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Preamps and Channel strips Preamps and Channel
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Microphone Preamps
Preamps and
Channel strips
Is digital audio cold and sterile? Is analog audio all
warm and fuzzy? That’s a debate that will probably
go on for years to come. But what’s certain is that
a high quality, dedicated mic preamp will deliver a
superior quality
recording. While
it’s true that the
average preamp
in most mixers
is quite good,
nothing beats the sound of a great preamp matched
with a really fine microphone.
Many engineers and audio professionals actually
think of different preamps in terms of their “tonal
colors,” much as an artist chooses a particular shade
of blue or red. A premium mic preamp with vacuum
tubes will sound quite different from one with a
solid-state design. Some preamps even offer dynamics
processing, equalization, and some are designed with
their own A/D converters onboard.
Here at Sweetwater, we carry what must be
considered the very finest selection of preamps
and channel strips available today from the top
manufacturers. What’s more, our Sales Engineers
have the real-world knowledge to match your specific
needs to the best possible preamp.
ISA 428
4-channel Preamp with Selectable Input Impedance
Focusrite’s ISA 428 Pre Pack is a 4-channel preamp with Focusrite’s warm-yet-transparent sound and incredible
bandwidth. The extremely low noise floor and 60dB of gain are impressive, but it’s the 10Hz to 200kHz frequency
response that you’ll hear when you record high-definition audio! A new Soft Limiter prevents any digital overs to
minimize distortion. The optional ISA 428 ACD A/D converter transmits eight channels at up to 24-bit/192kHz.
Specs: 4-ch • solid-state • Analog in: 4 x TS, 4 x XLR, 4 x TRS, 4 x send, 4 x XLR (ADC) • Analog out: 4 x XLR, 4 x return • phantom power
ONLY $51/mo.
Pre Pack with 4 Rupert Neve-designed Transformer-based Mic/Instrument Preamps ................................................................ List 1999
24-bit/192kHz Digital Expansion board for Focusrite ISA 428 Pre Pack ...................................................................................... List $69999
8-channel Mic Preamp with Individual Compressor/Limiters
OctoPre’s eight mic preamps use solid-state Class A design with the same philosophy as the legendary Red and
ISA series to deliver detail and clarity without coloration. The first two “super channels” also feature phase reverse
and front-panel TRS jacks for quick and easy DI-free instrument connection. DAW users, check out OctoPre’s digital
options: The ADAT interface provides 8-channel digital outputs at 24-bit/96kHz resolution. The Multi interface has
ADAT plus AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs. Both have word clock inputs.
ONLY $24/mo.
Specs: 8-channel • solid-state • Analog in: 8 x XLR, 8-ch 25-pin, 2 x TRS • Analog out: 8-ch 25-pin • phantom power • comp/limiter
8-channel Microphone Preamp with Individual Compressor/Limiters.............................................................................................. List 999
OctoPreADAT OctoPre Lightpipe A-D Option .............. List $24999 $19999
OctoPreAES Breakout Cables for OctoPre.................................
OctoPreMulti AES-EBU/ADAT/S/PDIF A-D Option ..... List $34999 $32999
OctoPreSPDIF Breakout Cables for OctoPre.................................
MiniMe 2-ch Pre/A/D Converter................List $99500
MiniMeUSB 2-ch USB Pre/A/D Converter ...............List $119500
2-ch Portable Mic Preamp .....................List $99500
MiniCase Bag for Mini Processors ........................................
$ 95
See the DigiDesign
DigiPre on page 129!
8-channel Mic Preamp with Auto-switching Front and Rear Inputs
dia o
me nli
ne at
Specs: Mini-Me • 2-ch • solid-state • In: 2 x XLR/TRS/hi-Z • phantom
power • Out: 1/8" hdphn • Dig out: AES/EBU (XLR), S/PDIF (coax) •
24-bit/96kHz • comp/limiter • Impedance: 1600 ohms • USB (Mini-Me USB)
ONLY $27/mo.
OctoPre LE
For the engineer on the go
who needs the best
sounding preamp in
a compact package,
Apogee offers
the Mini-Me. Its
XLR/TRS connectors can
accept anything
from mic to line
level, and feed two channels of top-notch
24-bit/96kHz A/D conversion with stereo AES/EBU and
S/PDIF outs. Built-in Soft Limit and Push-IT comp/limiter
circuits can both beef up your sound and protect you
from digital clipping. The Mini-Me USB adds a USB
port for computer connection and can even
simultaneously send digital audio at different sample
rates to its AES/EBU and USB audio ports! Use either with
the MiniDAC (see page 171) for an integrated mobile
system. If you’re looking for a portable 2-channel mic
pre without the A/D converter, the Mini-MP delivers two
world-class preamps.
w a t e r. c o
2-channel Preamp with
Focusrite designed OctoPre LE for budget-conscious studios that don’t require some of the original OctoPre’s
features, yet desire an excellent-sounding multi-channel front end. The OctoPre LE provides eight channels of pristine
Focusrite preamps, including two “super channels” that offer mic impedance matching and instrument DI inputs.
Auto-switching front- and rear-panel inputs and total control of the digital I/O from the front panel allow the unit to
remain racked and patched, with every I/O option available at the flick of a switch. With the optional ADAT card, you
can use the ADAT I/O on your gear along with word clock I/O (including 256x clock for Pro Tools) for studio sync.
Specs: 8-ch • solid-state • Analog in: 8 x XLR, 2 x TRS (front) • phantom power • comp/limiter
ONLY $18/mo.
8-ch Mic Preamp .............................................................................................................................................................. List 699
A/D/A Card for OctoPreLE .................................................................................................................................................. List $24999
Red 1
Four Matched-channel Mic Preamp with Stepped Gain Controls
When our most discerning customers want the smoothest, sweetest mic preamps possible, we recommend Focusrite’s
Red 1. The Red 1 offers four channels of perfectly matched mic preamps that employ the same topology as the fabled
ISA 215. The result is what many consider the most revealing yet forgiving mic amp available. With low noise and a
smooth, detailed sound across its very wide bandwidth, the Red 1 is ideal for premium ribbon, tube, and condenser
mics. Each channel offers phantom power, phase reverse, and an illuminated VU meter.
Specs: 4 ch • solid-state • Analog in: 4 x XLR • Analog out: 4 x XLR • phantom power • Impedance: 1200 ohms
ONLY $84/mo.
4 Matched-Channel Mic Preamp with Phantom Power and Stepped Gain Controls.................................................................... List 3299
Microphone Preamps
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Solid-state Stereo Mic Preamp with Front-panel DI
2-channel Classic Tube Preamp with Tone Switches
A Designs Audio has recently emerged in the forefront of insider audio to rave reviews:
“Stunning sound quality with serious bass response and a warm, airy top,” and
“Absolutely incredible” are just some of the comments. The MP-2A is an input and
output transformer-equipped, classic tube preamp with tone switches that give you
four unique, world-class colors per channel — a first in pro audio preamps. With no
solid-state devices to color the signal path, its sonic signature comes from pure tubes,
film capacitors, custom transformers, and handcrafted point-to-point wiring. For use
with the modern crop of ribbon mics, the MP-2A provides 60dB of gain along with
a 48V phantom power switch, phase switch, a big VU meter, a -20dB pad, and a hi-Z
DI instrument input. True to A Designs Audio’s build philosophy, “Making Pro Audio
Affordable,” the MP-2A is comparable to much more expensive tube preamps and
excels in every application from bass to guitars to vocals to drum mics and more.
Specs: 2-ch • all-tube • 28Hz-60kHz •
In: 2 x XLR, 1/4" • Out: 2 x XLR
ONLY $66/mo.
2-ch Tube Mic Pre/DI ..........List $245000
In the early days of large-format recording consoles, there were but three companies
that dominated the studios; Neve, API, and a name that only the elite of insiders know,
Quad Eight, which was considered by many to be the best sounding of the three. (Pink
Floyd’s The Wall and Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” were mixed on Quad Eight). The
A Designs Audio Pacifica recaptures the magical Quad Eight sound with a preamp
unlike any you have heard before. Nominated for the Mix Magazine 2006 TEC award,
the Pacifica features all analog, custom-wound input and output transformers (built by
hand and by ear of the son of the original Quad Eight designer), two front-panel hi-Z
inputs designed to go direct into the input transformer for the fullest sound, 72dB gain
(ribbon mics welcome), a -20dB pad, polarity reverse, and phantom power. Giving you
all the tools you need for great vocal sound, the Pacifica also offers extraordinary tone
to today’s guitar, bass, and keyboard players. If you’re a studio that can only afford one
really good preamp, give the Pacifica some serious consideration.
Specs: 2-ch • solid-state • Freq Resp: 9Hz-101kHz •In: 2 x 1/4" hi-Z, XLR (bal) • Out: 2 x XLR
• 48V phantom • 72dB gain
2-ch Solid-state Mic Pre/DI.List 1995
ONLY $54/mo.
GML 8302
Transformerless 2-channel Microphone Preamp
All-tube, 2-channel Microphone Preamp/Instrument DI
Designed with the utmost attention to detail, the Tube-Tech MP 1A preamp makes an
excellent addition to any studio, with one of the smoothest, silkiest sounds you’ve ever
heard! This combined dual microphone preamplifier/DI contains two independent
amplifiers for microphones and instruments. The mic inputs are balanced, providing
switchable 48V phantom power and a switchable -20dB pad. Gain is adjustable in 5dB
steps from +20dB to +70dB. The DI inputs are unbalanced with gain ranging from
+10dB to +60dB. Providing that silky-warm sound that can make almost any mic
sound like a million dollars, the amplifiers on the MP 1A are all-tube, and the heaters
are fed DC-voltage to avoid hum. All transformers (except the main transformer)
are enclosed in mu-metal cans. Input and output transformers come with a static
screen between primary and secondary wirings. Delivering quality construction, the
microphone inputs and outputs are balanced, and fully floating.
Specs: 2-ch • all-tube • 5Hz-60kHz •
In: 2 x 1/4", 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR
ONLY $83/mo.
2-ch Tube Mic Pre .................................
From the legendary George Massenburg Labs comes the GML 8302 2-channel
microphone preamplifier, a stereo version of the famed 8300 mic pre, considered a
world standard for studio and demanding live performance use. The GML 8302 lives up
to the George Massenburg reputation with sound quality that owns the word “pristine!”
Its all-discrete, bipolar transistor circuit topology is completely transformerless with
no FETs, ICs, or electrolytic capacitors in the signal path. From 15dB up to a whopping
70dB of amplification, the 8302’s input gain is selectable in precise 5dB steps. It
accommodates all input sources from low output ribbon mics through semi-pro
keyboards to super-hot inserts. A +24dBv clip indicator and switchable phantom power
are built in. The 8302 is hand-built and calibrated in limited production quantities
using selected components. The 4-channel GML 8304 is otherwise identical to the
8302. Since internal power supplies can contribute noise and shorten component life,
both the 8302 and 8304 require an external 8355 power supply.
ONLY $60/mo.
Specs: 8302 2-ch • solid-state
• In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • 1U
8304 4-ch • In: 4 x XLR• Out: 4
x XLR • 1U
2-ch Mic Preamp ......................List $210000
4-channel Mic Preamp ...............List $290000
8200, 8302, 8304 PSU ................List $52500
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AD 2022
2-channel Class “A” Microphone Preamp
Used on numerous multi-platinum albums, the AD2022 is Avalon’s fourth generation
of fully discrete, symmetrical Pure Class A microphone preamplifiers. The AD2022
incorporates the most advanced high-performance microphone transformer available.
Split low-ratio primary windings are carefully combined within a custom mu-metal
core for extended smooth frequency response and very low distortion. The dual mono
AD2022 includes the original sonic capabilities and transparency of the M2, M22, and
M5 preamplifiers plus several additional features, including selectable microphone
source loading for optimized cable/mic matching, improved high-voltage Class A
regulated power supplies, two hi-Z instrument inputs, and variable-passive high-pass
filter. In the low end, the AD 2022 is crystal clear with ultrafast transients — overall, its
smooth musical character is something that simply must be experienced.
Specs: 2-ch • solid-state • In: 2 x
XLR, 2 x DI • Out: 2 x XLR. Impedance:
Variable • High-pass filter • 2U
ONLY $90/mo.
2-ch Mic Preamp ................List $330000
Mono Microphone Preamp
with Direct Instrument Input
The Avalon M5 Pure Class A
microphone preamplifier is one of the most musical, low-noise full-function preamplifiers available today. Designed to optimize absolute signal integrity, the M5 combines
an advanced transformer input stage with twin high-performance Class A cascade FET
and bipolar discrete amplifiers for sonic excellence. The M5 is ideal for vocals, adding
sparkle to acoustic guitar, and as an active DI input for direct recording bass, guitars, and
Specs: 1-channel • solid-state • In:
1 x XLR, 1 x B&K 4000, 2 x DI • Out:
1 x XLR. Impedance: 1,500 ohms
ONLY $48/mo.
Mono Mic Preamp ...............List $175000
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Microphone Preamps
Onyx 800R
8-channel Preamp with 192kHz Digital Outputs
Looking to add eight premium mic preamps to your audio setup? The Onyx 800R is equipped with Mackie’s amazing Onyx mic preamps. They’re clear and extremely detailed,
with a full-spectrum sound. The 800R is ideal for direct tracking to DAW, plus, it’s a great preamp expander for any analog or digital mixer! It supports sample rates up to 192kHz
and accepts external clock sources too. Channels one and two feature variable impedance controls, channels seven and
ONLY $30/mo.
eight offer hi-Z instrument inputs.
Specs: 8-ch • solid-state • 192kHz • In: 8 x XLR, 8 x DB-25, 2 x DI • Dig I/O: ADAT, AES/EBU, S/PDIF • 20Hz-30kHz • 1U
2-channel Stereo Tube Preamp
Single-channel All-tube Microphone/Instrument Preamp
The ViPRE can help you get sounds out of your mics that have eluded you up until
now. This unique single-channel preamp can sweeten a shrill vocal or add edge to a
weak attack. The 8-tube ViPRE features a fully balanced signal path with 75dB total gain
via precision stepped attenuators, four variable transformer impedances, two balancedbridged inputs, a precise VU meter with five viewing options, and separate +4dB and
ONLY $84/mo.
-10dB transformer outputs.
Specs: 1 ch • tube •In: 1 x XLR, 1 x
TRS, 1 x DI • Out: 1 x XLR, 2 x TRS • 3U
8-ch Rackmount Preamp .....List $129999
Tube Mic Preamp ................List 3499
Dual 72
Groove Tubes presents the SuPRE, a 2-channel stereo microphone and instrument
preamplifier. Using four GT pentode/triode dual-element vacuum tubes, the SuPRE
provides 72dB of gain. The SuPRE possesses variable impedance inputs for microphone
optimization, and accepts mic, line, and instrument signals. Illuminated VU meters
adorn the front panel so you can keep an eye on your levels.
Specs: SuPRE 2-ch • tube • I/O:
2 x XLR, 2 x TRS
ONLY $44/mo.
Stereo Tube Mic Pre ................List 1799
Robbie the
Mic Pre
2-channel Class A
Microphone Preamp
Vintech has already made quite
a name for themselves in the
audio world creating faithful reproductions of vintage Neve gear.
Class A Mic and Instrument
The Dual 72 is a 2-channel Class A, all-discrete, transformer-balanced microphone
preamplifier. It’s built with the same basic circuit design and components as the classic
Neve 1272 module. This unit features input attenuator, output level adjustment, and
St. Ives input and output transformers. Each channel has phase and phantom power
switches along with LED output level display. A good amount of that classic Neve
transformer-based color, along with detailed reproduction, make this a nice choice for
studios with big budgets as well as a small studio looking to add a quality dual mic pre.
All of the technical quality and design
innovation that goes into Blue’s line of award-winning microphones has been
engineered into making Robbie the Mic Pre one of the finest Class A discrete
hybrid tube preamps available on the market. Robbie is one of the quietest and most
detailed preamps we’ve ever heard. It provides you with the best of solid-state and
tube technology: an electronically balanced, fully discrete input stage, a tube gain stage
(ECC88 twin triode), and an electronically balanced solid-state output stage.
Specs: 2-ch • solid-state • In 2 x
XLR • Out: 2 x XLR
ONLY $41/mo.
2-ch Class A Mic Preamp ....List 1595
Specs: 1-channel • tube • In: 1 x
XLR, 1 x 1/4" hi-Z instrument • Out:
1 x XLR, 1 x TRS • 10Hz-100kHz
ONLY $30/mo.
Class A Tube Preamp ...........List 1299
207 Digital
2-channel Tube Mic and Instrument Preamplifier with 24/96 A/D
Mic Preamp with Variable
Input Impedance
The audiophile-quality 207 Digital preamp combines a low-noise, transformerless
solid-state first stage, the patented and award-winning Reflected Plate Amplifier™ tube
circuit second stage, and 24/96 A/D converters. The 207D also features MicLim™, a
patented circuit that provides up to 20dB of gain reduction, making the 207D virtually
impervious to clipping. The RPA tube circuit offers all the sonic benefits of conventional
circuits without their drawbacks. Tracks that go through the 207D have greater
presence and dimensionality, making them easier to mix. The 207 Digital will reveal the
subtlety and power of vintage condensers, ribbons, electrets, and dynamic mics.
The Summit Audio 2BA-221 is so cool
that many engineers and producers consider it to be a “secret weapon.” The 2BA-221
not only offers continuously variable input impedance for mic matching, it also features
variable tube output levels to give you exactly the harmonic richness you want. The
mic, line, and hi-Z inputs utilize separate solid-state input controls so you can mix the
microphone input with the hi-Z or line input into the variable vacuum tube output.
Route them together through the 12AX7A/ECC83 tube output or solid-state output.
Makes a great channel combined with a TLA-50 (p. 341)!
Specs: 2-ch • tube/sld-st • In: 2 x
XLR & DI, 2 x insert • Out: 2 x XLR
& TRS, • S/PDIF and AES/EBU at
24-bit/96kHz • word clock I/O
Specs: 1-ch • solid-state/tube
• In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS, 1 x DI
(front panel), 1 x insert • Out: 1 x
ONLY $15/mo.
2-ch Tube Mic Preamp...........List $59900
ONLY $19/mo.
1-ch Mic/Line Preamp ..........List $69500
Microphone Preamps
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“The phone call, the personal service, and the assignment of a
company rep were all shockers. Way to go.” — David Boone
8-channel Mic Preamp with Selectable Input
2-channel Tube Preamp with EQ
We brought this preamp into Sweetwater Studios for
some important projects, and it made us sit up and say,
“Wow!” The 2-610 is based on the Bill Putnam-designed
610 console preamp that has left its mark on classic
recordings from Sinatra to Van Halen. It will make you
feel as if you have a whole new mic collection! A ribbon
mic takes on unexpectedly huge dimensions when
coupled with the 2-610, with a powerful, dominating
mid-bass. Even an inexpensive dynamic mic can sound
amazingly rich, airy, and expensive. This magic is
partly due to variable input impedance, which lets you
optimize preamp to mic. High and low shelving EQ
offers switchable boost and cut up to 9dB. It’s ideal for
tracking in conjunction with an 1176LN FET compressor.
Whether you’re running pure analog or seeking to
enhance your digital audio workstation, the 2-610 will
bring classic tube character to your recording.
Specs: 2-610 2-channel • tube • In: 2 x XLR mic, 2 x XLR line, 2 x 1/4" DI
(front panel) • Out: 2 x XLR • 20Hz-20kHz • HF/LF boost/cut EQ
ONLY $60/mo.
2-ch Tube Mic Preamp ...............................
Perfection truly is in the details, and Universal Audio
now offers their Precision Series microphone
preamplifiers for the audio perfectionist who needs the
absolute best in sonic quality with no compromises.
These preamps provide premium Class A, all-discrete
amplification with high headroom. No capacitors are
used in the signal path so there’s no phase distortion
or other degradation in audio quality, while overall
image stability is improved. The 8110 has the flexibility
to go from ultra-clean and transparent, to warm and
“crunchy” via a front-panel switchable transformer
loading or “Shape” control. The lightning-fast transient
response, wide dynamic range, and frequency response
may change the way you think about preamps!
Choose the 8-channel 8110 or the 4-channel 4110.
Every channel features dedicated gain and level
controls, input and output metering, and dual input
impedance selection.
Specs: 8110 8-channel • solid-state • In: 8 x XLR (mic), 8 x XLR (line)
• Out: 8 x XLR 4110 4 channels • solid-state • In: 4 x XLR (mic), 4 x XLR
(line) • Out: 4 x XLR
8-ch Class A Mic Preamp ..........................
4-ch Class A Mic Preamp ..........................
SOLO/610 & SOLO/110
Portable Tube or Solid-state Preamp/DI
The brand new SOLO/610 and SOLO/110 mic
preamp/DI boxes from Universal Audio bring the best
of their preamp designs to a single-channel format.
The SOLO series features the solid build and audiophile
components that define UA quality. They use a portable
form factor for convenient placement in the control
room or recording room, stage or desktop. Choose
either the all-tube SOLO/610 or the SOLO/110 (from
the mighty 8110) for lightning-fast transients and sheer
tonal versatility — ultra-clean to crunchy Class A.
ONLY $150/mo.
Specs: 610 tube • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x DI 110 solid-state • 1 x XLR, 1 x DI
ONLY $24/mo.
Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre ....................
Precision Class A Mic Pre ..........................
Dual Mono Mic Preamplifier
2-channel Tube/Solid-state Preamp
2-channel Tube Microphone/Instrument Preamp
The Manley TNT is a new concept in microphone preamplification designed for those
who don’t always need stereo, often need choices, and must have the best at all times.
The TNT is a 2-channel mic pre that combines one channel of the standard-setting
SLAM! (p. 337) with a second channel that’s a fresh, solid-state design inspired by the
old British console preamps. Both channels are designed around the basic goal of “just
plug a mic in and it sounds great.” The tube channel excels on traditionally difficult
sources such as bright guitars, reeds, brass, cymbals, and some vocals. The “No Tubes”
channel is more suited for
ONLY $81/mo.
00 smoother vocals, drums,
bass, and raunchy guitars.
TNT 2-ch Tube/Solid-state Pre ..................List $300000
The Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifier is hand-wired using silver solder
and audiophile-grade components. Its all-tube design is intended for use with
modern condenser microphones. Variable feedback is selectable in precise
5dB steps, which allows you to change the slew rate (speed), placement, and
tonal balance of the sound from mellow and “tubey” all the way to fast, punchy,
and aggressive. The Manley Mono Microphone Preamplifier is a singlechannel version.
ONLY $65/mo.
Specs: Dual Mono 2-ch • tube •
In: 2 x XLR, 2 x DI •Out: 2 x XLR, 2
x TS • 1U Mono 1 channel • In: 1
x XLR, 1 x DI •Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x TS
Dual Mono Mic Preamp .......List $240000
Mono Mic Preamp ................List $160000
Transformerless, High Dynamic Range Pre
You know if the name Neumann (U.S. distributors of
TRUE) is going to be associated with someone, they
have to be at the very top of their game. That’s why
we’re thrilled about P-SOLO, an affordable singlechannel microphone/instrument preamplifier. P-SOLO
features an identical preamp design to the acclaimed
Precision 8 and P2Analog mic preamps, which are
noted for stunning sonic detail and neutral, but
musical, character. The instrument input (DI) provides
exceptional articulation, presence, and depth from
electric instruments.
ONLY $18/mo.
1-ch Microphone Preamp ......List 749
Specs: sld-state •5Hz-500kHz In:
1 x XLR, TRS • Out: 2 x XLR
Precision 8
8-channel Microphone Preamp with two Instrument Inputs
The True Systems Precision 8, with its sonically pure design, is a no-compromise
choice for state-of-the-art audio capture in analog and digital studios. The Precision 8
provides detailed, transparent performance, very low noise and distortion, as well as
high headroom. The P2Analog is one of the cleanest preamps we have ever heard,
adding no discernable noise.
Specs: 8-ch • solid-state •
1.5Hz-500kHz • In: 8 x XLR, 2 x TRS
• Out: 8 x TRS, 8 x DB25 • 1U P2
2-ch • In: 2 x DI, 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x
XLR • 1.5Hz-500kHz • 1U
ONLY $78/mo.
8-channel Mic Preamp ........List $324999
2-channel Mic Preamp ..........List $199999
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Microphone Preamps
ADL 600
“PreSonus was kind enough to let me borrow the
prototype of the ADL 600 for the recording of Sonny
Landreth’s Grant Street album. I was blown away
by the sound — big, 3-dimensional ‘vintage’ tube
flavor, but with an incredibly open top end and gobs
of headroom.”
Hand-made, Class A Tube Preamp
The ADL 600 by PreSonus, is a 2-channel tube preamp, hand-built in the USA and designed by world-renowned
Anthony DeMaria, designer of some of the finest all-tube products for the biggest names in the audio industry.
The ADL 600 was designed to deliver the widest frequency range, highest headroom, lowest noise, and most
musically balanced performance possible. Lows are deep and solid, and highs are smooth and silky. Every
component was hand-selected by Anthony and scrupulously tested to maximize tonality and performance.
Make room in your rack for this one!
ONLY $60/mo.
2-ch Tube Preamp ...............List $229595
Specs: DigiMAX FS 8-ch • 96k • In: 8 x XLR/TRS • Out: 8 x TRS Dig out: ADAT DigiMAX 96 8-channel • 96k In: 8 x
XLR/TRS, 2 x DI • Out: 8 x TRS • Dig out: ADAT, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, WC I/O • EQ • limiter DigiMAX LT 96k In: 8 x XLR,
8 x TRS, 2 x DI • Out: 8 x TRS
ONLY $18/mo.
• Dig out: ADAT, AES/EBU,
S/PDIF, WC I/O • EQ • limiter
DigiMaxFS 8-ch Mic Preamp w/96kHz Digital Output ... List $79995
8-channel, Class A Microphone Preamp with Saturation Control
If you’re looking for a way to mix multiple mics down to a stereo track, this multichannel preamp does the job! The M80 gives you eight Class A mic/line inputs plus
extra features that will surprise you. It’s also a great way to record a drumkit into a
stereo audio interface such as an Mbox 2 Pro (see page 132).
Specs: 8-ch • solid-state • In: 8
x XLR/TRS • Out: 8 x XLR, 2 x TRS
10Hz-60kHz • Impedance: 1.3k
Ohm • 2U
ONLY $54/mo.
8-ch Mic/Line Preamp ........List 2295
w a t e r. c o
The PreSonus MP20 is a preamp with a useful extra. Besides its dual Class A discrete
mic preamps with built-in -20dB pads and 80Hz low-cut filters, it includes a pan
control for each channel and stereo master outs, giving you a “mix bus” for mixerfree recording. Using circuits drawn from the acclaimed M80, the MP20 features
the unique, even harmonic distortion system that lets you add tube and tape-style
saturation to each input for that classic, coveted “warm” sound. A hi-Z instrument
input lets you plug in a guitar or bass.
2-channel, Low-noise, High-headroom Tube Preamp
2-channel Mic Preamp ..........List 699
Specs: 2-ch • solid-state • In: 2 x
XLR, 2 x send/return • Out: 4 x XLR
• 10Hz-60kHz • Impedance: 1.3k
ohms • 1U
Mono Mic/Inst Pre Amp............List 695
High-gain Ribbon Mic Preamp.....List $69500
ONLY $10/mo.
2-channel Mic Preamp
with Audiophile Sound Quality
Specs: DP 2-ch • tube/solid-state
• In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, 2 x DI • Out:
2 x XLR, 2 x TRS PRE 1-ch • tube
• In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TS • Out: 1 x XLR,
1 x TS • Imp: 1.3k ohms • 1/3U
1-channel Preamp with DI
ONLY $17/mo.
PreSonus’ BlueTUBE DP is a phantom-powered 2-channel, low-noise, high-headroom
preamp that gives you the choice of tube or solid-state circuits plus the ability to “dial
in” the degree of tube warmth you want. The 1-channel TubePRE delivers low-noise
gain control and tube warmth for vocals, guitars, bass, synths, and sound modules. It
noticeably outperforms the preamps in many low-cost mixers.
model 101
The Grace model 101
uses the same fast, musical
transimpedance amplifier architecture as the
venerable 201, fully balanced, transformerless, with no electrolytic capacitors in the
signal path, and an extended-range input that’s great for sensitive mics. The extended
dynamic range and incredible bandwidth are much more than just fancy specs when
you actually hear the beauty of the 101. The 101 Ribbon offers the ultra-low noise
and 70dB of gain needed to meet the demands of ribbon mics. Clearly, the model 101
is an outstanding value for recordists who need open, transparent sound regardless of
musical style.
dia o
me nli
Dual Class A Discrete Mic Preamp
ONLY $15/mo.
ne at
w a t e r. c o
8-ch Mic Preamp w/96kHz Digital Output .. List $169995
8-ch Preamp w/Lightpipe ............................ List $99995
The biggest disadvantage of many of the current FireWire interfaces is the lack of
built-in mic pres. However, with PreSonus’ new DigiMAX FS you get eight Class A
microphone preamps w/trim control, 24-bit/96k ADAT I/O, along with direct outs and
inserts on each channel, making it a perfect complement for your FireWire interface.
The DigiMAX 96 adds EQ and limiting, while the DigiMAX LT operates at 48kHz.
dia o
me nli
ne at
8-channel Preamp with 96kHz Lightpipe I/O
Specs: 2-ch • tube • In: XLR mic, XLR line, instrument • Out: XLR • 5Hz-80kHz • variable input impedance • -20dB pad
— David Klausner, Sales Engineer, Ext. 1314
Specs: 101 1-ch • In: 1 x XLR •
Out: 1 x XLR • 4.5Hz-390kHz • Imp:
1600 Ohms • 1/2U 101 RV Gain:
70dB • I/O: XLR, 1/4" balanced
2-ch Dual Tube/Solid-state Preamp.....List $22995
Mono Tube Mic Preamp ............List $12995
Built with an absolute commitment to audio performance and reliability, the Grace
model 201 is truly a timeless combination of art and technology. Using the same
critically acclaimed circuitry as the now-classic model 801 eight-channel microphone
preamplifier, the model 201 delivers stunning audio performance in a 2-channel
package. Successor to the 801, the new m801 represents a new standard in for
multi-channel mic preamps. A fully balanced signal path from start to finish provides a
dynamic range improvement of up to 3dB over that of the 801, plus, it can drive audio
lines upward of 1,500 feet without audio quality loss. With its new ribbon mic switching
feature, ribbon mic users can now simply plug ‘em in and go.
Specs: 201 2-ch • solid-state • 2
x XLR I/O • 4.5Hz-1.0MHz • 1U
m801 8-ch • solid-state
• In: 8 x XLR • Out: 16 x XLR
ONLY $56/mo.
2-ch Mic Preamp ....................List $199500
8-ch Mic Preamp .....................List $489500
Microphone Preamps
(800) 222-4700
Low-cost Mic Preamp with Tube Drive Control
Eight-channel Mic Pre with 8 x 2 Mixer and Balanced I/O
The VTB-1 is a value-priced tube mic pre with a warm yet transparent character on
vocals. Incorporating true Class A/B switching, the VTB-1 is a totally discrete circuit.
With its instrument input, it’s also great for use as a tube direct box for any instrument.
Another thing that people love about the VTB-1 is its Tube Drive control. It provides
continuously variable input voltage to the 12AX7 tube, giving you an entire spectrum of
rich harmonics that you can add to your signal. The variable tube circuit is especially
well suited for adding warmth and punch to vocals — simply dial in the perfect
amount with the Tube Drive control. Run any mic through the VTB-1 and you’ll hear the
difference. The VTB-1 is a must-have for any project studio.
Studio Projects has addressed the needs of the audio interface user and remote
recordist with the introduction of the SP828, an amazingly affordable 8-channel
preamp housed in a 1U 19" rack. Each channel offers: 48V phantom power, a phase
reverse switch, solo switch, and mic/line switch, plus there are separate peak and
signal present indicators. The SP828 defaults to a 20dB pad for recording hotter
signals without clipping, along with gain, level, and pan controls. The SP828 has an
expansion in/out jack to allow for cascading up to four SP828’s together to get up to
32 inputs where all 32 inputs bus to the L/R mix out, and there are 32 direct outputs
for recording.
Specs: 1-ch • solid-state/tube • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x DI • Out: 1 x XLR. • Impedance: 300 ohms & 2k ohms
• high-pass filter
ONLY $10/mo.
Specs: 8-channel • solid-state • 20Hz -20kHz • Gain range: 10dB to 65dB In: 8 x 1/4"/XLR Out: 11 x 1/4" •
Insert: 2 x TRS • Pad: -25dB • Phase reverse • Phantom power • Impedance: 2.5k ohms •
ONLY $22/mo.
Dims: 17.2" x 5.8" x 1.75" • 1U
Mono Mic Preamp .................List $21999
Audio Buddy
2-channel Mic Pre and
Instrument DI
The Audio Buddy gives you
two independent channels,
each with a balanced XLR
mic input with switchable
phantom power, and a
high-impedance instrument
input that accepts guitars,
basses, and other instrument
sources. Balanced or
unbalanced analog outputs on
TRS jacks let you connect to any mixer or
sound card. A gain control with signal and clipping LEDs lets
you monitor and prevent overs. The Audio Buddy doesn’t fall short in the specifications
area, either — frequency response is a remarkable 5Hz-50kHz!
Specs: 2-ch • solid-state • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x DI • Out: 2 x TRS. • Imp: 1k ohms
2-ch Mic Preamp/DI Box .......List 119
8-ch Mic Pre/8 x 2 Mixer ......List $95900
2-channel Microphone Preamp
The DMP3’s amazing
20Hz-100kHz frequency
response makes it ideal
for today’s 96kHz digital
recording work, and the
TRS outputs are great for
connecting to virtually any
computer audio interface!
You get exceptional
dynamic range to capture
all the nuances of your music, plus a healthy 66dB of gain. With two channels featuring
phantom-powered mic inputs and high-impedance line ins, this unit makes a great
instrument direct box, too. The output stage will deliver up to 22dBV, and each channel
also has a phase reverse switch.
Specs: 2-channel • solid-state • In:
2 x XLR, 2 x DI • Out: 2 x TRS. •
Impedance: 3k ohms • high-pass filter
ONLY $10/mo.
2-ch Mic Pre/Direct Box ........List $19995
8-channel Mic Pre with ADAT Lightpipe
Tube Mic Preamp with 24-bit/96kHz A/D Converter
This incredibly useful box packs eight mic preamps with phantom power, eight line
inputs, two hi-Z front-panel instrument ins, and more, PLUS 24-bit A/D conversion and
ADAT lightpipe into a 2U rackspace. The 8-channel Octane preamp is a fantastic front
end for your multitrack digital recording system, or it works great as a standalone pre.
The award-winning M-Audio preamp technology provides transparent sound with plenty
of headroom and frequency response. Channels 7 and 8 can be set up for M-S matrix
encoding so you can easily record in stereo. Octane even has direct analog outs for
each channel, making it the perfect upgrade for any audio interface or mixer.
Samson’s C•valve is an excellent choice if you need a mic preamp with some
character to spice up your DAW tracks but don’t yet have the budget for a major audio
interface. It includes 24-bit A/D conversion with a S/PDIF output to connect to most
computer audio cards. Phantom power, phase reverse, and a peak limiter equip you
for any input situation. A low-cut filter removes rumble, and an “Enhance” circuit
boosts highs to help you shape the tone of your input. Use the variable tube control to
coax those pleasing harmonics out of the time-tested 12AX7 tube for just the degree
of warmth that suits your track best. The C•valve also features a channel insert for
connecting outboard gear.
Specs: 8-ch • solid-state • In: 8 x XLR, 8 x TRS • Out: 8 x TRS • Dig out: ADAT, WC • 24-bit/48kHz • Impedance:
2.85k ohms
ONLY $18/mo.
8-ch Mic Pre w/Lightpipe......List $74995
Specs: 1-ch • tube • In: 1 x XLR, 1
x TRS, 1 x send • Out: 1 x TRS, 1 x
return • S/PDIF • 24-bit/96kHz
Mono Tube Mic Preamp .........List $12499
Digital MPA
MPA Gold
2-channel Tube Preamp with Variable Impedance and Digital Output
The Digital MPA’s unique circuitry utilizes two 12AX7A vacuum tubes and renders
unsurpassed sonic detail and clarity with the broadest range of microphones. The
variable impedance input allows you to tune the MPA to your microphone, and then
output it with 192kHz digital clarity.
ONLY $12/mo.
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Microphone Preamps
2-ch Mic Pre w/Dig Out ........List $53900
Specs: 2-ch • tube • In: 2 x XLR,
2 x TRS, 2 x DI • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x
TS • Dig out: AES, ADAT, S/PDIF •
The ART MPA Gold performs to incredibly high standards, and its tone, functionality,
and performance will satisfy even the most discerning user. Like the Digital MPA, the
MPA Gold features Variable Input Impedance. Variation of the input impedance of
a microphone preamplifier changes the load against which the microphone has to
push. This variation dramatically alters the performance of a microphone, and creates
numerous sonic possibilities.
ONLY $10/mo.
Specs: 2-channel • tube • In: 2 x
XLR, 2 x DI (front panel) • Out: 2
x XLR, 2 x TRS • Impedance: 150
ohms-3k ohms.
2-ch Tube Mic Preamp...........List $37900
2-channel Tube Preamp with Variable Input Impedance
The TPS II features variable input impedance, which allows users to dial in and match
any microphone type. ART’s V3 feature provides optimized reference points to begin
the recording process for any instrument. The TPS II provides level monitoring with
two analog meters as well as two input LED meters. The tube stage maintains the classic
“warm sound” and adds additional tube voicing specifically tailored to vocal, guitar,
bass, and acoustic instruments.
The DPS II offers variable input impedance to help you get the best performance
from your mics. ART’s Variable Valve Voicing lets you tweak the 12AX7A gain stage for
the ideal tube sound. Digital outputs include S/PDIF, TOSlink, and ADAT. The A/D is
adjustable from 44.1 to 96kHz.
ONLY $10/mo.
2-ch Digital Preamp .............List $31500
Specs: 2-ch • tube • In: 2 x XLR, 2
x TRS, 2 x XLR/TRS • Out: 2 x XLR,
2 x TRS • Dig out: ADAT, S/PDIF,
TOSlink • Impedance: variable
Specs: 2-channel • tube • In: 2
x XLR, 2 x TRS, 2 x XLR/TRS (front
panel) • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS •
Impedance: Variable.
ONLY $10/mo.
2-ch Tube Mic/Inst Preamp....List $21600
...most importantly, I truly feel like you APPRECIATE my business! I will definitely consider your
company as MY source for keyboard stands and accessories. — Lisa Turner Maddox
Tube MP Project Series with USB
Tube Preamp with USB Audio Interface
When ART’s Tube MP first came out, the buzz in the industry was as follows: For the sound quality
and the price, it doesn’t make sense not to have one. In our industry, one hit tends to follow another, which
brings us to the Tube MP Project Series USB. It’s a professional-quality audio interface that lets you connect
microphone, instrument, and line level signals to digital audio workstations as well as standard analog devices. ART
took their legendary Tube MP series, updated every aspect of the design and added a USB output.
Specs: MPUSB tube • 1-ch • lim • In: 1 x XLR, TS • Out: 1 x XLR, TS • USB • STV3/MPps tube • 1-ch • lim • In: 1 x XLR, TS • Out: 1 x XLR, TS MP tube •
1-ch • I/O: XLR, TS
TubeMPpsUSB Tube Preamp with USB...List $12900
TubeMPSTV3 Mono Tube Mic Preamp w/V3 ......List $8900
Tube Mic Pre w/Vari Imped ..........List $7900
Mono Portable Tube Pre/DI ...........List $5500
$ 97
2-channel Tube Preamp with Front-panel DI and Digital Output
Tube Channel Strip with Preamp, EQ, Compressor, and Digital Outputs
Bringing the dbx legacy forward into the modern age of digital, the Silver Series 386
dual-channel tube mic preamp combines tube-tone with the proprietary dbx Type
IV conversion system. The 386 boasts 48-volt phantom power, a phase invert switch,
low-cut filtering, and digital outputs in both AES/EBU and S/PDIF formats. The frontpanel hi-Z 1/4" instrument input located on the front panel, mic/line switch, and 20 dB
pad provide convenience. A 12-segment LED meter monitors both analog and digital
signals. Adding to an impressive feature list are selectable sampling rates up to 96kHz,
selectable dithering and noise shaping, and separate analog and digital output controls.
From the innovative minds at dbx comes the 376 Tube Channel Processor with digital
output capabilities. The 376 boasts many of the same features as other products in
the dbx Silver Series, such as 48-volt phantom power, a phase invert switch, low-cut
filtering, front-panel hi-Z 1/4" instrument input, mic/line switch, and a 20dB pad. The
rear panel includes both mic and line inputs and outputs, word clock sync I/O, insert
jack, and digital outputs. Selectable sampling rates up to 96kHz, selectable dithering
and noise shaping, and separate analog and digital output controls are also included.
Specs: 2-channel • tube • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, 2 x DI (front panel) • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Dig Out: AES/EBU on
XLR, S/PDIF on coax, WC on BNC
ONLY $15/mo.
• 24-bit/96kHz • impedance: 330
ohms • 1U
2-Ch Tube Preamp w/Dig Out List $59995
Specs: 1-channel • tube • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS 1 x DI (front panel) • Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS • Dig Out: AES/EBU on
XLR, S/PDIF on coax, WC on BNC •
24-bit/96kHz • 1U • compressor •
ONLY $15/mo.
de-esser • 3-band parametric EQ
Tube Channel Strip.................List $59995
It’s undeniable that the use of external tube processors are
a mainstay in recording studios and live sound rigs everywhere.
When the original Tube MP was released in 1995, sales
numbers were off the chart. The success of the Tube MP
was rapidly gaining critical acclaim with its portable design,
durability and sound quality which lead ART to design many
popular tube dynamic processors.
Often copied, but never duplicated, it’s no wonder that ART’s
Tube MP is still among the most popular and affordable tube
mic preamps offered in the recording industry today.
Over the past two decades, Sweetwater has helped thousands
of customers put ART gear to work for them in their studios and
on stage, with exceptional results. To find
find out how ART can help
electrify your tracks, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today!
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Channel Strips
“You guys are awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a
personal ‘tech-based’ company.” — Andy Borgmann
Liquid Channel
Classic Mic Preamp and Compressor Modeling
The Liquid Technology utilized in the Liquid Channel is a unique hybrid design that goes beyond modeling to
recreate the sonic behavior of many classic preamps and compressors. Its list of presets includes 40 of the most
respected mic preamps and 40 classic compressors. You can tweak settings from the front panel or using the included
software until you reach channel-strip nirvana. With 24-bit/192kHz digital I/O, you might have found the ultimate front
end for your DAW.
Specs: 1-channel • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 1 x XLR • Dig I/O: AES/EBU on XLR, WC
(BNC) • 24-bit/192kHz • Imp: variable • 2U • HP filter • EQ • Compressor
ONLY $99/mo.
LiquidChannel Pro Channel Strip ...............List $349999
VoiceMaster Pro
Channel Strip with EQ, De-esser, and Compressor
Featuring design aspects from the ISA and Platinum ranges, VoiceMaster Pro gives you Focusrite’s famed Class
A preamp to capture every nuance from any source. New features include a vocal-friendly optical expander, and an
adjustable tube-sound circuit. Other vocal-shaping tools include the “Vintage Harmonics” processor, designed to emulate
classic 1970s tape-based vocal enhancement processes, voice-optimized EQ, and a de-esser from the ISA 430. The
24-bit/96kHz A/D Platinum Card adds digital out as an option.
ONLY $20/mo.
Specs: 1-ch • solid-state • In: 1 x XLR (front), 1 x DI (front) 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS, 1
x TS return 2 x TS FX return, 2 x TS ext. mon • Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS, 1 x XLR pre
de-esser, 1 x send, 1 x FX send, 2 x TRS mon • 2U • HP filter • optical expander
• vintage harmonics • optical compressor • shaping EQ
VoiceMastPro Mic Pre/Comp Channel Strip ..List $79999
Channel Strip Based on Legendary ISA 110/130
The mic pre/EQ combination of the ISA 110 is regarded
by many to be the most superb analog signal path yet
conceived. So, when Focusrite set about the task of
making the ISA 430 mkII to be the ultimate channnel
strip for today’s producer, they combined their signature
mic preamp with the classic EQ section of the ISA 110
and an updated opto-compressor from the ISA 130.
The transformer-based preamp incorporates Focusrite’s
“Air” feature for that “transparent, but warm” sound.
Variable impedance settings give you the ideal match
for your mic. The compressor/limiter switches between
Focusrite’s transparent VCA circuit and a vintage
optical design. Add the optional ISA 430 mkII ADC
card for 24-bit/192kHz A/D conversion. Put a rack of
them in your studio to build your own Focusrite console!
Specs: 1-ch • In: 2 x XLR, 1 x XLR ext I/P, A/D direct, 1 x return, 3 x
TS gate/comp/dyn link, 2 x DI (back/front) • Out: 2 x XLR, 1 x send •
24-bit/96kHz • Impedance: 1,200 ohms • 2U • compressor •limiter • gate •
de-esser • parametric EQ • shelf EQ
ONLY $81/mo.
A/D for Platinum Series.........List $24999
ISA 430 mkII
Mic Preamp/Processor ..........List $299999
192k A/D Card - ISA430mkII ...List $59999
Apply today at
TwinTrak Pro
2-channel Mic Pre with EQ and Opto-compressor
If you’re looking to add some of that elusive “warmth” to digitally recorded tracks, the TwinTrak Pro could be the
best front end for your DAW. Plus, it offers quality analog 2-channel mic, line, and instrument inputs with EQ and
optical compression. The dual mono/stereo compressor features Focusrite’s fast-acting opto circuitry and sidechain
inputs. The mid-scoop EQ corrects problematic frequencies in the lower midrange. Add the Platinum Card
24-bit/96kHz A/D converter to route digital signal to your interface.
Specs: 2-ch • solid-state • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x DI, 2 x TRS, 2 x TS return, 2 x
insert, 2 x sidechain • Out: 4 x XLR, 2 x TRS, 2 x send, 2 x TS mon, 3 x phones
• Dig in: S/PDIF on coax, WC on BNC • 24-bit/192kHz • Impedance: 50 ohms
to 3k ohms • 2U • high-pass filter • optical compressor
ONLY $18/mo.
TwinTrakPro Dual Mono/Stereo Pre Amp ...List $69999
A/D for Platinum Series..........List $24999
TrakMaster Pro
Channel Strip with EQ, Optical Compressor, and DI
The Focusrite TrakMaster Pro features a mic preamp derived from the award-winning Green range, front-panel
DI, problem-solving mid-scoop EQ, intuitive optical compression, and latency-free monitoring. Plus, you can add the
optional 24-bit/96kHz Platinum Card A/D to digitally connect the TrakMaster Pro to your DAW. The front panel also
includes line and instrument inputs so you can add tube warmth to guitars and keyboards. The mid-scoop EQ is ideal
for problem solving or for great miked-up speaker cabinets. With variable attack and the unique “Squash” mode,
the optical compressor can sound clean for vocals and acoustic guitar, but it excels at crushing drum loops. Long on
features, short on price — you can’t afford not to have this!
Specs: 1-ch • solid-state • In: 1 x XLR (front), 1 x DI (front), optional A/D ext
in, 1 x TRS • Out: 2 x TRS, 1 x headphone • 1U • optical compressor • 3-band
parametric EQ • Optional dig out: S/PDIF on coax, WC on BNC
ISA 220 Session Pack
Channel Strip with Preamp, EQ, and
“If you’re looking for an all-in-one input channel that
can also be put to work EQing, compressing, and
de-essing signals during mixdown, the Session Pack
should top your list.” — Mitch Gallagher, EQ Magazine.
The ISA 220 channel strip’s classic preamp accepts
mic, line, and hi-Z instrument inputs. Its EQ offers two
fully parametric mid bands, two switchable shelves,
and high- and low-pass filters. It includes a Class A
compressor with sidechain input for frequency-based
control, a frequency-adaptive limiter, and a transparent
optical de-esser. Add the ISA 220 Digital Card for
24-bit/96kHz conversion.
Specs: 1-ch • In: 2 x XLR, 1 x XLR, ext XLR A/D direct, 1 x ret, 3 x TS int
AD/comp/dyn link, 2 x DI • Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x send • 24-bit/96kHz • 2U •
HP/LP filters • comp/limiter • de-esser • param. EQ • shelf EQ
ONLY $45/mo.
ONLY $10/mo.
TrakMasterPro Vocal/Inst Channel Strip ....List $39999
A/D for Platinum Series ....List $24999
Channel Strip/Preamp..............List $199999
Digital Out for ISA220 ................List $52999
Channel Strips
XLogic E-Signature Channel
(800) 222-4700
Xlogic SuperAnalogue Channel
Channel Strip with Dual-voice Mic Pre, EQ, and Dynamics
Channel Strip From SSL XL 9000 K Console
SSL’s XLogic E-Signature Channel gives you the legendary —and quite pricey—
sound of the SL 4000E console in a single rackspace! The SL 4000E was the sound of
the early 1980s, and is found on more recordings from the last two decades than any
other board. The Input section contains two independent mic preamps together with
an electronically balanced line input with its own gain control. Available in the preamp
section is a classic transformer-coupled design using the same Jensen component as
the original E-Series channel strips, or SSL’s SuperAnalogue circuitry like that of the XL
9000 K. The dynamics section features the characteristic sound of the original E-Series
channel strip. The Listen Mic Compressor, the “secret weapon” for compressing drums
for many engineers, is also included on the E-Signature Channel. The EQ section
features the original “Brown Knob” circuit that was standard on all early E-Series
consoles. Also included is the “Black Knob” EQ, developed with George Martin. For
the ultimate DAW front end, the optional XLogic ADC Card provides 24-bit/192kHz
ONLY $122/mo.
The SSL XL 9000 K is the Holy Grail of mixing consoles for many studio owners and
engineers, and now with the XLogic SuperAnalogue Channel the signature sound
of these classic boards is available to everyone. Those in the know understand that
capacitors will wear out over time, resulting in a deterioration of sound quality. But SSL’s
SuperAnalogue circuitry is DC-coupled — built without capacitors — to ensure the
sound is as good 20 years from now as it was the first time you plugged it in.
E Series Channel Strip ...............................
192kHz I/O for XLogic Chnl ........................
Specs: In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS, 1 x
1/4" Link• Out: 1 x XLR • External
Key: 1 x XLR
The XLogic Channel’s preamp section features dual input selection from front or rear
mic- or line-level inputs, and the lack of capacitors provides a full low-frequency
response. For controlling dynamics, the XLogic SuperAnalogue Channel offers SSL’s
famous Twin-Curve dynamics, which is switchable to be either pre- or post-EQ. Speaking
of EQ, the SuperAnalogue Channel has a 4-band parametric EQ with dynamics sidechain
operation for de-essing. This is your chance to grab a piece of the sought-after Holy Grail
console, at a fraction of the cost of the full-size mixing board.
ONLY $116/mo.
Specs: In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS • Out:
1 x XLR • External Key: 1 x XLR •
Link: 1 x 1/4"
SSL 9000 K Series Ch Strip....................
192kHz I/O for XLogic Chnl.....................
2-channel Mic Preamp
Great River’s MP-2NV is a 2-channel boutique Class-A microphone preamp designed
by Dan Kennedy to emulate the classic sound of a “British” console. However, the
MP-2NV has conquered the low-end buildup common to the “British” preamps,
providing a pristine and transparent signal. The MP-2NV is built with iron in the signal
path for a big vintage sound, and the circuitry allows for transformer saturation. Push
the preamp hard and hear your electric guitars and drums come alive with punchiness.
This preamp is ultra-quiet, making it perfect for vocals. The MP-2NV responds well to
ribbon microphones and handles DI tasks with the perfect blend of punch and clarity.
The MP-2NV features XLR in and out, 1/4" output, a dedicated hi-Z input for DI work,
and all functions, such as phase reverse, phantom power, and input impedance, are
selectable on the front panel. The ME-1NV is single-channel version with the same
amazing sound as the MP-2NV.
Specs: MP-2NV 2-channel • Class A • solid-state • In: 2 x XLR, 1 x hi-Z • Out: 2 x XLR, 1 x 1/4", insert points
ME-1NV mono • Class A • solid-state • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x hi-Z • Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4", insert points
2-channel Class A Preamp ................... List $279500
1-channel Class A Preamp..........................List $139500
The GML 2020 channel strip combines Massenburg’s renowned 8300 mic preamp,
the revolutionary 8900 dynamics processor, and an 8200 4-band parametric EQ to
deliver the purest input signal path you’ve ever heard. Additional enhancements include
mic, line, and direct instrument inputs, 2-pole high-pass filter, and phase reverse and
phantom-power switches. The 2020 requires a 9015 external power supply.
The 2032 combines preamplifier circuitry drawn from the famous 8300 and 4-band
parametric EQ based on the 8200, with an added high-pass filter. The 2032 breaks from
Massenburg tradition by incorporating a custom-designed internal power supply that
delivers reliable power and ultra-low noise.
Specs: 2020 1-ch • In: 2 x XLR, 1 x XLR sidechain, 1 x DI • Out: 1 x XLR • 2U • 4-band param EQ • high-pass filter •
compressor 2032 1-ch • In: 2 x XLR,
1 x DI • Out: 1 x XLR • 1U • 4-band
EQ • high-pass filter
GML2020 1-ch Integrated Input Chan ........List $600000
ONLY $65/mo.
GML 2020
Integrated Input Channel
1-ch Mic Pre w/EQ ...................List $300000
8900/2020 Power Supply ...........List $65000
Stereo Limiter and Microphone Preamplifier
Tube Channel Strip with Mic Pre, Pultec EQ, Opto-Compressor,
The idea of a voice processor isn’t a novel idea, but when Manley designed one, they
decided, in full Manley tradition, to pull out all the stops and make a truly high-end
professional statement. Full of features, timeless style, robust build quality, and that
world-famous “Manley Sound,” the Manley VOXBOX, combines the Mono Mic tube
preamp, extended Pultec EQ, ELOP compressor, and a de-esser/limiter. Besides vocals,
the VOXBOX offers great settings for drums, bass, guitar, and keys. The two sections can
be used together or independently.
Specs: 1-ch • tube • In: 3 x XLR,
2 x TS • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TS • 3U •
compressor • EQ • de-esser/limiter
ONLY $108/mo.
Vocal MicPre/EQ/Dyn Proc .........List $400000
When it comes to classic gear, especially classic limiters, we can all agree numbers
like LA2As, 1176s, 2264s, and others come to mind. What if all those sounds were to
be found in one stereo tube unit? SLAM! stands for “Stereo Limiter And Mic pre” and
it pretty much describes what it will do to most VU meters. Packing a double punch,
Manley SLAM! combines a musical ELOP limiter with a fast FET-based brick-wall limiter
reminiscent of some cool classics. A Mastering Version of the SLAM! is also available
with no microphone preamps. The mic pre and input select switch are removed and the
switches become dedicated “mode” switches. SLAMDigital adds the 24-bit/192kHz
ONLY $179/mo.
digital option.
Specs: SLAM 2-ch • tube • In: 2
x XLR, 2 x TS, sidechain • Out: 2 x
XLR, 2 x TS • 2U • limiter • SLAM
Digital 24-bit/192kHz • AES/EBU
Stereo Mic Pre/DI/ELOP/Lim .....List $660000
SLAMDigital Mic Pre/Limiter w/Dig I/O .........List $1010000
SLAMMaster Mastering Edition Limiter..............List $760000
Digital I/O Option for SLAM!.........List $250000
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Channel Strips
Variable-impedance Channel Strip
The Eureka is a professional recording channel strip containing a discrete Class A transformer-coupled microphone
preamplifier, compressor, and 3-band parametric equalizer. The microphone preamplifier features variable input
impedance so that the Eureka can be matched and “tuned” for all types of microphones and recording applications.
The Class A transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier also features “Saturate,” which adjusts the drain current
on the input FET amplifier to simulate the effects of tape saturation. The Eureka sports a compressor with threshold,
attack, release, and gain makeup, as well as a high-pass filter on the sidechain for frequency-dependent compression,
which is useful for de-essing. The Eureka offers a fully parametric 3-band EQ with overlapping bands and switchable
staging for the EQ and compressor, enabling you to swap the order of the EQ and compression. The Eureka has
instrument, line, and microphone inputs and an optional digital output card, the AD192, capable of up to 24ONLY $15/mo.
bit/96kHz output on AES/EBU or S/PDIF.
Preamp/Channel Strip................List $69995
Digital I/O Card for Eureka ..........List $24995
Specs: 1-channel • solid-state • I/O: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS, send/ret •
compressor • EQ • 1U AD192 24-bit/96kHz • WC • S/PDIF • AES/EBU
Tube Preamp and FET
If you have an M-610 and an 1176, chances are you’re going to be running
everything through them from tracking to mixing, so it just makes sense that Universal Audio would finally combine
the two studio icons that date back to the 1960s into one refined combined version.
The 6176 provides the sonic one-two punch of a classic tube mic pre followed by one of the most popular solid-state
compressors ever made. Preamp enhancements on the 6176 (not found on the 2-610) include a -15dB mic pad and
an enhanced +300-volt power supply with high-voltage MOSFET regulation to improve bass response and lower the
noise floor. The instrument jack is a definite plus for bass players and for keyboard players looking to beef up their
sound. The 6176’s right half has a complete 1176LN with three new features: a bypass switch that hard-wires the
preamp output directly to the 1176LN output jack; a 1:1 ratio position to use the compressor only for its “color,” and
an “all” ratio switch position that duplicates the all-button mode. The 6176 is a true original with deep retro roots in
an updated and modern form, and is capable of a huge, deep sound.
ONLY $69/mo.
Channel Strip .................................................
Model 230
Vocal Channel Strip with Aural Exciter
Aphex has decided to go the full nine yards for vocal
processing and create the new Model 230 Master
Voice Channel. The 230 is a vocal channel strip
specifically designed to make voices bigger, more
present, more intimate, more intelligible, and more
consistent. It can take a voice from thundering bombast
to whispering waif without changing essential quality.
The 230 is combination of tube mic preamp, Easyrider®
automatic compressor, Logic Assisted Gate, split band
de-esser, Big Bottom®, parametric EQ, and Aural
Exciter®. It has an XLR input and has five outputs, all
of which are active — +4dBu analog output on XLR;
-10dBV analog output on TRS.
Specs: 1-channel • tube/solid-state • In: XLR, TRS send • Out: XLR,
TRS, TRS return • Dig out: AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Toslink • word clock • 1U •
compressor • EQ
ONLY $21/mo.
Master Voice Channel Strip ....List 799
“My Sales Engineer was both personable and professional;
he genuinely seemed to enjoy his job.”
— Brett
Specs: 1-ch • tube • In: 3 x XLR, 1 x DI • Out: 2 x XLR • 2U • limiting
amplifier • EQ: LF/HF
Vintage Tube
Mic Preamp and
Pro Channel
The LA-610 is a
groundbreaking product bringing legendary vintage all-tube
technology into a modern channel strip format at an extraordinary price.
The LA-610 injects the T4 gain reduction circuit of the famous LA-2A optical
compressor into the legendary 610 console module. This complete channel strip
includes: variable impedance mic, hi-Z and line inputs, a 2-band shelving EQ, and of course the smooth as silk optical
compressor. The LA-610 is a truly versatile tone box and is ideal not only for those that can afford just one quality
front-end recording channel, but also for seasoned pros who have been looking for a distinct flavor for their preamp
and compressor arsenal.
When it was first introduced in 1999, the ART Pro
Channel wowed the industry. It combines a hybrid
tube/solid-state preamp — with a gain knob that lets
you control the amount of signal hitting the tube circuit
— and a compressor that can function as either an opto
or variable-mu compressor (like those found on very
pricey classics) with a 10-segment LED gain-reduction
meter to monitor the amount of compression. The Pro
Channel also has a flexible 4-band EQ. The low- and
high-shelf bands have a switchable boost frequency
while two swept mids cover the entire spectrum, each
with a Q control. The surprisingly versatile Pro Channel
is a perfect alternative to the sterile inputs of your audio
interface, offering a wide tonal palette and plenty of
workhorse and creative options.
Tube Channel Strip with EQ and Compressor
ONLY $45/mo.
Tube Mic Pre/Optical Comp....................
Specs: 1-ch • tube • In: 3 x XLR, 1 x DI • Out: 2 x XLR • 2U • optical
compressor • EQ tone control
Dual Vocal Combo
Specs: tube/solid-state preamp • comp • 4-band EQ • 10Hz-20kHz • In: 1
x XLR, TS, 2 x 1/4" return • Out: 1 x XLR, TS, 2 x 1/4" send • phantom pwr
ONLY $10/mo.
Channel Strip with Mic Pre, EQ, and
Electro-optical Limiter
In the early days of recording there were very few recording studios, and in most of them you could find Langevin. The
Dual Vocal Combo is a 2-channel microphone preamplifier with two shelf equalizers, two channels of electrooptical limiters, VU meters, individual phantom power, limiter linking, and time-proven circuitry. The mic preamps are
transformer-coupled (hand-wound by Manley Labs) with 50dB of gain provided by pure discrete transistor circuits.
The Langevin Dual Mono Mic Preamp with EQ is the refined version of the historic Langevin AM-4 console
ONLY $55/mo.
2-channel Mic Preamp ...........List $200000
2-channel Mic Preamp w/EQ ....List $147500
Specs: DVC 2-ch • solid-state • In: 2 x XLR 2 x TRS, 2 x DI • Out: 2 x XLR, 2
x TRS, 2 x TS • limiter • LF & HF shelf EQ DMMP 2-ch • solid-state • I/O: 2
x XLR • LF & HF shelf EQ
Mic Pre/EQ/Comp .................List $39000
Apply today at
Channel Strips
(800) 222-4700
Mic Preamp with
3-band EQ
Vintech’s hand-built X73
has a sound quality that even
veteran engineers can’t distinguish from a
vintage 1073. Featuring the same circuit design, polystyrene
capacitors, and transformers ensures that the X73 sounds
just like the real thing. Using modern manufacturing
practices to control costs, the X73i features the same
Class A mic pre as the X73 with all of the same EQ
parameters plus additional midrange frequencies,
selectable input impedance, 1/4" DI on the front panel,
transformer-balanced mic/line inputs, phase reverse,
phantom power switch, EQ switch, 70dB of gain, quality
Grayhill rotary switches, custom-machined aluminum
knobs, and more.
The 473 features four 1073-style microphone
preamplifiers for less than the price of one vintage 1073!
The 473 offers a choice of 3.2kHz and 12kHz for high
shelving, and 60Hz and 220Hz for low shelving. Each
channel also offers an input sensitivity adjustment allowing
“This is the perfect unit for anyone looking
up to 70dB of gain, a dual-position input impedance switch,
for the Neve sound, regardless of budget. Having
a mic/line switch, an instrument input, and switches for
come from working on classic Neve consoles
phantom power, phase reverse, and EQ on/off. At less than
as an engineer, I feel that these units are an
unbeatable value!”
$725 per channel, the 473 is destined to become a studio
— Mike Picotte, Sales Engineer, Ext. 1268
workhorse. The 273 is a 2-channel version of the 473.
Since an external power supply is essential to top-quality
audio, the X73/X73i, 473, and 273 require an X73
ONLY $54/mo.
97 Power Supply, which is sold separately.
1-channel Preamp with EQ .............List 1995
1-ch Class A Preamp w/EQ ..............List $159500
Power Supply for Vintech ..................................
4-ch Class A Preamp w/EQ ..............List $319500
2-ch Class A Mic Pre w/EQ .............List $175000
Specs: X73 1-ch • solid-state • In: 2 x XLR • Out: XLR, TRS • 3-band EQ
• 1U X73i 1-ch • solid-state • In: 2 x XLR • Out: XLR, TRS • 3-band EQ
Specs: 473 4-ch • sld-st • In: 4 x XLR (mic), 4 x XLR, 4 x TS • Out: 4 x XLR,
4 x TRS • 2-band EQ • 2U 273 2-ch • sld-st • In: 2 x XLR (mic), 1 x XLR, 1 x
TS • Out: 1 x XLR, 2 x TRS • 2-band EQ • 1U (X73 power supply is required
for all models — sold separately)
Tube Channel Strip with Opto Compressor and
4-band EQ
Run your dullest, most sterile mic through the Avalon
VT-737sp and you’ll be amazed at how harmonically
rich and sweet it sounds. This award-winning channel
strip features a combination of tube preamp, opto
compressor, sweep equalizer, output level, and VU
metering. This is one of the most respected channel
strips in the recording world. The VT-737sp has three
input selections: a microphone input transformer with
48-volt phantom power, a front-panel instrument DI,
and a discrete Class A balanced line input. The mic
preamp utilizes cascaded, dual vacuum tube triodes
and offers up to 58dB of gain. The instrument preamp
has maximum headroom of +30dB, with exceptionally
low noise at -92dB. For stereo recording, two VT-737sp
preamps can be linked via the back-panel connectors.
The opto compressor is powered by twin Class A tube
triodes in its signal path for gain matching and offers
everything from soft compression to hard-knee limiting.
The compressor bypass is a sealed silver relay for the
most direct signal path. EQ can be applied either pre- or
post-compression for flexibility. Two VT-737sps can be
linked via a rear panel link cable for stereo tracking.
Specs: 1-ch • tube • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 1 x XLR • 2U • opto-compressor
• EQ • de-esser/limiter
ONLY $68/mo.
Tube Mic Preamp/Compressor .....List $250000
Vintech Audio
Life Sounds Beautiful!
The X73
The X73i
We put this piece head to head with vintage Neve 1073's at this
year's AES show. It is 100% guaranteed to meet your expectations
and is an incredible value. Call Sweetwater today about this piece!
The Vintech X73 features custom hand wired concentric style
switches with gold plated pins, Swiss made military grade attenuator switch, custom input and output transformers, machined knobs.
The "X81 CLASS A"
The Model 473
The folks here at Sweetwater recognize something special
when they hear it. That’s why Vintech is proud to offer our
products in cooperation with Sweetwater. When they heard
our line, they were sold, and you will be too!
Vintech Users include:
Jim Gaines: engineer Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn
Eddie Kramer: producer Jimi Hendrix, eng. Peter Frampton
Chuck Ainlay: engineer George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, etc.
Michael Brauer: engineer Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson
Gary Paczosa: engineer Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss, etc.
Dan Shea: producer Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony
Kyle Lehning: producer Randy Travis, George Jones, etc.
(800) 222-4700 •
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Compression is perhaps one of the most high-profile
audio tools in recording, yet it’s often surrounded by
mystery. Beyond its capacity to perform some very
necessary functions in recording, there have emerged
a number of creative uses as well.
A compressor reduces the dynamic range of program
material. This is useful in the case of vocals or
instruments that encompass a very wide dynamic
range. It reduces high levels somewhat while
lower levels,
allowing the
average level
to be higher.
No modern
studio would
be complete
without some form of dynamics processing. This
could range from a simple compressor to keep
a lead vocal “out front” to one of the remarkably
sophisticated multi-channel compressor/limiters
from industry leaders such as Manley, Universal
Audio, and Avalon Designs.
As with mic preamps, some of these dynamics
processors can impart their own particular tonal
shadings to an audio track. Needless to say, the better
the processor’s design, the better and more natural
the final recording will be.
Mod Pre
Rack Empty
Mod EQ
Mod Dyn
Modular Rack for SSL XRack Modular Units
Have you dreamed about mixing your DAW tracks with an SSL console, but couldn’t quite
swing the million bucks? If so, read on! The new Xrack 4 Input Module takes four
line-level mono signals, each with their own solo, volume, and pan controls, which can
be routed to the Xrack’s master or record bus. Each input also has its own insert point to
integrate other XRack modules (or other outboard units). By combining multiple modules, a 28input SuperAnalogue mini-mixer can be created in a single XRack chassis! The new Xrack Master Bus Module
allows control of the XRack’s internal master and record stereo busses, and acts as a full featured studio control room
module. It has mix and sum insert points, mono compatibility check, and master out metering. It can be connected
to two pairs of speakers and provides dedicated controls for level, dim, and cut. The Xrack Mic Amp gives you SSL’s
famous SuperAnalogue DC-coupled design, the same circuitry found in the $1M XL 9000. It boasts an amazing mic
pre with 75dB of gain, variable impedance control, phantom power, phase reverse, line input, front-panel DI, and
high- and low-pass filters. The XRack EQ Module, also featuring SuperAnalogue circuitry, incorporates 4-band
parametric with variable “Q” on the two mid bands, and shelf/bell control on the high and low bands. To round out
the XRack options, there’s the XRack Dynamics Module with compression, limiting, expansion, and gating with
ONLY $248/mo.
hard- or soft-knee operation, and peak or RMS sensing,
straight out of an XL 9000 K board. All modules have
XRackDyn8 XRack with 8 Dyn Modules .....................
SSL’s TotalRecall system for parameter reset. If eight
XRackEmpty EmptyXRack with 6 Blanks..........................
channels of SSL compression is what you’re looking for,
XRackModPre Mic Pre Module for XRack...........................
the XRack Dynamic 8 comes pre-loaded with eight
XRackModEQ 1-channel EQ Module for XRack ..................
Dynamics Modules.
XRackModDyn Dynamics Module .......................................
Specs: Mic Amp In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS, 1 x instrument • Out: 1 x XLR EQ In: 1
x XLR • Out: 1 x XLR Dynamics In: 1 x XLR • Out: 1 x XLR • External Key: 1 x
XLR Dynamic 8 In: 8 x XLR • Out: 8 x XLR • External Key: 8 x XLR
XRackMastBus Master Bus Module for XRack .....................
XRack4input 4-input Module for XRack ...........................
Bill Me Later ® is the fast, simple, secure way to buy online or over the
phone! Incredibly convenient, it’s the best way to get credit.
G Series Compressor
Subject to credit approval. See page 419 for details.
2-channel Twin VCA Compressor
Before SSL’s XLogic G Series Compressor came
along, the only way to have access to the G Series
mix-bus compressor (used on countless hit records)
was via the center section of an SSL 4000 G Series
console. The G Series Compressor works its magic
in “power-behind-the-throne” fashion, making mixes
louder without drawing unnecessary attention to itself.
The controls are simple and straightforward, including
an attack control that allows fine-tuning for program
material, and a release control with an auto setting that
does such an amazing job, you’ll hardly use any other
setting. There are three ratios available that range from
subtle to squash — and they’re all you’ll ever need. The
unit also has a sidechain input and an Autofade function
that allows fade-ins or fade-outs from 1 - 60 seconds
with a slope that resembles the curve of a console fader.
In the art of making hit records, there are certain units
that are accepted by most engineers as indispensable,
and the SSL console mix-bus compressor sits at the top
of the list. The ability to have one in your studio sans
million-dollar console is just brilliant, especially with the
added sound quality of SSL’s Super-Analogue circuitry
— so what are you waiting for?
Specs: In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • 1 x XLR external key
We hear it every day: digital studio owners want to find
a way to make their tracks sound like the classic tracks
from their favorite artists. Finally they can bring back
the warm and cuddly sound of LPs and tapes to digital
media with Empirical Labs EL7 FATSO Jr., a digitally
controlled analog device that offers many of the “musical
non-linearities” exhibited by older tube, Class A discrete,
and magnetic tape devices. This 2-channel processor will
musically integrate harmonic frequencies and transients
and increase the apparent volume of your tracks without
an actual increase in peak volume levels. Both channels
offer four types of processing. You get Harmonic
Generation and Soft Clipper (distortion generation),
High Frequency Saturation, Transformer & Tape Head
Emulation, and Classic Knee Compression. FATSO Jr.
will put a stop to complaints about the “coldness” and
“brittle edge” of your mixes and instruments.
Specs: VCA compressor • 2-ch • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x
TRS • sidechain • 1U
ONLY $110/mo.
Stereo Bus Compressor ....................
Analog Tape Simulator/Optimizer
ONLY $68/mo.
Full Analog Tape Simulator ............List $250000
Classic Knee Compressor with Harmonic
The Empirical Labs EL-8M Distressor restores
“warmth” or “vintage” sound to digital recordings. It
works with all types of music. It adds extra “oomph” to
complex digital mixes by adding second- and third-order
harmonic distortion. Plus, it offers advanced sidechain
EQ, eight unique curves, and provides hundreds of
options with just a few control settings. It’s also available
as the EL-8S dual-channel model. “British Mode” is an
emulation of the studio trick of pushing all four buttons
in on an 1176, which imparts a very aggressive sound to
the signal. Two models offer this option: the EL-8X-M
single-channel, and the EL-8S-X dual-channel.
Specs: EL8M/XM VCA compressor • 1-channel • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR
• 1U EL8S/SX 2-channels • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • 1U
ONLY $41/mo.
Single-channel Distressor ........List 1500
1-ch Distressor w/Brit Mod ......List $179900
Dual-channel Distressor ............List $300000
Dual-channel w/British Mode ...List $379900
Classic Electro-optical Leveling Amplifier
The Teletronix LA-2A is probably the most famous compressor in history next to the
1176LN (right) and continues to be one of the most popular and copied limiters of all
time. While some copies claim to improve on its electronics, the LA-2A has a sound
all its own. The LA-2A’s claim to fame is its silky-smooth, transparent dynamic control
and ability to improve tone. It’s incredibly effective for treating vocals and it’s easy to
use. There are just two main controls: Peak Reduction and Make-up Gain. So when you
need to warm up a piercing or thin vocal and smooth its uneven dynamics, the LA-2A
can work miracles. It also sounds awesome on bass guitar and kick drum!
Specs: 1-channel• electro-optical
limiting amplifier • tube • In: 1 x
XLR • Out: 1 x XLR • 3U
ONLY $87/mo.
Leveling Amplifier ..........................................
(800) 222-4700
FET Limiting Amplifier
Universal Audio’s 1176LN, designed by Bill Putnam, was a major breakthrough in
limiter technology — the first true peak limiter with all transistor circuitry, it set the
lead among limiters many years ago. This is an exact clone of the most popular “D” and
“E” versions of the original 1176LN and retains all the unique qualities that made it a
“must have” studio tool. Features include pushbutton selection of compression ratios,
4:1 8:1, 12:1, 20:1; ultra fast attack time - 20 microseconds to 800 microseconds;
adjustable release time - 50 milliseconds to 1.1 second; and a Class A line level output
amplifier. The 2-1176 is also available, providing matched FETs and instant stereo
linking. The 1176N brings brightness and punch to a recording, and has been a staple
of studios for anything from bass and drums to vocals and guitars. The 1176N is a big
part of the sound of popular music for the last 40 years.
Specs: 1176LN 1-channel
•limiting amplifier • I/O: 1 x XLR •
sidechain • 2U 2-1176 2-ch • I/O:
2 x XLR • sidechain • 2U
ONLY $54/mo.
Limiting Amplifier .....................................
Twin Vintage Limiting Amp.........................
Classic Electro/Optical
Audio Leveler
Variable Mu
Upon its initial release in 1969, the Universal Audio LA-3A was immediately adopted
by top studio engineers and became one of the signature sounds of 1970s rock and
roll — adding just the right edge on electric guitars and handling vocals beautifully.
With a few enhancements for modern studio integration, UA Classics’ reissue of the
LA-3A is a painstaking and exact replica. This m.i.p.a.-award nominee meticulously
retains all the internal and external qualities of the original: the same simple control
set, and the T4 electro-optical attenuator, which is the source of the LA-3A’s programdependent compression. It also retains the 2RU half-rack design, and comes complete
with a single-unit rack assembly — no additional kit is necessary. All the original rear
panel connections and controls are also maintained, while the commonly performed
“LA-3A gain mod” is added as an additional switch for maximum studio versatility. The
Universal Audio LA-3A Dual is a pair of LA-3As with a dual
ONLY $45/mo.
rackmounting kit.
Specs: LA-3A opto-comp • 1-ch •
XLR, barrier strip • Dual 2-ch
Leveling Amplifier .....................................
Dual Leveling Amplifier ..............................
Stereo Variable Mu Limiter/Compressor for Tracking and Mastering
We’re going to let you in on a little recording engineer’s secret. Actually, it’s a very big
secret called The Manley Variable Mu. Here’s what it does: It creates the glue that
holds a mix together, allowing the individual character of each instrument to stand
out, yet fit together as a unified whole. It’s the finished “record” sound you always
struggled to achieve — unless you already have a Manley Stereo Variable Mu Limiter
Compressor. How’s it work? The Variable Mu works the same way the vintage Fairchild
670 did, by using the “remote cut-off” of a vacuum tube to achieve compression. The
unique 5670 dual triode is at the center of the peak reducing and compression action,
constantly being re-biased by the vacuum tube rectified side-chain control voltages,
which cause this tube to smoothly change its gain. The input and output transformers
are Manley-designed and hand-wound in-house to ensure quality. Got that? Then get
one and share the secret!
ONLY $108/mo.
Specs: comp/limiter • 2-ch • tube
• In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • 2U
Stereo Limiter Compressor .........List $400000
Dual Mono Optical Compressor
If you only own one analog compressor, you can’t go wrong with the Avalon AD2044.
This pure Class A optical compressor is one of the most transparent, low-noise devices
we’ve heard. It features a 100% discrete, pure Class A signal amplifier configured
with high-speed current-monitored optical control elements. These “invisible”
opto elements combine with a minimal signal path to ensure low noise. No VCAs
are incorporated, which means you’ll realize uncolored sound. The AD2044 has
variable attack and release controls to provide unlimited dynamic control from soft
compression to hard limiting, plus sidechain access on each channel. The AD2044 can
be found in the world’s leading recording studios, mastering facilities, and artist/
producers’ outboard racks. These professionals rely on the AD2044 every day to help
them complete their “sonic signature” and turn recordings into musical masterpieces.
ONLY $90/mo.
Dual Mono Opto-Compressor.......List $330000
Specs: opto-comp • 2-ch • In: 2
x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • Sidechain:
2 • 2U
Another in
the “best-kept
secrets of audio
category is Summit
Audio’s TLA-50 Tube Leveling
Amplifier. Just running a signal through the
TLA-50 without any gain reduction offers sonic rewards. With
XLR +4dB and 1⁄4" -10dB inputs and outputs, the TLA-50 will interface into any studio
with ease. It features side chain access, stereo linking with another TLA-50, switchable
attack and release times, fully adjustable gain and gain reduction control, and accurate
VU metering with OL indication, plus all the warmth of that classic Summit Audio tube
sound at an unreal price. Not only does it do a phenomenal job adding warmth and
polish to individual instruments, it also has the ability to bring out high-frequency
content in electric guitars (just roll back your volume control and you’ll hear it). Not
just for the studio, its solid construction makes it a perfect rack-mate. Bassists will find
it a perfect complement to the TD-100 (p. 357).
Specs: tube comp • 1-ch • In: 1 x 1/4"
TRS, 1 x XLR • Out: 1 x 1/4" TRS, 1
x XLR • 1/4" TRS sidechain
ONLY $19/mo.
Tube Leveling Amplifier..........List 695
Call today! (800) 222-4700
4-channel Compressor/Limiter
The PreSonus ACP88. It’s the right piece of gear at the right price! This 8-channel
marvel gives you total dynamics control for multitrack recording and live sound
reinforcement. Its eight independent compressor/limiters deliver transparent dynamics
control. Eight full-featured gates seamlessly control unwanted noise and bleed. There
are many ways you could use the ACP88: control vocals, tame drums, protect speakers,
and tighten the low end, all from just two rackspaces.
Whether you’re working in the studio or on a live gig, the need for multiple channels
of high-quality, easy-to-use compression is growing rapidly. The dbx 1046 gives you
four channels of that “classic” dbx sound in a single rackspace. The 1046 provides
smooth, classic dbx OverEasy or hard-knee compression that’s perfectly suited for
use on individual recording tracks. The PeakStopPlus limiter is ideal for protecting
your system from the aggressive peaks that could vaporize valuable drivers. The four
channels can be used independently or linked as stereo pairs, making the 1046 great
for use on main speaker outs in a live environment.
Specs: VCA comp/gate • 8-ch • In:
8 x TRS • Out: 8 x TRS • sidechain
• 2U
Specs: comp/lim • 4-ch • In: 4
x XLR, 4 x TRS • Out: 4 x XLR, 4 x
TRS • 1U
8-channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate
ONLY $27/mo.
8-ch Compressor/Limiter/Gate .........List $119995
ONLY $15/mo.
Quad Compressor/Limiter ..........List $69995
Mono Compressor
with 16 Presets
PreSonus took a practical
approach with a musician’s
needs in mind when they developed
the COMP16 — possibly the simplest compressor
in the world! In fact, let M. Knox of Philadelphia, PA, tell you about it: “Finally an
easy compressor! Finally someone who thinks of the little people. This unit is all that
it’s cracked up to be for the price. I have only tried a few of the presets but the ones
I tried are awesome and on point.” Sixteen presets, many taken from the BlueMax
(above), have been carefully tailored for a wide range of applications including vocals,
percussion, fretted instruments, keyboards, and compression effects.
Specs: VCA comp • 1-ch • I/O:
XLR, TS • 1/3U
Compressor/Limiter ...............List $12995
It’s easy to see why the dbx 160A is one of the most popular compressors with our
customers. It carries the original’s solid construction, foolproof operation, great
sound, at-a-glance metering, and bulletproof output stage. This single-channel
compressor/limiter includes OverEasy and hard-knee compression curves, and
wide-ranging threshold, ratio, and output controls, plus TrueRMS level detection for
the most natural-sounding dynamics processing available. The 160A’s unique “Infinity
+” inverse-compression mode is a lifesaver for correcting overbearing vocal choruses
and controlling runaway house mix levels.
Specs: compressor/limiter •
1-channel • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS
• Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS • detector
ONLY $12/mo.
1-channel Comp/Limiter ........List $59995
Apply today at
Most compressor/limiter/gates provide less than musical compression coupled with
gating that swallows transients or cuts off decay and reverb tails. Not so with the 166XL!
With excellent sonic performance, it delivers classic dbx compression at moderate
settings, while the full range extends from slow leveling to aggressive peak limiting. Its
program-dependent gate produces ultra-smooth releases, even with complex reverb
decays. The 266XL is a compressor/gate with circuitry that adjusts attack and release
times to match the program material.
2-channel Compressor/Limiter
When the sound absolutely, positively has to be right, more pro engineers rely on dbx
than any other brand. The Purple Series 162SL combines the best features of great dbx
compressors and gives you more versatile performance than ever before. The 162SL
offers AutoVelocity manual mode and classic dbx OverEasy mode, made standard by the
legendary dbx 165A. The 1/4" aircraft aluminum front panel, solid aluminum knobs, LEDs
mounted individually in stainless steel housings, and custom VU meters mark the 162SL as
a leader for years to come.
ONLY $60/mo.
Specs: compressor/limiter • 2
channels • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS •
Out: 2 x XLR 2 x TRS • 2U
Quad Compressor Limiter ...........List $74995
2-channel Comp/Limiter/Gate.....List $59995
Single-channel Compressor
The CL44 packs four full channels of compression into a single rackspace and adds
something extra: DSP-driven frequency-dependent sidechain access. Now you can
de-ess a quartet of vocals or control the rumble of a rack of toms with one piece of
gear. The high-pass sidechain filter lets you tailor the frequency response of each
compressor channel and works wonders for removing sibilance or controlling
frequencies that are prone to feedback. The built-in compander circuit allows
automatic gain control by boosting signals that fall below your specified threshold.
4-channel Comp/Limiter with DSP Sidechain
Specs: VCA comp/limiter •
4-channel • In: 4 x XLR, 4 x TRS •
Out: 4 x XLR, 4 x TRS • Sidechain:
4 • 1U
ONLY $15/mo.
Dual Channel Comp/Limiter..List $249995
Specs: 166XL comp/lim/gate • 2-ch
• In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TS, 2 x sidechain
• Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TS • 1U 266XL
compressor/gate • 2-ch • In: 2 x
XLR, 2 x TS, 2 x sidechain • Out: 2 x
XLR, 2 x TS • 1U
ONLY $10/mo.
Dual Compressor/Limiter ...........List 359
Dual Compressor/Gate ................List $22995
“The 166XL is the perfect solution for so many situations — foolproof and flexible
operation, compact chassis, and the classic “tight and clean” dbx sound. And at that
price, you might as well buy several for your studio or touring rig!”
— Trip Irish, Sales Engineer, Ext. 1347
(800) 222-4700
Model 240
Quad Comp/Gate
4-channel Digital Compressor/Limiter with Gate/Expander
Dual Logic Gated Compressor
Mackie’s 24-bit rackmountable Quad Comp is a high-quality, user-friendly
compressor/limiter with an analog-style front-panel interface designed for use in a live
music situation. Wisely built with the ability to store and instantly recall up to 99 userdefined presets, the Quad Comp makes recalling settings incredibly easy. The built-in
Key Filtering allows you to set the gate or compressor to react to a specific frequency,
and the “Auto” feature senses peaks and automatically adjusts to alleviate pumping.
By merging elements of the Logic-Assisted Gate™ with the Easyrider® compressor,
Aphex has created the Model 240 Dual Logic Gated Compressor. With the 240,
the gating and compression are designed to work together. When the gate is active,
the compressor won’t release, keeping the compressor from trying to increase the
gain while the gate tries to reduce gain. Controls in the compressor section of the 240
include drive, speed, and output. Each channel may be used independently, or the two
channels may be linked for stereo processing.
Specs: 4-ch • compressor/limiter
• gate/exp • digital • In: 4 x XLR,
4 x TRS • Out: 4 x XLR, 4 x TRS •
Sidechain send/return
ONLY $24/mo.
4-ch Digital Comp/Gate .......List $102999
ONLY $15/mo.
Specs: 2-ch • In: 2 x XLR/TRS bal,
2 x insert • Out: 2 x XLR/TRS bal
Designed by Peavey for use in any live or recording situation, the CEL-2a can be used
as two independent compressors or as a single synched stereo compressor with RMS
summing. Each channel has a switchable low-cut filter to eliminate rumble as well as a
switchable de-esser to smooth over sibilance problems. A front-panel switch allows for
the monitoring of either the input or output of the CEL-2a to ensure the optimal levels
are attained. The CEL-2a is equipped with two XLR and two TRS inputs and outputs, as
well as two key inputs for using the CEL-2a as a sidechain device.
ONLY $10/mo.
Logic Gated Compressor ........List $59900
2-ch Compressor/Limiter/Expander
Specs: comp/lim/gate • 2-ch • In:
2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, 2 x insert • Out: 2
x XLR, 2 x TRS •sidechain • 1U
2-ch Comp/Limiter ................List 379
2-channel, Transformerless Leveling Amplifier
The Pro VLA leveling amplifier is a multi-purpose audio tool for audio engineering
and recording. Enclosed in a 2U rackmountable chassis are two independent channels
of analog leveling/compression that work great in recording, sound reinforcement,
or electronic instrument setups. The hybrid transformerless circuitry utilizes the latest
analog and tube technology with exceptional signal integrity, extremely low noise, and
superior musical performance.
ONLY $10/mo.
Specs: 2-ch • tube • In: 2 x XLR, 2
x TRS • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • 2U
Pro VLA/Vactrol Leveling Amp ....List 362
Independent Dual-channel Compressor and Gate
Dual Stereo Gate/Compressor
With an innovative new approach to compression and gating, TC Electronic offers the
C300 dual stereo gate/compressor. This compressor has presets to quickly optimize
the unit for the type of signal — vocals, guitars, drums, etc. — which make dialing in
the sound a snap. There are also knobs to enter your own settings, with control over
threshold, ratio, and makeup gain. A fourth knob is where the C300 really breaks new
ground — a mix control that allows you to blend the dry signal with the compressed
signal. For the money, you won’t find a more flexible compressor on the market.
The Alesis 3630 is a great first compressor. You get two channels of tireless
compression for less money than many single-channel compressors. Ideal for
recording, mixdown, instrument rigs, and sound reinforcement, it features fully
variable threshold, ratio, attack, release, and output level, selectable peak/RMS, and
hard- and soft-knee compression styles. As an independent dual-channel compressor,
the 3630 offers separate controls for two different source signals making it extremely
useful in any mono or stereo circumstances. Two fully independent gates with threshold
and rate controls allow you to easily and efficiently stifle unwanted ambient noise.
Specs: In: 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x TRS •
Specs: VCA • 2-ch • In: 2 x XLR, TS
• Out: 2 x XLR, TS • sidechain • 1U
ONLY $10/mo.
Compressor/Limiter/Gate ................List $24900
2-ch Compressor/Limiter .......List $19900
S•com 4
4-channel Compressor/Limiter, Expander/Gate
The S•com 4 is a compact and versatile single rackspace device that provides four
channels of dynamics processing with an expander/gate and compressor/limiter on
each channel. The four channels operate independently or in stereo pairs. The S•com
Plus is a highly adaptable stereo compressor/limiter in an efficient single rackspace
design. The S•com is a dual-channel, single-rackspace stereo compressor designed to
control signal levels in a variety of applications.
ONLY $10/mo.
Specs: S•com 4 comp/lim •
gate/expander • 4-ch • In: 4 x XLR,
4 x TRS • Out: 4 x XLR, 4 x TRS •
1U S•com 2-ch S-com plus adds
de-esser & peak limiter
4-channel Comp/Limiter ...............List 249
S-Class Comp/Limiter De-esser .....List $21999
S-Class Comp/Limiter Enhancer......List $17499
C•com 16
Stereo Compressor with Presets and Manual Control
The C•com 16 stereo compressor/limiter offers 15 high-quality presets. Presets
include Smooth Vocal, Aggressive Vocal, Slap Bass, and others. If you like to tweak,
variable threshold, ratio, attack, decay, release, and output level controls are available.
The C•com 16 offers key output/input for outboard triggering of the key signal.
Specs: VCA compressor • stereo
• In: 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x TRS •
Stereo Comp w/ Presets ........List $10999
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Historically, equalizers were used by the
telecommunications industry to make up for
frequency-dependent signal loss when transmitting
voice over long distances of cable. Special components
were used to boost certain frequency bands that
were attenuated
(reduced) over
the long cables,
thus making all
frequencies equal
in level — hence,
“equalizer.” The
use of variable
equalization to improve sound quality first started with
motion pictures, when people began to focus on how
bad the sound reproduction was.
It was only natural that equalization (EQ) would find
its way into music. Its creative and practical uses
can vary from adding a bit of presence to enhance
a lead vocal, to extremely complex EQ that can
actually “tune” a poor sounding room or recording
environment. Essentially, EQ is used to enhance or
control certain frequencies within the range of human
hearing. It can be used during the recording process,
though it is much more common to use EQ during the
mixdown process as well as during the final mastering
of a song or entire album.
Most mixers include some form of EQ, though these
are often best used for the broader “brush strokes.”
For those occasions where nothing less than the best
will do, Sweetwater stocks equalizers from the biggest
names in the business, like GML, Manley, PreSonus,
Summit Audio, and dbx.
Solid-state Version of the Classic Pultec EQ
One of the great pieces of audio technology was the
passive EQ circuit that Pulse Techniques, Inc. (“Pultec”)
licensed from Western Electric and applied to recording
equipment. Vintage Pultecs are highly coveted items but
are rare. The original Pultec EQ is one of those magic
boxes that make audio sound better just by passing
through it!
Manley Laboratories has recreated the legendary
EQP-1A in a Langevin solid-state version. This unit is
renowned for its incredibly sweet top end, and works
the same as the original but has an all-discrete make-up
gain amplifier with both balanced and unbalanced inputs
and outputs, all completely transformerless. All boost
and cut controls are continuously variable conductive
plastic potentiometers for absolutely silent operation and
long life. The 2-band design with a high-cut filter is sheer
simplicity to operate. And while you still get the magical
workings of the antique Pultec, the Langevin EQP-1A fits
comfortably into a single rackspace.
Specs: parametric • 2-band (plus high freq cut) • 1-ch • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x S •
Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x TS • 1U
ONLY $35/mo.
Pultec-type Equalizer ...........List $127500
Quite simply, the 8200 is the archetype of the stereo parametric EQ. Its extraordinary resolution, benchmark
transparency, generous headroom, and surgical precision have been imitated by others but never bettered. Each of the
8200’s five overlapping bands offers 15dB of boost or cut and adjustable bandwidth (“Q”) from 0.4 to 4. The lowest
and highest bands can be switched to shelving mode. The 8200 requires an 8355 power supply. The GML 9500 is
the mastering version of the 8200. Each of its five bands offers 15dB of boost/cut and adjustable level control in 0.5dB
increments. The 9500 requires two 8355 power supplies.
Specs: 8200 parametric • 5-band • 2-ch • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR •
2U 9500 parametric • indented pots • 5-band • 2-ch • 24 frequencies
per band • 3U
2-ch, 5-band Parametric EQ .....List $500000
2-ch Mastering EQ .................List $1000000
8200, 8302, 8304 PSU ..............List $52500
Pultec EQP-1AM
Classic Pultec Mono 3-band Parametric EQ
When we asked the Manley folks if their Pultec EQs sound like the classic originals they replied, “Yes! But they’re
better!” The original 2-band EQs had three transformers in the signal path whereas Manleys operate in completely
transformerless mode. The Manley Enhanced Pultec EQ has a vastly superior power supply, and the line amp is often
called “killer” sounding. Now available as the EQP-1AM mono and EQP-1AS stereo versions, these units have
all-tube single-ended line amplifiers for gain make-up and extra-punchy sound. You can even get additional gain from
the rear-mounted feedback adjustment trim pot. These Pultecs offer both transformer-coupled balanced and direct
capacitor-coupled unbalanced outputs for easy interfacing and sonic variety. You’ll soon discover the magic of the
individual low-frequency boost and cut controls. Need a little clarity or extension? Try dialing in the sharpness of the
ONLY $59/mo.
boost with the bandwidth control.
Specs: EQP-1A parametric • 2-band (plus high freq cut) • 1-ch • tube •
In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TS • Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x TS • 1U EQP-1AS 2-ch
PultecEQP1AM 1-ch Enhanced Pultec EQ ....List $215000
2-ch Enhanced Pultec EQ ......List $330000
Massenburg 5-band
Parametric EQ
2-channel, 4-band
The Massive Passive uses simple passive components and exploits their natural qualities rather than forcing a
complex circuit to meet an arbitrary clinical or scientific goal. This 2-channel, 4-band equalizer with additional
high-pass and low-pass fi lters delivers both the radical EQ sometimes needed for tracking and subtle shadings
required for vocals and mastering. It’s designed to be a fundamentally different EQ but incorporates the best
strengths of Pultecs, choice console EQs, parametrics, and graphics. The difference is that the Massive delivers
twice as much EQ with half the coloration. It allows huge HF boosts without sibilance problems and fatness
without mud.
ONLY $130/mo.
Specs: parametric • 4-band • 2-channel • tube • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Out:
2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • 3U
Stereo Tube EQ ......List $480000
2-channel Mastering EQ
At only 1U high, the Mini-Massive EQ shares most of the design and components of the larger Manley Massive
Passive, along with delivering some new refinements for the ultimate in mastering EQs. Among the changes are a
re-tooling of the four lowest and highest shelf settings and added higher Q bell shapes on the four highest frequency
bands. The flexible EQ lets you dial in anything from fat bottom end to a smooth, airy top end for nice, well-balanced
mixes. For gain, the Mini Massive employs four of the new Manley Rapture Amplifiers, which are some of the most
musical amps available. The Mini-Massive is perfect for anyone who wants a more cost-effective alternative to the
Massive Passive, or who feel the Massive Passive imparts too much character and want a more transparent EQ.
Specs: parametric • 4-band • 2-ch • solid-state • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS •
Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • 1U
ONLY $76/mo.
2-ch Solid-state 2-band EQ ...... List 2800
(800) 222-4700
“What makes Sweetwater great is your Sales Engineers and the
real live support.” — Eric Gray
2-channel Mastering Equalizer
4-band Analog EQ with Selectable Peaking and Shelving
The Great River Electronics EQ-2NV is a 2-channel digitally controlled, analogdriven equalizer with similar voicing to that of vintage 1081/1083 models. With four
independently enabled bands of EQ and 15dB of boost or cut, you can apply your EQ
with surgical precision. The EQ-2NV is also the perfect complement to Great River NV
Series mic preamps. When connected via the NV Series’ patch point, the mic and DI
inputs are fully functional, as well as the level control, metering and “big iron” of the
NV’s output amplifier. A discrete Class A balanced output stage allows it to function as a
stand-alone device.
Mastering engineers tend to be very closed-mouthed about the gear they use, but
we’re going to let the cat out of the bag. To put the finishing sheen on records, the EQ
of choice for world-class mastering engineers is the Summit Audio EQP-200B Dual
Program Equalizer — an equalizer that employs both solid-state and tube technologies
to produce the warm sounds associated with tubes, while providing the reliability
and clarity of solid-state devices. The EQP-200B offers high-frequency attenuation,
mid-high-frequency boost, low-frequency boost, and low-frequency attenuation, plus
low-frequency shelving with a 6dB-per-octave slope. It’s specifically designed for broad
tonal shaping in mastering applications. Offering 105dB dynamic range, the EQP-200B
has impeccable specs and mastering-level quality. You can trust it with your most
important tracks.
ONLY $83/mo.
Specs: parametric • 4-band •
2-channel • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TS, 2 x
insert • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS
4-band EQ w/ Class A Output ............List $357500
ONLY $86/mo.
Specs: parametric • 3-band • 2-ch
• tube/solid-state • In: 2 x XLR •
Out: 2 x XLR • 2U
2-ch Parametric EQ .............List $305000
1-channel 4-band Tube/Solid-state EQ with Low and High Shelving
Summit Audio built a fully
passive equalizer in a very
small package to come up with
an exciting audio tool!
The FeQ-50’s sound is simply
amazing and it has a ton of
versatility in a convenient package. When you combine the unique passive circuitry,
both vacuum tube/solid-state outputs and pristine Summit Audio build quality with
the price, there really is nothing else like it. This single-channel passive EQ imparts
a characteristically warm sound to audio that passes through thanks to the tube and
transformerless signal path. The four bands of EQ have switch-selectable frequencies
with fully sweepable gain, and Summit Audio included an 80Hz high-pass filter with
6dB-per-octave roll-off. To keep the I/O flexible, the FeQ-50 has a total of four outputs,
both +4 XLR and -10 TRS tube, and +4 XLR and -10 TRS solid-state, all available at the
same time (one in/ four out).
Specs: parametric • 4-band • 1-channel • tube/solid-state • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" • Out: 2 x XLR (one tube, one
solid-state), 2 x 1/4 TRS (one tube,
ONLY $29/mo.
one solid-state) • 1/2-rackspace
1-ch Parametric EQ ...............List $99500
Lil FrEQ
EQ with High-pass, High/Low Shelving, Parametric EQ, and Dynamics
Nominated for a TEC award, the Lil FrEQ equalizer packs pretty much everything an
engineer needs into a 1U box while offering the kind of sound they crave. Lil FrEQ
comprises EQ with high-pass, high and low shelving, parametric EQ, and a dynamics
section. The high-pass section cuts all content below one of eight pre-selected
frequencies. It has a special shape that prevents thinning out frequencies just above the
cutoff frequency. The high and low shelving are extremely high performance, providing
exceptionally smooth boost and cut on the bass and treble frequencies. There are four
sections of fully parametric FrEQ operating below 0.0007% THD at extremely high
audio levels. The dynamics section combines filters with a compressor-like circuit that
can help contain and control excessive high-frequency content such as sibilants. Lil
FrEQ features DC-coupled circuitry (no capacitors), which is found in only the finest
high-end gear. Plus, the lack of capacitors means that the circuitry will never wear out.
ONLY $56/mo.
Rackmount EQ .....................List $200000
Specs: Freq Resp: 5Hz-140kHz,
10Hz-110kHz (transformer out) •
Dyn range: 120dB • 0.0007% THD
Dual-channel De-esser
Think about the human voice. It’s one of the most challenging signals to reproduce
because it contains such large variations in level and harmonic structure. Getting a vocal
with sufficient definition and cut in the mix can cause large sibilant peaks that can lead
to distortion. The MX50 vocal de-esser solves these problems quickly and efficiently
by reducing the level of the sibilant sounds while leaving the remainder of the signal
The MX50 is designed to overcome the sibilance from human voices, but you’ll also
find it’s great for other applications such as smoothing a stereo mix, reducing string
noise on acoustic guitars, breath noise on flutes, and even refining cymbal and hi-hat
sounds. Its split-band mode is recommended for most applications and splits the audio
spectrum into two bands, with de-essing performed on frequencies above a selectable
split point. In full-band mode, minimal processing is performed, reducing total signal
level in response to sibilant peaks in a selected frequency band.
ONLY $19/mo.
Dual De-esser .......................List 735
Specs: de-esser • 2-ch • In: 2 x
XLR, 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x
TRS • 1U
“Don’t be fooled by the price. This little EQ is
EXCELLENT. With three fully parametric bands, the EQ3B
offers far more control than typical built-in EQs in
consoles. Plug it into the insert jack of your mixer to
greatly improve your control over critical channels.”
3-band Parametric EQ
If that guitar or vocal
sound you need eludes
— Jeff Barnett, Sales Engineer, Ext. 1283
you, find it with the
PreSonus EQ3B. It’s a
3-band fully parametric analog EQ with smooth highs and solid lows. It’s perfect for
carving out unwanted frequencies or musically boosting frequencies that need to
be emphasized. Its 80Hz roll-off eliminates room rumble and increases clarity. With
±12dB of boost/cut on three overlapping frequencies along with variable Q, it’s easy to
dial in detailed narrow notching or wide musical shaping. The EQ3B is ultra-quiet and
works great in your studio or onstage for vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and more.
Specs: parametric • 3-band • 1-ch
• In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS • Out: 1 x
XLR, 1 x TRS • 1/3U
Parametric EQ .......................List $12995
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Quad EQ
4-channel 30-band Digital Graphic EQ
You’ll probably find more Mackie boards in live music venues than any other
brand, and building on that success, Mackie introduces the Quad EQ digital
graphic equalizer. With the Quad EQ you get four channels of 30-band digital
EQ plus some very handy live sound tools. The EQ features Mackie’s AdaptiveQ Equalizers, which allow for ±12dB with 30 individual EQ filters without the
artifacts common to constant-Q equalization. The Quad EQ also sports SPL and real-time
analyzer (RTA) meters, normally expensive auxiliary equipment. SPL is measured by an included reference
microphone and a front-panel readout lets you view RTA and EQ curves simultaneously — so, if you’re going for “ruler-flat”
on the RTA curve, you can adjust EQ and see the changes in red LEDs, while simultaneously getting visual feedback in the RTA curve via
green LEDs. Speaking of settings, live sound guys will love the ability to instantly recall up to 99 snapshots of EQ settings. A pink noise tone
ONLY $27/mo.
generator makes checking speaker systems for phase problems a snap. The Quad EQ also allows for the stereo linking of channels A and B,
or C and D, and the convenient front panel offers easy control over all functions.
Digital 4-ch Graph EQ ..........List 1159
Specs: 4-ch • 30-band • digital • In: 4 x XLR, 4 x TRS, 1 x XLR/measurement mic • Out: 4 x XLR, 4 x TRS
PV 231EQ
PV 215EQ
PV 231EQ
The PV 231EQ dual 31-band 1/3-octave graphic EQ is a win-win combination of
proven Peavey features and affordability in a road-worthy 2U rackmountable box. The
PV 215EQ is a single rackspace, dual 15-band 2/3-octave graphic EQ that’s a simple
and affordable solution to equalization. Both units allow you to select between 6dB
or 12dB of cut or boost, on frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz. A low-cut filter
switch with status LED helps remove rumble from open microphones, while the bypass
switch with LED indicator is convenient for sound checks. Whether on stage, in the
studio, or simply tweaking your home hi-fi system, the PV Series has an EQ for you.
ONLY $10/mo.
Dual 31-band Graphic EQ...........List $19999
Dual 15-band Graphic EQ............List $12999
Specs: 231EQ dual 31-band •
2-ch • 1/3-oct •±6dB, ±12dB •
20Hz-20kHz I/O: XLR (bal)• bypass
• 215EQ dual 15-band • 2-ch •
2/3-oct • 20Hz-16kHz I/O: XLR
(bal)• bypass
HQ Series
Graphic EQ with Feedback Location System
Peavey’s 31-band QF 131 and dual 15-band QF 215 graphic equalizers are ruggedly
built with the low-noise and low-distortion characteristics that Peavey is famous for.
These workhorse 2U rackmount EQs also include Peavey’s patented FLS® (Feedback
Location System) technology. At the onset of feedback, FLS visually indicates which
slider you need to adjust, making “ringing out the room” easier than ever. Both have
45mm, center-detented control sliders enclosed in metal, ±15dB gain control, low-cut
filters, +21dBu balanced I/O, and bypass switches. Q Series equalizer filters are set at
ISO center frequencies within 3% accuracy.
Specs: QF131 31-band graphic •
1-ch • 1/3 oct • +12dB boost/-18dB
cut • 20Hz-20kHz • I/O: XLR, TRS
QF215 dual 15-band • 2-channel
You can light up your mix with the ART HQ-231 graphic
equalizer! The illuminated sliders are easy to read,
and the special proprietary technology helps you keep
live sound under control. Feedback Detection Circuits
instantly illuminate the EQ band with the hottest signal
to identify a feedback source, allowing quick correction.
The HQ-231 has constant-Q filtering with ISO centers,
independent variable high-pass and low-pass filters,
illuminated detented slide potentiometers, switchable
±6dB or ±12dB boost/cut range, independent level and
bypass controls, and EQ output LED metering.
ART’s 355 dual-channel 31-band graphic equalizer is
great for live sound, recording studios, and instrument
racks. It features constant-Q circuitry with remarkable
center-frequency accuracy. The 20mm sliders handle
a selectable boost/cut range of ±6dB or ±12dB, and
adjustable high- and low-pass filters control noise.
With active balanced and unbalanced I/O connections,
variable input level control, and clip level indicators, the
355 offers all the controls you’d expect in a much more
expensive unit. For mono work try the 1-channel 351.
ONLY $10/mo.
Dual 31-band Graphic EQ...........List $49900
Dual 15-band Graphic EQ...........List $29999
31-band Graphic EQ ...................List $29999
Specs: 355 graphic • 31-band • 2-ch • 1/3-oct • Range: ±6dB or ±12dB •
In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, 2 x RCA • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, RCA • 1U 351 1-ch
Dual 31-band Graphic EQ...........List $28900
31-band Graphic EQ ...................List $16900
The Alesis DEQ830 gives you eight channels of 1/3octave EQ with superb sonic performance and incredible
flexibility. Adjust any of 30 bands on eight discrete
channels with the press of a button. You’ll get instant
slider-style visual feedback rather than having to squint
at a tiny LCD. The DEQ830 includes 50 curve templates
and 100 user locations. The DEQ230 2-channel EQ has
the ability to store and recall preset and user-defined
curves. It also has 25 preset and 25 user-definable and
recallable curves, as well as a bypass button that affects
both channels simultaneously. Its affordable price makes
it attractive to any recording or performing musician.
Specs: DEQ830 graphic • 30-band • 8-ch • 1/3-oct • In: 8 x TRS • Out: 8
x TRS • Dig I/O: ADAT • 1U DEQ230 2-ch
ONLY $10/mo.
2-channel Constant-Q Graphic Equalizer
Specs: HQ231 graphic • feedback elim • 31-band • 2-ch • 1/3-oct •
Range: ±6dB or ±12dB • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, RCA • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS,
RCA • 2U
ONLY $10/mo.
8-channel Digital Equalizer
Graphic EQs with Feedback Detection
QF 215
Dual 31-band Graphic EQ
ONLY $15/mo.
8-ch 1/3-octave Graphic EQ .....List $59900
2-ch 1/3-octave Graphic EQ .......List $34900
Call today! (800) 222-4700
w a t e r. c o
ne at
31-band Graphic EQ with 10Hz-50kHz Response
dia o
me nli
31-band, 2-channel Graphic EQ
The 1231 graphic EQ was engineered to make live EQ chores easier and to provide
years of maintenance-free operation. The 1231 provides dual-channels, thirty-one
1/3-octave bands, ISO frequency centers, ±12dB input gain range, and switchable
40Hz/18dB per octave low-cut filters. Well thought out from a professional’s perspective, its features include 45mm faders; selectable ±6dB or ±15dB boost/cut range for
precise gain adjustments; XLR, barrier strip, and 1/4" TRS connectors for installation
ease; balanced inputs and outputs for quiet operation; and chassis/signal ground-lift
capabilities for quick hum isolation. The 2-channel, 31-band 231, and
ONLY $11/mo.
15-band 215 exclude barrier strips.
Specs: 1231/231 • 2-ch • 31band • 1/3-oct ±12dB In: 2 x XLR,
2 x TRS • barrier strip (1231) 215
2-ch • 15-band • 2/3-oct ±12dB
Dual 31-band Graphic EQ...........List $51995
Dual-channel 31-band EQ ...........List $27995
Dual-channel 15-band EQ ...........List $20995
The dbx 131 offers one channel of 31-band EQ that’s about as simple and elegant
as it can be. The single-channel 131 not only offers standard features like thirty-one
1/3-octave bands, ISO frequency centers, ±12dB input gain range, and switchable
50Hz/12dB per octave low-cut filter, but also includes other insightful features designed
to make EQing easier and more effective for FOH pro and weekend warrior alike.
These features include 20mm faders; selectable ±6dB or ±12dB boost/cut range for
precision gain adjustments; XLR, and 1/4" TRS connectors to make the 131 an easy
match with your gear; and balanced inputs and outputs for quiet operation. From its
10Hz to 50kHz frequency response to its 108dB dynamic range and internal toroidal
transformer, the 131 boasts out-of-this-world specifications with a down-to-earth price
point. Sure to find a home in the studio, on tour and with installed sound venues, the
131 is destined to take its rightful place in the lineage of great dbx signal processors
that are the professional’s choice.
Specs: 1-ch • 31-band • 1/3-oct •
Range: ±12dB • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS
• Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS • 1U
ME 60
ONLY $10/mo.
Single-channel 31-band EQ ...............List $20995
S•curve 231
1/3-octave Constant-Q Graphic Equalizer
Stereo Graphic Equalizer
The ME 60 is a 2-channel, 1/3-octave constant-Q equalizer utilizing compact 20mm
sliders, so it fits neatly in two rackspaces. Rane’s constant-Q (constant bandwidth)
design means the bandwidth of each individual filter is guaranteed to be narrow
enough to prevent unwarranted interaction between filters, yet wide enough to produce
exactly the type of correction curve demanded by even the most unusual acoustic
surroundings. Two adjustable band-limiting filters add to each channel’s versatility. Its
low-cut filter has a range from 10Hz to 250Hz, and the high-cut filter sweeps from 3kHz
to 40kHz, rolling off unwanted frequencies at both ends of the spectrum. The ME 15B
is a 2-channel, 2/3-octave equalizer that fits in a single rackspace. Its also provides
high-resolution ±6dB mode or ±12dB control.
The S•curve 231 is a 1/3-octave stereo EQ with 31 bands for pinpoint control over
your mix. It features ±6dB or ±12dB faders, front-panel hard-wired relay-controlled
bypass switches, and an 8-segment output meter in a 2U chassis. Designed for
professional use in critical applications, the affordable S•curve 231 boasts constant-Q
circuitry, which ensures that the bandwidth of the selected frequency area stays the
same even when approaching maximum boost or attenuation. As a result, phase shifting
and intermodulation distortion is greatly reduced, making for clear, clean sound.
Front-panel controls include output level sliders, a variable low-cut filter, as well as
Cut Only, Range, and Bypass switches. The rear panel provides electronically balanced
inputs and outputs on 1/4" and XLR connectors. Thanks to low noise circuitry, the 231
can be used in live performance in conjunction with either FOH or monitor mixers, in
broadcast environments, or for recording.
ONLY $10/mo.
Specs: ME60 2-ch • 30-band • In:
2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, 2 x RCA • Out: 2 x
XLR, 2 x TRS, 2 x RCA ME15B 2-ch
• 15-band • 2-ch • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x
TRS • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • 1U
ONLY $16/mo.
Dual 30-band Graphic EQ...........List $69900
Dual 15-band Graphic EQ............List $43900
Specs: 31-band • 1/3-oct •
20Hz-20kHz • 2U
Dual 31-band Graphic EQ.......List $26499
“I just wanted someone to know that Dave with your Sweetcare Program just talked me off of a ledge!
He got my Digi 002r back in action in about ten minutes! This is exactly why I bought from Sweetwater
and will continue to forever! Thank you Dave, thank you Sweetwater!!!!” — Steve Capp
Tweeq T•231
Dual-channel 31-band Graphic Equalizer
Miniature 7-band Stereo EQ
The Samson S·equalizer is perfect
for tone-shaping a small sound
system. The mini stereo 7-band EQ
lets you choose between ±6 or ±12dB
boost and cut ranges for precision
adjustments. It also has a variable
gain control for setting the optimum output level. A bypass switch makes comparisons
between processed and unprocessed signals easy. The S·equalizer has RCA inputs and
outputs, plus a 1/4" TRS stereo output for connection to other equipment.
Specs: 7-band • stereo • Range: ±6dB
or ±12dB • In: 2 x RCA, 1 x TS •
Out: 2 x RCA, 1 x TRS
Stereo 7-band Graphic EQ ........List 79
The TAPCO Tweeq T•231 is a dual 31-band graphic equalizer with exceptional
construction, sensible features, and great sound quality. Whether you’re running live
sound or enhancing an installed system, you can use Tweeq with confidence. The
1/3-octave bands are controlled by high-quality sliders that offer smooth feel and
reliable performance, and are switchable between ±6 and ±12dB for control flexibility.
Variable high-pass and low-pass filters eliminate rumble and hiss. Tweeq has a bypass
switch so you can quickly compare EQed and non-EQed signals. Tweeq is compatible
with both pro and consumer gear, and it’s loaded with TAPCO quality, more-than-youexpected value, and rock-solid reliability.
Specs: 31-band • 1/3-oct • 2-ch
• Range: ±6dB or ±12dB • In: 2
x XLR, 2 x TRS, 2 x RCA • Out: 2 x
XLR, 2 x TRS, 2 x RCA • 2U
ONLY $10/mo.
Dual 31-band Graphic EQ.......List $18999
Reverb & Multi-FX
(800) 222-4700
System 6000
Multi-channel Multi-effects Processor
M-One XL
Stereo Multi-effects Unit with Digital I/O
The M-One XL employs TC Electronic’s XL reverb
technology with new reverb algorithms. You can create
any combination of spaces, from wide halls with short
decays to narrow rooms with long decays. You can
also add incredible delays, wide chorus, or parametric
equalizers. The M-One XL also includes flangers, gates,
tremolos, phasers, and more. S/PDIF digital I/O makes it
easy to connect to your DAW or other digital gear. M-One
XL reverbs have gone through a general improvement
process, mainly focusing on the stereo width. The results
are quite dramatic and M-One owners will immediately
notice the difference.
Specs: multi-effects • 2-channel • 200 presets/100 user • In: 2 x XLR • Out:
2 x XLR • Dig I/O: S/PDIF • 24-bit/96kHz • MIDI I/O • 1U
ONLY $12/mo.
Multi-effects Processor .........List $49500
System 6000 provides two different entry points: reverb and
delay via Reverb 6000, or dynamics and EQ via Mastering
6000. The Reverb Mainframe
(M6000Rev) features 8-channel DSP
with 8-channel AES/EBU I/O on a DB25
connector, a software editor, stereo and
multi-channel reverb, and delay. A PC
card slot, disk drive, and three empty
slots for analog I/O expansion are
included. Also available is the Reverb
6000 mainframe (M6000RevRem) with
digital I/O and an included TC ICON
Remote, a networkable remote control
with a 1U rackmounted host communications computer. New System 6000 software (v. 3.60) brings better multi-frame
management, new presets for mastering, live, theatre and film production, and, most noticeably, the MDX5.1, providing
even more dynamics firepower for MDX5 users than ever before. The Mastering 6000 is a 4-engine processor based
on the System 6000. New limiting and compression algorithms include MD4, featuring a 5-band stereo and M-S
processor, an updated brickwall limiter that cuts distortion and listening fatigue using internal sample rates of up to
480kHz (5x upsampling) and new custom AD/DA conversion filters. For multi-channel productions, Mastering 6000
also includes a 5.1 multi-band compressor/expander, limiter, and 5.1/stereo monitor matrix. The Mastering 6000
Mainframe Remote (M6000MastRem) includes 8-channel digital I/O and a TC ICON Remote with stereo and multichannel dynamics and EQ software and a monitor
ONLY $330/mo.
matrix. Finally, the Mastering 6000 Mainframe
M6000RevRem Reverb 6000 Syst w/Remote ................
(M6000Mast) includes digital I/O and mastering
M6000MastRem Mastering 6000 Syst w/Rem ..................
software. The optional AES-8 adds eight AES I/O
Reverb 6000 Syst ...................................
channels for a total of 16-channel digital I/O in one
Mastering 6000 Syst ..............................
Mainframe and the ADA 24/96 2-channel analog
I/O card offers 24-bit-96kHz conversion.
Dual-engine Reverb with Software Control
The TC Electronic M350 is an extremely user-friendly
dual-engine rack processor that’s equally suited for
live and studio applications. It combines 15 brand-new
TC-quality reverbs with 15 multi-purpose effects
including delay, modulation, and compression. Studio
engineers and recording musicians will benefit from
the included AU/VST-compatible software editor, which
allows for seamless control and editing integration with
DAW systems. Parameters and preset recalls may be fully
automated or real-time controlled. The M350 delivers
high-quality 24-bit processing and AD/DA conversion.
Specs: reverb/multi FX • 256 presets/99 user • 24-bit/44.1-48kHz •In: 2 x
TRS • Out: 2 x TRS (dual send/return) • Dig I/O: 24-bit, auto-sensing S/PDIF
• MIDI I/O, MIDI clock tempo sync • 1U
ONLY $10/mo.
Dual-engine Effects Processor .........List $24900
Specs: M6000 Reverb Mainframe • multi-ch • Dig I/O: 8 x AES/EBU,
WC • SMPTE I/O • MIDI I/O • Ethernet • 2U Icon CPU & remote: 1U •
1 x multi-pin cable • TCP/IP
Reverb 4000
Stereo Reverb Processor with System 6000 Reverb Algorithms
At the touch of a button, Reverb 4000 delivers an impressive menu of state-of-the-art stereo reverbs — some of
TC’s finest! A single-engine version of the System 6000, the Reverb 4000 is a great addition to any mixing console and
provides your studio with main reverb featuring a palette of simulated rooms, from natural sounding spaces to emulations of vintage reverbs and TC classics such as the DVR2, VSS4, VSS3, and others. This module also has an extremely
easy-to-use instant-access interface. The Reverb 4000 features impressive headroom and analog I/O plus 24-bit/96kHz
digital I/O. Offering TC quality for any budget, the M3000 and M2000 provide the pristine sound quality that have
made TC the choice for effects processing.
Specs: Reverb4000 reverb • 2-ch • 134 presets/100 user • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • Dig I/O: AES/EBU, S/PDIF, optical,
WC • 24-bit/96kHz • MIDI I/O • USB • 1U M3000 multi-fx • 2-ch • 300
Reverb4000 Digital Reverb .....................List $299500
presets/300 user • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • Dig I/O: AES/EBU, S/PDIF,
optical, WC • 24-bit/48kHz • MIDI I/O M2000 multi-fx •2-ch • 250
Studio Reverb ......................List $184500
presets/128 user • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • Dig I/O: AES/EBU, S/PDIF •
Effects Wizard ........................List $99500
24-bit/48kHz • MIDI I/O
Remote for M6000 Mainframe ................
Sys 6000 8-ch AES/EBU .........................
ONLY $75/mo.
2-channel Multi-effects Processor
The name “SPX” has been synonymous with
“professional multi-effects processor” for more than
20 years. The SPX2000 inherits legendary programs
from its predecessors and adds a new dimension to
sound quality with its reverb algorithms and 96kHz
audio DSP. The SPX2000’s Preset bank includes 17
programs with the newly developed “REV-X” reverb
algorithms, a whole new generation of reverb
programs with rich reverberation tone and smooth
decays. The other 80 presets include popular SPX
programs such as gated reverbs, delays, pitch effects,
modulation, and more.
Specs: multi-effects • 2-ch •122 presets/99 user • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS •
Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Dig I/O: AES/EBU, WC • 24-bit/96kHz • MIDI I/O •
USB • 1U
ONLY $30/mo.
24-bit Multi-FX Processor ...List $124900
24-bit Dual-engine Delay with Tap Tempo
The D-Two Multi-Tap Rhythm Delay is a dual-engine processor that allows you to tap in a tempo or a complete
rhythmic pattern and quantize it instantly according to a selected subdivision. The D-Two also provides six directaccess add-on effects including spatial, ping-pong, reverse, dynamic delay, chorus, and filter. The standard delay line
of the D-Two is built around a delay line with a feedback loop. Audio is fed back via the loop, which results in repeats.
The D-Two delay/feedback strategy is different from ordinary delays. The repeats are caused by a number of taps that
aren’t fed back into the delay line. That enables the D-Two to output a specific number of repeats, providing you with
ultimate control.
Specs: delay • 2-ch • 50 presets/100 user • In: 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x TRS • Dig I/O: S/PDIF • 24-bit/48kHz • MIDI I/O • 1U
ONLY $15/mo.
Multitap Rhythm Delay ..........List $69500
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Reverb & Multi-FX
8-channel Ultra-Harmonizer with FireWire I/O
“The H8000FW is a Harmonizer that’s in a
class of its own. This new model has FireWire
I/O, so it’s ideal for use with your DAW. The
harmony effects are amazing!”
—Brian VanDeKeere, Sales Engineer, Ext. 1290
The H8000FW unleashes 24-bit/96kHz internal
processing to deliver uncompromised sound quality. Stack as many as five stereo effects together to create effects
you’ve never imagined possible and manipulate them from either the easy-to-use front panel or the included PC and
OS X software. For post-production work, Eventide provides a slew of studio-proven effects including telephone,
ONLY $165/mo.
radio, and TV voice emulators.
Ultra-Harmonizer w/FW ..........List $599500
Specs: 8-channel • 1,588 presets • In: 4 x XLR, 4 x hi-Z • Out: 2 x XLR • Dig
I/O: 8-ch AES/EBU, S/PDIF, ADAT, FireWire • 24-bit/96kHz • MIDI I/O • WC • 2U
Multi-effects Processor with Dual
Processing Architecture and 200 Factory
The Lexicon MPX1 employs dual complementary processing architecture. That means it has two completely
independent DSP processors. It draws from Lexicon’s
flagship 960L and employs Lexicon’s famed LexiChip to
deliver “idealized” reverb algorithms for world-class
stereo reverb and ambience. Naturally, the MPX1 has
that legendary Lexicon sound; rich lush reverbs, crystal
clear delays, and swirling choruses.
Specs: multi-effects • 2-ch • 200 presets/50 user • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS
• Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Dig I/O: AES/EBU, S/PDIF • 24-bit/44.1kHz •
MIDI /O • 1U
ONLY $21/mo.
Stereo Multi-effects Processor ...........List 1129
The H7600 features nearly 1,100 preset algorithms and a 174-second sampler for unprecedented stereo effectsprocessing prowess. It offers more power than its predecessor, the DSP7000 series, with a new operating system and
new search functionality providing instant access to Eventide’s renowned catalog of effects. The H7600 gives audio
professionals a stereo effects processor capable of easily addressing any creative application.
ONLY $120/mo.
Ultra-Harmonizer .................List 4495
Specs: 2-channel • 1,098 presets • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TS, 1 x hi-Z • Out: 2 x
• 24-bit/96kHz • MIDI I/O • WC • 2U
Eclipse 3.0
2-channel Digital Multi-effects Processor
The Eclipse 3.0 gives you massive processing power at a price that puts it in a more affordable ballpark. Its audio
performance outperforms the H3000 series, with 24-bit/96kHz resolution and ultra-low noise, so reverb tails never
drift off into distortion. Plus, the Eclipse has 90 of Eventide’s best algorithms and 390 killer presets. The Eclipse was
designed with musicians in mind, with easy setup and an interface with customizable front-panel controls. A built-in
search engine makes sorting and finding effects simple. The new OS allows user-definable scales similar to the H3000.
Besides balanced and unbalanced analog I/O, the Eclipse gives you digital I/O with support for AES/EBU, ADAT optical,
and S/PDIF optical or coax connections. Word clock I/O and a new MIDI clock output lets you use the Eclipse as your
master clock!
ONLY $60/mo.
Multi-effects Processor .......List $299500
2-channel Ultra-Harmonizer
Dual Stereo Reverb Processor with USB
Lexicon is world-renowned for its reverbs, and now
the new MX400 (TRS) and MX400XL (XLR) dual
stereo/surround reverb processors bring those
quality sounds to project studios, surround facilities
on a budget, and live sound. The 1U, 4-in, 4-out unit
combines an intuitive front-panel design with Lexicon’s
USB “hardware plug-in” technology, which enables
you to control the MX400 exactly as you would any
software plug-in, while enjoying the CPU-relief that only
hardware can provide. The MX400 also features dbx
dynamics processing.
Specs: MX400 reverb • 4-ch (dual stereo/surround) • In: 4 x
TRS • Out: 4 x TRS • USB • VST/AU 4X400XL reverb • 4-ch (dual
stereo/surround) In: 4 x TRS • Out: 4 x TRS • USB • VST/AU
ONLY $15/mo.
Dual Stereo Reverb Processor...List $79995
Dual Stereo Reverb Processor....List $82495
Specs: multi-effects • 2-ch • 390 presets • In: 2 x XLR/TRS • Out: 2 x XLR, 2
x TRS • Dig I/O: AES/EBU, S/PDIF, WC • MIDI I/O • 1U
USB Multi-effects Processor with Software
Reverb 2016
2-channel Reverb Processor with Legendary SP2016 Algorithms
The Eventide Reverb 2016 is a classic reborn! It recreates the algorithms of the legendary 2016 stereo room, room
reverb, and high-density plate. All parameters of the original effects have been duplicated, but the 2016’s hardware
is strictly 21st-century, with 24-bit internal processing and A/D conversion. Digital I/O gives you an all-digital signal
path with no extra conversion or dithering. The Reverb 2016 also features “new” reverbs with more complex early
reflections, higher density, and finer control. The Reverb 2016 interface is extremely easy to use and all parameters
are easily accessed through Eventide’s signature “one knob, one job” setup. You can store up to 99 of your own
presets to keep your favorite settings a button push away.
ONLY $60/mo.
Stereo Reverb Processor ......List 2195
Specs: reverb • 2-ch • 89 presets/99 user • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x
XLR, 2 x TRS • Dig I/O: S/PDIF, WC • MIDI I/O • 1U
The Lexicon MX200 provides a USB interface with an
intuitive cross-platform VST plug-in window, allowing
it to function as a “hardware plug-in” within any VSTcompatible workstation. Ninety-nine carefully crafted
factory presets offer stunning reverbs and effects, with
an additional 99 programmable slots that allow you
to make custom effects from dozens of effects types
including halls, chambers, plates, slap and tape-type
delays, dbx dynamics algorithms, and special effects
like chorus, flange, tremolo, and rotary.
Specs: multi-FX • 2-ch • 99 presets/user • 24-bit/48kHz • I/O: 2 x TRS,
ONLY $10/mo.
2-ch Effects Processor ...........List $29995
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Reverb & Multi-FX
MidiVerb 4
Reverb Processor with KSP8 Algorithms
Dual-channel Multi-effects Processor with Auto Level Sensing
One of the most amazing elements of Kurzweil’s KSP8
is its astonishingly full, clean reverbs, with tails that just
seem to last forever without a hint of digital noise. The
Rumour gathers a comprehensive set of Kurzweil’s
finest reverbs and reverb variations drawn from the
KSP8 processor and puts them in one affordable box.
Plus, it boasts one of the easiest-to-use interfaces you’ve
ever worked with. Rumour specializes in lush reverbs,
and there are plenty of them onboard! Also built in
are a collection of delays, chorus, and flange effects.
The Rumour gives you 192 effect presets and 64 user
locations to edit and store your custom settings.
This processor was created for professional studios and musicians who need great sounding, fully programmable,
and flexible effects. The MidiVerb 4’s superb algorithms produce dense natural reverbs, rich choruses, flangers,
delays, pitch effects, and up to three simultaneous multi-effects.The MidiVerb 4 offers 18-bit A/D and D/A converters
and 24-bit internal processing with a 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth and 90dB dynamic range, making it great for digital
recording. Plus, its Auto Level Sensing feature can instantly set the optimum input levels for you to ensure the ideal
signal-to-noise ratio.
Specs: Reverb • 2-channel • 192 presets/64 user • In: 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x
TRS • Dig I/O: S/PDIF • 1U
ONLY $15/mo.
Effects Processor ...................List $64900
Specs: multi-effects • 2-channel • 256 presets/128 user • In: 2 x TRS • Out:
2 x TRS • MIDI I/O • 1U
Signal Processor....................List $29900
Stereo 18-bit Digital Reverb and Delay
2-channel Modulation Effects Processor
If you’re after the truly unique modulation programs that
will make your tracks really stand out, the Mangler is
for you. Its presets cover just about every effect under
the sun, from chorus to distortion. There’s even a little
reverb thrown in too, just for good measure. Mangler
effects offer the same legendary Kurzweil quality found
in the KSP8 and offers truly warped flangers, intense
tremolos, and deep, wide filters. In addition you’ll find
synth-style triggers, ring modulation, the otherworldly
LaserVerb, Pitcher pitch-shift program and much more.
Specs: modulation effects • 2-channel • 192 presets/64 user • In: 2 x TRS
• Out: 2 x TRS • Dig I/O: S/PDIF • 1U
ONLY $15/mo.
Effects Processor ...................List 649
What do musicians want, aside from fame and fortune? Among other things, how about easy-to-use, programmable
effects for a price that leaves a little something left over for that new guitar, keyboard, or whatever else strikes your
gear-loving fancy? The MicroVerb 4 offers a wide variety of great-sounding effects for your small studio or live
performance rig. MicroVerb 4 provides 200 programs that include everything from reverb, delay, chorus, and flange
to exciting multi-effects and more. Customizing programs is sheer simplicity. Two front-panel knobs allow for quick
and easy user-storable edits, or you can use its MIDI input to control the MicroVerb. You can then save your programs
in the onboard 100-space user bank.
The MicroVerb 4’s interface includes input and output level, mix control, left and right input level meters, footswitch
bypass control, Leslie speaker emulation speed (fast or slow), and tap tempo. Besides MIDI control of program
changes you can also transmit effect parameters and sysex dumps. Even though it’s affordable and easy to use, the
MicroVerb 4 still gives you the superb audio quality that you expect from every Alesis processor. With Alesis multieffects it’s never been easier to create your personal sound.
Specs: multi-effects • 2-channel • 200 presets/100 user • In: 2 x TS • Out: 2
x TS • MIDI I/O • 1U
Dual DeltaFex
Peavey continues to offer affordable and rugged gear
for musicians and engineers with the Dual DeltaFex
stereo effects processor. With dual inputs and outputs
coupled with the ability to run in series, parallel, dual
mono, or sum mono, Dual DeltaFex has a multitude of
options to handle a variety of tasks. Series and parallel
modes process a stereo signal into a stereo output
signal, while dual mono allows the unit to function as
two separate stereo effects processors. With 16 effects
including reverbs, delays, compressor, phase, tremolo,
karaoke for vocal removal, and many more, the Dual
DeltaFex is a versatile effects unit that will find itself at
home in any guitarist’s rack, or in your project studio.
Specs: multi-FX • 2-ch • 100 presets/100 user • In: 2 x TS • Out: 2 x TS
ONLY $10/mo.
Stereo Effects Processor ....... List $21999
ONLY $10/mo.
Stereo Effects Processor for Stage or Studio
ONLY $10/mo.
MicroVerb 4
MidiVerb 4’s 32 effects algorithms give you a complete arsenal of fully programmable sounds. Many employ true
stereo parallel processing. The 256 preset programs give you plenty to work with, and you can save your favorite
edits in 128 user spaces. With its easy-to-use graphic interface, programming your own effects is a snap. By using
the MidiVerb 4’s MIDI implementation you can not only change programs, but also change parameters within each
program. With the assignable footswitch input, you’ll have complete real-time creative control over every aspect of
your sound. The MidiVerb 4 proves that great-sounding effects don’t necessarily need to break the bank. This is an
essential piece of gear for any studio!
Super-compact Multi-effects Processor
with 16 Presets
This super-compact, ultra-affordable digital multi-effects
unit features 16 stereo presets including halls, rooms,
plates, chorus, flange, delay, and rotary speaker
simulation. At this price, the PicoVerb is too cool not
to love! It has become a mainstay in project studio racks
and live sound rigs. With 28-bit internal processing and
48kHz sample rate, it doesn’t fall down on sound quality.
The 1/4" inputs and outputs make it a snap to insert
into your system. Plus, it all fits in 1/4-rackspace! The
PicoVerb is another amazing signal processing value
from Alesis.
Stereo Digital Reverb w/MIDI .....List $24900
18-bit Stereo Multi-effects with 16 Presets
The NanoVerb gives you sixteen of Alesis’ best preset
effects algorithms in a compact, easy-to-use, and
incredibly affordable package. You’ll enjoy its hall, plate,
and room reverbs, rich true stereo chorus, flange, delay,
rotary speaker emulation, and convenient multi-effects.
Plus, NanoVerb’s 18-bit digital converters ensure the
sonic quality for any effects application from guitar rigs
to studio recording. The front-panel adjust knob allows
you to tweak NanoVerb’s great-sounding programs until
they’re just right for your music. Plus, at such a low
price, you can put several in your rack.
Specs: reverb • 2-channel • 16 presets • In: 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x TRS
Specs: reverb • 2-channel • 16 presets • In: 2 x TS • Out: 2 x TS
Digital Multi-effects Unit .........List $9900
18-bit Digital FX Processor ....List $13500
Reverb & Multi-FX
The MF-104Z sounds
fantastic, and like all
Moogerfoogers®, it has
controls that allow you to
vary the sound in a variety
of ways. With delay time
adjustable from 50ms to
slightly over 1,000ms (one
full second), it’s second in
length only to the MF-104SD
Moogerfooger Super Delay
(sorry, these super-limited
editions are all gone).
The MF-104Z’s Feedback control mixes a portion of
the delayed signal with the signal from your instrument
to generate a single echo, sustaining echoes, or chaotic
echo buildup. In addition, it has a Mix pot so you can go
from completely dry to completely wet and everything
in between. In the Internal Loop position the feedback
path goes directly from the output of the delay back to
the input. In the External Loop position the feedback
path goes through the Loop Out and Loop In jacks
to allow you to insert signal processing in the feedback
path, thereby enabling processing of echoes as they are
generated. It’s very cool with another Moogerfooger
— and unbelievable with the MuRF® (right)!
Analog Multi-filter for Guitars, Keyboards,
Loop Creation, and More
The Moogerfooger MF-105
MuRF® is an amazing
processor that produces
modulation and synth-like
effects via multiple resonant
filters. What makes MuRF
really sing is its ability to
animate the levels of the
filters in up to 24 preset
patterns. The rate of the
patterns can be set by a
knob or expression pedal,
or you can plug a footswitch
into the tap tempo input to
match the rate to your song. Rhythmic variations can be
created by adjusting filter levels and envelope control.
The envelope control sets the shape of the modulation
to create percolating techno rhythmic modulation or
shimmering timbral morphing.
Guitar Multi-filter ..........................List $44900
Moogerfooger Delay ..............List 729
Bass Multi-filter
For decades, Moog defined
the sound of synth bass. It’s
only fair that bass players
should have a Moogerfooger
designed just for them. The
new MF-105B Bass MuRF
features the classic MuRF
design specially tweaked
for bass. The unique sound
of the Bass MuRF begins in
the filter section. Seven of
its eight filters are resonant
filters voiced at lower
frequencies, and at the low
end, Moog has added a 3dB/octave shelving filter. With a
cutoff frequency of 120Hz, it adds extra response where
bass players need it most. You’ll find new patterns in
the Animation section with very interesting rhythmic
qualities. Order yours now, or you’ll have to fight off
guitar players looking for a heavier, darker sound.
ONLY $12/mo.
Bass Multi-filter .......................List $44900
ONLY $21/mo.
(800) 222-4700
ONLY $12/mo.
MF-105B Bass MuRF
Moogerfooger MF-104Z Moogerfooger MuRF
Analog Delay
1,000ms Standalone Analog Delay Module
Bill Me Later ® is the fast, simple, secure way to buy online or over the
phone! Incredibly convenient, it’s the best way to get credit.
Subject to credit approval. See page 419 for details.
Control Processor
As audio signals go through a system of
synthesizer modules, they get shaped into
the sounds that you hear. Control signals,
on the other hand, correspond to the
variations in the sound that are imparted
by the synthesizer modules, like invisible
hands that turn the knobs of the modules. The Moogerfoofer CP-251 provides a dualwaveform LFO, noise generator, sample-and-hold circuit, as well as two attenuators,
a lag processor, a CV mixer, and a 4-way mult. Used in connection with one or more
Moogerfooger analog effects modules, or a Minimoog Voyager, the CP-251 adds the
power and versatility of the classic Moog modular synthesizers.
ONLY $11/mo.
Moogerfooger Control Processor...................................................................... List $36900
Moogerfooger MF-102
Moogerfooger MF-101
Lowpass Filter
Legendary Moog Filter and Envelope Follower
The award-winning Moogerfooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter is
the classic Moog filter that changed the sound of electronic
music. The Moogerfooger filter’s control parameters
are signal mix, cutoff frequency, resonance amount, and
envelope amount. The MF-101’s filter-sweeps follow the
dynamics of your playing. The harder you play, the higher
the envelope voltage goes, so you actually play the filter as
you play your instrument. Now everyone can tweak-out with
classic Moog filter effects!
ONLY $10/mo.
Moogerfooger Low-pass Filter ........................................................................ List 279
Ring Modulator, Carrier Oscillator, and Dualwaveform LFO
Moogerfooger MF-103
12-stage Phaser
The MF-102 Ring Modulator is an award-winning effect
designed by Bob Moog. It contains an analog ring modulator
with a built-in voltage-controlled carrier oscillator, and
voltage-controlled LFO. Used with guitars, basses, keyboards,
samples, or recorded tracks, the Moogerfooger MF-102 can
create subtle, or completely over-the-top effects. Its heavyduty yet smooth-acting bypass switch allows either tabletop
or floor use. The Moogerfooger ring modulator can create
effects ranging from subtle tremolo to harmonically rich distortion, gong-like sounds,
sweeps, swoops, and dive-bombs. It can be extremely subtle or totally outrageous
— you decide!
ONLY $10/mo.
The Moogerfooger MF-103 12-stage phaser is a direct
descendant of the original Moog modular synthesizers. It
contains an amazing-sounding 6- or 12-stage phaser circuit,
as well as a wide-range LFO with adjustable sweep amount.
The MF-103’s control parameters are sweep frequency,
resonance, LFO rate, and LFO amount. All of these parameters
can be controlled by the great-feeling knobs as well as expression pedals or external
control voltages. Used with guitars, basses, keyboards, samples, or recorded tracks,
the MF-103 can apply subtle tonal coloration or extremely deep phasing that spins your
speakers and ears out of control.
ONLY $10/mo.
Moogerfooger Ring Modulator ......................................................................... List $28900
Modular Phaser with Sweepable LFO
12-stage Phaser ............................................................................................ List $33900
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Multi-FX Vocal
Modern vocal processors are amazing! They can
pitch-correct a lead vocal track, create a whole choir
from a single voice, and even add harmonies. How
about turning a male vocalist into a female vocalist,
but without the
surgery that was
once required?
Yup, they can do
that, too!
24-bit/96kHz Vocal
and Effects Processor
Producing great sounding vocal
tracks is serious business! It often
involves intense tweaking and lots
of time. Get the job done quickly
and effectively with VoicePro by
TC-Helicon, the ultimate vocal production tool for music, broadcast, and audio post. VoicePro integrates a complete suite
of voice-optimized tools and effects with an easy-to-navigate user interface. What separates VoicePro from other signal
processors is a series of exclusive algorithms created specifically for manipulating vocals. First of all, there is TC-Helicon’s
transparent pitch-shifting algorithm with an 8-octave shift range. The Flextime algorithm preserves the naturalness of a
time-stretched voice via independent recognition of voice components. You can manipulate and enhance voice character
using TC-Helicon’s latest VoiceModeling technology. VoicePro allows you to stack tracks by providing four voices of
natural-sounding doubling or intelligent harmony in an instant. The next time your soundtrack needs the noise, band
limiting, and distortion characteristics of telephones, radios, and megaphones, you can load any of a number of presets
dedicated to just these effects. VoicePro also allows you to dial up classic micro-shifted sounds including flange and
chorus. Standard vocal processing effects include voice-optimized delay with input ducking and tap tempo, reverb, and EQ
and dynamics processing.
Specs: voice modeling • effects • harmony+doubling • 2-ch • 250 presets •
Analog I/O: 2 x XLR • Dig I/O: 2-in/8-out AES/EBU • WC • Ethernet • MIDI I/O
dia o
me nli
ne at
At one time, such
processing power
would have cost a
small fortune, but
it’s available today in units that start at under $200!
When it comes time to cut the vocal tracks for your
next hit, you’ll be relieved to know that Sweetwater
carries a complete inventory of powerful vocal
processors from the best names in the business, like
TC-Helicon, Digitech, and Antares.
w a t e r. c o
Vocal FX
Vocal Harmony, Pitch Correction, Effects Processor with Mic Preamp
TC Electronic and TC-Helicon have been largely responsible for vocalists getting the
benefits of digital technology in recent years. One of their most popular processors is
the TC-Helicon VoiceWorks. You can create multi-voice harmonies, correct pitches
transparently, and achieve fat doubling effects. It borrows voice-trained pitch detection
and hybrid shifting algorithms from the VoiceOne to give you the most natural-sounding
harmony processing available. Plus, it adds TC-Helicon’s latest trick, HarmonyHold, that
lets you freeze your background harmonies while you sing over them. With 100 presets
to edit and store, a quality preamp, and compression, EQ, delay, and reverbs, your
vocals will hit the mark! Here’s what some users said: “VoiceWorks is simply the answer
to my prayers. I just program the key, the harmony voices I want, and I jump into the
song!” — Darrell S. “VoiceWorks helped me to put together an entire project, without
ever having to recut a vocal! Thanks to Sweetwater and to TC-Helicon for helping us out
on this one.”— Sammy J. “It is truly life-like vocals.” — Dwight R.
Specs: harmony • pitch
correction • FX • 1-ch • 99
presets • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x
TS • Out: 2 x TRS • Dig I/O:
ONLY $18/mo.
Vocal Harmony, Reverb & Pitch Correction ...List $79500
Live Vocal Overdub Processor with Inflection and FlexTime Controls
The biggest problem bands have is recreating their studio sound live. Vocal doubling
is a standard studio trick — near impossible to duplicate live — unless you have TC
Helicon’s new VoiceDoubler, the first front-of-house effects processor to create up
to four humanized overdubs in real time. VoiceDoubler can also be used to create a
“group shout” effect typically used for hip-hop and rap vocals. One VoiceDoubler can
be used for each onstage singer to match recorded vocals and create virtual choirs.
Specs: vocal doubler • 50 presets, 99 user • I/O: XLR, AES/EBU • DI
ONLY $30/mo.
Professional Voice Doubler.... List 1245
USB Vocal
With the new TC-Helicon VoiceLive
you can have your “studio” voice
with you on stage. Plus, you can have
a built-in background vocal group
and utilize the best harmony, pitch
correction, and doubling algorithms from TC-Helicon’s acclaimed VoiceWorks. With
VoiceLive you get the same quality processing you’d expect in a studio environment:
EQ, compression, delay, and reverb algorithms, with the renowned TC quality that
professionals use. Using feedback from vocal artists, TC-Helicon designed VoiceLive for
easy control onstage. Creating realistic background vocals is easy with VoiceLive. Four
unique harmony logic algorithms add harmonies with varying amounts of intelligence.
The VoiceLive generates harmony parts from your lead voice — or if you’re looking
for even more punch from your harmonies, let a second singer use it to create a
multi-voice back-up ensemble.
ONLY $24/mo.
Vocal Harmony, Reverb & Pitch Correction.. List $99500
Professional Voice Processor .....List $349500
Apply today at
Live Vocal Harmony and
Effects Processor
Specs: voice modeling •
effects • 2-ch • 99 presets •
In: 1 x XLR, 2 x TS • Out: 2 x
ONLY $90/mo.
The Vx400 gives you
powerful digital effects in
a simple-to-use package.
This effects processor
and USB recording
interface lets you
modulate your signal,
and trigger the built-in
drum machine with footpedal ease. It features 19
programmable effects with 40 presets plus 40 user slots, giving you plenty of reverbs,
delays, and other options for shaping your sound. The Vx400 also provides a handsfree USB recording interface. With the included Pro Tracks recording software, you can
start recording right away. The Vocal 300 is an effects processor with 38 effects (seven
simultaneous), 40 presets, 40 user settings, and an expression pedal.
Specs: Vx400 effects 2-ch • 40 presets/40 user •
In: 1 x XLR, 2 x TRS, 1 x DI • Out: 2
Vocal300 1-ch • 40 user/40 user • In:
1 x XLR, 1 x TS, 1 x 1/8" • Out: 1 x XLR,
1 x TRS, 1 x 1/8"
ONLY $10/mo.
Vocal Effects w/USB Audio ........List $35995
Vocal Effects Processor ...............List $24995
Multi-FX - Vocal
(800) 222-4700
“How do vocal eliminators work?”
Every studio needs a vocal removal device. Why? Because it can be an incredibly
useful — and profitable — tool. Vocal removers work by canceling audio content
that’s common to both sides of a stereo track — namely, center-panned vocals. A
common application is to create karaoke backing tracks. But a vocal remover can
do so much more: create audition tapes for singers, make music beds for jingles and
videos, make a practice CD for your band’s vocalist — the list is endless.
Vocal Zapper
Vocal Eliminator
We were amazed by how well
the Vocal Zapper works. It lets
you sing to your favorite music!
Ideal for practice at home, learning
in the studio, or just for karaoke fun, the Vocal Zapper can
remove vocals from a CD or other stereo music source. Regardless of whether
the vocals are coming from the center, left, or right channel, the Vocal
Zapper can track them down and cut them out, using one of 16 sophisticated
algorithms. It can remove different ranges of vocals, from children to basses.
Equipped with high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz sampling, the Zapper is also very
easy to use.
Specs: 2-ch • 16 presets •
In: 2 x TS • Out: 2 x TS
Vocal Eliminator ...............List $14900
CD Vocal Rehearsal Tool
The Playmate Vocalist all-in-one vocal
rehearsal tool includes a CD player, effects, pitch
and tempo adjustment, and a built-in vocal reducer
that works on virtually any stereo CD. It also includes 100
high-quality reverb settings. The Playmate Vocalist Play Pack includes a
dynamic mic, mic cable, headphones, and a case.
Specs: vocal elim • 2-ch
• 32 presets • Pitch: ±8%
• Tmp: 50-150% • XLR in
• Out: 2 x TRS, 2 x phones
ONLY $10/mo.
Playmate Vocalist ..................List $29900
PlaymateVpak Playmate Vocalist PlayPack ...List $39900
Vocal Processor with Pitch Correction and Microphone Modeling
Antares’s AVP-1 Vocal Producer combines the world-renowned Auto-Tune Pitch
Correction and TEC award-winning Microphone Modeler technologies to give you
everything you need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style. Antares’s
world-renowned Auto-Tune technology lets you correct the pitch of vocals (or solo
instruments), in real time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of
the expressive nuance of the original performance. To professionally craft vocal
performances the AVP-1 offers a number of essential vocal tools such as a state-of-theart dynamics processor with threshold, ratio, attack, and decay controls, as well as a
continuously variable knee characteristic; a de-esser that tames vocal sibilance with
threshold, ratio, attack, and decay controls as well as a variable high-pass frequency to
match any vocal performance; two independent bands of equalization that let you select
from 6dB or 12dB high or low cut, high or low shelving with variable slope, bandpass,
notch, and fully parametric peaking, and a downward expanding gate with threshold
and ratio controls that works independently of the compressor to eliminate noise and
breath sounds. Of course, there are also the more esoteric features that add that special
sheen to your vocals including Antares microphone modeling, which lets you give your
vocal tracks the characteristics of a variety of high-end studio mics as well as adjust the
proximity effect associated with mic distance. Analog tube modeling gives your vocals
the harmonically opulent tone of a classic tube preamp, and finally, there’s the AVP-1’s
automatic mono or stereo double tracking. The AVP is also fully programmable and
automatable via MIDI continuous controllers.
The AVP-1’s large library of sounds includes factory presets for a wide variety of vocal
styles as well as an interface that makes it easy to create your own signature sounds.
AVP-1 is really easy to use — no scrolling though endless menus to find the parameters
you need. Virtually every major function is only a single button-press away. The AVP-1
Vocal Producer is for the home or project studio recordist who needs to equip his
or her studio with the basic complement of vocal processing functions at the lowest
possible cost — and who values professionally created presets out-of-the-box.
Specs: pitch correction • mic
modeling • comp • gate • EQ •
de-esser • In: 1 x 1/4" • Out: 2 x
1/4" • MIDI I/O • 1U
ONLY $12/mo.
Rackmount Vocal Processor .........List $54900
“Incredible service! Your service is unmatched! Service is everything. It’s a big help that you
have your sales / phone reps be knowledgeable about your products. Thank you for that!”
— Tony Miller
Vocal Transformer with
CD Vocal Practice Tool
TASCAM has given vocalists and
instrumentalists a way to practice to
pre-recorded tracks in a much more
practical and realistic way. If you can operate a CD player, you can use
the CD-VT1mkII. Take any standard compact disc and put it in the CD
mechanism. Then plug a microphone (or two) directly into the CDVT1mkII’s 1/4" inputs. Put on some headphones, set the volume, and you
can rehearse with commercial CDs as well as your band’s practice tracks!
You can slow down the speed of a CD by as much as 50% without changing
the pitch, so you can learn the song at a slow speed. The CD-VT1mkII
includes an improved Vocal Canceler.
Specs: In: 2 x TRS (mic), 1 x 1/8" • Out: 1 x 1/8", Headphone
• ±6% pitch control • up to -50%
tempo control
Voice Training Tool .................List $19900
ONLY $10/mo.
The BOSS VT-1 provides
everything from slight detuning
for voice “thickening,” to a full
±1-octave pitch shift. Separate
pitch and formant controls mean
you can shift pitch without hearing
the “chipmunk” effect. The VT-1
features five voice character types:
Standard Settings, Vocals with
Reverb, Vocals without Reverb,
Narrations/DJ Performance,
and Animation Character. To add a little spice to your live performances, the VT-1 has
large sliders that make it easy to use onstage. A “robot” feature gives you vocoderlike sounds. The reverb adds depth to any voice. This unit is great for DJs karaoke,
broadcasting, and even home video for adding special vocal effects.
Specs: effects • 2-channel •
2 x banks • 20 presets/20 user • In:
2 x TS, 1 x mic • Out: 2 x RCA • AC
power adapter
ONLY $11/mo.
Vocal Transformer ..................List $44900
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Simply put, mastering is an art form all its own,
and probably is the “last great frontier” for most of
today’s home and project studios. Poor mastering can
ruin even the best multitrack recordings and stereo
mixdowns. But
there is good
news! There
are a number
of software
applications that
are designed
specifically for
mastering, such as IK Multimedia’s T-Racks 24. But
the greatest advances have actually come in the form
of outboard gear, namely the TC Electronic Finalizer,
the Drawmer DC2476, and the GML 8900.
A beautifully mastered recording will have a wide
stereo field (or 5.1 surround) and just the right
amount of punch and sizzle. In fact, the best masters
are the ones that don’t sound mastered at all. If you
feel up to the challenge and are ready to do your own
mastering, we can help by combining the real-world
experience of our Sales Engineers with the best
mastering tools available.
Dynamic Gain Controller
The GML 2030 Mastering Dynamic Gain
Control is a precision tool for mastering
and other critical applications where the utmost in
calibrated control, flexibility, and audio transparency is required. Based on
the proven GML Series III control and audio architecture, this no-compromise dynamic range controller
continues the GML engineering tradition and expands familiar Model 8900 capabilities (below), including multichannel operation. The 2030 requires two 9015 power
supplies to operate.
GML2030 2-ch Mastering Range Controller ...List $700000
Specs: dynamic gain controller • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • sidechain • 3U
8900/2020 Power Supply ..............List $65000
Dynamic Range Controller
If you’re accustomed to using
conventional compressor/limiters, a GML dynamic range processor will be somewhat of a revelation. The 8900 reacts
to loudness (rather than volts) like our ears do. Its psychoacoustic approach uses multiple true-RMS detectors,
remarkably accurate log converters, and fast peak detectors to respond intelligently to signal energy. This unusual
design employs unique controls including Crest Factor, Timing, and Release Hysteresis to access the parameters
that make sense to your ears. The entire audio path is all-discrete for unsurpassed transparency. The 2U-size 8900
requires the 9015 power supply.
Specs: dynamic gain controller • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • sidechain • 2U
2-ch Dynamic Range Controller ....List $550000
8900/2020 Power Supply ..............List $65000
Finalizer 96K
24-bit/96kHz Multi-band Mastering Processor
Customers have told us it’s “too easy” getting good sounds out of this unit! The
Finalizer 96K increases the clarity, warmth, and dynamic output of audio tracks.
You’ll hear a big round sound you never before imagined possible. Shape your mix
with the 5-band EQ and enhance it with stereo adjust, digital radiance generator, and
spectral stereo image. Its multi-band expander and compressor give you dynamics
control, while a multi-band limiter ensures maximum output without distortion.
Automatic format conversion simplifies output. The Finalizer Express offers 48kHz
sample rates, 3-band EQ, and AES/EBU or S/PDIF I/O. With the Master Fader you can
perform a fade directly from your Finalizer, keeping your signal in the digital realm.
Specs: 96K comp/norm/exp/EQ/de-esser • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x XLR • AES/EBU, S/PDIF, ADAT, WC • MIDI I/O • 1U
Exp comp/lim • In: 2 x XLR • Out:
ONLY $75/mo.
I/O • 1U Master Fader 1/4" TS
Finalizer96 Dynamic Processor ..............List $299500
connector • adapter supplied
Bass Enhancer with MaxxBass, Renaissance Compressor, and L2
Small boxes and speaker cones can’t move enough air to produce room-shaking low
end. Waves MaxxBCL has a new solution to this problem. Waves’ patented MaxxBass
algorithm adds stunning bass sound by extending the perceived frequency response of
a system about two octaves below its physical limitation! The 24-bit/96kHz MaxxBCL
employs the highest quality converters with unequaled processing algorithms to offer
you astonishing bass enhancement, dynamics processing, and format conversion. The
built-in L2 Ultramaximizer will increase the overall strength of the signal level without
creating artifacts, making the MaxxBCL great for live sound, broadcasting, and studio.
Specs: 24-bit/96kHz • In: 2 x XLR/TRS • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4” Dig: 2 x S/PDIF optical/coax, AES • WC
ONLY $72/mo.
Finalizer Express ...................List $159500
MasterFader for Finalizer ........List $15900
882 Sonic Maximizer
High-definition Sound Processor
Take it from Sweetwater: There isn’t a task in
audio that can’t benefit from the BBE
882i and 482i Sonic Maximizer
signal processors. The 882i is
designed for applications requiring
low noise, high headroom, and +4dBu input
levels, making it the choice for a pro studio or sound system’s
processor rack, while the 482i is built for the unbalanced signal of guitar or
keyboards. Along with 4th-generation processors, which offer greater warmth with a
more naturally detailed midrange, both models employ 1% metal film resistors and
military-spec PCBs. The results? The highs in your sound are bright and articulate, the
lows are tight and rich, the strings sparkle, the percussion cracks, the vocals shine.
Your instruments take on a whole new level of realism.
ONLY $10/mo.
Sonic Maximizer ........................List $49900
Sonic Maximizer .........................List $29900
Specs: 882i dual mono • 10Hz50kHz (bypass), program controlled
• In: 2 x TRS, 2 x XLR (bal) • Out: 2
x TRS, 2 x XLR balanced 482i I/O: 4
x 1/4", 4 x RCA unbalanced
Digital Processing Unit.........List $320000
Aural Exciter 204
2-channel Exciter with Optical
Big Bottom®
For years, professional audio
engineers and producers have
relied on Aphex’s Aural Exciter® to brighten up sound dulled
by inferior equipment or a difficult A/D transfer. Now, with the Model 204, Aphex has
brought back the Aural Exciter in an enhanced, 2-channel version and thrown in the
Optical Big Bottom for extra measure! The Exciter extends high frequencies for greater
perceived loudness without introduction of noise into the audio path due to increased
gain. Vocals and instruments leap out without raising individual volumes in the mix. Big
Bottom tightens and boosts the bass, allowing individual notes to be more articulate
and recognizable, providing a deeper, more resonant bass without overloading the
sound system — and no increase in peak volume! With the Model 204 in your setup,
your audio will be fuller, bigger, and generally sound louder, but with little or no
increase in peak volume. This is a versatile tool for a huge range of applications, from
recording to broadcast to performance.
ONLY $10/mo.
Specs: exciter/enhancer • 2-ch •
10Hz-38kHz • I/O: 2 x XLR • 1U
2-channel Exciter/Enhancer ...List $39900
Direct Boxes
“I use the U5 when I want to extract every
detail and nuance from a bass or acoustic/electric
guitar. It can also be used to warm up the digital
‘chill’ from keyboards and drum machines.”
w a t e r. c o
— Brad Every, Sales Engineer, Ext. 1321
Single-channel High-voltage Instrument DI and Preamp
Avalon’s U5 is a versatile direct box with a difference. “The Avalon U5 is an incredible piece of gear! …you can dial
in exactly what type of sound you want. I credit the U5 for providing the huge sound of my NS/Stick on my first CD,
and will definitely use it for my next disc as well!” says Gary J. of Detroit. Like any DI, it converts instrument signals
to microphone-level signals, but Avalon wasn’t content with leaving it at that. They added six EQ curves designed
to optimize the sonic performance of the U5 with a wide range of sources. Plus, they gave it a high-cut switch to
eliminate unwanted acoustic pickup and high-frequency noise. A headphone monitor amp is built-in for personal
listening. A rackmount kit is available so you can fit one or two into your studio rack.
Both the microphone and line outputs run in tandem so you can A/B both signals of a single source and then
decide which one you like. The active-to-thru switch selects either the instrument input directly or sends the
boosted/equalized signal to the amplifier via the front-panel jack. A ground-isolation switch eliminates any possible
ground loop or AC buzz problems with complete safety. And being Avalon, it does all this with
ONLY $18/mo.
superlative warmth that’s second to none.
Mono Instrument DI Preamp ..........List 650
Instrument Preamplifier and Tube DI
The TD-100 tube direct box and instrument pre is in a league of its own. Its input section is driven by a 12AX7A/
ECC83 vacuum tube, with a discrete transistor output section utilizing 24-volt power rails for massive headroom. The
loading control lets you alter the input impedance to get optimal sound out of delicate guitar or bass pickups. Paul
Serault, FOH engineer for Natalie Cole uses TD-100s for guitars and says that he won’t do a show
ONLY $14/mo.
without them.
The S-direct plus gives you all the
same features as the original S-direct, but in stereo. It’s
like having two direct boxes in one, perfect for keyboard
players, or any instrument with multiple outputs. It
features 1/4" inputs and outputs, 48-volt phantom power
or 9-volt operation with auto battery shut off, switchable
ground lift, and gold-plated XLR, balanced outputs, fitted
into a rugged, solid extruded-aluminum chassis with
large rubber feet.
Stereo Direct Box ....................List $6499
Direct Box ................................List $4899
Standard DI Box ......................List $6995
Active Direct Box
TAPCO strikes again with the DB 1A,
a high-performance DI box with Mackie-designed circuitry. Use either the mic or line inputs with switchable
ground lift. The rugged metal chassis with rubber side
cheeks is extra-durable and you can stack multiple DB
1As. Run 48-volt phantom power from a mixer or use
two 9-volt batteries. If you need an affordable passive
direct box, the DB 1P will fill the bill.
Active Direct Box ........................List $5999
Passive Direct Box........................List $4999
The Pro Co CB-1 is a great
passive direct box that’s virtually
indestructible. The popular
DB-1 passive direct box offers
switches for speaker/line-level
attenuation, high-cut filter, and ground lift, plus male
XLR-type balanced mic-level output. One customer wrote
in to say, “I have used two of these direct boxes for my
church. I usually use them for guitars and they sound
great. A must buy for any serious sound technician!”
Passive DI Box ............................List $7249
Passive DI Box ...........................List $12349
Tube Mic/Instrument Preamp .List $49900
Type 85
Direct Box
Countryman’s Type 85 Direct
Box connects high-impedance
instrument pickups, even piezo
pickups, to a balanced XLR input. It provides a strong,
clean signal without adding noise or distortion. Ruggedly
built, the input circuit can withstand 220V and static
spikes up to 20k volts! It also eliminates hum even
when running on phantom power. Type 85 uses only
hand-selected high-quality discrete components woven
into a Class A circuit, much like the classic mic pres, so
it has an incredibly smooth, sweet sound. ONLY $10/mo.
Class-A DI Box ......................List $23170
Stewart Audio is
dedicated to building
high-quality audio gear for the professional. Stewart’s
ADB-1 is an incredibly powerful, single-channel direct
box. It allows an unbalanced source to directly feed a
balanced input. “We have used these for several years.
We run both acoustic and electric guitars direct as well
as keyboards. The Stewart ADB-1 has a clean sound with
no distortion. The ground-lift switch prevents hum from
getting into the mixer.” — Dennis H, Morton, IL.
Single-ch Active DI Box .........List $10900
Passive DI
Here’s an incredibly flexible
DI/mic/instrument preamp! The Brick
does a lot in a single package. As a phantom-powered
tube mic pre for studio or stage, The Brick will handle
dynamic, condenser, and ribbon mics. The Brick offers
perfect tube tone and isolation for vintage keyboards,
electric bass and acoustic/electric guitars with internal
transducer-type pickups. Don’t worry about those long
cable runs back to the house console. The Brick can
drive cables up to 1,000 feet and more without the
losses common to simple direct boxes.
ONLY $12/mo.
Unbalanced to
Balanced DI
Superb design has made the
no-frills IMP-2 direct box a
favorite. It’s ideal for anyone
requiring professional quality and durability in an
economical package. The IMP-2 converts a line-or
instrument-level unbalanced signal to a low-impedance
mic-level balanced signal. “We use this direct box
on Fort Wayne’s number-one rated late-night comedy
television show to connect the house band and guest
musicians to the console. They’re so affordable, we can
keep plenty on hand.” — Barry R, IN
DI Box and
Mic/Instrument Preamp
Professional Standard
Direct Box
Stereo Direct Box
Tube DI / Instrument Preamp .........List 495
S-direct plus
(800) 222-4700
The Brick
dia o
me nli
ne at
Active Direct Box
The ART Xdirect is
a high-quality active
interface that lets you connect instrument-, line-, or
speaker-level signals to a mixer or other balanced input.
For a passive interface, choose the Zdirect. It connects
instrument-, line-, or speaker-level signals through a
high-performance audio-isolation transformer. Both are
affordable solutions for your studio, touring, or installed
audio system.
Active Single-ch DI Box ...............List $4500
Passive Single-ch DI Box ..............List $3500
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Direct Boxes
Multi-function DI
The JDV Mk3 will change the way you look at DIs. This
remarkable little box features two switchable instrument
inputs, a thru-put for connection to an amp, two auxiliary outputs
for additional amps or effects units, Class A circuitry with no feedback
loop, and a tuner output. On the recording side of things, there is a polarity reverse switch,
15dB pad, ground lift, and an XLR output for connection to a mixing console. The front panel has
both low- and high-pass filters, impedance selector switch, and an A/B selector switch for quick
instrument changes. However, the most important aspect of the JDV Mk3 is the amazing sound
quality. The internal circuitry is designed specifically to allow the natural sound of the instrument
to pass through untouched. This is truly a new standard for direct boxes!
ONLY $12/mo.
Specs: In: 2 x TS • Out: 6 x TS, 1 x XLR
Active Stereo Direct Box ........List $45000
JDI Duplex
6-channel Passive Direct Box
Building on the successful and great-sounding JDI and JDI Duplex passive DIs, Radial
now brings us the JD6, a 6-channel direct box that has been optimized for use in a live
environment. The JD6 sports the same Jensen transformer-isolated circuitry, ultra-quiet
operation, and wide frequency response — and the JD6 adds an interesting array of I/O
options new to the JD series. To accomodate the connection of computers, CD players,
and video machines, the JD6 has dual RCA or 1/4" input jacks on channels one and two,
plus a merge function that converts the input and thru-put to left and right mix to mono
at the XLR output.
ONLY $27/mo.
Specs: In: 6 x TRS, 6 x TRS (thru),
4 x RCA Out: 6 x XLR • 1U
6-channel Passive DI...........List $100000
Passive Direct Boxes
Full-range Passive Direct Box
The JDI Duplex stereo and JDI single-channel
DIs employ Jensen isolation transformers for the best
audio performance, and offer outstanding level handling
and distortion-free output. The passive JDI boxes require
no power source while providing high common-mode
noise rejection, and the 100%-isolated circuitry eliminates
60-cycle ground loops. The JDI series is great for guitars, basses, or
even keyboards. The output panel features balanced 600-ohm XLR connectors with
polarity reverse; a ground lift switch disconnects the XLR pin-1 ground from the JDI.
With a JDI connected between the amplifier and speaker, you can engage the -30dB pad
in tandem with the -15dB pad allowing you to “tap” the sound coming from a guitar
ONLY $10/mo.
amplifier “post distortion.”
Specs: JDI Duplex In: 2 x TS, 2 x TS (thru) JDIDuplex
• Out: 2 x XLR JDI In: 1 x TS, 1 x TS (thru)
• Out: 1 x XLR
Passive DI Box w/Jensen ......List $35000
Passive DI Box w/Jensen .......List $20000
The ProD2 is equipped with two 1/4" instrument
inputs, two 1/4" thru-puts, and two XLR outputs so
the ProD2 is perfect for stereo keyboards, drum
machines, etc. The ProD2 also boasts ultra-quiet
electronics for the most transparent sound possible.
This is accomplished by utilizing a militaryspecification PC board with a full surface ground plane to
reduce RF noise, isolated XLR connectors, and a custom-built audio tranformer to
eliminate hum and ground loop noise without compromising the signal’s integrity.
The ProDI is a single-channel version of the ProD2 with the exact same ultraquiet electronics.
ONLY $10/mo.
Specs: ProD2 In: 2 x 1/4" • Out:
2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" thru ProDI In: 1
x 1/4" • Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" thru
Passive Stereo DI .......................List $16000
Passive Mono DI Box ..................List $10000
Phantom-powered Active Direct Box
Stereo PC Audio Direct Box
The J48 is a pro-grade DI that delivers the pure and
natural sound of your instrument to the board.
Radial’s design provides high headroom without
compromising sound quality, and with significantly
lower harmonic distortion and single-digit
intermodulation distortion. An innovative merge
function converts the throughput into a second input
to sum stereo sources to mono. To reduce low-end
rumble and run-away acoustic resonance, a switchable 80Hz high-pass roll-off filter is
provided. By gently removing unnecessary lows, the J48’s dynamic range is increased by
a full 3dB, or twice the power handling. This innovative feature both reduces mud and
increases headroom.
ONLY $10/mo.
The JPC is a 48-volt phantom-powered direct box
that combines the advantages of transformer-isolated
inputs with an active output circuit to provide
plenty of level for a pro mixer, while eliminating the
hum that often occurs with these devices. A switch
inserts a -10dB pad to handle excessively hot signals.
Transformer coupled inputs have the unique advantage of isolating
the “source” from the “destination.” This eliminates 60-cycle hum and buzz caused
by so-called ground loops when two pieces of electrical gear are connected. Because
the active circuit does all of the impedance conversion and balancing, a dedicated 1:1
transformer can be used, resulting in a design that’s great sounding, compact, and
ONLY $10/mo.
Specs: In: TS (in), TS (thru) •
Out: XLR
Active 48V Direct Box ..................List $20000
The 1-in/7-out JD7 Injector provides guitarists a
multitude of options for routing the signal from a single guitar to
numerous amps, effects devices, and recording devices. Six of the outputs can
be switched on and off to audition the sounds on other channels, and channels five and
six have independent effects loops. Output seven is always on and is typically used with
a guitar tuner. An XLR input on the back panel lets you send a recorded signal to guitar
amps for re-amping. The internal circuitry is Class A Jenson transformer-isolated for
the purest signal. If you’re serious about recording guitars, basses, or keyboards and
want a flexible device to control the routing, look no further. This box can do it all!
Guitar Signal Distribution Syst ........List $115000
Active Stereo Direct Box......................List $20000
Re-amping Device
Signal Distribution Amplifier
ONLY $30/mo.
Specs: In: 2 x 1/4", 1 x XLR • Out: 7 x 1/4", 1 x XLR • 2 independent effects loops • 1U
Specs: In: 1 x 1/8", 1 x 1/4" stereo,
1 x RCA, 1 x RCA thru • Out: 2 x XLR
What’s re-amping? It’s a trick for bringing new
sounds and textures to tracks you’ve already
recorded . The Radial X-Amp is an active
re-amping device that allows a pre-recorded track
from a line-level device to drive two guitar amplifiers
or effect pedals simultaneously. With the X-Amp,
you can take a DI’d guitar track and send it through
an amp, trying different tone settings until you have the sound you want. Its features
include balanced line-level input, direct and isolated guitar amp outputs, 180º polarity
reverse, and dual ground-lift options. The Radial ReAmper Kit is a money-saving
package that bundles an X-Amp and a J48 direct box.
ONLY $10/mo.
Specs: In: XLR • Out: 2 x TS (1
direct, 1 transformer-isolated)
Active Re-amping Device ..........List $20000
X-Amp/J48 Bundle w/Case .......List $40000
Direct Boxes
(800) 222-4700
Audio Level-matching Interface
Dual Mono Tube Direct
Tube-powered Dual Mono Direct Interface
The folks at Manley love the sound of high-quality tube-driven gear, and this sweet little
box certainly falls into that category. The clean, quiet tube circuits of Manley’s Dual
Mono Tube Direct interface adds warmth to any instrument, recapturing the “true”
tone of guitars or injecting needed warmth to synths or other digital instruments. As a
splitter device, the transformer-coupled XLR output can be sent directly to a mic input,
while the 1/4" output can feed a guitar amplifier, which can be miked and mixed with
the direct feed. Low impedance outputs, Ground Lift and Console Out Boost switches
make this unit
ONLY $24/mo.
both versatile
TubeDirectS Stereo Direct Interface ...........List $87500
and compatible!
It’s a major hassle getting
studio equipment connected properly without
-10/+4 level imbalances,
impedance issues, or balanced/unbalanced problems. The 124A Level Matching Interface can easily match all
types of gear without sonic degradation. A bold claim, but the 124A comes through with
Aphex quality! Exceptionally wide bandwidth and dynamic range, flawless square wave
response, and good common-mode rejection and low distortion make the 124A ideal
for interfacing with digital disc and tape machines in the studio. Consumer devices
may also be used, including video and audio cassette recorders, graphic EQs, reverb
and ambience devices,
ONLY $10/mo.
and others.
Level Matching Interface ...............List $22900
Line Balancer/Splitter
Active Direct Box/Line Balancer
The LBS balances and isolates a single line-level
signal or lets you send a line-level signal to
two destinations with transformer-balancing
and -isolation for one or both of the outputs. A
ground lift switch is included for each output. The
transformer isolation helps eliminate unwanted hum
and buzz caused by power line and grounding issues. In ISO
mode the signal is passed directly through to one output and
transformer-isolated to the second output. In SPLIT mode the signal is transformerisolated to both outputs with a resulting 6dB drop in level at each output. Both a female
XLR and a 1/4" TRS jack are provided for the input signal. Male XLRs are used for the
output signals.
This amazing little box is built to do two
things well — sound great and last for
a long time, no matter what you throw
at it. The AR-133 is housed in a rugged
aluminum casing that could withstand a cattle
stampede, yet the low-impedance, balanced sound
is crystal clear. The internal circuitry is based on the
AR-116, the DI that set the standard for direct bass and
acoustic guitar recording. Strong rubber feet keep the AR133 just where you put it, so it won’t easily move around on you. This box will provide
years of clean, transparent sound. You will find that will be a most welcome addition to
your studio toolbox.
ONLY $10/mo.
Line Balancer/Splitter ............List $12997
Active DI Box/Line Balancer ..........List $18500
Passive Line-level Attenuator
ATTY is a compact device designed for audio
level control. Use it to control incoming line
level to a source such as an active monitor, or
outgoing level from a preamp to a converter.
Because there are no amplifiers or active circuitry
to change the tone of the signal, it sounds very good.
ATTY has a simple rotary knob volume control on
the side controlling both channels at the same time,
and a handy, speaker-saving mute switch. The attenuator
control has a range from
“off” to “full output.”
Passive Line Attenuator .........List $10900
-10dBv/+4dBu Converter
Whether you’re running sound for
your band or the audio at church,
there are some “essential” tools
you need to have in your gear bag.
Samson’s S-convert is a
problem-solver for interfacing
and level-matching consumer
and professional audio equipment. It provides -10dBv to +4dBu and +4dBu to -10dBv
conversion, so you can connect the outputs of consumer CD players, tape decks, and
the like to the inputs on
your mixing console, and
Line Level Converter ................List $7999
vice versa.
8-channel Audio Transformer/Isolator
The T8 is a totally passive audio interface that uses eight transformers to separate input
and output signal grounds, thereby reducing hum and ground-loop noise. The T8’s
transformers have a wide, flat frequency response and handle high signal levels while
maintaining an isolated balanced output, which gives it a very clean and neutral sound.
The T8 provides balanced XLR, 1/4", and RCA connections on all inputs and outputs.
The DTI, is a 2-channel
ONLY $10/mo.
hum eliminator with
8-ch Isolator/Hum Eliminator .......List 189
multiple I/O options.
2-ch Hum Eliminator ......................List $6500
2-channel Phantom
Power Supply
Samson’s S-phantom +48v
phantom power supply is a
perfect complement to studioin-a-box systems, small,
portable mixers, or any system
that doesn’t provide XLR inputs or phantom power. The
unit is compact and portable, making it perfect for a live
rig using condenser mics for location recording with a
compact mixer.
2-ch 48V Phantom Power .......List $7999
Call today! (800) 222-4700
Direct Boxes & Miscellaneous
Line Level Shifter
“You guys take time to listen to me and give great advice
based on experience, even if there isn’t a sale at the time.”
— Terry Amato
Line-Level Shifter
What do you do when you need to connect a low volume -10dBV output like
a cassette deck, CD player, or synthesizer into a high volume +4dBu input like
a multitrack recorder, mixer, or DAT machine? Incorrectly matching the signal
levels between gear can result in volumes that are
too low, and having to turn up the gain and
increase the noise floor. The Line Level
Shifter converts between unbalanced
and balanced lines as needed and always
converts between –10dBV and +4dBu. Choose the LLS-2 2-channel model, or the LLS-8 8-channel model.
Two-channel Line Level Shifter ................................................................................................................................................ List $10000
8-channel Convertor: -10dBV to +4dBu, Unbalanced to Balanced, and Reverse ......................................................................... List $35000
Hum X
Hum Eliminator™
The HE-2 Hum Eliminator does away with system noise and ground loops HE-2
quickly and easily. Extremely high-quality transformers isolate circuits, keeping
grounds intact while breaking troublesome loops and balancing unbalanced gear.
Since it’s totally passive, it injects absolutely no noise into the signal. The 1/4"
TRS in and out jacks make it easy to connect. For hum elimination on a bigger
scale, go for the 8-channel HE-8. With eight 1/4" inputs
and outputs, it’s the solution for your entire sound
system. The HE-8 can also be used as one of the
most cost-effective ways to convert unbalanced
signals to true balanced signals.
Stereo Hum Eliminator ............................................................................................................................................................... List $9000
8-channel Hum Eliminator........................................................................................................................................................ List $29000
Ground Loop Exterminator
The Hum X filters out unwanted voltage and current
in the ground line that cause ground loop hum, while
simultaneously maintaining a solid, safe ground. Some
devices simply remove the ground, which is never safe!
You’ll no longer have to run your audio signal through
any type of filtering or ground lift, which can result in
loss of volume, tone, or both. The Hum X is easy to use,
easy to install, and exterminates hum effectively!
Ground Loop Eliminator ............List $9000
Creative audio solutions in cool little boxes.
(800) 222-4700
A full line of affordable processing tools for live sound,
stage, and studio. ARTcessories deliver solutions for a
number of audio needs — like phantom power, one or
two extra mixing channels, cable testers, headphone
processing, preamplification for mics and turntables,
and more!
USB Phono Plus
Phantom I
The USB Phono Plus features an
RIAA-type phono preamp circuit
housed in a rugged metal case with
full patching facilities for connecting
it to a phono turntable, computer,
and/or mixer.
Transferring vinyl to
digital? The DeeJayPRE II
an RIAA-type phono preamp
circuit with full patching abilities for connecting a phono
turntable and mixer. The MicroMIX mic preamp allows you
The Phantom I active direct box is great for
connecting an unbalanced line-level source
like a synth or mixer to a mixer mic input.
The Phantom II provides phantom power
for one or two condenser microphones. It
features a 3-way 12V/OFF/48V selector switch.
The Phantom III is a convenient single-channel
phantom power source that will supply you with
a solid 48 volts and
comes with its own 18V
power adapter. The Xdirect
Professional Active DI
lets you connect instrument-, line-, or speaker-level
signals to a mixer or other balanced input. The Zdirect
Professional Passive Direct Box is a totally passive
interface that lets you connect instrument-, line-, or
speaker-level signals to a mixer or other balanced input
through a high performance audio isolation transformer.
to connect a condenser mic to an unbalanced input. It features
phantom power, and has a level control and a clip LED to help
keep your signal clean. HeadAMP and HeadAMP V provides
amplification and individual volume control for up to four
sets of headphones and can be driven by both line-level and
headphone amplifier signals. Connect MyMONITOR between
the microphone and the line source, and you have your own
headphone monitor mixing system.
USB Phono Pre with RIAA EQ ............................................................ List $12900
Phono Preamp with RIAA EQ ............................................................... List $6500
Mono Phantom Pwrd Mic Pre .............................................................. List $7000
4-ch Headphone Amp .......................................................................... List $7000
5-ch Headphone Amp ........................................................................ List $12900
Personal Monitor Mixer ....................................................................... List $8000
$ 97
$ 97
$ 97
$ 97
Active Phantom Pwrd DI Box ............................................................................ List $4500
Dual Phantom Power Adapter ........................................................................... List $7000
Phantom Power Supply .................................................................................... List $5500
Active Single-ch DI Box .................................................................................... List $4500
Passive Single-ch DI Box .................................................................................. List $3500
PowerMIX I
$ 97
$ 97
These personal mixers from ART offer great
solutions for situations where you’re
dealing with just a handful of inputs,
whether it’s a coffeehouse gig, or a house
of worship situation. The PowerMIX I
4-channel passive mixer with level controls
is great for when four mono sources or a stereo
source and/or instruments need to be mixed down
into a mono signal. For mixing recorded music with
PowerMix2 line-level signals, the 2-channel
PowerMIX II personal mixer is the tool for the job. You can
combine the inputs to one output, or send vocals and recorded
music in stereo to powered speakers. A great solution for when
you need “just a few more inputs.” How do you connect a CD
player, a synth, and the line output from a bass amp to a tape
deck? Use the PowerMix III. It has three input channels, each
with its own pan and level controls, and also has headphone
jacks. The ProMIX features three mic inputs with phantom
power on each channel, low-frequency cut, and level control.
With four channels, four level controls, active preamplification,
and mixing circuitry, the MacroMIX personal mixer is up to
practically any mixing task.
4-ch Personal Mixer ......................................................................................... List 39
2-ch Personal Mixer ......................................................................................... List $4900
3-ch Stereo Mixer ............................................................................................ List $9000
3-ch Microphone Mixer .................................................................................. List $10000
4-ch Personal Mixer ......................................................................................... List $7000
$ 97
$ 97
Taking the
guesswork out of
checking cables,
CableCOP features
a full selection of
standard pro audio connectors for testing a variety
of cables. The CoolSWITCH
delivers full A/B-Y switching, plus
parallel common in/out jacks. It lets you switch a common
source signal between two amps or amp channels. The DTI
(Dual Transformer/Isolator) eliminates noise (or “hum”) in
sound systems that is caused by ground loops. The DTI has
multiple I/O options so you won’t have to search for cables
or adapters! The CleanBOX connects stereo CD players,
tape decks, etc. to the balanced line ins of your mixer. The
CleanBOX II removes “hum.” HeadTAP headphone tap
provides convenient tapping for powering headphones. It
has an input to connect to the PA or amp, and an output to
connect to the headphones.
Cable Tester ..................................................................................................... List $4900
Mic Splitter/Combiner ...................................................................................... List $3900
A/B-Y Switch .................................................................................................. List $4900
2-ch Hum Eliminator......................................................................................... List $6500
2-way Stereo Converter.................................................................................... List $7000
Headphone Tap ................................................................................................. List $5500
Hum Eliminator................................................................................................. List $5500
$ 97
$ 97
$ 97
$ 97
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