How to Enable Facebook Login (updated 1/23/17) How to

How to Enable Facebook Login (updated 1/23/17) How to
How to Enable Facebook Login with Firmware 8.5 and later
Configure your Facebook APP to allow logins from the Nomadix Access Gateway:
Facebook app and app ID is required, following are suggested steps. For full information
check with Facebook.
and Select “Register Now” button
2) You will get a popup "Register as a Facebook Developer" window -> select Yes > select Next button-> Select County name, and give your valid phone number (You
will receive a confirmation code by phone number to activate your account as a
developer). Under confirmation code field, enter a confirmation code you got from the
Facebook ->select Register button-> You get a window saying "you are successfully
registered as a Facebook developer"->Select "Done" Button.
3) Now you can create your App ID. Go to Apps option->Create a New App->You
get a New App popup window-> Give a Display Name EX: "My Webpage"->
NameSpace (optional) -> Under Category->Select "category Apps for Pages"-> Select
"Create APP ID" button.
4) You will get a Security Check window-> Type in security text in the box: EX:
86THeur -> Submit
5) Under My Webpage [Display Name] -> Dashboard->You can see your new APP
ID [EX:368243730021676] and App Secret-> Select "Show" button->you can see
App Secret Code: EX:a15dffb5a29135bfefef0da114c78
6) Under My Webpage ->select "Setting" -> Here you need to setup the App
Domain, enter
7) Select Add Platform->You need to add a platform of type "Website" and set the
full path to your site. Enter
Enter Valid Contact Email ID. An email address is mandatory to be able to set
the online status of your app so it works correctly. Select "Submit Changes"
Under My Webpage->select "Status and Review"->Select "YES" to make the
app live and active. Select Permission :email, public profile and user friends.
How to Enable Facebook Login (updated 1/23/17)
10) Under My Webpage->go to Dashboard. Now your APP is active. You can copy
and paste the APP ID and Secret code into NSE's Facebook APP ID and APP
Secret field on the Configuration ->AAA page. Refer to step 12.
11) Navigate to Subscriber Interface, Billing Option. Select a plan, enter a description
for the plan, enable Facebook Login and select a Time Unit.
Click Save this Plan
How to Enable Facebook Login (updated 1/23/17)
12) On the Configuration -> AAA , Options Page enable Facebook Login and
configure with the information from your Facebook page. Submit the changes
How to Enable Facebook Login (updated 1/23/17)
13) Add and to the Configuration ->
Passthrough Addresses list.
How to Enable Facebook Login (updated 1/23/17)
14) If using Port-based Billing edit the appropriate VLAN listings eligible for
Facebook Logins
How to Enable Facebook Login (updated 1/23/17)
After the guest clicks the “New User” button there is a Login with Facebook button
How to Enable Facebook Login (updated 1/23/17)
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