Divar XF/700 Series Software Version 3.61 Release Letter

Divar XF/700 Series Software Version 3.61 Release Letter
Divar 1XF/700 Series Software Version 3.61 Release Letter
Divar XF/700 Series Software Version 3.61 Release Letter
Release Letter Version 1.0
© Copyright 2013 Bosch Security Systems B.V.
All Rights Reserved.
Table of Contents
A) Installation requirements
B) New features and improvements
C) Known limitations
D) Installation procedure of the 3.61 Firmware
A) Installation requirements
The Divar XF/700 Series PC applications require the following minimum configuration:
- Processor:
Intel Pentium DualCore, 3.0 GHz or comparable
- RAM memory:
2048 MB
- Free hard disk space:
10 GB
- Graphics card:
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher
- Network interface:
- Operating System
Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher) or
Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) or
Windows 7 (32 bits and 64 bits)
The Divar XF/700 Series Firmware version 3.61 can be installed on all Divar XF and 700
Series models.
Note that some features of the software will only work on recorder devices and networks
supporting them:
 iSCSI storage can be used reliably only on 1 GBit/s networks.
 The Divar XF models support up to 8 IP expansion channels, the Divar 700 series
support up to 16 IP expansion channels.
 Divar-700B models support recording of HD cameras. Divar-700A models support
recording of SD cameras only.
Note that for some features an optional license must be installed:
 IP expansion channels (Hybrid models for Japan have 8 IP channel installed as
 Text feature (formerly called ATM/POS license).
 RAID-4 local disk protection feature.
When installing 3.61 firmware on the recorder, you will also need to use a compatible version
of the accompanying PC software. The 3.61 firmware has been tested for compatibility with
the following PC software: Divar Configuration Tool CT version 3.61 and the Viewing client
BVC version 1.3. Newer versions of viewing client BVC should also work.
July 2013 - www.boschsecurity.com
Divar 1XF/700 Series Software Version 3.61 Release Letter
Although Control Center 3.35 works with Divar-700 series software version 3.61, we advise
to change to BVC instead.
There are independent installers for Config Tool, BVC and Control Center. Each can be
installed independently.
Do not install pre-3.1 firmware on Bosch 700 Series recorders. Older firmware is
incompatible with the Bosch 700 Series hardware.
This release includes the following new features and improvements compared to the
3.6 firmware release:
1. The Divar 700 can now work in conjunction with BVMS 4.5
2. A RAID storage retention time calculation error has been fixed. Storage utilisation in
RAID mode has been improved.
3. A Divar 700 operating in combination with an LTC 8016 could cause camera OSD to
stop working properly. The procedure for choosing between working Camera OSD
menus and LTC8016 PTZ compatibility mode is described in a technote available on
the Bosch catalog website.
4. DVR700 always assigned profile 2 to stream 2. Even when stream 2 was not
configured. For many cameras profile 2 by default uses a GOP structure of
IBP(incompatible with Divar 700). Most of those cameras also have the limitation
when IBP is activated on one of the streams framerates other then 25/30 ips are NOT
supported. As result a DVR change to low ips rates would lead to drop in quality,
while retaining full ips rate.
The profile behaviour has been changed:
1) profile 1 assingment is only done if stream 1 is used.
2) profile 2 assingment is only done if stream 2 is used
GOP structure of both profile 1 and 2 should always be set to: IP (Divar 700
compatible mode)
The Divar 700 does now also support HDD’s without Bosch signature
Bosch strongly recommends the use of enterprise level drives for best system
Please note that drives not having a Bosch signature are not serviced by Bosch.
Please remove any non-signed drives from the recorder units before sending them to
ASA for service/repair.
The following drives have been tested and approved by Bosch:
500 GB models WesternDigital
1 TB models
2 TB models
HUA722050CLA330 FW:3EA
WD2002FYPS 02W3B0
WD2002FYPS 02W3B1
Status per March
25th 2013
July 2013 - www.boschsecurity.com
Divar 1XF/700 Series Software Version 3.61 Release Letter
HUA722020ALA330 FW:3EA
C) This release includes the following known limitations:
(New in 3.3) When adding LUNs to the Divar Storage they should have a size of at
least 10 GByte.
Ensure that network cameras are running the latest available firmware, but at least
camera firmware 4.54. Earlier firmware may work, but there can be some usability
issues. The Divar 700 series firmware 3.61 has been tested with camera firmware
4.54 to 5.50.
Ethernet port 1 ("Connection 1" in configuration tool) has slightly more features than
the (optional) Ethernet port 2 ("Connection 2" in CT):
a. For Ethernet port 1 the IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway and DNS
server address plus options for DHCP or Auto DNS address can be set.
b. For Ethernet port 2 only the IP address, subnet mask and option for DHCP can be
This means that on the second Ethernet port no routing to IP devices or workstations
on other subnets through routers or gateways is supported.
Due to design limitations, the playback of motion event recordings or alarm recordings
will show the last picture of these recordings for a few seconds (as a static image)
before blanking the cameo.
When performing a store-set-recovery, make sure that all portals are online and in
configuration mode before initiating the recovery. Video data that is on off-line disks
will be lost after the recovery!
Please review the Application note: iSCSI Configuration on Divar 700 Series
When using DHCP for giving IP addresses to network cameras, make sure that the
server providing these addresses assigns a fixed IP address to the MAC addresses of
the network cameras.
Due to design limitations of the text search feature, not all text messages will be
shown when playing back video at any other speed than 1x.
SNMP timestamps can be up to 20 seconds off.
The Divar XF/700 Series can not put Easydome IP cameras in DHCP mode when
configuring IP addresses of this type of camera. This limitation is due to firmware
constraints in Easydome IP cameras. Workaround is to use the camera web interface
to enable DHCP in these cameras.
Motion detection in the recorder does not work with Autodome easy IP cameras.
The Divar XF/700 series recorder website works with Internet explorer 6.0, 8.0 and
9.0. Other browsers might not support the website.
It is sometimes not possible to recover (or import) an iSCSI LUN using configuration
tool. It is always possible to do this using the configuration menu on the Divar XF/700
July 2013 - www.boschsecurity.com
Divar 1XF/700 Series Software Version 3.61 Release Letter
IVA 5.5 in network cameras can collect statistics. Reset the statistics, either using the
web site of the camera or by connecting BVC directly to the camera (not through the
Divar 700 series recorder).
The zero-install BVC 1.3 does not support forensic search. The normal BVC installer,
available from the Bosch website, does.
D) Installation procedure of the 3.61 Firmware
Upgrade procedure
The firmware on the Divar 700 recorders can be upgraded using a USB stick locally on the
recorder or using the Upgrade Tool to update recorders across the network.
A. Performing a firmware upgrade using the Upgrade Tool.
Please refer to the Application note: "Using the Firmware Upgrade Tool with Divar XF and
700 Series recorders". Note that the Divar XF/700 must have firmware release 3.20 or later
installed for network based firmware upgrade.
Always use the Firmware upgrade tool coming with the latest Configuration Tool.
B. When performing the upgrade with USB stick, please take the following steps.
Copy the firmware img file onto a USB stick.
Insert the USB stick in a free USB port.
Follow on screen instructions
On rare occasions the Divar XF/700 Series recorder is not able to completely upgrade the
In this case proceed as follows:
Power down the Divar XF/700 Series recorder.
Insert the USB stick in a free USB port.
Press and hold down the full screen button and the 3X3 multiscreen button.
Power-up the Divar XF/700 Series recorder, while keeping the buttons pressed for 10
The monitor will show the message: "Please wait, loading image from USB"
The monitor will show the question: "Do you want to install the new firmware?"
Click "Yes" button.
Monitor shows the message:
"Updating firmware. This may take several minutes. Please wait."
The Divar Xf/700 Series recorder will reboot and the monitor will display:
"No different image found on USB. Loading internal image"
Now the new firmware is installed and running.
July, 2013
July 2013 - www.boschsecurity.com
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