Experience Series™
• 15” high resolution capacitive touch LCD screen
• Simple interactions suitable for ‘in-workout’ use
• Functions and keys easy to locate on the screen or outside of the screen
• Tactile ‘Next’ generation Motion Controls
• Dedicated LCD windows for machine controls
• TV entertainment and iPod® control from screen
• Workout Guides (Tutorials) videos
• Auto-dim function to increase screen life and conserve energy
The P80 console offers clear visuals and a touch-screen layout that
encourages program exploration. Multiple preset workouts are designed
to help individual users meet their fitness goals, and the console keys
and durable motion controls are responsive and easy to use.
Machine Controls
Console Keys and Motion Controls
Intensity (speed/resistance)
Volume up/down
Pause /Reset
Channel up/down
Motion Controller
Motion Controller
Headphone Jack
Welcome Screen
The Welcome Screen presents the user with three simple choices to get
started. The P80 console offers a variety of different workout options.
The following sections explain the type of workouts available and how to
get started using them.
Workout Library
Featured Workout
Simple manual mode
Starting a Featured Workout
The Featured Workout appears in a panel on the Welcome Screen.
Use Featured Workouts to explore the fitness benefits of preset programs
and to add variety to your workout.
To begin a Featured Workout,
touch GO on the Featured Workout panel.
Featured Workouts encourages users to explore workout programs they
may not have known about or cared to try.
The Preview Panel encourages exploration by:
1. Showing a visual representation of the
2. Giving a short description of the workout
3. Showing a graphical representation of the
workout profile
Starting a Preset Workout
Preset Workouts offer a customized approach to help users achieve
specific exercise goals.
NOTE: In all workouts except Heart Rate Control,
adjust the motion controls to raise or lower the
resistance/incline setting. The workout intensity
will adjust the remainder of the workout profile
Some Preset Workouts use age and weight to calculate calories and heart
rate targets, you are prompted to enter this information. If no information
is entered, the workout uses the equipment default (150lbs / 35 years)
settings to calculate workout values.
To begin a preset workout:
1. On the Welcome screen, touch Workouts.
The Workouts library panel screen appears.
2. Workouts are organized by goal categories
on the screen. They can be expanded to view
all the workouts available in that goal group.
To view available workouts for a particular
goal, touch a workout heading for that goal.
Starting a Preset Workout
3. To start a specific workout, touch the workout name, then touch GO
on the Preview Panel. The words Workout Beginning appear on the
screen and the Manual Workout begins.
NOTE: For treadmills, the equipment begins a three-second count down 3, 2, 1,
before the belt starts moving.
4. Anytime during a workout, you can press Pause. When pressed, the
workout pauses and you can choose to Resume or Finish your
workout. To continue your workout, touch Resume.
If you choose to finish a workout, the Summary screen displays your
workout status for that session.
Starting a QuickStart Workout
Starting using QuickStart™:
QuickStart launches a manual mode
program that includes ‘no variations’ in
the workout profile. The user must push
their performance by adjusting the intensity
on the Motion Controls.
To begin exercising immediately:
1. Touch QuickStart
2. The words Workout Beginning (or Tread Starting when on the
treadmill) appear on the screen and the Manual workout begins.
To view available workouts for a particular
NOTE: For treadmills, the equipment begins a three-second count down 3, 2, 1,
before the belt starts moving.
Anytime during a workout, you can press Pause. When pressed, the
workout pauses and you can choose to Resume or Finish your workout.
If you choose to finish a workout, the Workout Summary screen displays
your workout status for that session.
Screen Navigation Keys
Status Bar
Drop down workout stats
that can be customized
on the fly
Workout Progress panel
Workout Menu on workout progress panel
• Workouts – to change workout profile
• Duration – to set duration of the workout
• Age/Weight – for calorie and heart rate calculations
• Targets – to target distance / calories
• Muscle Monitor / Stride Dial – to target specific muscles
Media Source panel
Slide the panels side to side on the screen
to see the Media Source panel
Views Key – 3 views:
• Workout Progress / Media Source
• Status Bar / Icons Bar with media
• Media view showing media playing full view
Touch icons to quickly change between
Workout Progress panel and Media Source panel
iPod® / iPhone®
iPod® / iPhone® Dock
User selects an album /video
and plugs it in to the iPod dock.
iPod® / iPhone® Media panel
The touch screen interface
allows you to easily drag
your finger across the screen
and control playback.
Machine Controls
USB Port
USB port allows easy
serviceability and
software upgrades
iPod® / iPhone® Dock
Connection via a
standard 30-pin
flexible / replaceable
Status Light
(network-only feature)
Radio Frequency ID
reader for exerciser
Cleaning the Console and Display
The console and screen require little maintenance once installed. Precor recommends that
you clean the console and screen before and after each exercise session.
To remove dust and dirt from the console case and Motion Controls:
• Wipe all exposed surfaces with a soft cloth that you have moistened with a solution of 30 parts of water to 1 part of Simple Green®
(for more information, visit www.simplegreen.com).
To clean the screen:
• The manufacturer recommends diluting one part 91% isopropyl alcohol solution in one
part water, or using the 91% isopropyl alcohol solution in its original strength. Be sure to
follow the solvent manufacturer‘s precautions and directions when using any solvent.
• Caution: Potentially hazardous situations associated with the use of isopropyl alcohol
may result in minor or moderate injury and property damage. To avoid these situations,
follow all instructions and recommendations in the manufacturer‘s Material Safety Data
Sheet and product label.
IMPORTANT: Do not use any acidic cleaners. Doing so will weaken the paint or powder
coatings and void the Precor Limited Warranty. Never pour water or spray liquids directly
on the console or console‘s screen.
Phone (800) 347-4404
When the voice menu begins, press 7. Email [email protected]
6:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time
Business hours Monday – Wednesday
6:00 AM – 3:00 PM Pacific Time
Thursday – Friday
Main mailing address Precor Incorporated
PO Box 7202 Woodinville, WA 98072
Mailing address Precor Incorporated
for returns Attention: Receiving / Bldg. W5
(warranty items 24309 Snohomish-Woodinville Road
and parts) Woodinville, WA 98072
NOTE: Option 7 on the Precor voice menu is a support line created for 880 Line launch
customers only, so the menu prompts do not mention it. When you call our technical
support line for assistance in troubleshooting, please have the following information at hand.
Your Precor customer support representative may need it to provide you with the best
possible service.
• Type and model of equipment requiring service (for example, TRM 885 treadmill)
• Base serial number of the equipment requiring service
• Detailed description of the problem
We will determine the necessary actions based on the information you provide us. In most
cases, we will work directly with you over the phone to identify and define these actions.
In some cases, a service dispatch will be required and we will send a service provider to your
location to complete the repair.
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