INSTRUCTIONS Object of the Game To be the first player to get all

INSTRUCTIONS Object of the Game To be the first player to get all
For 2 to 4 players
Ages 5 and up
Object of the Game
To be the first player to get all four of his playing pieces “HOME”.
Plastic game board with game die popper, 16 movers, instructions.
Give each player four playing pieces of the same color as his/her corner
of the board. These are then placed in the four corner spaces. Each
player in turn pops the die. The player popping the highest number will
begin the game with all the other players following in a clockwise pattern.
Before a player can move a playing piece out of his corner, he must first
pop a “6”. He then moves a playing piece onto his “arrow” space,
immediately takes another pop and may move this or any of his other
playing pieces already in play, the number of spaces popped. All moves
must be clockwise around the board. Throughout the game a pop of “6”
may be used either to move a new playing piece onto the “arrow” or to
move a playing piece already in play . A pop of “6” always entitles a
player to another pop.
If a playing piece ends by landing on a space already occupied by an
opponent’s playing piece, then the opponent must return his playing
piece to one of his corner spaces. This playing piece can only then be
brought back into play with a pop of “6”. A playing piece cannot end its
move on a space already occupied by a playing piece of its own color.
Another pop of the die must be used, even if this is to the player’s
When a playing piece has made one full rotation around the board it
enters its own colored “Home”. The opponents’ playing pieces are not
permitted on this path. An exact pop is required when moving into
Winning the Game
The first player to get all his playing pieces “HOME” is the winner.
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