Wireless Internet Video Camera

Wireless Internet Video Camera
Wireless Internet Video Camera
Allows video (and sometimes audio) data to be captured and
transmitted across a WiFi computer network. Wireless Internet video
cameras are available in both 802.11b and 802.11g varieties. The
Linksys WVC54G (compare prices) 802.11g wireless camera is
shown above.
Wireless Internet video cameras work by serving up data streams to
any computer that connects to them. Cameras like the one above
contain a built in Web server. Computers connect to the camera
using either a standard Web browser or through a special client user
interface provided on CD-ROM with the product. With proper
security information, video streams from these cameras can also be
viewed across the Internet from authorized computers.
Wi-Fi Internet video cameras can be connected to a wireless router
using either an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. These products include
setup software on a CD-ROM that must be installed on one
computer to complete initial Wi-Fi configuration of the device.
Features that distinguish different wireless Internet video cameras
from each other include:
resolution of the captured video images (for example, 320×240
pixel, 640×480 pixel, and other image sizes)
motion sensors, and the ability to send email alerts when new
activity is detected and captured
ability to timestamp images
built-in microphones and/or jacks for external microphones,
for audio support
types of WiFi security supported, such as WEP or WAP.
wireless internet camera
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