Panasonic User Guide (Panasonic KX

Panasonic User Guide (Panasonic KX
 Panasonic User Guide
(Panasonic KX-DT 321 Series Phones)
Adjust volume while on a call (both handset & speaker)
Change the volume of your ringer.
Call Logs, Personal/System/Extension Directories, Feature Access
Used to program keys
INTERCOM Internal calls. Press Intercom button + Extension number or 1-touch
AUTO ANS/MUTE Auto Answer:If engaged it will answer ICM calls hands free
Mute: Used to mute the microphone of your speaker or your
handset during a phone call
AUTO DIAL/STORE Used for System / Personal speed dial & storing program changes
Used to leave a message waiting indication lamp or call back the
person that left you a message internally. Message waiting is indicated by a solid red light on the top right
corner of your phone.
Redial the last number called
TRANSFER Used to transfer a call to another internal extension
Used to disconnect the current call and make another without
hanging up. (restores dial tone).
Used to place a call on hold
SP-PHONE Used for hands free operations (Speakerphone)
Ring Tones: (9 to choose from)
To Program:
Press the Line or INTERCOM 2 times (press up/down arrows to listen to tones)
Press AUTO DIAL/STORE to store the ring
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Contrast Adjustment:
Press PROGRAM press 0 1 : LCD Contrast
Press the Autodial/Store button …..use navigation wheel up/down arrows to
lighten/darken display contrast
Press Store to save.
To Make an External Call:
Press an available line access button or dial the line access code (generally “9”), then dial
the desired telephone number
To Make an Internal Call:
Lift handset or Press SP-PHONE . Dial the desired extension number or press the one
touch button. (Must be on INTERCOM)
To Park a Call:
With the caller on the line press TRANSFER , Call Park key (or *52) + the 2-digit zone in
which to park the call (00-99) or hit * for the system to assign an idle zone.
To retrieve Parked Call:
Press the Call Park feature key (or *52) + the 2-digit parking zone.
To Transfer a Call:
With the caller on the line either press TRANSFER + dial the extension you need OR
press the one touch extension button. Announce the call (optional) and hang up.
To Place a Call on Hold:
With the caller on the line press
The active outside line button flashes green.
To retrieve a call on hold:
A call that is holding on your extension will flash green. A call holding on another
extension will flash red. Select the line that you would like to pick up. Lamp will turn
solid green.
To set Call Forward / DND (for both internal & external calls):
FWD: Press *7102 + location
DND: Press *7101
To pick up a call that is ringing on another extension (directed call pick up)
Press *41 + extension number of ringing phone.
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To make a conference call: (up to 8 members)
While on a call, press CONF , make 2nd call, press CONF , etc.
If no CONF button: While on a call, press TRANSFER, make 2nd call, TRANSFER 3
Personal Speed Dial (00-09)
To Program: Lift handset. Press * 3 0 , then enter the desired 2-digit code (00-09),
enter the line access code (generally “9”) followed by the telephone number, then #
To Use: Lift handset. Press AUTO DIAL/STORE * plus the 2-digit code (00-09)
To use System Speed Dal: Lift handset. Press
plus 3-digit (111-999)
Programming your phone for One Touch Dialing:
Press the One Touch button that you would like to program
Press TRANSFER to clear any previous programming
To Program a Speed Dial Number:
Dial the Line Access Code (generally “9”) followed by the phone number
To Program a Feature Button:
Press the feature code (if you do not know the code then simply press the Up/Down on the
navigation wheel to scroll through the feature codes).
To Program an Extension:
Press the Down arrow on the navigation wheel. Watch display, it will show “EXT-“.
Enter the extension number that you would like to appear on this button.
Note: repeat these steps for each button that you would like to program
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Setting up and using Voicemail
Logging into your voicemail box:
Press Open Mailbox or dial 500, then enter your password followed by # and
follow the prompts.
To access voicemail remotely:
From another phone on your system, Press Open Mailbox (or 500) OR
From outside your system, call a phone number connected to your system.
When your voicemail system picks up enter # 6 * and your mailbox number
Then enter your password followed by # .
You are now in your mailbox. Follow the mailbox prompts.
Access your mailbox management
(this allows you to change your greetings, Password, Name, etc)
Login to your mailbox (see above)
Press 3 to enter Mailbox Management
Next step:
Press 1 to change Personal Greetings. Press 1 a 2nd time to record the “No
Answer” greeting. NOTE: this is the message that the caller hears when they reach
your mailbox)
Press 2 to change your Password
Press 3 to change your Name for the directory
Follow the prompts after each selection to ensure that you save the new info that you enter.
NOTE: It is always best to lift your handset and speak clearly into the handset when recording greeting.
How to set up message notification:
Login to your voicemail box. (see above)
Press 5 to set up messaging waiting notification.
Press 3 to add or change the phone or pager number to be notified for message waiting.
(Be sure to enter the line access code (generally “9”) in front of the phone number)
Follow prompts.
To Forward a message that is in your mailbox press “7”
To skip mailbox greeting when leaving msg for another mailbox press “2”
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