Sony NSZ-GS7 Quick guide

Sony NSZ-GS7 Quick guide
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In the Box
Quick Setup Guide
Network Media Player
Remote control (Remote) (1)
To insert batteries into the
remote control
AC power cord (mains lead) (1)
R6 (size AA) batteries (2)
Quick Setup Guide (1)
Getting Started (1)
Reference Guide and
other documents
What’s this?
IR (infrared)
Blaster cable (1)
The IR Blaster enables you to control
connected devices with your remote.
Please see “To control connected
devices using the remote” shown below
for more information.
Network Media Player
Connect to your TV
Follow : A to connect to your TV directly.
: B to connect to your TV via AV Receiver
: C if your connection differs from the diagrams below.
A Direct to TV
B To TV via AV Receiver
C Other connection
See Help Guide for other connection patterns.
AV Receiver
HDMI cable (not supplied)
Set Top Box / Personal Video Recorder
HDMI cable (not supplied)
Prepare for Network
Set Top Box / Personal Video Recorder
Connect to the power
source (mains)
Change the TV input
Switch the input selector on the TV
so that the signal from the player
appears on your TV screen.
Then, a screen that shows how to
setup your remote appears.
LAN cable (not supplied)
From your smartphone
HDMI cable (not supplied)
Connect to the power source (mains)
AC power cord (mains lead)
Wireless LAN router*1*2
Broadband router*2
HDMI cable (not supplied)
From your PC
This will only appear the first time you setup your
Start the Initial Setup
Follow the directions for the Initial Setup displayed on screen.
–The screen may stay dark for several seconds after the
Sony logo appears, then the Initial Setup screen appears.
–When the Initial Setup screen (on which a picture of
a player and a hand holding a remote is displayed)
appears, press and hold (Enter) to pair your remote
with the player.
–Complete the Network setup process, otherwise the Initial
Setup Wizard cannot be closed.
–It takes about 15 minutes to complete the Initial Setup.
*1When using wireless connection, you need to set the Network Setup in the Initial Setup Wizard (on step 4).
*2You can find MAC address in the Initial Setup Wizard (step 4) as needed. Select “Explain step” on “Connect to the Internet” screen.
To control connected devices using the remote
This player is equipped with a built-in IR Blaster that accepts remote commands and sends them to various connected devices to control them with your remote. This function works when the player is turned on.
When you set the player close to a connected device (as illustrated on the
right), you can control the device using the remote, including operations such as
adjusting the volume of the TV or an AV Receiver.
However, if you place the player in a location where IR signals cannot reach,
you cannot control connected devices with the built-in IR Blaster. In this case,
connect the supplied IR Blaster as follows:
Connect the IR Blaster cable to the player.
Place the IR Blaster so that the infrared transmitter points to the IR receiver
(sensor) on the device you want to control, as illustrated on the right.
IR Blaster
* Location of the IR receiver may vary depending on the product you are using.
There is no picture (screen is dark).
–Make sure that the AC power cord (mains lead) is securely connected.
The picture from the Set Top Box is not output correctly (via an AV
–Make sure that all the connecting cables are securely connected. (Especially, make sure
HDMI IN and OUT are correctly connected.)
–Make sure that HDMI cables are connected securely to the Set Top Box and to the player.
–Change the input of the TV to display the signal from this player.
–If the picture is still not output correctly, reconnect the TV directly to the player, and connect
AV Receiver and the player with an optical digital cable as illustrated below.
–Make sure that the power indicator is lit up white as illustrated below.
–Turn the Set Top Box off, then turn it on again.
Network Media Player
Power indicator
–Try the following:
HDMI cable*
–Turn the player off and on again.
Optical digital cable*
HDMI cable*
–Turn the connected device off and on again.
–Disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable.
–Disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead) from the player and reconnect it after about
two minutes.
–The HDMI OUT jack is connected to a DVI device that does not support copyright protection
The player cannot connect to the Internet.
–Make sure that the LAN router or Wireless LAN router is on.
–Make sure that the LAN cable is connected correctly when using a wired network
–Check the settings of the LAN router or Wireless LAN router. For details, refer to the
operating instructions supplied with the LAN router or Wireless LAN router.
–Move the player and the Wireless LAN router closer to each other. The Wireless LAN
connection is affected by the surrounding environment (the wall material, radio wave
receiving condition, obstacles between the player and the Wireless LAN router, etc.).
–Move the player away from devices that use a 2.4 GHz frequency band (microwaves,
Bluetooth devices, cordless digital devices, etc.), or turn off such devices. These devices
may interrupt the communication between the player and the Wireless LAN router.
–If you cannot get Wi-Fi over the Internet, please make sure you do not have a LAN cable
connected. The player places priority on a LAN connection over a Wi-Fi connection.
AV Receiver
Set Top Box
*Not supplied
–When this player and the TV are connected with HDMI cables via an AV Receiver, pictures
may not be displayed properly due to the copyright protection feature of some Set Top
Boxes. In this case, contact your Cable/Satellite TV Operators.
The remote does not function.
–Make sure that the batteries are inserted correctly.
–Operate the remote closer to the player.
–Disconnect and reconnect the AC power cord (mains lead).
–Perform re-pairing according to the following procedure.
Press the CONNECT button, located on the bottom of the player, with a thin, sharp
object such as the point of a pen, etc.
Follow the instructions on the screen.
Use a thin, sharp object such as the point of a
pen to press the CONNECT button.
–If the touch-pad of the remote is not operated for a while, it will not sense any attempts at
operations. When you want to use it again, hold the remote up, or after clicking the touchpad, lift your finger off it for a few seconds.
–Do not cover the upper left part of the remote because that is where the antenna is located.
The remote may malfunction or may not work properly if you cover the antenna.
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