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Please note actual merchandise available may vary from store to store and this
catalog contains only a small representation of what your Baby News store offers to
you, our valued customer.
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Why Baby News
B. Sweetpeace™ Newborn
Soothing Center
Soothing is an art. It’s also an
instinct. Sweetpeace™ has
a motion with four seating
positions that create four
distinct sensations. Not only
does motion affect your infant
but also the three - recline
positions and 6-speeds
create options for your little
Your Baby News store is the most complete children’s store anywhere specializing in quality infant and children care
equipment, bedding, furniture, and educational toys, and offering name brand merchandise at competitive prices. Our store
is dedicated to providing consumers with helpful, current, information that will allow them to make intelligent choices
when it comes to purchasing baby equipment.
The Best Brands for Your Baby
You will find many name brands like Britax, Baby Bjorn, Graco, Bugaboo and Peg Perego in your Baby News store
and some of the unique brands only found in specialty stores like Stokke, Cloud B, Fleurville and Medela. This catalog
is just a sampling of what we find to be the latest, not-widely-distributed, unique, and most useful products for infants and
Peg Perego
A. Skate (Moka)
The Skate has one soul with two identities.
The perfect carriage. The perfect stroller. The
pinnacle of style and function, Peg Perego’s
innovative new Skate offers two-in-one
versatility with quick and easy transformation
from a carriage to a stroller. The bassinet
provides 360-degree side protection and
three height positions. While in stroller mode,
the Skate offers a three-position height
adjustment, as well as a unique “Tilt-in-Space”
feature (offering three positions), a removable
hinged bumper bar, and Peg Perego’s signature
five-point “Freedom of Movement” harness.
C. clek olli
Delivers the safety of LATCH and
convenience of uncomplicated
installation. Comfort-cube
construction eliminates “numb
bum” for young riders. Fits kids
40-57” tall and 40-100 lbs
D. Frontier Combination Harness2-Booster Seat
See Convertible Car Seats (page 6)
Baby Bjorn
K.Travel Crib Light
The BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light is the
perfect crib to take with you on trips. It can be
set up in record time, in one easy movement.
It weighs only 5 kgs/11lbs and is light and easy
to carry in its carrying case. Soft fabric makes it
snug and cozy for your child.
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Your Personal Shopping Assistant
Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can guide you through the vast selection of products providing you the expertise
to understand the best product for your child, and allowing you the time to make your choice. In addition to helping
you make the most informed choice possible, our knowledgeable sales staff can lead you through the proper assembly,
installation, and use of all our products.
Our doors and arms are open
As a locally owned store and a part of the community, we have enjoyed the relationships with our customers that
developed over the years. It’s a part of the business that we take pride in and look forward to return visits from our
friends and welcoming in new friends.
H. Freestyle Pump
See Feeding (page 21)
from the
I. Baby Briefcase
A tiny Bundle of Joy
and a big Bundle of
Paperwork! When
you bring your baby home, there’s a ton
of paperwork - birth certificate, medical
insurance, social security forms, and much
more.You can throw everything in a cardboard box and
hope for the best or you can make storing your child’s vital
documents a lot more fun and still be totally practical!
E. Buzz
See Strollers (page 8)
G. Sleepi
See Nursery Furniture (page 11)
F. Feeding Gear
New tools for an old job: Squirt – baby food
dispensing spoon, Groovy – interlocking
plate and bowl set, Benders – adaptable
utensils, Catch – toddler bowl with spill
catcher, Fluid – BPA free no-spill toddler
cup, Snack Ball – snack container, ModWare
– toddler utensils.
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J. Organic SleepSack Swaddle
The 2-in-1 SleepSack™ Swaddle
hugs your baby to prevent the
startle reflex - allowing your
little one to sleep
more soundly.
The SleepSack™
Swaddle replaces
loose blankets for
safer sleep and allows
your baby to stay safe,
warm and cozy all
night long.
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When you’re an expectant mother, it’s important to always
wear your seatbelt to protect you and your unborn child. Wear
the lap belt low on your thighs and below your belly with the
shoulder belt across your chest (between your breasts). Once
your baby is born, follow these important safety steps.
A. Companion (Aqua)
True Enhanced Side Impact Protection head pad has adjustable
air-filled pockets that expand for a customized fit • 5-point
polyester harness system is easy to adjust and offers tangle free
webbing • EPS impact foam around the child’s head and torso •
Rear-facing only from 4-22 lbs. or up to 30” tall
Peg Perego
B. Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 (Moka)
Redesigned new larger Side Impact Protection (SIP) that
exceeds the most stringent SIP safety test  Comsfort-Dry
microfiber fabric that is breathable and ultra-soft on baby’s
skin • 5-Point restraint belt system with one-hand adjustment
• Primo Viaggio SIP instantly attaches to Peg Perego strollers
• Designed to accommodate babies from 5 to 30 lbs or up to
30” tall
C. Snug Ride (Milan)
Includes EPS, Energy absorbing foam • Double infant head
support and comfy harness covers • 5-Point harness for a
snug fit in five places • LATCH equipped for easy installation •
Convenient, stay-in-car adjustable base • Rear-facing capacity 5
to 22 lbs and less than 29” tall
Rear-Facing seats - For the best possible protection keep infants in the back seat, in rear-facing
child safety seats up to the height or weight limit of the particular seat. The American Academy of
Pediatrics recommends (and some states require) infants be rear-facing until they are at least 20 lbs
and 12 months old.
Infant and rear-facing Convertible Seat Usage Tips
• Never use in a front seat where an air bag is
• Harness straps/slots at or below shoulder level (lower
set of slots for most convertible child safety seats).
• Tightly install child seat in rear seat, facing the rear.
• Harness straps snug on child; harness clip at armpit
level. Seats should be secured to the vehicle by the
safety belts or by the LATCH system.
• Child seat should recline at approximately a 45
degree angle.
D. Mico Infant Car Seat (Happy Flower)
Energy absorbing EPP foam  Includes a convenient stay-incar adjustable base  Includes Cozi-Dozi™ insert for smaller
children  Integrated canopy, always on hand and easy to
store  5-point harness with up-front harness adjustment 
Compatible with Quinny® Buzz™ and Zapp™ strollers
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Convertible seats – Most infant-only seats do not last for 12 months. A convertible seat is useable
both rear-facing and forward-facing, and serves as the transition between infant-only seats and boosters.
Most convertible seats, once forward-facing, last until 40 lbs or 40 inches. Read and understand the
manuals provided with the child seat and your automobile.
Forward-facing and High-Back booster seat usage tips
• Tightly install child seat in rear seat, facing forward.
• Harness straps/slots at or above child’s shoulders
(usually top set of slots for convertible child safety
• Harness straps snug on child; harness clip at armpit
• Seats should be secured to the vehicle by the safety
belts or by the LATCH system.
A. Marathon (Onyx)
5-point polyester harness with strong polyester webbing
providing a more secure fit as child grows • EPS foam insert
to increase available shoulder width room • Rear-facing for
children 5-33 lbs. • Forward-facing from 1 year to 60 lbs
B. Diplomat (Taylor)
True Side Impact Protection with deep side walls and head
support  Quick-adjust headrest and 5-point harness repositions effortlessly without having to uninstall the seat •
Rear-facing for children 5-35 lbs • Forward-facing at least one
year old and 20 pounds, up to 40 pounds
C. Nautilus 3-in-1 CarSeat (Matrix)
3-in-1 multi-mode Car Seat for longer use Extended 5-point
harness use from 20 - 65 lbs  Converts into High-back
belt positioning booster  Converts into Backless booster
for use from 40 - 100 lbs  Includes EPS, Energy Absorbing
Foam Engineered & Crash tested to meet or exceed: -U.S.
Compliance Standard FMVSS 213
Sunshine Kids
D. Radian65 (Champagne)
The only car seat made with a steel alloy frame for incredible
strength and folds flat for convenient travel and storage •
EPS safety foam for side-impact protection • Five shoulder
positions and three buckle slots provide the best harness fit •
Rear-facing 5 to 30lbs, Front-facing up to 65 lbs
E.True Fit Convertible Car Seat (Cappuccino)
Removable head rest allows for better fit in rear facing
installations  Larger inside dimensions of seat to better fit
your child as they grow  No-rethreading harnesses, adjust the
harness height without having to uninstall harness strap
F.Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat
Adjustable 5-point safety harness  EPS, Energy Absorbing
Foam Liner  High harness slots fit larger children  Memory
Foam for added comfort  Removable Body Pillows  Fits
children from 19” to 47” and up to 5yrs  Rear facing 5 - 35
lb., forward facing 20 – 50 lb.
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A. Go Hybrid (Graphite Black)
Keep your child in a 5-point harness from 22-60 lbs  LATCH
equipped for easy installation and reduced misuse  Installs
properly in less than a minute  Converts to backless booster
(40-100 lbs)  Exceeds all government safety standards
B. Child Seat (Crimson)
One-touch height adjuster ensures proper fit  Aircraft
aluminum frame  Retractable Posi-LATCH makes proper
installation quick and easy  Installs properly in less than 30
seconds  For children 1 year and up, 22-65 lbs, 57” or less.
C. Regent (Madison)
Patented Versa-Tether and HUGS system  Comfort foam and
EPS protective foam  Tangle-Free polyester 5-point harness
and one-pull front harness adjustment  Flexible LATCH
system  Forward-facing from one year and up, 22-80 lbs.
Booster seats - Once children outgrow their forward-facing seats (Consult the Child’s Seat’s
manufacturer’s recommendations), they should ride in booster seats, in the back seat, until the vehicle
seat belts fit properly. Seat belts fit properly when the lap belt lays across the upper thighs and the
shoulder belt fits across the chest (usually at age 8 or when they are 4’9” tall).
Safety 1st
D. Apex 65 Booster (Blue)
Easy to clean, easy to install and comfortable for your child 
The harness is easy to adjust from the front seat and easy to
position to your child's chest  5-Point harness with up-front
harness adjustment 22-65 lbs with internal harness  40-100
lbs belt positioning booster
E. Frontier Combination Harness-2- Booster Seat
(Red Rock)
The highest forward-facing 5-point harness weight capacity
seat in the industry featuring True Side Impact Protection
(TSIP), non-rethread harness & headrest adjustment, and
retractable cup-holders. FF 5-point harness, 25-80 lbs. with
tether; and 40-100 lbs. as belt positioning booster. LATCH and
Versa-Tether® equipped.
Booster Seat usage tips
• Booster used with adult lap and shoulder belt in
rear seat.
• Lap-belt should rest low, across the lap/upper thigh
area—not across the stomach.
• Shoulder belt should rest snugly across chest, rests
on shoulder; and should NEVER be placed under
the arm or behind the back
• NEVER use with lap-only belts—belt-positioning
boosters are always used with lap AND shoulder
F.Turbo Booster Deluxe (Milan)
Open loop belt guides easily position vehicle seat belt 
Height adjustable head support grows with your child  Easily
converts to a backless booster seat  EPS, energy absorbing
foam liner  For children 3-10 years old, from 30-100 lbs and
38” to 57” tall
(435) 792-4453
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Companion (A)
The Britax Companion® infant car seat features True Side
Impact Protection™ with deep side walls and head support
to provide advanced protection in side impact collisions.
Patented anti-rebound bar stabilizes the child seat and reduces
movement of the child during vehicle impact. Head support
cradles the child’s head and maintains proper positioning. The
tangle-free, five-point harness with three harness heights and
two buckle positions ensures a snug and secure fit. Fits infants
rear facing from four to 22 pounds and up to 30 inches tall.
Roundabout (B)
The Britax Roundabout® compact convertible car seat
is renowned for safety, comfort, and convenience. The
Roundabout’s compact size is ideal for use with vehicles with
limited rear-seat space. The tangle-free, five-point harness with
three harness heights ensures a snug and secure fit. Premium
push-button LATCH connectors provide a quick, simple and
tight installation. Fits children rear facing from five to 33 or 35
pounds and children forward facing from at least one year old
and 20 pounds, up to 40 pounds.
Diplomat (C)
The Britax Diplomat™ is a compact convertible car seat
ideal for use with vehicles with limited rear seat space. The
Diplomat features True Side Impact Protection™ with deep
side walls and head support to provide advanced protection in
side impact collisions. Tangle-free, five-point harness ensures a
snug and secure fit. Premium push-button LATCH connectors
provide a quick, simple and tight installation. The Diplomat
fits children rear facing from five to 35 pounds and children
forward facing from at least one year old and 20 pounds, up to
40 pounds.
Marathon (D)
The Britax Marathon™ is a convertible car seat ideal for
parents seeking premium comfort and a higher, forwardfacing harnessed weight capacity. The tangle-free, five-point
harness with four harness heights ensures a snug and secure
fit. Premium push-button LATCH connectors provide a quick,
simple and tight installation. The Marathon fits children rear
facing from five to 33 or 35 pounds and children forward facing
from at least one year old and 20 pounds, up to 65 pounds.
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Decathlon (E)
The Britax Decathlon car seat achieves the ultimate in luxury
and comfort with removable head and body positioning
pillows. The three buckle positions provide a snug and secure
fit as your child grows. Higher forward-facing weight capacity
allows children to remain harnessed up to 65 pounds. The
tangle-free, five-point harness with four harness heights
ensures a snug and secure fit. Premium push-button LATCH
connectors provide a quick, simple and tight installation. Fits
children rear facing from five to 35 lbs and children forward
facing from at least one year old and 20 lbs, up to 65 lbs.
Boulevard (F)
The Britax Boulevard® car seat features True Side Impact
Protection™ with deep side walls and head support to
provide advanced protection in side impact collisions. The
easy-turn knob quickly adjusts the headrest and harness height
without having to uninstall the seat. Higher forward-facing
weight capacity allows children to remain harnessed up to 65
pounds. The tangle-free, five-point harness ensures a snug and
secure fit. Premium push-button LATCH connectors provide
a quick, simple and tight installation. Fits children rear facing
from five to 35 pounds and children forward facing from at
least one year old and 20 pounds, up to 65 pounds.
Regent (G)
The Britax Regent® is the ideal car seat for parents seeking
premium comfort and the highest forward-facing harnessed
weight capacity available on the market today. The tangle-free,
five-point harness and push-button LATCH connectors help
to tightly secure your child every day. Fits children forward
facing from at least one year old and 22 pounds, up to 80
Frontier Combination Harness-2- Booster Seat (H)
The highest forward-facing 5-point harness weight capacity
seat in the industry featuring True Side Impact Protection
(TSIP), non-rethread harness & headrest adjustment, and
retractable cup-holders. FF 5-point harness, 25-80 lbs. with
tether; and 40-100 lbs. as belt positioning booster. LATCH
and Versa-Tether® equipped.
(435) 792-4453
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A. Mico
Energy absorbing EPP foam • Includes a convenient stay-in-car
adjustable base • Lightweight design • Includes Cozi-Dozi™
insert for smaller children • Integrated canopy, always on hand
and easy to store • 5-point harness with up-front harness
adjustment • Compatible with Quinny® Buzz™ and Zapp™
shown with dreami
C. Rodi
Easily converts to a backless booster for children 40 – 100 lbs
• Energy absorbing EPP foam in headrest • Height adjustable
backrest for maximum comfort • Padded headrest with
cushioned sides • Easy to install with 3-point seat belt
shown with mico
D. Buzz
Unique and revolutionary automatic unfolding system • Unfolds
and sets up with just a touch • Ultra comfortable forward and
rear-facing seat • Height adjustable parent handle
shown with mico
Compatible with Maxi-Cosi® infant car seat or Quinny®
Dreami™ bassinet • Includes canopy, shopping basket, adapters
for use with Maxi-Cosi® infant car seat, bug net, and rainshield
 Highly maneuverable lockable front swivel wheel
E. Zapp
Full size stroller with an ultra compact 3-D fold • Perfect
for traveling in a car, train, or plane • Ideal travel system
in combination with Maxi-Cosi® infant car seat • Highly
maneuverable, lockable front wheels can rotate 360° • Includes
canopy, rainshield, travel bag, and adapters for use with MaxiCosi® infant car seat
B. Priori
4 independent recline positions are adjustable while your
child’s in the car seat • Energy absorbing EPP foam • Harness
holders keep harness straps out of the way • Easy to install
with 3-point seat belt or LATCH • Rear-facing 5-35 lbs,
19”–36” • Forward-facing 22-40 lbs, 34-43”
(435) 792-4453
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Choosing the right stroller
With so many excellent choices of strollers, how does one choose the right one? Consider
the following points that can help you narrow it down to the right stroller for your needs.
A. Buzz w/ Dreami (Sulpher)
Use as a free-standing bassinet or in combination with the
Quinny Buzz stroller to create an ideal travel system.
B. Universal Car Seat Carrier
Fits most infant car seats  One hand fold mechanism 
Includes extra large basket  Parent organizer with cup holder
 Front swivel wheels and brakes in back  Large basket
If you use the car a lot, you might want to start with a car seat frame. This can carry your
baby in the infant car seat straight out of the car. Car seat frames are lightweight, fold
compactly, and are pretty inexpensive. You can use these until your baby grows out of the
infant car seat.
Strolling around the neighborhood a lot requires a comfortable “cruiser” stroller. These
are generally larger, have multiple recline positions, large sun canopies, and sometimes,
a reversing push handle to allow you to face your baby. Most of these are larger when
folded so they take up quite a bit of room in the car.
Sport strollers have bigger wheels, often pneumatic rubber tires like a bicycle. They
provide easy strolling on any surface. Some have a swiveling front wheel that can lock in a
stationary position when used to jog. Many of these strollers can adapt to carry an infant
car seat. Most are quite large when folded.
Compact strollers provide a light weight way to stroll your baby. Today, you can get one
that reclines sufficiently for a newborn, a partial recline, or a single position for toddlers.
Generally, the fewer features, the lighter the stroller weighs.
Try pushing the stroller with some weight in it to see if it maneuvers easily. Does it
provide enough stepping room so you can walk without kicking the frame/wheels? Are
the handles high enough to push comfortably? Does the seat recline sufficiently for the
age of your baby? Are the wheels large enough for the type of road surfaces you plan on
traversing? Can you easily lift it into your car or up and down stairs if you live in a twostory walk-up? When folded, will it give you enough room to put bags of groceries in the
trunk of your car? If you take public transportation, can you fold the stroller with one
hand while carrying your baby?
Consult your Baby News stroller expert to determine what stroller best meets your needs.
(435) 792-4453
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A. Cameleon (Dark Grey/Yellow)
Adapts to the needs of you and your child from
0-4 years in almost any environment and climate
 Features adjustable suspension, a telescoping
handlebar, and an easy-to-compact aluminum frame
 Offers a wide range of tailored fabrics and colors.
B. Metrolite Stroller (Lexington)
Accepts Graco SnugRide and SafeSeat infant
car seats  Combination 3 or 5-point harness 
Multiple position, reclining seat  One hand fold
 Lightweight, aluminum frame  For infants and
children less than 40 lbs
C. Buzz (Juice)
Hands-free set up – opens with just a nudge 
Forward or backward facing adjustable seat  5point padded harness for security and comfort for
the baby  For ages 6 months to 4 years and up to
D. Quest Sport (Coffee Brown/Sky Blue)
One-hand fold  5-point safety harness  Four seat
positions and adjustable leg rest  for ages 3 mo. and
up; up to 55 lbs
(435) 792-4453
E.Volo (Citrus Lime/Black)
Teeny enough for life on the go and
sturdy enough to hold baby and your
day’s supplies • High-tech looking frame,
handles and wheels in shades of silver
and grey
Peg Perego
F. Pliko P3 Classico (Ice)
One-hand folding, very compact when
folded  5-point freedom of movement
harness for security and well-being of
the child  4-position backrest, 2position footrest  All-wheel suspension,
swivel front wheels, new “one-touch”
rear wheel brakes
G. Xplory (Turquoise)
Two way sitting – facing you or facing
forward to enjoy the view  Reclining
and height-adjustable seat to make
children enjoy the ride in comfort 
Adjustable 5-point harness  From birth
to 33 pounds or 3 years old (umbrella
sold separately)
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BOB Strollers
A. Revolution Stroller (Blue/Chocolate)
12” front wheel swivels for increased
maneuverability and locks forward for jogging 
Fast, two-step folding for compact storage and
easy travel  Suspension system, capable of 3” of
travel, provides for an exceptionally smooth ride
 Rear wheel foot-activated parking brake.
B. Quattro Tour Sport (Gianni)
One hand gravity fold with storage latch 
Extended weight limit – accepts up to 50 lbs! 
Combination 3 or 5 pt harness  Front swivel
wheels with locks & spring suspension for a
smoother ride  One-touch brakes
C.Twin Techno (Charcoal/Orange)
5 independent seat position recline  5-point
safety harnesses  Suspension in wheels  Fits
through 30" doorway
Mountain Buggy
D. Urban Double (Plum Dot)
Upright to fully reclined seat positions  Suitable
from newborn  Quick release wheels  5-point
safety harness  Foot operated brake  Easy onestep fold  Air filled tires & free pump
Uppa Baby
E.Vista (Carlin)
3 position seat angle adjustment • Bassinet
and seat come ready to attach (no fabric
changing)! • Easy one step fold with seat
attached • Elevated “no-kick” rear axle •
Shock absorbing front and rear suspension
• One button handle-height adjustment 
Elevated “no-kick” rear axle
Baby Jogger
F. City Series Elite Single (Red/Black)
Patented Quick-Fold Technology  Padded
seat with 150 degree recline angle  12"
comfort ride quick release wheels  Raised
kicker for small children and easy access
to under seat basket  Handlebar console
w/six storage compartments  Rear parking
Phil and Ted’s
G. Sport Buggy (Green)
Lightweight frame weighing only 24lbs 
Smooth ride swivel or fixed front wheel
 2 level front seat (upright and sleepy) 
Reclining seat on the doubles kit  Compact
and easy to fold  Tough, washable, and
waterproof fabrics  Ergonomic, adjustable
handle  For newborn to 4 years.
(435) 792-4453
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A. Deluxe 4-in-1 Close Sleeping Bassinet
Bassinet converts into a cradle with quick-release latch.
Retractable wheels easily turn bassinet into a rocker.
Detachable mobile includes 3 soft toys, vibration, night light,
twinkling lights, and music. Bassinet easily attaches to bed and
keeps baby close to parents for peace of mind and security.
B. Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet
The Classique™ Bassinet offers classic style, convenient
features & elegant fashions for contemporary moms. A
removable moses bassinet & changing table extends the
bassinet’s use. Hanging deluxe organizer & diaper stacker
keeps baby’s items handy.
C. Pack ‘n Play Portable Playard (Oasis)
Real, solid wood legs complement home décor. Posture plus
fold away changing table with tons of additional storage for
supplies, wipes and plenty of diapers. Enhanced electronics
module that plays 5 songs and 5 nature sounds, includes a
soothing nightlight and two speed mattress mounted vibration.
D. Pack ‘n Play Portable Playard (Sorbet)
Mesh on all four sides with bug toys. Sets up in less than one
minute Easy-to-clean printed polyester pad. Easy to store and
transport in handy cover No assembly required by customer.
Dimensions: 38” x 38” square.
Million Dollar Baby
E. Emily Mini Crib (Cherry)
Born from the best selling Emily Crib to meet the budget of
an American family, meets and exceeds all US safety standards,
dimensions: 40 1/2”(L) x 28”(W) x 38”(H), Available in Cherry,
Ebony, Honey Oak, Natural, and White. Converts to twin bed
with the additional rails kit (M4799)
Arms Reach
F. Mini-Co Sleeper Bassinet (Cocoa)
The Mini Co-Sleeper® Bassinet Sleeper infant bed is a unique
creation that allows you and your baby to sleep comfortably
next to each other from the moment the baby arrives. Unique
design makes breastfeeding easy.Ventilated floor to avoid heat
(435) 792-4453
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The Muniré collections includes a wealth of Changers,
cribs, dressers, mirrors, desks, chests, hutches, beds and
other pieces to create a beautiful and functional space for
a growing child. Our graceful and sophisticated designs are
responsive to a wide range of decorating themes and styles.
At each step in the production process, Muniré furniture
artisans blend the skills of traditional cabinetry techniques
with state-of-the-art furniture production technologies.
Carefully selecting only the most suitable components to
preserve the quality and beauty of each piece of furniture,
Muniré cases are designed to offer the maximum versatility,
durability and functionality. Some of our collections are
made entirely of wood, while others combine finely crafted
hardwoods and wood veneers.
Deco (espresso finish)
Deco Lifetime Crib: 56.5”w x 30”d x 47.75”h, Double
Dresser: 56.5”w x 20”d x 34”h, 2 Bookcases: 22”w x 20”d x
72”h, Bridge: 56.5”w x 20”d x 2.25”h, Mirror: 56.5”w x 20”d
x 35.25”h
Deco Lifetime Crib converted to full-size bed: 56.5”w x 80”l
x 47.75”h (conversion kit sold separately), Double Dresser:
56.5”w x 20”d x 34”h, 2 Bookcases: 22”w x 20”d x 72”h,
Bridge: 56.5”w x 20”d x 2.25”h
(435) 792-4453
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Urban Collection (espresso finish)
The Art deco styling of the new Urban collection creates a
modern elegance for today’s nursery. Classic silhouettes are
accentuated by rich finishes in espresso, cherry, white and
A. Urban LifetimeTM Crib: 34”w x 55”l x 48”h, 5 drawer
dresser: 40”w x 20”d x 50”h, Combo: 56”w x 20”d x 34”h,
Hutch: 56”w x 14”d x 40”h (shown here with combo)
B. Urban LifetimeTM Crib converted to full-size bed: 55”w x
80”l x 48”h (conversion kit sold separately), Armoire: 40”w
x 20”d x 68”h, Nightstand: 26”w x 18”d x 14”h
Furniture Care Tips
• Dust with a lint-free cloth that attracts
and hold particles
• Always rub with the grain of the wood
• Avoid contact with sharp objects or with
containers filled with hot liquid
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Essex (chestnut finish)
This versatile collection can satisfy many tastes with its
broad pallet of finishes. The clean simple lines combined with
hand carved details give this a relaxed elegant style. Available
in white, rubbed black, cherry, classic chestnut finishes.
A. Essex LifetimeTM Crib: 31”w x 60”d x 48”h, Combo:
54”w x 18”d x 34.5”h, Hutch: 53.5”w x 12”d x 48”h (shown
here with combo), 4 Drawer Dresser: 39”w x 18”d x 42”h
B. Essex LifetimeTM Crib converted to full-size bed: 60”w x
80”l x 48”h (conversion kit sold separately), Combo: 54”w
x 18”d x 34.5”h, Hutch: 53.5”w x 12”d x 48”h (shown here
with combo)
Furniture Care Tips
• Avoid contact with rubber feet on items
such as radios, cumputers and telephones
• Don’t expose furniture to strong sunlight
or extreme changes in temperature or
moisture it may damage or fade color.
• Wipe up spills immediately.
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Savannah (linen finish)
This classic collection is filled with many unique details like
beaded moldings, sculpted capitals and hand carved reliefs.
Together they create a bold distinctive elegance that is
sure to stand the test of time. Available in linen and cherry
A. Savanna LifetimeTM Crib: 31.75”w x58.75”l x 53”h,
Armoire: 42”w x 23”d x 75”h, Combo: 60”w x 20”d x
B. Savanna LifetimeTM Crib converted to full-size bed (bed
rails sold separately), Combo: 60”w x 20”d x 33.5”h, Combo
Hutch: 60.75”w x 13.25”d x 51.25”h, 5 Drawer Chest:
37.75”w x 20”d x 33.5”h
Furniture Care Tips
• Beware of urine spills on furnitureas this
may cause discoloration.
• Do not use water to clean the furniture.
Instead use furniture cleaning liquids
which can be found at your local furniture
retailer, hardware store, or supermarket
(435) 792-4453
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Newport (espresso finish)
The clean lines and distinctive features of the Newport
collection bring a refreshing wholesomeness to any decor.
Beautiful rubbed finishes are carefully distressed to create an
antique look reflecting centuries-old inspirations. Available
in rubbed antique white, rubbed black, espresso, cherry and
classic chestnut finishes.
A. Newport LifetimeTM Crib: 31”w x 62.75”l x 50.25”h,
Armoire: 44”w x 20”d x 73.5”h, Combo: 60”w x 20”d x
B. Newport LifetimeTM Crib converted to full-size bed:
62.75”w x 80”l x 50.25”h (bed rails sold separately), Combo:
60”w x 20”d x 34”h, Combo Hutch: 60”w x 14”d x 51.25”h,
5 Drawer Dresser: 44”w x 20”d x 51”h, Nightstand: 26”w x
17.5”d x 24”h
Furniture Care Tips
• Use a mat (not plastic) to protect
• Do not lean or step against drawers or
• Do not open more than one drawer at
a time
• When moving furniture, do not drag.
Always lift unit with a firm grasp of its
(435) 792-4453
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Baby’s Dream
Baby’s Dream is the original convertible crib
manufacturer. Our designers have been making
exceptionally long-lasting nursery furniture for
generations. The Ocean collection is one of several of
Baby’s Dream patented drop-gate cribs that offer added
safety, easier access to the baby, quiet operation, and longterm value. All of our furniture is solid wood and built to
last a lifetime.
A. Ocean Bedroom Collection
Ocean’s classic modern is what we’ve all been looking
for - clean lined but not too edgy, and chic but not too
extreme. Curved frames on all side posts elegantly veer
away creating a look pleasing to the eye. Baby’s Dream
innovative design allows you to convert the crib to a
toddler bed and later to a twin-sized bed, using the
channeled side panels and twin conversion kit. This
collection is handcrafted with a multi-step lacquer finish
and available in rich Espresso or high-gloss Glacier white.
Ocean Drop-gate Crib converts to Twin bed, Ocean Grand
Armoire, Ocean 4-drawer Chest.
B. Stokke Furniture Collection
Stokke Care (1) is height adjustable, which reduces strain
on your body and allows you to change your baby with
ease. Care will also adjust as your child grows and can
easily be converted from a changing unit, into a small desk
or a larger school desk. Available in a variety of finishes.
Sleepi (2) is an evolving product that your child can
never outgrow. It moves, grows and develops – just like
your child. Stokke Sleepi is an elegant children’s bed with
modern soft curves. Available in a variety of finishes.
Keep (3) is practical and flexible. It can be purchased
as a basic unit giving you a selection of different set up
possibilities or you can buy it as separate elements for
you to configure your own storage system. Available in a
variety of finishes.
(435) 792-4453
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A. Robin Bedroom Collection (Almond/Nutmeg)
The unisex Robin Collection, has a whimsical charm, while
reflecting both country, and modern influences. The armoire
and bookcase tops are suggestive of roofs of houses, and gives
it a country charm. Its modern side is reflected by the many
innovative storage solutions. Small removable and adjustable
curio drawers, under the bed storage drawers, a combo with
a laundry hamper, a pivoting valet bookcase, and a corner
desk with and incorporated chair.
The Robin Collection is out of the ordinary, while remaining
endearing in design. It will provide years of functionality,
and individuality, to make your child feel that he or she has a
special place of its own.
The Robin Collection, is available in Almond, with Deer
Brown trim; Almond, with Navy Blue; Almond with Light Pink
B. Etruria Bedroom Collection (Espresso)
The slender contouring line is one of the most sought after
forms in history. The soft inviting outline of ETRURIA by
Ragazzi Fine Furniture has captured that form. It is found on
the tops and beautifully contoured corner posts. While it
has been said that opposites have been know to attract, that
contrast has never been more evident that in this elegant
straight lines found in the framed drawers fronts, side panels
and generously proportioned base rails.
(435) 792-4453
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The Bonavita name has become synonymous with quality
& style. Meticulously crafted from around the world with
solid wood and wood veneers, Bonavita collections are
the ultimate in refinement and charm. Each collection
demonstrates outstanding attention to detail--- as well as
practical features to simplify your live. Bonavita cribs, for
example, are as durable as they are beautiful. Enjoy the good
life that is Bonavita.
Lifestyle Crib’s
Converts to a toddler bed (guard rail sold
Converts to a day bed
Converts to a full size bed (bed rails, and mattress
sold separately, box spring not required) •
Furniture fits every stage of child's development
Lifestyle crib is the easiest crib to covert
High value crib (converts from a crib, to a toddler
bed , to a day bed , to a full size bed)
Dual front leg design ensures that the toddler and
day bed are sturdy and do not "wobble"
A. Peyton Bedroom Collection (Chestnut)
Contemporary yet detailed enough to translate into a
Traditional theme, makes this collection one of our most
versatile. Lifetime Crib with 5 Drawer Dresser and 1 piece
combo. Also available in Espresso & Classic White
B. Sheffield Bedroom Collection (Distressed Almond)
A country retreat or a home tucked within the city limits;
Sheffield has that right-at-home character to fit any lifestyle.
From the beaded trim detail; to the inset panel doors to the
oversized crown and base, Sheffield is drenched in historical
design elements that fit any décor or decorating theme
(435) 792-4453
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A.Tuscan Bedroom Collection (Terracotta)
Timeless, classic style with fine detailing and a sleigh bed
silhouette. This beautiful crib converts to a transitional
toddler bed, a child’s day bed and to a full-sized headboard.
Four-position mattress support. Full-size trundle drawer.
Uses standard crib mattress.
Million Dollar Baby
B. Alpha Crib
The simple and elegant European design of the Da Vinci
Alpha Crib will fit beautifully in any nursery! This quality
crib is constructed of hardwood and features castor wheels,
single-drop side, sturdy metal mattress sprints, foot release
mechanism and a teething rail. The Alpha Crib meets and
exceeds all U.S. safety standards.
C. 2n1Crib Mattress
Infant-Toddler 2-Sided Innerspring Crib Mattress  Firm
comfort on one side, Super-Firm support on the other 
Orthopedic type mattress  Hypo-allergenic outer layer
Extra edge support from thick 9.0 gauge border rod 
Ventilated border for mattress freshness
D. No-Compromise Organic Cotton Ultra Mattress
Organic Cotton Filling  Non-Toxic Waterproofing 
Free of harmful chemicals  GREENGUARD Certified 
Orthopedic Innerspring  Crib, Twin, Full, & Bassinet, etc
TIP: Purchase your mattress the same day as your crib
and make sure there is no space around the edge of the
mattress when it's in place. This prevents your baby from
getting stuck in a gap between the railing and mattress.
(435) 792-4453
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A. Matrix Chair
In addition to offering comfort seating to mother and baby, the
chairs of the new Matrix Glider Collection come in a wide range
of fabrics that allows for complete decor harmonization. Thanks
to their contemporary style and multiple fabric possibilities,
these gliders will evolve with family needs and tastes and make
their way beautifully from the nursery to the living room.
B. Intermezzo
This beautiful looking chair reclines and also glides. Thanks to an
innovative glide feature exclusive to Dutailier, this versatile chair
was designed and engineered without making any compromise
on the smoothness of the reclining and gliding mechanisms.
C. Sleigh Back Glider
This Dutailier glider is made of solid maple wood available in
18 finishes. Designed with a larger seating area to provide more
comfort. Features easy to adjust multi-positions and high quality
stain resistant fabrics. Gliding ottomans sold separately.
Best Chairs
D. Irvington Glider Recliner
Premium cushioning fibers provide unparalleled comfort and
durability. Hardwood frames and rugged construction make
these recliners the standard in stability and durability.
Zenoff Products
E. Deluxe MyBrest Friend
Double-featured strap with Velcro and silent-release buckle for
easy, one-hand use  Comfort – Adjustable back rest relaxes
and prevents sore backs  Breastfeeding ease – flat-top firmness
ideal for positioning baby and maintaining healthy latch-on  #1
recommended by Lactation Consultants
F. Snoogle Body Pillow
Unique shape mirrors your natural shape for complete comfort.
Provides support for back and tummy during pregnancy. Elevates
baby during nursing to provide comfort for both of you.
G. Nursing Stool
Medela Nursing Stools in natural or white offer ergonomic
support while holding or feeding baby!
(435) 792-4453
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Young America
With some youth furniture, kids either outgrow the style
(too babyish) or the furniture itself (too small, too flimsy), or
both. Not so with Young America.
A. myHaven
From soft pastels to bold, exciting brights, myHaven offers
style and choice. Its distinctive cottage styling features
popular headboard construction, and its twenty brilliant
color options guarantee a perfect fit for all design tastes.
Million Dollar Baby
B. Sleigh Toddler Bed (Natural)
Proper and first transition from the crib before moving to
a twin or full size bed  Left and right removable guard rails
 10" railing height  28Hx29.5Wx56.5L"  Uses the same
standard crib size mattress that you used on your baby's
Apple Furniture
C.Table and Chairs Set
This all natural hardwood table and chairs set has child safe
rounded corners and an extremely smooth finish. Consisting
of a 19”x25”x22” rectangular table with 2 sturdy matching
chairs. Available in Sahara Natural, Butter, Red and Caribbean
Blue. Additional chairs are available.
D. Step N Store
Take your child one step closer toward independence with
our Step ‘N Store. Reaching new places helps kids feel more
important. Small enough that it can be kept in any room
without taking up too much space, this Step ‘n Store is a
perfect gift for kids who like to be brave and do as much on
their own as possible
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Lambs & Ivy
A. Bedding Collection (Petals)
Contemporary patchwork of daisies and dots. Trendy colors
in rose, cocoa and cream, and fabric textures of velour,
seersucker and silky pleated trim. This very fashionable
100% cotton collection includes accessories like daisy shaped
clothes pegs, custom lamp w/cutout shade, 3 piece wall décor,
upholstered rocker, musical mobile, plush blanket, musical
mobile, wallpaper border and night light.
B. Bedding Collection (Sugar Plum)
This stunning collection inspired by the beauty of nature
features a unique combination of textured fabrics including
corduroy, sherpa, felt, plaids, stripes, and beautiful floral prints
in plum, pink, green and ivory. The lightweight quilt, bumper
and accessories are embellished with adorable dimensional
butterflies and flower appliqués and accented with organza
and plum & green ribbon details. The Sugar Plum collection
has everything you need to complete your nursery: 6-Piece
Crib Set (includes Window Valance and Diaper Stacker),
Decorative Lamp, Wall Border, Musical Mobile, Decorative
Pillows, Wall Hanging, Sherpa Blanket, Switch Plate, Night
Light, Hamper and Rug.
Infant Bedding Safety
• ALWAYS use a crib sheet that fits securely on the
mattress and wraps around the mattress corners.
• NEVER place infants to sleep on pillows, sofa
cushions, adult beds, waterbeds, beanbags, or any
other surface not specifically designed for infant
• Do not overdress your baby. Cover the baby with
a thin covering, such as a crib blanket, receiving
blanket or other blankets specifically designed for
infants, which covers only up to the baby's chest
and tuck the covering around the crib mattress.
For newborns, consider swaddling.
(435) 792-4453
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Lambs & Ivy
A. Bedding Collection (PapaGayo)
Shades of green highlight this cute rainforest themed
collection. A monkey, alligator, frog, and turtle play on
a textured ground of chenille, ultra suede, boucle and
seersucker. An inset appliquéd blanket, patchwork bumper
and tree top character lamp add to the fun. The adventure
continues on the 3 dimensional coordinating wall art,
night light, switch plate cover, picture frame, drawer pulls
and growth chart. Also available in toddler bedding with
oversized appliqués and embroideries.
Kelly Kouture
B. Kelly’s Garden
Our Kelly’s Garden collection is a distinct and striking
design. This polychromatic ensemble varies from vibrant lime
to sweet baby pinks with supple soft micro poly swirl fur
in the shape of rose buds and rich woven 100% silk floral
brocade. Embellished with pink and green beaded trimmings
and stylish detailed cording puts this luxury bedding
collection in the spotlight
American Baby Company
C. Organic Cotton Velour Crib Set
This soft and cozy crib bedding collections are made with
Nature’s purest fiber and is amazingly soft and durable. Organically grown cotton does not pollute the ground,
water or air; it grows without soil poisoning pesticides and
chemicals. One Crib Bumper: 10” X 162” (4 sided)  One
Reversible Comforter: 30" X 45"  One Crib Sheet: 28" x
52"  One Crib Skirt: Standard Crib Size
Infant Bedding Safety
• Select bumper pads that fit around the entire
crib and tie or snap securely into place.
• Use bumper pads only until the child can pull
up to a standing position. Then remove them so
baby cannot use the pads to climb out of the
(435) 792-4453
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Baby Björn
A. Baby Carrier Synergy (White)
This lightweight baby carrier is made from a soft and
breathable 3D mesh material. Enhanced lower-back support
and padded shoulder straps. For newborns (min 8 lbs., with
safety strap fastened) as well as older babies (max 26 lbs.).
B. Baby Carrier Active (Sporty Black)
Designed for the active parents, this carrier frees parents and
their babies from the limitations of the cumbersome stroller.
For babies from one week old, 8 to 26lbs.
C. Baby Carrier
This is the all-in-one soft baby carrier, assisting you through all
the stages of your baby’s growth and moving from front to hip
to back position easily.
D. FC 2.0 Child Carrier (Green)
The FC 2.0 offers all-terrain capability and a unique five-point,
adjustable child’s harness for your child’s safety and comfort.
E. Lovin’ Hug Infant Swing
Now holds babies up to 30lbs! One-hand, 4-position recline
adjusts for your baby’s comfort. Enhanced electronics with
classical music and nature sounds. 6-speeds provide variable
speed choices for baby’s enjoyment.
F. ExerSaucer® SmartSteps™ Active Learning
Aids baby in achieving 10 developmental milestones such
as hand-eye coordination, object exploration and more. For
babies 4 months to walking age; maximum height 30”
Tiny Love
G. Kick & Play Total Playground Activity Gym
A self-contained activity gym design to further baby’s physical,
sensory and emotional development.
H. le Symphony Farm
Ultimate developmental musical mobile. Turns in circular
motion. Soft and colorful animals. Detachable electronic push
button music box. Fits most cribs.
(435) 792-4453
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Peg Perego
A. Prima Pappa Best
This ultimate high chair has seven height positions, a unique
“Tilt-in-Space” feature with four reclining positions, five-point
safety harness and a passive restraint system. It’s perfect to use
as an adjustable youth chair as your toddler gets bigger.
B. Wooden High Chair
The highchair that becomes a child’s chair. Rich, warm poplar
wood chair complements kitchen décor Stain-resistant
seat pad provides comfort for your child and easy-care
convenience for parents. Plastic glides on the legs for ease of
mobility in the kitchen 3-point harness.
C.Tripp Trapp (Turquoise)
Tripp Trapp is the children’s chair that grows with the child. It’s
sturdy and gives perfect support at every stage. An adjustable
seat and footrest give proper support. The Tripp Trapp includes
a 5-point safety harness.
D. Svan High Chair (Cherry)
The stylish Svan High Chair is designed for infants and
toddlers to provide them with a comfortable and ergonomic
eating space that adjusts to fit children 6 months to adulthood.
The seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to provide
children with the perfect balance of space and support; the
footrest also adjusts to the ideal height for your child.
Sycamore Kids
E. HandySitt
The HandySitt chair makes everyday life easier for families
with children whether at home and on the move. It folds flat
and is fully portable so it can be taken with you when traveling.
Prince Lionheart
F. bébéPOD Plus (Red Watermelon)
The ultimate in infant positioning and support now features an
adjustable tray with 2 reusable placemats and an attachable toy
specially designed by Sassy Ergonomic.Your baby’s own body
weight helps ensure a safe and comfortable seating position.
Lightweight, durable, non-toxic, and easy to wipe clean.
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A. Swing Breastpump
2-Phase Expression is an advanced pumping
pattern that mimics a baby’s natural nursing
rhythm, and it is proven to reduce pumping time.
B. Pump In Style Advanced The Metro Bag
The newest addition to the popular Pump In Style
family! The new Pump In Style Advanced Metro
Bag features the latest 2-Phase Expression®
breastpump technology complete with a stylish
multi-purpose bag loaded with extras.
C. Freestyle Hands-Free Breastpump
Freedom is born – in the newest technology from
the #1 Choice of Hospitals! A small, lightweight
breastpump that’s strong and 2-Phase Expression
smart, Freestyle comes with mobility and handsfree accessories allowing for true pumping
mobility that busy pumping moms will love.
D. Sleep Bra
The sleep bra helps her to make nighttime
nursing convenient and comfortable
E. Lanolin and HydroGel
Advanced Nipple Therapy in a lanolin and
(435) 792-4453
Bebe au Lait
F. Nursing Cover (Mayfair)
The Bebe au Lait patent pending nursing
cover features a rigid neckline that allows
mom to see baby and baby to see mom at all
times during breastfeeding.
G. Glass Nurser
Sensitive Response nipple senses baby’s
pressure and responds with the right
amount of liquid. Micro Air Vents promote an
even flow of liquid and help prevent nipple
H. BabySteps Natural Feeding System
BabySteps Natural Feeding System is a
comprehensive, 3-step system for making
fresh tasting, healthy baby food.
Born Free
I. BPA Free Bottles
BornFree™ Bisphenol-A Free plastic bottles,
complete with the new innovative air vent
that helps eliminate colic symptoms.
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A. Configure Gate (G80)
Includes 3 interlocking sections. Each section
measures 24” wide. Each section stand 29.5”
high. Opens in either direction. One hand
release. Wall mounted for safety. Shown with
five optional sections.
B. Angle-Mount Safeway Gate (G22)
One Hand, Adult Operated Walk Through
Gate. Angle-Mount Hardware System. Quick
Release Hardware For Easy Gate Removal.
Durable Steel Constructions. Stands 31”
High Making It great For Children & Pets.
E. Universal Wooden Convertible Crib Bed Rail
Specifically designed for use with most convertible
cribs 13” tall, 33” long Easy installation, no tools
needed Made of furniture grade hardwood; can be
custom finished
F. Secure Sleeper Ultra System
3 in 1 Sleep Positioner Helps prevent Flat Head
Syndrome and relieves uncomfortable pressure.
Positions baby on back as recommended by the
American Academy of Pediatrics and the Surgeon
C. Center Gateway (G15)
Pressure mounted gate. Easy to install
without tools or hardware. Walk-through
door opens in either direction. Fits openings
of 29.25” to 37.5” wide.
Safety First
G. High-Def Digital Monitor (DECT)
The High-Def Digital Monitor is the next leap in
digital audio clarity, providing parent peace of mind
that they’ve distinguished between a gurgle and a
D. Home Safety
S3362 Adhesive Mount Magnetic Lock
Set/Key, S700 Fireplace Glass Door Guard,
S331 Adhesive Mount Cabinet Drawer/Door
Lock and S370 Toilet Lid Lock. ALL KidCo
Home Safety Products are available
H. Digital Deluxe iMonitor with Vibration
100% Digital Technology  Crystal Clear Clarity to
hear the tiniest whimper  Complete Privacy to hear
only your baby  Extended Range up to 2000 ft to
hear your baby all around your home
(435) 792-4453
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A. Wipe Warmer Ultra
The universal dispenser works with all
brand wipes and locks in moisture too!
Insulated container warms wipes from
the top down to insure that you warm
the wipes that you use, as well as prevent
them from browning.
B. Mother Ship (Botanical Coral)
This very durable and stylish bag is great
for all day trips, for traveling, for caregivers
of more than one child, or for anytime you
need to really be prepared and carry a
bunch of stuff with you.
Diaper Dékor
C. Diaper Dékor Plus
The innovative Diaper Dékor Plus is
a convenient, easy and sanitary way
to dispose of dirty diapers. With a
contemporary and hands free design,
diaper changing won’t become a dreaded
experience. There is no twisting or turning
– just step on the pedal and drop the
diaper in.
(435) 792-4453
D. Disposable Diapers
Tushies diapers are gel-free and the only
disposable diaper with natural blend cotton for
natural absorbency. This unique natural blend
cotton absorbent core controls baby’s wetness
without chemicals.
E. Mustela Products
PhysiObébé is a no rinse cleansing fluid  Mustela
Vitamin barrier cream is an ultra rich cream that
helps protect baby’s diaper area against irritation
and to soothe baby’s tender skin  Mustela
cleansing and soothing wipes for diaper change
Mother’s Lil’ Helper
F. Stain and Odor Remover and Prewash
Non toxic natural liquid enzyme organically
removes stains and odors  Safe on any surface
that water is safe
Baby Bjorn
G. Potty Chair
Ergonomically designed potty chair features
rounded styling and lots of leg room so your
child gets closer to the seat. Inner potty is easy to
remove and clean.
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