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Pinnacle 27 EZload
27" roll laminator
The Pinnacle 27 EZload™ incorporates superior
engineering to deliver the highest level of professional
lamination quality, easy and intuitive operation and error
free film loading. Combining GBC®’s patented EZload™
film loading simplicity and AccuTherm™ heating
technology, the Pinnacle 27 EZload outperforms all other
laminators in its class.
Incorrectly loaded film is the number one reason for costly
service calls. The patented EZload film loading method
eliminates the possibility of loading film incorrectly making the process foolproof. And, AccuTherm heating
technology provides the most consistent lamination
quality with the highest clarity, even on long runs.
A fully featured control panel completes the Pinnacle
27 EZload by making operation of the laminator simple.
Whether using Nap-Lam® I or II film, school projects,
banners, posters and more will be at the top of the class.
Features and benefits
•Foolproof film loading with GBC’s patented
EZload technology
•Fast warm-up time of less than 10 minutes
•Runs both Nap-Lam I and Nap-Lam II films;
up to 3 mil thick
•Integrated temperature gauge and footage counter
•Built in horizontal trimmer
Films and adhesives
For best results use high-quality GBC laminating film
•Nap-Lam® I Roll Film – 1.2 mil to 3 mil
•Nap-Lam II Roll film – 1.2 mil to 3 mil
• Projects
• Signs
• Large photos
• Crafts
Product number
Photo quality
Warm-up time
6-9 minutes
Up to 12' per minute
Temperature contol
Variable for Nap-Lam® I or II film
Cold lamination
Speed control
Variable (10 settings)
2 heat shoes, 2 heated rollers
Throat width
Footage coutner
Film thickness
Up to 3 mil
Ready indicator
2 heated, 2 pull
One touch key pad
Reverse switch
Auto shut-off
1 year
101.2 lbs
Dimensions (W x L x H)
35½" x 21" x 14¼"
Power requirements
120V ~ 60Hz 12 amps
Call 800.723.4000 or visit us online
at to order
or for more information.
Go to
ACCO Brands
300 Tower Parkway
Lincolnshire, IL 60069-3640
In USA call 800.723.4000
© 2010 ACCO Brands. All rights reserved. ACCO® is a registered trademark of ACCO Brands.
GBC®, AccuTherm™, Nap-Lam®, EZload™, Pinnacle 27 EZload™ are registered trademarks
of General Binding Corporation.
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