Zojirushi`s New Fresh Brew Plus 12

Zojirushi`s New Fresh Brew Plus 12
19310 Pacific Gateway Dr., Suite 101, Torrance, CA 90502
Telephone (310) 769-1900
Fax (310) 323-5522
Zojirushi’s New Fresh Brew Plus
12-Cup Coffee Maker with Iced
Coffee Feature
New York, NY (August 21, 2016) – Zojirushi’s new Fresh Brew Plus 12-Cup Coffee
Maker (EC-YGC120) brews delicious coffee- hot or cold! Newly added design features
allow users to easily make a pot of their favorite beverage at the temperature they like
best. With a generous 12-cup capacity, the Fresh Brew Plus heats water to 200
degrees—the ideal temperature for brewing the best tasting coffee. The Fresh Brew
Plus is available now for a suggested retail price of $175.
The Fresh Brew Plus is an addition to Zojirushi’s line of coffee makers, with the Fresh
Brew Plus Thermal Carafe having been released in Summer 2015. The new model
brews up to 12 cups of coffee and has added features for brewing iced coffee. Such
features include a glass carafe with ice basket, removable water tank with iced coffee
water measure lines, and keep warm OFF setting on the heating plate. Just fill the ice
basket with ice, fill to the water measure line marked ICED, turn the warming plate to
OFF, and brew a pot. The coffee is instantly cooled as it brews, making the perfect pot
of iced coffee with ease. For those cold winter months, the warming plate has four
settings that keeps coffee warm at the users preferred temperature- HI, MED, LOW and
OFF. And when coffee has finished brewing, the drip prevention mechanism stops
coffee from leaving the filter when the carafe is removed.
Ease of use and maintenance are important qualities to Zojirushi when products are
planned and designed. The Fresh Brew Plus has an easy to fill tank that is clearly
marked with water measure lines (2-12 cups) and removes completely for filling and
cleaning. The clean spout design of the glass carafe makes pouring smooth and easy,
and helps avoid spills and drips. For easy maintenance and thorough cleaning, the
Fresh Brew Plus is equipped with removable swing and filter baskets, while a “clean
indicator” illuminates when cleaning is recommended. Other features include a
convenient 24-hour timer that delays brewing overnight so that coffee is freshly brewed
in the morning, and all surfaces that come into contact with water, coffee grounds and
coffee are BPA-free. Accessories included are measuring spoon, and sample filters.
19310 Pacific Gateway Dr., Suite 101, Torrance, CA 90502
Telephone (310) 769-1900
Fax (310) 323-5522
For additional product information and demo video,
visit: http://www.zojirushi.com/app/product/ecygc
About Zojirushi
Zojirushi was established in 1918 as a producer of hand-blown vacuum bottles and has
been a world leader in thermal products ever since. The Zojirushi line has been
expanded to include a wide range of stainless steel vacuum bottles, rice cookers,
breadmakers, Air Pot® beverage dispensers, thermal serving carafes, specialty
cookware, small electrics, restaurant equipment, and other products. Today, the
Zojirushi corporate logo is a symbol recognized worldwide for innovative, highly durable
products that are designed to make indoor and outdoor living a more convenient and
pleasurable experience.
For more information on the entire quality Zojirushi Product Collection, contact Zojirushi
America Corporation at 800.733.6270 or visit www.zojirushi.com
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