Safe Work Practice - Circular Saws

Safe Work Practice - Circular Saws
Safe Work Practice
Compound Mitre Saw
Required Personal Protective Equipment and Devices
Eye Protection Required Approved Dust Mask Required
No loose fitting clothing Long or loose hair must be tied back or contained CSA
Approved Safety Footwear Required No jewelry, watches, rings, necklaces etc.
Hearing Protection Required
Potential Hazards
• Dust/debris
• Loose knots or foreign materials in wood.
• Noise
• Projectile work pieces from improper
• Cuts, lacerations and amputations clamping
Pre-Operational Safety Checks
• Inspect required personal protective equipment and replace if required.
• Ensure no slip/trip hazards are present in workspaces and walkways.
• Make sure guards, if present, are installed and are working properly.
• Faulty equipment must not be used. Immediately report suspect machinery.
. Locate and ensure you are familiar with the operation of the ON/OFF starter.
• Start the dust extraction unit before using the saw
• Do not leave this equipment running unattended
Cutting branches, wood with embedded nails or screws
• Cutting dowel
• Ripping solid timber along the grain
• Cutting short lengths of timber
Safe Work Procedure
1. Open dust chute and turn on dust collector.
2. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
3. Make all adjustments with POWER OFF.
4. Use a crosscut or combination blade.
5. Ensure guard is in place.
6. Clamp wood piece firmly against the fence (where possible) and align with
blade. Do not
cut pieces smaller than 20 cm (8 in.) in length.
7. Keep one hand on the trigger switch and handle; use the other hand to hold
the stock
against the fence.
8. Ensure hands are at least 6” away from blade.
9. Turn saw ON; wait for blade to reach maximum speed before using.
10. Cut work piece at slow/moderate speed. Do not force the saw.
11 .Turn off saw and let blade come to a rest before raising.
12.Clean up dust and debris with POWER OFF.
If an emergency situation occurs while conducting this task, or there is an equipment
malfunction, shut the equipment off immediately and follow the lock out procedure.
• Switch off the machine and reset all guards to a fully closed position.
• Leave the machine in a safe, clean and tidy state.
• When servicing equipment (ex. changing a blade), power must be
• Ensure ventilation openings and switch levers are kept clean and free of foreign
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