Rules Of The Craft

Rules Of The Craft

 we practice abandonment

 our culture is our life

 tactical domination

 financial and emotional profit

 the right dealers

 absolute dealer satisfaction

 constant improvement

 fix the problems

 play the game and win

 it’s fun or it’s wrong

 mediocrity sucks

 triangulation is not welcome here

conventional coaxial speaker coaxial in-ceiling speakers create narrow columns of sound the perceived volume levels and tonal quality noticeably changes in different areas of the room nobody hears the same piece of music!

Poor Good Poor

WavePlane™ speaker

the WavePlane™ guide was designed by and is patented by SpeakerCraft

a WavePlane’s open baffle creates a far wider and more even dispersion of sound with greatly improved off axis response tonal quality and perceived volume levels remain uniform throughout the listening area with WavePlane™ everyone gets to hear how the music really should sound!

Good Good Good

conventional coaxial in-ceiling speakers create narrow vertical columns of sound that isolate the left and right channels a speaker can ONLY image when both channels are heard in unison

a SpeakerCraft in-ceiling speaker with a

WavePlane™ guide offers a far wider sound dispersion left and right hand channels are evenly presented to the listener creating a more solid stereo image

SpeakerCraft invented and patented the world’s first AIM™ able in-ceiling speaker

infinitely variable driver positioning allows the sound to be focussed toward the listening area stereo or multi-channel imagery and tonal accuracy are all greatly improved

AIM5 Three CRS6 Three

AIM7 DT Three

Aluminium Drivers Aluminium Drivers perfect tonal matching from room to room

Aluminium Drivers

AIM7 Three

Aluminium Drivers

AIM8 Three

Aluminium Drivers

AIM Wide Three

Aluminium Drivers

AIM LCR 3 Three

Aluminium Drivers in-Ceiling or in-Wall there is NO Compromise

AIM Dipole Three

Aluminium Drivers

AIM 7 MT Three

Aluminium Drivers

AIM Cinema Three

Aluminium Drivers

AccuFit – AccuFit Ultra Slim One / Three

SpeakerCraft’s AccuFit models can be installed where a conventional in-ceiling speaker is simply too deep

AccuFit CRS7 & DT7 utilise a 175mm bass driver in a metal sound enclosure only 70mm deep

AccuFit Ultra Slim utilise four 75mm mid bass drivers within an enclosure only 50mm deep

Steel & Wooden Sound Enclosures maximise the sound quality of SpeakerCraft inwall and in-ceiling speakers. provides effective noise attenuation between floors and walls. available in both steel and wooden box designs. steel enclosures are also fire rated to provide a one hour fire break. available to fit most SpeakerCraft models.

Cinema Sub – 8 / 10 / 12 Systems high performance active in-wall subwoofer systems with external bass power amplifier dedicated in-wall enclosure ensures optimum performance in all wall constructions three models utilising 200mm / 250mm / 300mm long throw bass drivers two off-board power amplifiers (150W / 250W) with in-built bass management controls

the new standard in discreet speaker design

Profile – design features high performance architectural speakers with integral neodymium magnetic frame fast fit design – low profile grille with smooth micro edge frame new all black front baffle refined and retuned crossovers to even further enhance sound quality available in both AIM & CRS in-ceiling and AIM

MT7 & LCR in-wall versions. optional square grille available for in-ceiling models

“I just don’t want to see any speakers anywhere”

“Certainly what do you think of these?”

Seamless FR 1 & Subwoofer completely hidden in-the-wall utilises Live-Wall™ technology point source design creates wide and even off-axis dispersion can be installed behind: plaster & paint stucco wallpaper

Seamless FR-1 – full range monitor frequency response: 60Hz – 20kHz sensitivity: 87dB power handling 100W RMS can be used alone or in combination with

Seamless Subwoofer dimensions:

H457mm x W305mm x D73mm

Seamless FR 1

Seamless Subwoofer frequency response: 45Hz – 250Hz power handling 250W RMS optional in-wall enclosure use with Bass Power 250 power amplifier dimensions:

H438mm x W356mm x D83mm

Seamless Subwoofer

Outdoor Element – equally at home in the garden or at sea high performance outdoor and marine loudspeakers rugged enclosure and drive units are tested to operate in all weather extremes suitable for many applications where other speakers would more quickly fail gardens, patios, swimming pools,

Jacuzzis and marine craft are all excellent locations for an OE speaker

Ruckus – to boulder go where no sound has gone before... significant improvement in sound quality over previous Rox models convincing “rock” look and feel integrated drainage system three models using 133mm, 165mm,

200mm bass drivers. a 165mm DT model is also available granite and sandstone finishes

On Ground (POD) – no sight but definitely sound... die cast aluminium enclosure mimics outdoor lighting fixtures inconspicuous size and shape ground spike secures speaker into the ground

75mm full range aluminium driver can be combined with Boom Tomb or Outdoor Elements

Boom Tomb – even moles can enjoy the music... discreet underground active subwoofer buried enclosure with discreet external hooded port weather resistant poly resin enclosure

250mm long throw bass driver

250W RMS external sub power amplifier

ETA Q4 - 2011

Roots – reference performance subwoofers

Two models available:

Roots 208 – 200mm driver 200W amplifier

Roots 310 – 250mm driver 300W amplifier

DSP controls with multiple mode & EQ settings user settings can be stored and retrieved boundary gain control variable phase & low pass filter controls front mounted digital display and controls remote control operation high gloss cabinet in five colours

Roots – stylish high performance speakers

Four new high performance speakers:

350 –

89mm Bass & 13mm Silk dome Tweeter

450 –

114mm Bass & 19mm Silk dome Tweeter

650 –

165mm Bass & 25mm Silk dome Tweeter

Centre - 2 x 114mm Bass & 19mm Silk dome HF

Small & Medium models include integral wall mounts high gloss piano cabinet in black or white

SmartPath – IR control designed to operate in difficult environments including fluorescent light and with plasma screens five compact IR receiver designs including plasma friendly amplified and passive IR termination hubs. AT-1.0 capable of driving over 20 emitters single, dual emitters with LED feedback and unique EZ

Dock mounting system flood and micro emitters also available

Vital 1250 & 850 multi channel power amplifiers high current , high performance 12 & 8 channel digital power amplifiers three input options with independent level controls for each channel audio sensing or 12V triggering for activation

Vital 850 – 8 x 50W RMS

Vital 1250 - 12 x 50 RMS stereo channels stable into a 4 ohm load channels can be bridged for higher power

Vital 170V commercial power amplifier high current, 6 channel commercial power amplifier switchable operation modes: 100V / 70V / 4 Ω

6 x 60W RMS balanced Phoenix type input connectors multiple protection systems including: output current limiting, DC protection, circuit breaker and thermal protection

Q1 - 2012

Sonic Air – wireless amplification wireless audio extension for multi-room / surround or

LFE applications stable 2.4GHz RF operation – 4 RF ID codes

TX & RX modules operate up to 21m / 70ft apart line or speaker level – RX includes local audio input

2 x 50W RMS + line level subwoofer output remote for volume and local input selection

MZC-64 multi-zone controller

6 independent sources – 4 independent zones can be stacked to create a 16 zone system audio only switching two-way control of up to six iPods

12 x 30W RMS (stable into 4 ohm load) seamless integration of home theatre receivers and HDMI matrix switchers

MZC-66 multi-zone controller

6 independent sources – 6 independent zones can be stacked to create a 24 zone system audio & composite video switching two-way control of up to six iPods

12 x 30W RMS (stable into 4 ohm load) seamless integration of home theatre receivers and HDMI matrix switchers

MODE – keypad & iPod docking system connect up to six iPods / iPhones to a single

MZC controller complete control of iPod / iPhone in every zone with all metadata visible on MODE 3.1 keypad

MODE Base compatible with all iPods / iPhones

3 rd

Gen forwards

MODE 3.1 keypad and iPod base compatible with all MZC controllers

UK & US back box mounting options

SpeakerCraft were the first company to offer two-way control of an iPod in a multi-room system!

MODE Free – wireless two-way keypad wired or wireless keypad compatible with all

MZC controllers in wireless operation is capable of controlling every zone within an MZC system can also operate as a wired keypad when placed in the optional wall dock or table dock full iPod control with all metadata as with standard wired MODE 3.1 keypad

System overview

A completely modular system

Source and zone capacity to exceed the largest residential installations

From kitchen to home cinema - every zone operates the same way

Tailor each zone – for each member of the household

Can all run through one Cat 5e/Cat6 cable to each room

System overview

Up to 1080p HDMI (> 400m) to any zone - from any zone

Stereo or multichannel PCM audio to any zone - from any zone

Any source in any zone can be accessed from any other zone

No HDMI matrix switchers or AV processors / receivers required

Integrated door entry, intercom and paging system

Can all run through one Cat5e or Cat6 cable to each zone

Zones in a nirv system

Audio only zones

Central amplification - e.g. MZC or similar home run system upgrade

Local amplification – nirv power amplifier or the client’s own

Audio & Video zones

HD TV stereo – nirv STC + central, local or TV only amplification

Home cinema multichannel – nirv STC + multichannel amplification


Audio only


Audio only


Audio only


Audio only

Master Bedroom

HD video + Stereo Audio

Speaker cable from hub is

NOT shown


HD video + 7.1 Audio




MCA iPhone / Pad Apps provide control of any zone

Central sources








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