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The compact, high-performance ER-A410 and ER-A420 Electronic
Cash Registers are the “smart choice” for independent retailers and
small restaurants looking for reliability, quality and value. Ideal for
small retail and hospitality establishments, they deliver exceptional
flexibility and versatility, and can easily expand with your ever-
changing business requirements. With Flash Rom technology,
powerful built-in software, and flexible hardware options, the ER-
A410 and ER-A420 enable you to increase efficiency, enhance
customer service—and
better manage your business.
With easy programming, flexible expansion possibilities, and Sharp's
world-famous quality and reliability, the Sharp ER-A410 and ER-
A420 offer everything you need to keep your business running
efficiently—all in a compact, user-friendly and value-driven package.
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ER-A410 & ER-A420
Electronic Cash Registers
Features & Benefits:
UPC learning function saves time
by allowing PLUs to be added
instantly for improved efficiency and
accuracy at the point of sale
Overlap cashier function increases
speed of service and enhances
customer satisfaction
Integrated high-speed 2-station
thermal printer with logo capability
After Transaction Receipt lowers
supply costs by enabling you to print
receipts on demand
Till Timer™ and Compulsory
Drawer for added security
Crisp, clear, 2—line alphanumeric
LCD display minimizes operator error
Two built-in standard RS-232 ports
for expansion using optional
peripherals or communications
Software Features:
Up to 99 Departments with Age
Up to 1500 PLU Codes
10 Mix and Match Tables
Refund Keys and Bottle Return
Up to 20 Coded Servers
Validation, Guest Check and
Endorsement Printing (with optional
Cash/Check Declarations
Up to 9 Media Types; 2 Price Levels
Multiple Tax Tables with
Currency Conversion
Up to 2 Receive On Account/
Paid Out Functions
Up to 999 PBLU (Previous Balance
Look Up)
Information Systems Group
ER-A410 & ER-A420
Electronic Cash Registers
Remote Printer*
CAT / EFT* Scale* Coin Dispenser* PC*
Optional 2nd ЗЫ
ptional 2n — —
Cash Drawer (77) Siip Printer* *Locally procured—not a Sharp POS product.
Title Description Title Description
Full (General) Combines information from departments and transaction media Full Cashier Provides sales and media accountability for up to (20) cashiers who
totals. This report is used as the general report for your business.
have made sales entries.
Group Reports
Summarizes the department sales totals by assigned
department group number.
Consolidates all departments into like categories to provide summary
sales data analysis of your business.
Allows the store owner to select a specific group number for which to
analyze associated department sales data.
Individual Cashier
Allows the store owner or manager to track each individual's sales
and media accountability one person at a time.
UPC/PLU (Range)
Allows the store owner to analyze PLU sales data by a specified
range of PLU codes.
UPC/PLU by Dept.
Allows the manager/owner to categorize the PLU sales by its
associated department number.
UPC/PLU Zero Sales
Lists PLU items which have not accumulated sales totals to
identify non-moving items.
Daily Net Provides the net sales total by calendar day for a 31-day period.
Business revenues are easily tracked by each day of the month.
Stacked Prints a maximum of 15 reports in succession within a single
reporting operation.
Flash Allows the store owner or manager to view a defined total in the
ECR's display for quick, up-to-the-moment analysis of that day's
business. Available Flash Reports include:
* Net-3 (net sales plus tax)
* Department (by selected departments)
e Cash-in Drawer (total cash in drawer)
UPC/PLU Price Category
Allows the PLU sales totals to be taken based on its unit price in a
CCD (cash/check
Provides a full accounting of cash and checks in drawer.
Top 20 PLU
Best Seller on Shelf; inventory management.
PLU by Stock
Allows the store owner to look at current inventory levels by PLU.
Non-Access UPC
Delete Report
Helps maintain UPC file.
Commission Sales
Links a cashier to a particular department to keep track of individual
Hourly (All/Range)
Provides the store owner with the number of transactions and sales
total by 1-hour increments for a 24-hour period. This becomes a
useful tool in determining which times during the day your business
is most successful. This report can also be useful in determining when
extra employees are necessary.
In X mode allows you to print all open checks and in Z mode allows
you to view open checks and to reset, monitor or track receivables.
Provides a snap shot of accountability for the business day, which can
justify collected monies for items sold.
PBLU by Cashier
Gives a report of all open checks by cashier essential for closing out
house charges.
Display Other Printing ® Receipt and journal independent Communications
Operator LCD display with backlight Functions ced junction bilit Type (2) RS-232
. ©
16 characters x 2 lines . rin top function y Connectivity Connect to optional peripherals such
Customer (pop-up) LED, 7 digit numeric/7 segments as scale, coin dispenser, credit card
- * Paper end sensor autorization terminal, PC, slip or
Drawer remote printers and bar code scanner
Type 2-station (receipt/journal) thermal ill 5 compartments General
ÿ Printing Capacity Receipt: 24 characters maximum Coin 5 compartments Dimensions/Weight 16.5"(w) x 16.8"(d) x 11.7" (h)/29.11bs.
Journal: 24 characters maximum
Other Drawer Security lock
Power Consumption 46.5 W (maximum)/9 W (standby)
Printing Speed Approx. 13.3 lines per second Features e Drawer open sensor
ÿ Logo Message Text 6 line message maximum e Pull out cash till
> Graphic Logo Yes * Heavy duty metal construction
Capability Option 2nd cash drawer
| Paper width 1.75" = .02" (44.5 mm = 0.5mm) "Keyboard
ÿ Thickness .06 mm to .08 mm paper thickness Type Raised / Flat
Paper Roll
3.15" (80 mm) maximum diameter
Number of Keys Standard 61, maximum 82 / 119
Paper Type
Power Source 120V +/-10% AC/60 Hz
Optional Accessories
ER-11DK7G 1 x 1 dummy key
® ER-51DK7G 5 x 1 dummy key strip
e ER-11KT7 1 x 2 department key expansion kit (30ea.)
e ER-12KT7 2 x 2 department key expansion kit (30 ea.)
e ER-22KT7 1x 1 department key expansion kit (10 ea.)
* ER-04DW Optional cash drawer unit
e ER-55CC2 Optional coin case (5B/5C)
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Information Systems Group / POSD
Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, N.J. 07430-1163
© 2005 Sharp Electronics Corporation. Sharp is a registered
trademark of Sharp Corporation. All other trademarks are
the property of their respective owners.
ECR-1028 September 2005 Rev. 2.0
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