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VBrick v2.0 Digital Signage
Release Notes
August 9, 2011
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About VBrick Systems
VBrick is the recognized leader in Enterprise IP Video solutions, with over 6,000 corporate, education and
government customers and 60,000 installations worldwide. VBrick solutions work over standard IP networks and
the Internet to deliver rich media communications that connect people everywhere—from employees and
customers, to partners and shareholders. VBrick's comprehensive product suite and end-to-end solutions are used
in a wide range of live and on-demand applications including meeting and event broadcasts, distance learning,
digital signage, TV distribution, video surveillance, and Web-based marketing campaigns. Headquartered in
Wallingford, CT, VBrick's products and services are available through industry-leading value-added resellers.
VBrick is an active participant in the development of industry standards and continues to play an influential role in
the Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA), the MPEG Industry Forum, and Internet2. In 1998 VBrick
invented and shipped the world's first MPEG Video Network Appliance designed to provide affordable DVDquality video across the network. Since then, VBrick's video solutions have grown to include Video on Demand,
Management, Security and Access Control, Scheduling, and Rich Media Integration. VBrick solutions are
successfully supporting a broad variety of customers in education, government, healthcare, and financial services
markets among others.
Digital Signage v2.0 Release Notes
The Digital Signage solution consists of a Content Manager and one or more Signage Players.
If you purchased both hardware and software from VBrick, the Content Manager and
Signage Player(s) are shipped with all software installed and ready to be configured at your
site. If you purchased a software-only version of the Content Manager, you will need to
contact VBrick Support Services for installation instructions. There is currently no software-only
option for the Signage Player. This document has important information about Digital Signage
and also includes "caveats" that address known issues, most of which have an easy
workaround. The information in this document is proprietary and confidential and should
not be reproduced, shared, or distributed to non-VBrick customers.
Important Note The term "signage player" refers to the standalone devices that feed audio
and video signals to LCDs, plasma displays, and other player devices. The terms "signage
player" and "channel player" are used synonymously. We are transitioning to new
terminology and there may still be legacy references to "channel player" in the application
and in the online help.
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Caveats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
The Digital Signage Content Manager software is available on the Product CD. The
Product CD also includes the Digital Signage Quick Start Guide. This document explains how
to get started using the application and how to use the tools to create compelling visual
displays for your Digital Signage endpoints. If you are also installing the VBrick Enterprise
Media System, refer to the VEMS Portal Server Release Notes for installation instructions.
Note By default, the Digital Signage application automatically reboots once each week.
This option, explained on the Configure > Content Settings page in the Quick Start
Guide, lets you set the day and time. This topic also explains how to disable this
reboot entirely.
Software Specifications
Table 1. Software Specifications
VEMS Portal Server
VEMS 5.2 (or higher) is required if you are using VEMS with
Digital Signage. If you have an earlier version of VEMS, you
must upgrade to VEMS v5.2.
H.264 Encoder
An H.264 (High Definition) encoder must be running v2.1 or
higher VBrick software.
VBrick Digital Signage Release Notes
Windows Media Encoder A Windows Media (Standard Definition) encoder must be
running v4.4 or higher VBrick software.
Operating System
One of the following 32-bit operating systems must be installed
for Digital Signage (and VEMS) to install and function properly:
• Windows Server 2008 Web Edition
• Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
Hardware Specifications
Content Manager
The Content Manager is typically installed on the same machine as the VEMS Portal Server.
If you are installing the Content Manager on your own hardware, at a minimum, VBrick
recommends using a server that is equivalent in architecture and resources to the machine
used as a Standard (entry-level) VEMS server.
Table 2. Recommended Hardware Specifications
VEMS Standard Server
Single Xeon Processor at 2.13 GHz, 2 GB memory, 4 x 73 (10 k, 2.5 in drives) configured as
a RAID5, Redundant Power.
E5506 Xeon Processor, 2.13GHz 4M Cache, 4.86 GT/s QPI, TurboHT
2GB Memory (2x1GB), 1066MHz Single Ranked UDIMMs for 1 Processor, Adv ECC
Embedded Broadcom, GB Ethernet NICS with TOE
(4) 73GB 10K RPM Serial-Attach SCSI 2.5" Hot Plug Hard Drive
PERC 6/i SAS RAID Controller 2x4 Connectors, Internal, PCIe256MB Cache
Windows Server 2008, Web Edition
DVD ROM, SATA, Internal
RAID 5 for PERC 6/i Controller
Sliding Ready Rails Without Cable Management Arm
Energy Smart Power Supply Redundant, 502W
Signage Player
The Signage Player is preconfigured, standalone device that ships with all software installed.
The Signage Player runs an embedded version of Windows XP and is not currently available
in a software-only version.
Security Updates and Patches
It is standard VBrick policy to configure and ship our products with the recommended
service packs and security updates available from Microsoft on the release date of the VBrick
product. Once installed at a customer site however, it becomes the customer's sole
responsibility to continue installing security updates and patches as they become available.
VBrick assumes no liability for damage resulting from the failure to patch your software. For
best results, we recommend running Microsoft's "automatic updates" during off-peak hours
when it will not affect users or impact performance.
© 2010 VBrick Systems, Inc.
Video Quality
When adding a Video Stream Overlay (VSO) content block for a stream, be aware that the
video quality is directly related to the resources on the host machine, the size of the video
window, and the complexity of the layout (number of playlists and tickers). For best results,
start with the "Best Quality" template for the encoder, then add an overlay window, tickers,
and playlists as necessary. If there is a noticeable impact on the video quality, you can use any
combination of the following steps: (1) use a different (lower quality) template, (2) reduce the
size of the window, (3) limit the number of playlists and tickers. As a benchmark rule with the
"Best Quality" template, you can use a video overlay that uses 50% of the layout along with
one playlist and two tickers. If you increase the size of the overlay, you will need to reduce the
number of playlists/tickers and/or use a different (lower quality) template.
Software Installation
The Digital Signage solution consists of a Content Manager and one or more Signage Players.
The Content Manager software typically runs on the same server as the VBrick Enterprise
Media System (VEMS); the Signage Player software runs on a preconfigured, standalone
device. If you purchased a VEMS hardware/software combination, all Digital Signage
software is installed on the Content Server and the Signage Players. If you purchased Digital
Signage as a software-only option, you will need to install the Content Manager software on
your own server hardware using the specifications in this document.
In most cases, if you purchased the software-only option, you will also have purchased
VBrick installation services which will assist in the installation process. If you did not
purchase VBrick installation services, please contact your authorized VBrick reseller or
VBrick Sales to do so. As noted, the Signage Player is a preconfigured, dedicated device that
ships with all software installed. The Signage Player runs an embedded version of Windows
XP and is not currently available in a software-only version.
Upgrading StreamPlayer on a Channel Player
VBrick periodically updates the StreamPlayer application (which is installed on the Channel
Player) with new features and functionality.
To upgrade a Channel Player when a new version of VBrick StreamPlayer is available:
Power on the Channel Player and wait for the default VBrick layout to appear.
Right-click the mouse or press the Esc key on the keyboard to launch the login page.
Login with the username and password of admin/admin and the Multimedia Player
interface (see below) is displayed.
VBrick Digital Signage Release Notes
Select command prompt (c) and when the prompt is displayed, type maintenancemode
and press Enter. This grants you access to the OS Desktop.
5. Copy the complete folder of the latest release version of StreamPlayer to the Channel
Player desktop.
6. On the Channel Player go to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and
uninstall the legacy version of StreamPlayer.
7. On your desktop, open the StreamPlayer folder and double-click on the installer (for
example SetupStreamPlayer_5_x_x.x.exe) to install the new version of StreamPlayer.
8. When the installation is complete, go to Start > All Programs > VBrick > StreamPlayer
and launch the application. When the application opens:
a. Click on Preferences and go to the General tab.
b. Check Enable CC, and Overlay CC on Video, and click OK .
9. On the Channel Player, go to Start > Shutdown > Restart and reboot the Channel
10. Once the Channel Player has rebooted, the unit will ready for operation.
This section addresses known issues in this release, most of which have an easy workaround.
For more information about any item, or help with an issue not listed here, contact your
certified VBrick reseller or VBrick Support Services.
You must login to the application with a Digital Signage user name and password. Digital
Signage does not support LDAP or Single Sign-on. Active Directory is supported in
Professional (as an added option) and Enterprise versions only.
© 2010 VBrick Systems, Inc.
VBrick Systems, Inc.
12 Beaumont Road
Wallingford, Connecticut 06492, USA
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