pendulum Clock
Time Set Knob
Fig. 4
Time Only Clocks
4. Set Time
5. Select Chimes
The chime selector switch (Fig. 2) is labeled
as follows:
O = Chimes shut off
W = Westminster Chime plus hour strike
The chimes may also be silenced or the
volume reduced for a period of eight hours
each day (i.e. while you’re sleeping), using
the switch marked with the sun and moons.
Chime silence or reduction will begin after
the switch is moved from the sun position to
one of the moon positions, and continue for
eight hours. The half moon position is for
volume reduction, and the half moon with a
slash through it is for silence. If you want the
chimes quieter from 11PM until 7AM move
the switch from the sun to the half moon
position sometime between 10:45 and 11PM.
The chimes will automatically become quieter
each day from 11PM to 7AM, until the switch
is moved back to the sun position (Fig. 2).
8. Troubleshooting Chimes
Fig. 2
Volume Control
Set the clock to proper time by turning the
minute hand in either direction, or use the
setting knob on the back of the movement.
NEVER move the hour hand when setting
the time.
Volume of chimes can be adjusted with the
circular knob in the upper right-hand corner
of the movement. Chime volume does affect
battery life. The louder the chime, the shorter
battery life you’ll have. You can also select to
hear chimes only at the hour, and not at the
quarter hours. This switch is indicated by the
two notched circles on the lower left-hand
corner of the movement (Fig. 2).
Time Set
For the first hour after setting the time, the
chimes may not be synchronized. They
should correct themselves automatically after
the first full hour of running. If the chimes
begin to play continuously or have a blurred
sound, check your battery; low battery power
may be the cause.
9. Timekeeping
Quarter Chime
Night Silent/
Reduction Switch
Timekeeping is controlled by a quartz crystal,
not by a pendulum, as with mechanical clocks.
The accuracy is set at the factory and cannot
be adjusted. If your clock begins to lose time,
replace the battery with a fresh one.
A/B = Ave Maria Chime plus hour strike
Chime History
Care of Your Sligh Clock
Westminster Chimes
Care of Clock’s Wood Finish
Arranged from George Fredrick Handel’s aria, “I Know That My Redeemer Liveth,”
and best known as the chimes of Big Ben, this four-bell chime is the most widely
used chime in modern clocks.
Sligh Clock’s beautiful hand-polished finish
will last for generations. Regular dusting with
a soft, lint-free cloth such as cotton, flannel,
terrycloth or cheesecloth will help maintain
the wood’s original luster. Using a slightly
dampened cloth will cut down on friction,
avoid scratches, and help reduce static
electricity that attracts and holds dust.
Hour Chime
1/4 Hour Chime
The beauty of the clock case can be maintained
by periodically using a self-cleaning furniture
polish. Soap and water is not a thorough
cleaner for wood products. Self-cleaning
furniture polishes contain both wax and
solvents which maintain luster and provide
adequate cleaning under most circumstances.
If a more thorough cleaning is necessary, use
odorless mineral spirits.
1/2 Hour Chime
3/4 Hour Chime
Ave Maria Chimes
In 1825 Franz Schubert wrote seven songs based on the poem, “The Lady of the
Lake,” by Sir Walter Scott. The poem is set in the woods of Scotland in the early
1500’s, where Ellen Douglas lived in hiding. King James V had banished the entire
Douglas clan because Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus, had imprisoned the child
king during the early years of his reign. The song was Ellen’s prayer for safety for
herself and her father as they hid in the woods. It has become part of the standard
repetoire for sopranos under the title “Ave Maria.”
Always protect your Sligh Clock from conditions
of excessive heat, cold, dampness, and
strong sunlight.
In the event of small mars or scratches, use
a touch-up stick or scratch remover, available
from most paint stores.
Hour Chime
Care of Brass Parts
1/4 Hour Chimes
Fig. 5
The fine brass accents of your Sligh Clock
should only be handled with soft cotton
gloves or a soft cloth. Dust with a fine, soft,
clean cloth.
NEVER use an abrasive cleanser, permanent
damage will result from its use.
Cleaning Glass
Avoid getting cleaning products on brass
surfaces. Spray glass cleaner on a soft
cloth and then wipe glass surfaces. Never
spray directly onto the cabinet or brass
finish (Fig. 5).
Always spray cleaning products on soft
cloth, not directly on surface of clock.
Sligh Clock Limited Warranty
Thank you for purchasing a clock designed and crafted by Sligh Furniture Co.
Procedure to Follow when there is a Defect or other Problem
For over one hundred years Sligh has offered a select array of furniture and clocks
that are not only treasures to behold, they are heirlooms to be shared from one generation to the next. Each Sligh original reflects a hallmark of craftsmanship that is
Locate and note the registration number of the clock which is located on the
bottom of mantel clocks, on the back of wall clocks, and on the upper left,
inside back panel or inside front door of your floor clock.
Contact the Authorized Sligh Dealer from whom you purchased the clock,
provide the registration number and nature of the problem.
All requests for service, parts, or returns must be presented to Sligh
Furniture Co. by an Authorized Sligh Dealer.
Sligh Furniture Co. warranties its clocks for a period of one year from the date of consumer purchase. The actual clock movement is warranted for a period of two years
from the date of consumer purchase, provided the clock has been set-up and maintained following the directions furnished with the clock.
The warranty is limited to the original consumer purchasing the clock; the warranty
registration card must be completed and mailed to Sligh.
This warranty does not cover set-up costs (including hammer and hand adjustment
or time regulation as described in the Instruction and Care manual), lubrication, broken suspension springs, unauthorized repairs, clocks not purchased from an authorized Sligh Dealer, or clocks that have been reshipped. This warranty does not apply
to damage to the clock due to negligence, modification (such as switching weights,
pendulums, or dials) or to other causes unrelated to defective material or workmanship.
Freight Damage - Products are picked up at Sligh Furniture Co., and signed for in
good condition by the freight carrier. Damage caused by the carrier in transit between Sligh Furniture Co. and the dealer/consumer is not covered by the warranty.
Freight damaged products must be inspected by the carrier within 15 days of delivery
by the carrier. In the event of freight damage or loss, a claim is to be filed by the
consignee (person receiving the clock) with the freight carrier.
All expressed and implied warranties, including implied warranties of
merchantability and fitness for purpose, are limited to the time periods set
forth above.
For proper operation and continued enjoyment of your clock, please follow the installation and care recommendations found with your instructions.
Wood products may have slight variances in color due to wood grain and natural
characteristics of wood material. Shrinkage and expansion of wood solids and veneers may occur with changes in temperature, humidity and altitude. These are normal characteristics of wood furniture products and are not covered under warranty.
Consistency in room temperature and humidity is recommended; avoid exposing the
clock to extreme changes in temperature, which may cause fractures in the finish,
joints, or veneers. Clocks exposed to extreme conditions (very dry or dusty, very humid, or ocean front) will require more frequent service to the mechanism.
Sligh Furniture Company Holland, Michigan
©2002 350-0052
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