Toshiba B-EX4: How to Troubleshoot Paper Jams

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Toshiba B-EX4: How to calibrate THE
Media sensors
Paper jams are a common issue that can be caused by numerous
things such as a miss-aligned media sensor or dirt on the sensor
itself. A common scenario is that a particular label causes a
paper jam when other labels work fine. This guide will help you
adjust the settings on the media sensor on a Toshiba B-EX4.
The media sensor is used to detect a start position for each label
which is determined by measuring the difference in voltage
between the print area (the label itself) and either the backing
paper (sticky labels), or a black registration mark (card), then
setting a threshold value between these two voltages.
Which Sensor to Use?
Reflective Sensor is typically used for continuous media such
as card. Also known as the black mark sensor.
Transmissive Sensor ● is typically used for sticky labels. Also
know as the gap or feed sensor.
Exceptions Certain media may use the opposite sensor such as
wine-glass tags (which are a card stock) use the transmissive
sensor, and clear bag labels which use the reflective sensor.
Reflective Sensor
Media Sensors
Also referred to as the paper sensors or label sensors the
Toshiba B-EX4 actually has two both positioned next to each
other on an arm in between the print head and pinch belt roller
(where the thermal ribbon is fed through).
Transmissive Sensor
How to Adjust the Threshold Voltage
Load the media to be used and ensure the media sensor is in a
suitable position. If printer has paper jammed please clear the
error message.
2. Press the pause key once, then press and hold the pause key
until the display asks to select the reflective or transmissive
sensor (Threshold Setting Mode). Choose the correct sensor for
the loaded media, then press the enter key. Figure 1.
3. Hold down the pause key until 5-10 labels have fed. The media
will continue to be fed until the pause key is released. Figure 2.
4. The threshold voltage has now been automatically set for the
selected sensor and the display will show the result. Figure 3.
5. Press the right key to see the details of the sensor type, peak
voltage, threshold voltage and baseline voltage. Figure 4.
6. To return to the previous display, press the left key. To manually
adjust the threshold, press the right key. The threshold fine
adjustment screen in adjust set menu appears. Set a value and
press the enter key. Figure 5.
7. The display will show the adjusted result after manually setting
the threshold is displayed. Press the restart key to return to
online mode.
Figure 1. Select Sensor
Figure 2. Calibrate Sensor
Figure 3. Calibration Results
Figure 4. Calibration Results
Figure 5. Fine Adjust
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Toshiba B-EX4: How to calibrate THE
MEDIA sensors
What is a Good
Threshold Voltage?
Result OK (Mid) this is the ideal
threshold value between the peak and
baseline values.
Result OK (Low) the threshold is
low so may not work with some
labels. Recommend to fine adjust the
Result OK (High) the threshold is
high so may not work with some
labels. Recommend to fine adjust the
The threshold should be halfway between the peak voltage
(representing the label) and the baseline voltage (representing
the gap between labels). If the threshold is near to either the
peak or baseline it should be manually adjusted to be closer
to the middle. If the threshold is on or below the baseline this
means the selected sensor cannot determine the print position
at all.
Result Fail the media sensor may
register a threshold value but it is
insignificant and the sensor cannot
detect the difference between media.
Recommend to perform a Sensor
Result Fail detection by the media
sensor is disabled. Recommend to
perform a Sensor Adjust.
Sensor Adjust
If the setting the threshold voltage results in a fail or the printer
continues to paper jam another process to try is to register the
voltage of the media itself. This requires to enter a different
mode on the printer so it has to be done separately from the
setting the threshold.
How to Register the Media Voltage
Turn the printer off then turn on while holding the pause key and
feed key this will enter System Mode. System mode can also be
selected by holding the mode key instead of pause and feed.
Scroll down to item <5> Sensor Adjust and press enter.
Select either Reflect, Trans or PE Refl./Trans and press and hold
the enter key for three seconds. The display will state Adjust
Which Sensor to Adjust?
Reflect is used to register the voltage of the continuous media
with the reflective sensor.
Trans is used to register the voltage of the backing paper with
the transmissive sensor. Ensure labels are removed from the
backing paper underneath the media sensor.
PE Refl./Trans. is used register the voltage with no media at all
(this is sometimes used to help print wine-glass tags). Remove
the media from underneath the sensor.
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