Update the TV software - Product support

Update the TV software - Product support
Philips is continually improving its products. To
ensure your TV is up-to-date with the latest
features and fixes, we strongly recommend you
update the TV with the latest software. Get
software updates from your dealer or www.philips.
What you need
Before updating the TV software, ensure you
have the following:
• An empty USB flash drive with 256MB of
free space. The USB flash drive must be
FAT or DOS-formatted, and have its write
protection disabled. Do not use a USB hard
drive for the software update.
• A PC with Internet access.
• An archive utility that supports the ZIP
file format (for example, WinZip® for
Microsoft® Windows® or Stufflt® for
Step 1: Check the current TV
software version
Before updating the TV software, check the
current software version of your TV. If the
software version of your TV is the same as the
latest update file found on www.philips.com/
support, it is not necessary to update the TV
Press on the TV remote control.
Select [Setup] > [Software settings] >
[Current software info], then press OK.
The version of the current software is
Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port
on your PC.
From your PC, navigate to www.philips.
Find your product and locate the software
and drivers available for your TV set.
»» The software is available as a zip file.
Update the TV software
If the software version is higher than the
version on your TV, click the software
update link.
Accept the license agreement and save the
ZIP file to the USB flash drive.
Using the archive utility, extract ‘autorun.
upg’ to the root directory of the USB flash
Disconnect the USB flash drive from the
Step 3: Update the TV software
•• Do not switch off the TV or remove the USB
flash drive during the software update.
•• If a power failure occurs during the update, do
not remove the USB flash drive from the TV.
The TV will continue the update as soon as
power is restored.
•• If an error occurs during the update, retry
the procedure. If the error reoccurs, contact
Philips Consumer Care.
Switch on the TV and connect the USB
flash drive containing the software update
to the USB connector on the TV.
Step 2: Download the latest
•• Do not install a lower version of software than
the current version installed on your product.
Philips cannot be held liable or be made
responsible for problems caused by a software
The TV switches off and the screen stays
black for 10 seconds.
on the remote control.
•• Do not use the remote control.
•• Do not remove the USB flash drive from the
•• Do not press
on the TV.
twice or use the power switch
•• Do not use the power switch on the TV.
O 1x
The software update starts automatically.
Please wait for the update to finish.
»» This is indicated on the screen by a
notification message.
The TV switches off and and the screen
stays black for 10 seconds. Please wait.
Operation Successful! Re
The TV switches back on again. The TV
software is now up-to-date.
Disconnect the USB flash drive from the
•• To prevent accidental updates to the TV
software, delete the ‘autorun.upg’ file from the
USB flash drive.
Software history
Main modifications
Each release contains:
All solutions identified in earlier versions
Improved connectivity to improve compatibility with other external devices
As Philips pursuits to continuously improve their products, it is possible
that the channels/preset list is affected after upgrading to a newer
software version. Therefore we recommend to re-install the
channels/presets after completing the software upgrade procedure.
Add the option in the TV menu to switch off the automatic channel updates
feature during standby.
TV keeps rebooting itself when watching TV channel. (Only applicable to
country, UK).
Audio loss when changing channel on external set-top box through HDMI
To include the 8-Day Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for country, Spain.
Audio drop-out and/or noise heard when connected to certain Home Theater
System through SPDIF connection.
Random signal lost for 1-2 seconds when viewing HD digital channels or
1080i video content through HDMI connection.
“MPEG artifact Reduction” mode is reset to OFF mode in AV mode.
Not able to tune to analogue channel(s) with frequency above 800MHz.
Cannot view pay channels/services with maturity rating from service
provider LA7.
Missing digital channels after channel installation and/or loosing signal
after the TV changes the channel. (Only applicable to country, Spain)
TV does not respond to the remote control or the local control buttons
after the TV wake-up from standby in the next day. (Applicable for
countries with only analogue transmission.)
No audio from the TV when the Humax Set-Top-Box is connected through the
HDMI connection.
Half teletext page was displayed occasionally.
Previously stored digital channels were deleted after TV performs
installation update
Contrast variation seen on the screen when sudden change in picture
brightness level when Dynamic contrast feature is switched OFF.
Increase the audio bass preset level.
In Norway, when the TV performs channel installation in antenna mode, the
Swedish channels are arranged before the Norway channels, which are shown
in the channel list.
The TV cannot change the maturity rating for channels/services from
“YouSee” Denmark.
Analogue channels are noisy when the TV changes the channel from Digital
to Analogue.
OPTION key to enlarge teletext page has been replaced with the picture
format key.
DVB-C introduction for Sweden and Denmark.
No scheduled TV programs are displayed on the EPG (Electronic Program
Only one channel is stored when performing manual installation in cable.
The audio does not change when the audio language is changed from English
to French for a digital channel.
"No Program Available" displayed on the screen when viewing pay
TV restarts when switching between pay channels/services.
TV restarts during first time/virgin mode installation.
TV restarts while navigating through the song list in the content browser.
Garbage characters seen on the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) screen.
Solved channels not viewable from Canal+ decoder in France for customers
who are previously on software version 64.40.0.
TV cannot recognize the Niagra CAM card in Switzerland.
TV restarts auto-installation again when TV completed auto-installation
without antenna connection.
Picture is vertically stretched in DVB-T channels.
TV cannot store DVB-T channels on Bitche channel in Eastern Europe.
After channel installation, 1 DVB-T channel is found missing in
Brandenburg, Germany.
Light guide will not startup when the TV is set to turn on with the „On
Timer‟ features.
Brightness and contrast variation even when the features „active control‟,
„light sensor‟ and „dynamic contrast‟ settings are turned OFF.
Picture and audio loss on HDMI inputs when the video resolution on the
external device changes from 1080p to 480p.
Implementation of new product ranges.
To add DVB-C functionality for Finland.
Disabled Hue setting for non-NTSC signal. It should only be enabled in
NTSC signal.
Solves HDMI picture distortion/loss issue after changing format in some
DVD players.
Removes artifact when Active Control function is switched off.
Solves issue of picture perception difference between when user adjusting
picture setting and normal viewing.
Sudden contrast variation seen on the screen when the lighting conditions
in the room or picture brightness level changes when light sensor feature
is switched ON.
Solves MHEG dual screen vertical line problem.
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