Turn the JVC player, and the TV on

Turn the JVC player, and the TV on
Turn the JVC player, and the TV on
Insert a blank
DVD and the
tape in the JVC
Use the AUX
button on the
remote until
you see the
tape show on
the TV. The
TV needs to
be on AV1
Play the tape until you find
the beginning of your
recording. Pause.
Click on the
button on the
This screen
will show on
the TV. Select
Recording will start.
If you want to finish the
recording before the
end of the tape, press
STOP on the JVC Player
It is very important
to Finalize the DVD
when you are done
so it can be played
on other players as
The JVC Player has to
be on DVD mode. If it
is not, click on the
DVD/VCR Button
Click HOME
on the
Find Easy Menu on the
screen navigating with the
arrows on the Remote.
Select Disk Manager and
click Enter on the remote.
A screen like this
will appear....
Select Finalize
Enjoy your DVD.
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