NEW Instant Video Snapshot

NEW Instant Video Snapshot
Compact Dual Flash Memory Camcorder
NEW Instant Video Snapshot
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Available in Evening Blue, Sunrise Red and Misty Silver
Capture A Lifetime of
Beautiful Memories
For special moments worth remembering, no one captures them better than
Canon LEGRIA Dual Flash Memory Camcorders. They combine the sheer power
of DIGIC DV II and the groundbreaking dual flash memory design to deliver
uncompromising performance in a compact form. Furthermore, user-friendly
features like Video Snapshot mode and Dual Shot mode make it easy for anyone
to shoot their own home videos. So live out all of life’s precious moments.
And let your LEGRIA camcorder turn them into picture perfect memories!
1.07-Megapixel CCD Sensor
32GB Built-in Flash Memory
45x Advanced Zoom
Electronic Image Stabilizer
SD/SDHC Card Slot
1.07-Megapixel CCD Sensor
16GB Built-in Flash Memory
45x Advanced Zoom
Electronic Image Stabilizer
SD/SDHC Card Slot
800,000-pixel CCD Sensor
41x Advanced Zoom
Electronic Image Stabilizer
SD/SDHC Card Slot
Available in Evening Blue, Sunrise Red and Misty Silver
The Difference is
High-Speed Processing
Superior Color Reproduction
As DIGIC DV II already handles High Definition video effortlessly, just
imagine the levels of speed a Standard Definition camcorder can
achieve with DIGIC DV II powering it. This advanced imaging engine
is also capable of processing still images and even allows continuous
shooting of still images on selected models.
Precise color reproduction is one of the hallmarks of DIGIC DV II. The
processor’s ability to process an extensive palette of colors means
your videos and photos appear vivid and vibrant on the screen. Tonal
reproduction is also improved, especially for skin tones and images
with dark and bright scenes.
Optimal Videos & Still Images
Whether you’re shooting videos or snapping photos, DIGIC DV II ensures
you get superb image quality — always. That’s because DIGIC DV II uses
separate processing paths to handle video and photo signals, thus giving
you the best possible output regardless of the format.
Hybrid Noise Reduction
The DIGIC DV II processor employs a hybrid noise reduction system that
efficiently suppressing noise in both videos and photos. This system is
especially effective at reducing noise in monotone and shadow areas,
resulting in sharper, higher quality images even when shooting in low
light conditions.
The Dual Flash Memory Advantage
Originally developed to meet the demanding processing requirements of
High Definition recording, the state-of-the-art DIGIC DV II processor can now
As the next-generation storage media of choice, flash
memory brings with it many benefits that can now
be found in Canon Dual Flash Memory Camcorders.
be found in Canon’s Standard Definition camcorder range. Not only does this
advanced processor deliver ultra-fast performance and superior image quality,
Speedy Operation
DIGIC DV II also powers several intelligent features that make it easy for you to
With no moving parts, reading and writing data to flash memory is quicker
than other types of storage media. Not only does this mean faster recording,
accessing and playing back videos and photos are also a lot quicker.
shoot the best videos of your life.
Extended Recording Time
The top-grade LEGRIA FS22’s built-in 32GB flash memory can record
approximately 20h 50mins of video. If that’s not enough, pop a SDHC card
(up to 32GB capacity) into the card slot and you can capture more than 41
hours of video!
Perfectly Silent
Flash memory functions with barely any sound because it has no moving
parts. As such, flash memory camcorders are suitable for use in quieter
environments such as classical concerts.
Compact & Lightweight
The miniscule size of flash memory drives allows for a more compact
camcorder design. This gives the camcorders a higher level of portability
so it can be carried around easily without too much bulk or weight.
Greater Reliability
Flash memory is also extremely stable and durable, making it resilient
against impacts and shocks, and less likely to suffer from data loss if the
camcorder is dropped.
Brilliant Imaging & Optical Performance
Superior Video & Color Quality
LEGRIA FS22/21 - Approx. 1.07 megapixels
LEGRIA FS200 - Approx. 800,000 pixels
Genuine Canon Video Lens
Expect only the best optical imaging
from the genuine Canon video lens.
Not only does it deliver superior
levels of clarity and sharpness, it’s
also designed to reduce flare and
ghosting so you get picture perfect
videos every time.
A superb 1/6-inch CCD sensor captures pixel
perfect videos with exceptional levels of
sharpness and clarity. By using more of the
CCD’s horizontal pixels than other camcorders,
it is able to capture panoramic 16:9 movies
suitable for playback on widescreen TV sets.
Combined with the DIGIC DV II processor, your
videos will have true-to-life color reproduction
and a remarkable level of detailing.
Comprehensive Shooting Modes
The LEGRIA FS22/21/200 makes it easy for anyone to capture the best
videos in any situation. Simply set the camcorder to the desired mode
and shoot away. Manual modes are also included for users who want
more control over their videos.
Electronic Image Stabilizer
AE Modes
With a built-in Electronic Image Stabilizer, blurred
videos are now a thing of the past! The camcorder’s
sensor can easily distinguish between camera
movement and movement of the subject, allowing
it to accurately compensate for camera shake
even when panning or zooming.
Without EIS
With EIS
See Further with Advanced Zoom
Advanced Zoom is an innovative Canon feature that gives you an improved
zoom range without any deterioration in image quality. Advanced Zoom
works by maximizing the use of the effective pixels employed during
recording to achieve a higher level of zoom. Even though the image is
cropped to obtain a further zoom range, the remaining pixels are well
within the minimum requirements for high-quality standard resolution
video. As such, videos maintain a high level
of clarity as no interpolation is involved.
LEGRIA FS22/21 - 45x Advanced Zoom / 37x Optical Zoom
Settings automatically adjusted to
give you the best results based on
shooting conditions.
Program (P)
Manually adjust exposure and focus
settings while the camcorder does
the rest.
Shutter Priority (Tv)
Select shutter speed while the
camcorder adjusts aperture size for
the perfect shot.
Special Scene Modes
Portrait - Brings subject into focus while blurring the background.
Beach - For clear videos in extremely sunny conditions.
Sports - For shooting high-speed action such as sports.
Sunset - Captures dramatic sunset shots without overexposure.
Night – Ideal for shooting in low-light conditions.
Spotlight - Captures correctly exposed shots under spotlit conditions.
Snow - Captures clear snow scenes with proper exposure.
Fireworks - Captures the full brilliance of firework displays.
LEGRIA FS200 - 41x Advanced Zoom / 37x Optical Zoom
1x Optical Zoom
37x Optical Zoom
45x Advanced Zoom
Never Miss a Single Moment
with Pre Recording Mode!
Make Instant Music Videos
with Video Snapshot Mode!
It happens a lot — memorable moments that pass before you have the
chance to capture them. The ingenious Pre Recording mode ensures
these precious moments never escape you again.
Now you can effortlessly record short movie snippets and string them
together into a music video you and your friends can enjoy! And best of
all, everything is done directly from your LEGRIA camcorder.
With the Pre Recording mode turned on, the camcorder will discreetly
capture 3 seconds of video that happened prior to you pressing the
record button. So even if you missed that funny moment, you can be
sure the camcorder has got it.
In Video Snapshot mode, you can shoot clips each with a duration of up
to 4 seconds. When you’re done shooting, compile them into a playlist,
select a music track, and viola! You have just directed your very own
music video!
10 different music tracks are pre-installed into the camcorder so you
can make your music videos straight out of the box. Adding your own
songs is also possible with the included ImageMixer3 software.
Desired Scene!
REC Start
Pre REC Recording Mode
Recording starts from the moment the REC button is
pressed. Extremely difficult to capture the desired scene.
3 seconds of footage is recorded in the buffer memory when in Pre REC mode, allowing scenes that appear
unexpectedly to be recorded safely.
button to set the camcorder
to Video Snapshot mode.
Add the clips into a playlist
while in playback mode.
Shoot two or more clips each with
a duration of up to 4 seconds.
Normal Recording Mode
Playback your
movie and enjoy!
Select music sountrack.
Versatile Shooting Options For Every Situation
Superb Photos at the Touch of a Button
Selectable Video Quality
Image Effects
See something worth snapping but don’t have a digital
3 video quality settings are available to cater to all your shooting needs.
Choose from High Quality (XP), Standard Play (SP), or Long Play (LP).
3 image effects* can be applied to enhance the overall
effect of your videos.
camera with you? Worry not. The LEGRIA FS22/21/200
is perfectly capable of shooting still images too! It even
comes with several settings to help you get the best
Backlight Correction
possible results from your photos.
Backlight correction prevents your subject from appearing too dark when
shot with a bright light source in the background such as the sun.
Intelligent 9-Point Autofocus
Soft Skin Detail
Greater contrast and
color depth for vibrant
and striking images.
For subdued and
images without any
Smoothens skin and
gives it a softer tone.
The 9-point AiAF system ensures your subjects are sharply in
focus, even when not in the center of the frame. The selected AF
point is automatically chosen for metering to
give you optimum subject exposure.
Dual Shot mode lets you alternate quickly
between shooting videos and photos easily.
In this mode, you can capture photos or
videos without having to turn the mode dial.
Just press the record button when you want
to shoot video, or press the photo button
when you want to capture a photo.
One-Touch Shooting
It’s easy to get the camcorder into photo mode. Simply turn the mode dial
and you’re ready to start shooting.
Continuous Shooting
*Image effects cannot be used with Special Scene modes.
With correction
New Dual Shot Mode
The LEGRIA FS22 and LEGRIA FS21 can take a series of high-speed snaps
consecutively, perfect for capturing quick-moving subjects. Choose from highspeed (4.1 shots/sec.) or normal (2.5 shots/sec.) continuous shooting speeds.
Without correction
White Balance
A variety of white balance settings compensates for the ambient lighting
so that your subjects appear naturally lifelike. Choose from Auto, Daylight,
Tungsten, or Set.
Digital Effects
Extensive Image Settings
Digital effects can also be added to your movies and photos to achieve
different moods.
Similar to the LEGRIA FS22/21/200’s video
recording functions, a range of settings is
available to you when shooting still images.
This includes AE modes, white
balance options, image effects,
and digital effects.
Auto Exposure Bracketing
Unusual lighting making your photos less than desirable? With Auto Exposure
Bracketing*, you can shoot 3 consecutive shots at different exposure levels
(Normal, +0.5 EV, -0.5 EV) so you get the shot you want quickly and easily.
Image Playback
Black & White
For Movies
- Auto fade
- Black & White
- Art
Mosaic Sepia
For Photos
- Black & White
The image jump feature lets you
jump ahead 10 to 100 images,
so you can easily locate your
favorite pictures.
LEGRIA FS22 and LEGRIA FS21 only
Detailed Battery Info
Intuitive Operation
For Complete Ease of Use
Compact &
Featherweight Design
Remaining battery charge and
possible shooting time are displayed
on the LCD for easy checking.
The included BP-808 lithium ion
battery gives you up to 3.5 hours of
consecutive recording.*
At a length of just 12cm,
the ergonomically designed
LEGRIA FS22/21/200 fits
comfortably in the palm of your
hand with key controls easily
within reach. And because it
weighs a less than a regular
canned drink, it’s extremely
portable and you can take it
wherever you go.
* SP mode, LCD brightness at standard,
built-in memory mode
2.7” Widescreen LCD
The 123,000-dot TFT color LCD monitor uses ultrabright LEDs that achieved higher brightness levels
with reduced power consumption. Select from
three brightness levels (Bright/Standard/Dimmer)
for improved visibility. Dimmer functions allows for
more discreet recording in darker environments.
Mini Video Light
Allows close-up
shooting of subjects in
low-light conditions.
Menu Interface
A more intuitive menu
allows you to access
frequently used
functions quicker via
the multi-scroll button.
Camera/Play Button
Print/Share Button
Microphone & AV Terminal
No more fiddling with the mode dial. One
press of this button switches the camcorder
between camera mode and playback mode.
Use the multi-scroll button to switch
between videos and photos easily.
Print photos directly to PictBridgecompatible photo printers, or transfer
videos and photos to a computer easily
with this button. Connection is through
a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface.
Attach an external microphone to
the mic terminal for improved audio
recording. The AV mini-terminal also
doubles as a headphone jack for
audio monitoring while shooting.
Quick Start Standby
Quick Charge Battery
Closing the LCD monitor when the
camcorder is in camera mode puts it
in standby. To start shooting again,
simply flip open the LCD monitor or
turn the mode dial to your desire mode.
The included battery pack has a
“quick charge” function that lets
you shoot continuously for over
60 minutes with just a 20-minute
charge, or 30 minutes with a
10-minute charge.
Camcorder Specifications
Available in Evening Blue, Sunrise Red and Misty Silver
Available in Evening Blue, Sunrise Red and Misty Silver
Camcorder Type
SD Flash Memory Camcorder
Focusing System
TTL (through the lens)
Television System
Programmed AE
Auto, Program, Tv, Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, Fireworks
Video Recording system
Max Shutter Speed
Movie: 1/2000, Still Image: 1/500
Image Sensor
1/6-inch CCD
Minimum Focusing Distance
10mm (wide) / 1m (tele)
Total Pixels
Approx. 1.07 megapixels
Approx. 800,000 pixels
White Balance
Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, Manual
Effective Pixels
Movies: 16:9 - approx. 550,000 pixels (Adv. Z off)
16:9 - approx. 440,000 pixels (ADV.Z off)
Minimum Illumination
1.5 lx (Night Mode)
16:9 - approx. 710,000 pixels (Adv. Z on, wide)
16:9 - approx. 540,000 pixels (ADV.Z on, wide)
Image Stabilization
16:9 - approx. 480,000 pixels (Adv. Z on, tele)
16:9 - approx. 440,000 pixels (ADV.Z on tele)
Filter Diameter
Photos: approx. 800,000 pixels (4:3), 600,000 pixels (16:9)
Photos: approx. 530,000 pixels (4:3 only)
Maximum recording time
(with Internal Flash drive)
32GB Internal Flash drive:
16GB Internal Flash drive:
LCD Screen
2.7-inch widescreen color LCD (Approx. 123,000 dots)
LP (3 Mbps): 20 hours, 50 minutes
LP (3 Mbps): 10 hours, 20 minutes
Recording Media
Internal Flash memory or SD / SDHC Memory Card
SP (6 Mbps): 11 hours, 05 minutes
SP (6 Mbps): 5 hours, 30 minutes
USB Terminal
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
XP (9 Mbps): 7 hours, 20 minutes
XP (9 Mbps): 3 hours, 40 minutes
Video Terminal
Composite (output)
Greater capacity is possible by adding an SDHC Memory Card.
Dolby Digital 2 ch (AC-3 2 ch)
Zoom Ratio : 45x Advanced Zoom (16:9 mode); 37x Optical / 2000x Digital
Zoom Ratio : 41x Advanced Zoom; 37x Optical / 2000x Digital
Microphone Terminal
3.5 mm stereo mini-jack
Focal Length : f=2.6-96.2mm, (35mm equivalent: 47.1 - 1743mm, Advanced Zoom OFF, 16:9)
Focal length : f=2.6 - 96.2mm (35mm equivalent: 45.8 - 1695mm, Advanced Zoom OFF, 16:9)
AV Mini Terminal / Headphone Terminal
3.5 mm 4-pole mini-jack (video / audio output only), Headphone (input)
Zoom Speed : Variable / 3 Fixed Zoom Speeds
Zoom Speed : Variable / 3 Fixed Zoom Speeds
Dimensions (W x H x D)
approx. 55 x 59 x 121mm
Max. F/Stop : f/2.0-5.2
Max. F/Stop : f/2.0 - 5.2
Weight (not including grip belt and battery pack)
Weight (fully loaded)
1.1 lx (Night Mode)
Package Content
SD / SDHC Memory Card
• Camcorder Body
• Wireless Controller (WL-D88)*
• Lithium Battery (CR2025)
• Battery Pack (BP-808)
• Compact Power Adapter (CA-570)
• AC Cable
• Interface Cable (IFC-400PCU)
• Stereo Video Cable (STV-250N)
• Wrist Strap (WS-30)
• PIXELA Application Disc
• Digital Video Solution Disc
• Music Data CD
* LEGRIA FS22 only
Optional Accessories
• Battery Charger (CG-800/CG-800E)
• DVD Writer (DW-100)
• Soft Carrying Case (SC-2000)
• Shoulder Strap
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